How to Give Him a Secret Anal Stimulation

He won’t admit he enjoys anal stimulation, so give him some anal-focused pleasure without him even realizing you know exactly what you’re doing! Here is how to give him secret anal stimulation. Explore his G spot!

Many guys have a homophobic fear of receiving anal stimulation, but the fact is that these guys are missing out, because a man’s G Spot is actually a little way inside his anus.

Unfortunately it is a psychological handicap, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be clever and give him anal stimulation without him having to worry that you’re doing it intentionally, and risk feeling emasculated. Who knows, he may even warm to it and want you to delve deeper!

This is a sex position that allows you to stimulate his anus and make him crave more without even brushing the entrance, so there will be no need for him to freak out, and he can just secretly enjoy the new sensations, oblivious that what you are doing is specifically stimulating curiosity directed at his no-go-zone

The Male G-Spot?

The male G-spot is very real indeed. Maybe you know it by its everyday name: the prostate gland.

The prostate is located inside your man’s body under his bladder. It is most easily accessible through his anus.

But you shouldn’t let its location cause you hesitation. The male G-spot is one of the most erotically tantalizing places on your man’s body.  The easiest and best way to find the male G-spot is to insert your finger inside his anus.

You’re looking for a small lump, about the size of a walnut. Once you’ve found it you’ll feel it right away. Here is how to do it.

The best sex position

Here is how to give him secret anal stimulation

He will get the most effective sensations if you do this in a standing up sex position.

  1. Have your guy push your back up against a wall and enter you from the front.
  2. Wrap one (or two) legs around him as he begins to thrust.
  3. Now, as if you are desperate to feel him even deeper inside of you, grab both of his butt cheeks with your hands and pull his ass towards you.
  4. The more excited and passionate you get, the more you tug at his ass cheeks, making sure that you prize them apart and pull them up and down in opposite directions, with your hands moving sensually all over his bum!

The sensation of you pulling his butt cheeks about should stimulate his anus entrance without your fingers going anywhere near it, because you will be creating friction, exposing it to air, and making it open up, and then quickly contract.

Make it better


Don’t restrict yourself to just this position though. Whenever you get the opportunity to grab his ass during sex, go for it! The more you do it, the more accustomed he will become to the sensations he feels back there, and the less freaked out he will be when you fingers do ‘accidentally’ graze the entrance to his anus.

By the time you come to actually rimming his anus with your moist finger with intention of slipping it inside, he may already be anticipating it, although he might never tell you that!

SEX TIP: Don’t discuss anal stimulation with him unless he brings it up! This doesn’t mean you should dive straight in and start playing with his ass without warning; anal play is something you have to build up to with a man who isn’t necessarily going to be receptive to the idea. Don’t risk scaring him off by forcing him to talk about it or admit to his enjoyment too soon. Just ease him into the idea with inadvertent ‘play’. Once he discovers the excitement and intense orgasms you can give him with a bit of anal stimulation you will be glad you went to the effort of weaning him onto it, because you will promptly become the best sex/oral sex he has ever had!

What are your thoughts about playing with your guy’s ass?

This is how to give him a secret anal stimulation. Still, many of us have the same fears about anything related to the back passage and sex. What are yours? Do you have any advice for girls who are a bit squeamish or are scared their boyfriends will hate them for daring to touch them down there?

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