6 Signs That He’s Only Interested in Sex

Are you having a tough time trying to understand him? Are you kind of getting a vibe he may be only looking for one thing? Well, pay attention to these 6 signs that will show you if he is in it only for sex?

If you fear that you two aren’t on the same page relationship wise, the thing you need to find out is his bottom line. The thing is that if he’s a player he’s going to be good at masking his true intentions, you can bet on that! That’s why you’ll have to work out whether he’s serious about you or just seriously doing his best to get in your pants all on your own. These can help you out!

#1 He Sticks to Texting

Putting the break on when it comes to phone calls and only sending you a text here and there can mean he wants to keep it light. Light, as in wants to get laid and get the hell out. Him texting you late at night during the so called ‘sex hours’ probably means he wants some late night lovin’. Nothing screams booty call more than a 2 am text no matter what it says!

#2 He Avoids ‘Getting to Know You Better’ Conversations

He would do so because getting in and getting out in every possible sense of the phrase is a whole lot easier if he keeps the deep and meaningful talks down to the minimum. That’s how they operate – if he’s only looking to get lucky he probably doesn’t even want to get to know you. Typical choice of first date venue with these types of guys? Movies! Not much talking is involved when you’re at the movies. But that’s not enough, you’ll have to go get drinks later, if he suggest his place you pretty much know where you stand.

P.S. Don’t get paranoid of a go off thinking that every guy that wants to go to the movies wants to get it up and get it on, but do keep your eyes open and listen to that sixth sense of yours!

#3 He Doesn’t Introduce You to His Friends

Funny friends

If you’ve been seeing each other for a little while and you’ve gotten to know him a lot sex wise but still haven’t even met his friends, you may wonder, what is your relationship about? No guy will hide a girl he’s seriously interested in and involved with from his buddies. Maybe he wants to take it slow or whatever but bear in mind that him taking it slow in every other part of your relationship but in the bedroom is a pretty clear message.

#4 He Makes Last Minute Plans to Meet up With You

Let me paint you a picture. He really really wants to hang out with you but there’s this friend of his that’s in town just tonight and they haven’t seen each other since college, but he just can’t go without seeing you, so he invites himself over. If you’ve ever had a similar situation and haven’t figured it out – he was looking to get laid but couldn’t even be bothered.

#5 He’s Getting Pushy and Physical

Beautifil man and woman

Not in a violent kind of way of course. He’s going to make it come off as if he’s just overly eager to touch you and kiss you because you’re oh so beautiful to him, and make it seem like he’s just so consumed with your sexiness that he can’t keep his hands off you. Lots of compliments, beautiful, almost poetic words, lots of sweet nothings – they know how to get to you and make you more open to what he has planned.

#6 He Drops ‘Subtle’ Hints

There are some guys that will drop little hints to kind of let you know they are in the market for a continuous hook-up kind of thing, rather than a full on relationship. Of course lots of times girls choose not to pick up on these subtle hints, the sole reason for this being that this is not what they want to hear.

But, if you catch him say something along the lines of ‘I wasn’t really looking for a serious relationship but now that I’ve met you I’m really torn’ you can assume that it’s probably always going to be just a sex thing on his part.

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  • Good list but there are lots of guys that will not do any of these things and be after sex. Some guys who are after sex only will ask the girl to be their girlfriend. Usually these guys stay at the relationship max three months.
    Men that are only after sex have improved their techniques. It is time for women to update their techniques too. Withholding sex until commitment is no longer a good method to weed out the pretenders. There are lots of guys that will wait long time to get sex without complaining because they have a friend with benefits on the side.