The Dirty Masseur Sex Position

Get yourself a foldout massage table or use the dining room table for this fantasy-fuelled Dirty Masseur Sex Position.

Injecting Fantasy to Heat up a Sex Position

Attractive muscular guy massaging girls back

Sex positions can easily become too familiar. The best way to spice them up is to add an element of fantasy. You might think that having sex while lying down on your front or back is fairly predictable. But what if you are placed naked on a table with towels underneath you? Perhaps one placed over the middle part of your body for modesty, and your boyfriend starts off by giving you a sensual massage?

In your head you can imagine that he is a professional masseur, so that when his hand ventures beneath the towel it feels even more exciting because of the forbidden aspect of being touched by a stranger in a professional setting!

What is the Dirty Masseur Sex Position?

Massaging Back

Well really it is not a sex position, but a fantasy set-up, which has the potential for many sex positions. The main idea is that you lie on a flat surface, naked, either on your back or front, with a towel covering your chest and middle, and you boyfriend uses oil to massage you, first in a professional manner, and then in an inappropriate one.

If you are positioned at the right height, this is great for performing oral sex on your ‘Masseur’ after he has begun to touch you underneath the towels. You can roll over onto your front while he stands at the head of the table and unbuttons his trousers.

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He can also stand at the opposite end of the table and pull you towards him to have sex while you are lying back on the table, once the massage part of the game is over of course.

How to Heat it up…

Couple Massage

To bring this fantasy to life you have to both pretend that you are meeting each other for the first time. The best way to build up anticipation is through conversation. You can make up details for your character during the non-sexual part of the conversation. He can increase the anticipation. For example, he can ask you if it feels good when he strokes the inside of your thigh. Or, how you are feeling as his hand get dangerously close to your private parts. When you describe how something is making you feel it can turn you both on even more.

What Other Role-playing Games Do You Like to Play?

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