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How to Have Sex In High Heels

Add an even more erotic element to your love-making by learning how to have sex in high heels!

Why Are High Heels So Sexy?

Sexual beautiful female buttocks and legs of young woman with straight slim flexible body in underwear with kiss print and high heeled shoes with glass of alcoholic beverage of brandy or whisky

All women know that as soon as you put on a pair of high heels a whole outfit can suddenly be transformed. High heels don’t only transform outfits; they can also transform personalities and add sex appeal by giving a woman height, authority and self-confidence. When you wear high heels you feel like your legs are longer and shapelier, so you look better in skirts and tight jeans. High heels also make your hips swing as you walk, which means you get more attention when you walk past a guy because his eyes are drawn to your bum!

How Does All Of This Translate To The Bedroom Though?

You might feel a bit silly wearing high heels in the bedroom – especially when you have taken all of your clothes off! I mean, shoes normally come off first, don’t they? Not if you want to tap into the erotic element of fantasy that is going to turn you and your boyfriend on during sex. If you dare to wear your high heels to bed, your man is instantly going to know that the sex tonight is going to be hot! The mere act of you leaving your high heels on is suggestive of dominance, which is one main fantasy-inspired turn-on that men link high-heeled shoes to. Even if you are not much of a dominatrix, leaving your high heels on during sex will make the sex seem naughty and spontaneous. Leave some of your clothes on too and you will feel like you are being ravished!

But How Does It Work? How Do You Actually Have Sex In High Heels?

Well, it’s certainly not rocket science ladies! You have sex in exactly the same fashion as you would normally have sex only you will, of course, be wearing your high heel shoes.  You might want to think about a few things though in order to maximize the visual and physical experience for both you and your partner.

How Tall Is Your Partner?

If your guy is fairly short then wearing absurdly high heels may cause a bit of a problem – if you’re having sex standing up. This is remedied by positioning yourself on a surface, such as a desk, so that there are no coital alignment issues! If your guy is tall then go for it and have him take you from behind while you are leaning over the desk with your legs straight and wide apart.

How Comfortable Are Your Shoes?

There is no point in wearing high heels if they are causing you so much pain that you can’t focus on receiving (or giving) any pleasure! Choose shoes that actually fit, and if you’re not used to standing or walking in heels, then avoid toppling over and twisting your ankle mid-thrust by lying down on your back or straddling your man with your knees firmly planted on a soft surface.

Can Your Man Actually See The Shoes?

If not, then you may as well be wearing wellington boots for all he cares! Positions yourself so that he can enjoy the visual treat while you are having sex.

Safety First…

Make sure that your heels are not likely to stub your poor guy’s feet because that would be the end of everything – for both of you. As far as I can recall, men’s penises don’t stand up to any sort of non-sex-related pain. Probably best to make sure those sharp heels are nowhere near his manly areas either!

What Are The Best Sex Positions For Having Sex In High Heels?

Sexy long legs of a caucasian woman wearing garter belt and black stockings

After some careful thinking, I’ve come up with this list of sex positions to get you started on thinking up some good ways to integrate your high heel shoe collection into your sex routine.

Legs In The Air

This is precisely as it sounds. Lie on your back – on a bed, desk, floor or other surface – wearing your high heels of course, and let your guy enter you whilst lifting your legs in the air so that he has a perfect view of your long legs in those sexy heels (and pulling them apart, if he wants to get off on seeing himself slide in and out of you when he looks down!). TIP: Make sure you wax or close-shave your legs, and your bikini line, because stubble may cause problems with his erection if he doesn’t like that sort of thing!

Woman On Top And, er, Backwards

Yes, you read all of that correctly. First, you straddle your man and control your own pleasure by being on top. Second, you do it all facing away from him so that he can see your sexy back, sexy bum, sexy legs and sexy shoes! He may even get the urge to hold onto your heels…

Standing, Pressed Up Against A Wall

The appeal here is in the sense of animal passion and spontaneity, so make sure you are fully dressed in your sexiest office girl outfit and highest heels, and make sure he gets a good view of those heels by bringing your leg up to wrap around his side.

TIP: If he holds your thigh, it makes this position a lot easier!

What Other Women Say About Having Sex In High Heels

Apparently women love to have sex in heels; here’s what they are saying…

Pamela: “When I wear my high heel shoes to bed, I feel powerful, which makes the sex so much better!”

Rachel: “My boyfriend loves seeing me leave the house in the morning with the high heel shoes I wore during sex the night before!”

Kerry: “When I wear heels during sex I feel like I have an alter-personality, and I can be even more daring than I usually am with my boyfriend.”

How do you feel when you wear high heels during sex? Share your experiences and stories in the comments section below!

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  • The first time my husband and I made love we hadn’t been dating long and I was wearing short denim cutoffs and wedge heel strappy sandals. We were only in our late teens and horney as all get out. It didn’t take long for me to get out of my blouse, bra, shorts and panties after he started kissing me. And I was so moist and steamy that I couldn’t wait for him to enter me even though I was still wearing my heels. Now that we’ve been married for five years and through two pregnancies I still wear my heels sometimes during lovemaking.

  • A lot of men don’t only like seeing women in heels during sex but wearing them as well. I speak from experience!

  • I simply love it. Not so much that I am in power, but I feel sexy, stylish and attractive. Can’t imagine making love without heels, anymore.