How To Be A Sex Goddess In 7 Easy Steps

Want to awaken your inner sex goddess who’s desired by all men? Read on to find out how.

If only we were able to let nature take over, surely our natural instincts to attract a mate would do the work and every one of us would be a sex goddess.

However, in these days of body anxiety and playing it cool, those instincts may just need a little push. Check out these seven easy steps to help bring out your inner sex goddess.

1. Be confident

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Confidence is the single most attractive quality in a person—particularly in a woman. Whatever your shape or size, you have lots of great features, so think about what they are and make a firm and irrevocable decision to love the skin you are in!

That doesn’t mean you should be arrogant though—and yes, there certainly is a difference. Confidence means holding your head up high, looking forward and knowing in which direction you are heading.

2. Love what you wear on the outside

You definitely can be sexy and comfortable; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Choose an outfit that you know you look good in. Consider your body: identify your best feature and, whatever it is, ensure that the outfit you choose highlights that feature.

If you have good legs, shorten the hem of your dress or skirt a little. If your boobs are your best feature, choose a top that shows at least a little cleavage.

Perhaps you look great in the color red—if so, wear something red. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure that when you look in the mirror, you feel good about yourself.

3. Show some love underneath…

Lingerie is very important even if you have no intention of showing it off. The fact that you are dressed for sex will improve your confidence, and that feeling may ooze out of you.

A long line basque, a chemise and hold up stockings or suspenders—albeit all hidden from view—will do the trick. Apparently, it’s the small expanse of naked flesh just above stocking tops that is the real turn on for a man, so it won’t hurt to occasionally show him a little glimpse of lace—accidentally on purpose of course.

4. Identify your fantasies and be prepared to describe them

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While men may not admit to having fantasies, make no mistake: they have probably fantasized about you. So, get some fantasies of your own and be prepared to describe them, and, if necessary, put your man in the leading role.

Spend some time thinking about your favorite fantasy, decide how to describe it to your man in some detail—remember to move a little closer, lower your voice to an almost whisper and look straight into his eyes.

There is no need to be shy either, so don’t hold back on the ‘hot’ parts. You will have him on the edge of his seat long before you get to the end.

5. Make sure that you make the first move sometimes.

He will be incredibly and pleasantly surprised when you make the first move. That means kissing him passionately, or trailing your fingers down his arm or across his chest. Remember that look you gave him when you were describing your best hottest fantasy? It’s time to bring that look out again as you stroke his body.

Men love to be touched. You can tell him to stand still while you slowly undress him, stroking or kissing his body further as each piece of clothing comes off—it will blow his mind.

6. Cast a sexual spell

Show your enthusiasm for making him feel good by casting a sexual spell over your man; he will love that you love it, too. Your enthusiasm for giving him pleasure across each and every part of his body is a real compliment and the clearest message that you are really into him.

Take your time and don’t feel that you have to go in for the deep throat effect. You need to use a variety of techniques and a combination of your mouth, lips, tongue and, of course, your hands if you really want to put a spell on him.

7. Don’t be afraid to talk dirty

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Don’t restrict your dirty talk to the bedroom—tell him via text, as well as face-to-face, that you are hot for him; tell him how you imagine his hands on your body and that you can’t wait to kiss him.

He’ll know that you want him and that can be a great aphrodisiac for your man. When you are in the throes of passion, tell him how great he is and how his body just does it for you; oh, and making moaning noises of appreciation work well too—but make sure you mean it!

With these easy tips, you’ll find your inner sex goddess in no time! Let us know how it works out for you—and how you’re having to turn down the multitudes of men you’ll be attracting!

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