How To Stop Just Having Sex And Start Making Love

Making love is so much better than sex. It is sensual, it is pleasant, it is tantalizing. Here’s how to take sex and turn it into the best lovemaking you’ve ever experienced!

It’s no surprise that making love is much more sensual than just having sex. It’s a whole new level of intimacy that a lot of couples seem to forget about once the honeymoon phase ends.

Although some carnal, animalistic sex can be amazingly hot, and incredibly worth it, making love just offers something sex just can’t. It’s emotionally charged and the feelings that are there make way for so much more than just the physical act.

If you and your partner have been having sex more than making love, there are ways you can change that up so that the next time you get intimate, it’s love, not just sex.

1. Put on music

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If you want to turn your sex into love, adding a soundtrack will definitely help with that. Make a love song playlist with slow melodies that will really bring you into the moment.

It’s important that the songs on your playlist are love songs, not songs about sex, so avoid anything too sexually driven, as it will take away from the point. Slow, acoustic-type love songs are the best because when the love is playing in the background you can really get into the love you’re participating in making.

2. Light some candles

A lot can be said for candles in the bedroom. A dim light can create a lovemaking ambiance that’s hard to avoid, thus creating for a mutually sensual experience. Candles surrounding you, along with your playlist in the background sets the scene for a lovemaking experience you’ll never forget. Just be sure that you and your partner know where your fire exits are and have an extinguisher on hand so that if the candles get out of hand, you’re prepared. Safety first, after all.

3. Extend foreplay

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The lead up to sex is oftentimes just as hot as the sex itself, so when you extend the foreplay to ensure that you’re making love, it really ups your chances of that closeness. Kiss your partner from head to toe, slowly exploring every inch of their body and allow them to do the same.

When you’re able to be vulnerable with your partner and allow them to be the same with you, the emotional connection will heighten allowing that sex to turn into lovemaking. The candles will be burning all around you and the music will be playing in the background, so it’ll be like you and your partner are in your own movie-inspired love scene.

4. Make eye contact

The power of eye contact is often underestimated. To be able to stare deeply into your lover’s eyes while you are making love can seem otherwise daunting if you aren’t there yet emotionally. The thing is, though, it can help you get to a point where you really feel connected to the person you’re making love to, and not just in a physical way. When you look into each other’s eyes, it can take you both to a new level of intimacy with each other, which will easily turn sex into lovemaking.

5. Slow it down

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Fast and rough sex is hot—there’s not disputing that—but a lot can be said for the sensual intimacy that slowing it down can create. You don’t even have to take rough off the table for it to be slow lovemaking because some force can be an incredible addition to any lovemaking session. The slowness of your bodies as you make love will cause you to really feel each other, emotionally and physically, and when you add a little force it pushes the vulnerability you are already allowing yourself to feel with your partner.

6. Assume only face-to-face positions

When having sex, it doesn’t matter if you’re face-to-face with your partner because you’re both only interested in getting to climax, but when you’re making love, it’s an entirely different experience altogether.

That’s why, when you and your partner are making love, it’s important to utilize only positions that will have you face-to-face, chest-to-chest so that you can be together and in the moment. This will allow you to keep your bodies close together and maintain your eye contact throughout the duration of your lovemaking. When you’re able to keep your arms around each other and your bodies pressed together, it will allow that closeness to continue.

If you and your partner have been having too much sex, these tips can help to bring both of you back to the vulnerable, sensual and intimate side of the relationship you may have let slide. The combination of all the things above, listening to slow lovey-dovey music, ambient mood setting candles, eye contact, lots of foreplay and slow face-to-face are all sure to help you and your partner turn your sex into making love. What do you and your partner do to ensure that all your bedroom sessions aren’t just sex?

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