Hot Places to Perform Oral Sex

Want to impress your man with a sexy and creative blowjob? Discover the best sex positions for these hot places, which are perfect for performing oral sex.

Want to impress your man with a sexy and creative blowjob? Discover the best places to perform oral sex and blow his mind.

There are so many women who think that oral sex is just about going down on a man and putting his penis into her mouth and playing around with it. But is that all there is to a blowjob? Not really. If you want to give your man a proper blowjob – the kind that will blow him away, then you had better start thinking outside of the box.

The best kind of oral sex takes into consideration a variety of different factors. Think about what you like, or what you would like, when your guy goes down on you. It’s not just about him putting his head between your legs and flicking his tongue, is it? Why? Because being turned on is not just a physical thing; it’s psychological, and it is visual. The more creative you can be about giving oral sex, the more chance you have of him thinking you are God’s gift; and the more fun and enjoyment you are likely to have giving oral sex too, which is just as important.

Read on and discover  the best places to perform oral sex.

#1 Where Do You Perform Oral Sex?

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It might sound like a no-brainer, but this is actually quite a relevant question. If you are a woman who thinks that giving your guy a blowjob while he is lying down on his back in bed is hot, you probably have quite a different outlook than your boyfriend on what is hot and what is not. Don’t get me wrong, it will still feel great and he will still enjoy it, especially if you don’t do it often, because then  it will feel new and exciting; but if this has become the norm, then you need to be more creative. Here are some ideas…

Surprise him by joining him in the shower, and go down on him!

The running water will feel erotic because you will be all wet and naked, he will also be clean so you will have no hang-ups about giving it your all. Sex tip: Raunch it up by going bra-less, but wear a top that will turn transparent in the water. Every time you need to come up for air, lean back and look up at him with a naughty smile, giving him a fab view of your erect nipples through your soggy top!

In front of a full-length mirror

In front of a full-length mirror, have your partner stand or sit while you drop to your knees and give him oral.

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Go down on your hands and knees while he is sitting on the couch watching a boring television program…

The spontaneity, not to mention your silent assertiveness, will be an unexpected turn on. Sometimes a guy just wants you to want him so much that you have to have him right there and then, with no prompting! Sex tip: Look up at him while you take him into your mouth. When a man can see the lust in your eyes, it makes the whole experience one hundred per cent more intimate, and incredibly sexy.

Wake him up with a blowjob and a surprising, hot view of your backside…

The last thing he will expect to wake up to is the feeling of his penis in your mouth and a fine view of your backside! Go down on him, but sit on the bed facing away from him with no knickers on, and then when he wakes up and realizes what is going on you can straddle his chest so that he has full access to return the pleasure! Sex tip: Open the curtains and let the morning light in, don’t be afraid of it, the view he will get of you will stick in his mind all week!

Use that dining room table 

Get yourself a foldout massage table or use the dining room table for this fantasy-fuelled Dirty Masseur Sex Position.

If you are positioned at the right height, this is great for performing oral sex on your ‘Masseur’ after he has begun to touch you underneath the towels. You can roll over onto your front while he stands at the head of the table and unbuttons his trousers.

#2 How do you Perform Oral Sex?

Being creative with sex is all about immersing yourself in the act and taking on the role that feels most natural to you. Men will enjoy oral sex far more if you commit yourself to it. What does this mean? It means – do you perform oral sex tentatively or with passion and hunger? Do you commit to being passive because you know it turns you both on, or are you just shy? Do you assert yourself and take control because you think that’s what you’re meant to do, or because you genuinely want to and it turns you on to do so? Committing yourself to a blowjob just means being genuine, and enthusiastic about what turns YOU on.

Remember: Seeing you get turned on will turn him on!

The way you decide to approach oral sex with your partner will determine the kinds of sex positions you will have at your disposal to make oral sex an event that neither of you will want to forget! You can use creative sex positions to enhance your personal approach to giving oral sex and make the experience twice as sexy for both of you.

Here are some ideas

The Dominant Approach

If you want to take control, and play with the concept of power, then use a blindfold to make your man feel more vulnerable. He won’t know what you intend to do to him, and you can tease him a little before you go down on him! SEX TIP: Think about whether you want him standing or sitting. Sitting on a kitchen chair is good for walking around him so that he doesn’t know where you are or from which direction you are coming. You can also loosely tie his hands behind his back so that he is completely at your disposal.

The Naughty Blowjob

Most oral sex has it’s appeal through the concept of it being a bit naughty, but if the thought of having naughty oral sex is what turns you both on then you can play with ideas and scenarios that really bring it to life. For example, if he has a study in the house you can enter and crawl on your hands and knees underneath the desk to undo his trousers, wearing a pencil skirt, blouse and heels for a ‘secretary’ type fantasy. SEX TIP: Play with ideas from real life to heighten the excitement and ‘fantasy’ factor.

The Servile Approach

There is nothing wrong with bowing down to your man like he is the master of the bedroom if this is something that turns you both on. If you know your guy likes to be in control, then encourage him to take on that role by tying your hair up in a ponytail so that he can grab hold of it while you go down on him, and you can feel the excitement of being submissive. Let him know that you’re his, and have him tell you where and when he wants his blowjob. SEX TIP: You can really get into this role by calling him ‘Sir’ if he likes it, and asking permission to undo his trousers.

#3 Why Creative Oral Sex is the Best Oral Sex

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Great sex is all about using your imagination and losing yourself in a world that only you and your partner share. The more free you feel you can be when performing oral sex on your partner, the more potential fun there is to have, and the closer your bond will be. Opening up sexually makes you both vulnerable, but it also brings you closer together because it creates trust. So don’t be afraid to use oral sex to explore your boundaries and step over them.

Now that you have some great oral sex ideas location wise, why not work on perfecting how to give the best blowjob?

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