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Man Reveals 7 Shocking Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You

Everyone has their secrets and men are no different. They are just a bit better in hiding them. These are the things that your man will never tell you.

Do you ever wonder if there’s something your boyfriend isn’t telling you? Everyone has a secret, right? There’s nothing wrong with keeping certain things private, but what if you knew all of his deepest darkest secrets? It could change your opinion of him forever.

Try to remember that every guy you know has secrets as well, and unless you have no secrets at all, try to take each one with a grain of salt. It’s possible that none of these apply. But, of all of the most likely things, here are the things your boyfriend could be keeping to himself.

1. He thinks about other girls in bed

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It’s perfectly normal for your partner to close his eyes and fantasize about the cashier he saw at the mall that day or another random attractive stranger. No one likes to think that their partner does this, but it’s unlikely that he does it every day.

2. He wants to sleep with your friends

When you’re in a relationship, there’s a strange desire to be intimate with your partner’s friends.. Maybe it’s an inner competitive urge to have the best one of the group. Maybe it’s out of perversion. Whatever it may be, it’s definitely strong enough to make us think about them that way from time to time.

3. He has had homosexual thoughts before

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If he doesn’t still have any kind of thoughts about or attraction to men, he'll probably have at some point. It’s natural to see someone of the same sex and think that they are attractive.

It may not happen often that he feels any kind of attraction or admiration for their body, but it would be incredibly unusual if he’s never had any sort of homosexual thoughts whatsoever.

He probably hasn’t acted on it, but that’s also possible. He could have had some kind of homosexual experience at some point in his life. If he has, though, he probably wouldn’t want to admit it to you.

4. He has hooked up with his female friends

If he has any female friends he’s known for a long time, they have probably hooked up at some point. That could be how they met before it turned to friendship, or maybe they’ve always been friends and one drunken night things got a little out of hand.

Something sexual sparking up between two people of the opposite sex who spend a lot of time together is almost inevitable. If one or both of them are married, it’s obviously much less likely, but if they met in college or something like that, you can bet that something probably happened back then.

5. He reads your messages

man reading text messages

If you leave your Facebook account open or if he has access to your phone, he has probably read your messages before—he might even be doing it regularly.

If he does this, he’s curious about two things: whether you’re talking to other guys and the way you talk to each other, and what you say about him when you think he won’t find out.

If he can get some kind of unbiased view about any aspects of himself by reading your messages with your friends, he will skim through and see what you say about him.

If there’s anyone from your past whom you keep in touch with, he’ll read the conversation carefully to see if you still like each other and whether or not he can trust you to keep in touch with them.

6. He still thinks about his ex

Although he may be completely over them emotionally, he can’t help but think about certain times they spent together from time to time, and in that moment, he might miss them.

It’s only human to still have some residual feelings from past relationships going back maybe even to his first girlfriend. He probably wonders sometimes how and what they’re doing and might feel tempted to contact them.

He also probably still has some stuff that they gave him like birthday cards or pictures. It’s normal to want to save things like that. They were a part of his life. He can’t erase their memory; all he can do is bury it with new ones.

7. He doesn’t like your friends or maybe even your family

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Among all your friends and family, there are going to be some who he doesn’t really like, but maybe he’s not letting on about whom. It could be just one of your friends or family members, or it could be all of your friends or family. If he’s the kind of guy who pretends to like them just to get along, you may never know.

While it may seem hard to accept that these are things that your partner may be keeping secret from you, it really is for the better in your relationship. Besides, if you’re really honest with yourself, don’t women keep most of these things secret, too? Let us know some of the secrets you would never share with a man.

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