6 Hot Bedroom Games to Make Him Go Crazy

Looking for new ways to spice up your sex life? Here are 6 hot bedroom games to make him go crazy. What will come out of it? Try and see!

There’s no better way to add some diversity to your bedroom shenanigans than playing a little naughty and fun sexy game! Playing any of these will make you both very hot and the bedroom atmosphere super steamy. What will come out of it? Try and see!

1. Dirty Yahtzee

You’ll need a piece of paper to write some dirty little deeds to correspond with the numbers 2 to 12, and, of course, some dice.

Now, you roll the dice and he does the deed. Next, it’s his turn.

There’s nothing more fun than anticipating what you’ll “have to” do next and who’ll get to do what. And, the best thing is, you can make this game out to be very mellow and write down stuff like foot massage or back rub and stuff, or, you can make it as twisted as possible and get freaky.

2. Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Bedroom Games

You’ll need your birthday suit, a blindfold or a scarf, and a whole bunch of tasty treats like chocolate syrup, honey, whipped cream etc. Basically, stuff you can lick off of each other. Now you catch my drift don’t you?

The way to play is to blindfold him and then take as much of these treats and rub them on various places on your body. For example, on your neck, behind your ears, on your tummy and so on… And then, simply, send him on a scavenger hunt for flavors all across your erogenous zones.

Just think how much fun he’ll have tasting all the different flavors while also pleasuring you, and all the fun you’ll have while he’s getting it all off.

After he’s done you can reverse the roles but I’m guessing you’ll both be in the mood for something more than playing games after he’s done with you.

3. The Naked Truth

It’s a game of truth or dare with a twist, specially intended for little bedroom playing. Whoever picks truth has to remove one item of clothing while answering the question. The dares get more and more naughty as more and more clothes gets taken off.

4. Fantasy Hat

Bedroom Games

Each of you gets a certain amount of pieces of paper (like 5 or 10) on which you write little sexual acts or fantasies you’d like to play out. Once you are done put them in an old hat (or just a bowl) and use it for as long as it takes (days, weeks…). Randomly pick a piece of paper whenever you have the time to play and do whatever it says.

This game is a great way to actually communicate your wildest fantasies to each other without actually talking about it. Just make sure you’re on the same page, don’t go overboard with something that can make him uncomfortable.

5. Light Me Up

When it’s time for bedroom games, take a little flash light and turn off the lights. Next, use the flash light to light up the body parts you want him to attend to. Next, let him point you where to go.

This game is also a great one if you’re looking for creative ways to tell him (show him) where you like to be touched without having to spell it out for him.

Are you shy about suggesting this kind of game playing but you’d want to try some of these out? I suggest you leave this page open on your computer for him to find, as if by accident. It’s bound to make his mind lust for a little bedroom game playing!

6. Strip Poker

What man does not enjoy playing poker? When it comes to sexy games, this is the all-time classic. You could play it with another couple if you’re feeling brave, or you could play it alone. To make the game more exciting, try incorporating a few truths or dares. When you play strip poker with your partner, everyone wins.

Alternatively, you could roll some dice and see what happens. Set a number for each article of clothes and get started.

Striptease is a form of exercise, and with any form of exercise, you need to stretch before you begin. Bend down and touch your toes (as best you can), raise your arms high in the air, and do a few warm-up stretches to loosen your muscles.

Here’s really all you need to do to learn how to strip for your man.

Which one of these bedroom games would you like to try?

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  • Also you can get him into either licking or kissing your vagina by playing kiss it or lick it baby !!!!

  • Omg love the fantasy hat idea! That is such a creative way to get your fantasies out if that’s something you’re shy about…I know my hubby always has such a hard time communicating his fantasies out loud to me so we’ll have to try this one at home.