8 Scents That Drive Men Wild in Bed

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Perhaps then its not surprising that the top 7 scents that drive men wild in bed are related to all things edible! Attract your man and turn him on in bed with these mouth-watering aromas…

We can’t assume that all men are the same, but there does tend to be an assuring correlation between ‘edible’ scents and a positive reaction from men in studies. It makes sense that any scent that reminds a man of something he likes is going to have a positive effect on him.

Sex is often related to appetite as well, so anything that smells a bit yummy is going to make him want to get a bit closer and have a little taste!

In no particular order here are the top 7 scents that drive men wild in bed…

1. Coconut

I asked a number of men what they thought of the smell of coconut on a woman, and every single one of them responded with enthusiasm!

It got me wondering why the smell of coconut is so appealing to men, I mean it’s not necessarily something that men eat a lot of, is it? Yet they love it when we use coconut shampoo, and cream.

Here are some of the reasons I got when I asked my guys what it is about coconut that drives them wild…

  • “My girlfriend is obsessed with coconut-flavoured juice and whenever she’s had a drink I love kissing her because her mouth is so cool and sweet.”
  • “It reminds me of summer vacations, I guess whenever I smell coconut on a girl it makes me feel good because I’m reminded of good times, warmth, sun, sea and sand.”
  • ‘When a girl wears coconut she smells of my mum’s cakes, it’s very yummy!”

2. Citrus


From the responses I got from the guys I asked about the smell of oranges, it appears that citrus is a subtle scent, yet a potent turn-on!

  • “I don’t know what it is but there’s just something so innocent and fresh about smelling oranges on a girl.”
  • “Citrus is a light, fresh smell isn’t it? I do get a bit turned on when I smell grapefruit, or lemon on a woman. It’s clean and pure and breezy. Makes you want to get her all naked!”
  • “I think citrus is sexy because its fresh and not too overpowering, I’m not keen on heavy musky scents on women. I like to get a subtle whiff of something fresh, and then I like to get a bit closer to discover a bit more of it.”

Did you know: The smell of oranges is a stimulant, and that you can use it’s essential oils in aromatherapy to wake yourself up? No wonder the scent of citrus alerts men to wake up and pay attention! If the scent is stimulating a guy’s senses, think about what else it may be stimulating…

3. Vanilla

Scents That Drive Men Wild

This is a sweet, feminine mouth watering scent that guys adore on women. Its smells of baking. Dab a bit of vanilla essence behind your ears and on your wrists and count how many compliments you get from guys!

  • “When I smell vanilla on a girl I just want to play! It reminds me of childhood, in a weird hungry sort of way.”
  • “Vanilla smells like cake and ice-cream. A lot of women wear vanilla perfume, its a great choice. Its very tempting to pounce on a woman though when she’s smelling like cake!”
  • “If I smell vanilla on a girl’s neck I feel like I want to lick her!” 

4. Black Licorice

You may not want to eat it yourself because you will end up with a black mouth and teeth, but keeping licorice in your purse will ensure a nice tasty waft of it’s scent escapes and catches his nose – he will immediately be wondering where that smell came from an,d his nose will lead him straight to you!

  • “I really like the smell of licorice, It’s a sexy, spicy kind of smell.”
  • “Licorice smells good on a woman, its sweet and rich and it makes your mouth start to water for some reason…”
  • “Licorice has quite an indulgent aroma, I think that’s the attraction. I’m not a huge fan of the sweets themselves, or licorice in tea, but I do like the smell of licorice. It’s also quite unusual, you don’t come across it very often.”

5. Apples

Sinfully innocent – apples hold so many underlying sexual connotations, it’s not surprising that the smell of apples on a woman is deeply alluring. Even just the sight of a woman biting into an apply will get a guy going!

  • “Oh yeah, I’m a huge fan of apples and girls! If I see a girl eating an apple on a park bench while reading a book or something, I get excited, my mind goes somewhere dark and mischieveous.”
  • “Apples smell gooooood – fresh and juicy. If I’m around a woman and there is the smell of apples in the air, I like it! It makes me feel rejuvenated and cleansed.”
  • “They’re so clean and fresh. If a woman smells of apples I’d definitely want to take a bite!”

6. Chocolate

Scents That Drive Men Wild

Rich, decadent, indulgent, sweet… if women can’t resist the smell of chocolate what makes you think a man can? It is definitely one of those scents that drive men wild.

  • “It’s all about Nutella! All I have to do is look at a jar of Nutella and I have to mentally calm myself down by thinking of a brick wall, especially when I’m out in public. Yeah, I’ve had a lot of fun with Nutella and women in the past, hehe!”
  • “The smell of chocolate definitely turns me on, because I imagine it all runny and warm… put a woman into the equation and you’ve got one massive sticky messy piece of heaven!”
  • “You want to eat it, drink it, play with it, smear it, inhale it. Chocolate is so good and bad at the same time. Do they do a chocolate flavoured perfume for women? That would be so dangerous…”

7. The Natural Scent of a Woman

Well I couldn’t very well miss this one out could I?

Every woman has her own natural scent, and if a guy is attracted to you that scent will drive him wild, because it’s naturally designed to turn him on!

  • “There is a spot on my woman’s neck, just behind and below her ear that drives me crazy! I can’t even describe the smell, it’s just warm and raw, and I want to bite into her neck when I smell it. It instantly gives me a hard-on.”
  • “I love the way my girlfriend smells when she gets out of the shower, its clean and fresh like linen, but I also get really turned on by how she smells before she gets into the shower. Now that scent brings out the animal in me!”
  • “There was a girl I once went out with and I loved the way she smelt. She never wore any perfume, she just smelt like her, I guess it was familiar and natural, and very sexy and unpretentious.”

8. Perfume That Will Make Him Fall In Love With You

It is well known that simply smelling intoxicatingly good may blow a man’s mind. There are perfumes that would make him fall head over heels in love with you. Which one should I pick?

Whether you are a perfume collector or have just begun to explore the world of fragrances, this list of perfumes will take you through the ultimate must-haves, ranging from fruity and mild aromas to sensual, strong fragrances.

Our list was compiled using personal experiences, fragrance evaluations, and the opinions of men to ensure you choose the perfect fragrance for every occasion.

These are the scents that drive men wild.

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