Man Reveals: Why Do Men Like Anal Sex?

He keeps pushing for anal, but you’re not keen on it. If only you knew why do men like anal sex. Read on for the inside scoop!

This is a question that countless men have been asked by their partners in some way shape or form. The answer they manage to come up with might be different every time. As a guy, it’s not easy to explain to a girl why you might want that. He may not really even realize why he feels the urge to do it or why he likes it.

Understanding instincts

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In order to understand why some men crave different areas of the female body, we must first understand men themselves. Just like women and all other mammals on this planet, men are instinctual. They are hunters and explorers. They strive to be dominant, and they’re territorial.

Woman can be too—let’s not be sexist here—but the average man yearns to explore, conquer and extend their reach as far as it can go. Here lies the innate drive in men to scratch everything off the list and tick all of the boxes, especially when it comes to sex. It’s not just about physical stimulation—it’s about dominance.

That’s also where putting a certain substance on various surfaces comes from. It’s satisfying to dominate or claim some kind of ownership of your partner. That’s where extreme jealousy comes from, too. In a relationship, one partner or both can build up a sense of ownership of the other, and expectations can skyrocket.

Although counter-intuitive, I believe letting go of the sense of ownership of your partner in a relationship is the key to managing jealousy and controlling your attitude—that includes actions in the bedroom. I digress.

Not only do men gain pleasure from the act of dominating their partner, but also from their partner apparently getting pleasure from it, too.

We want our masculine prowess to be embraced. A woman sharing 100 percent of her body demonstrates a willingness to satisfy, and for a man, that knowledge can be incredibly arousing. Even if the woman doesn’t like anal sex, the act of doing it anyway may fulfill a primal urge.

Disclaimer: not all guys are like this. There are many men who embrace female dominance in a relationship, but let’s walk the beaten path here and continue talking about what the average fellow wants.

How does it compare with vaginal intercourse?

Speaking from personal experience, it’s not as good as vaginal or oral sex. Plus, occasionally, it can get a little gross for obvious reasons. However, it feels good because, after all, it’s still sex…kind of.

It feels different than other options. As a guy, sometimes you want to mix it up. When alcohol is involved, sometimes you want to do anything and everything all at once. That “I can’t believe we’re doing this!” moment is fun. There’s nothing wrong with getting kinky once in a while.

If it doesn’t feel any better, then why do guys still like it so much?

woman with nice behind

Aside from what we discussed about male urges, there is another psychological element in play: when there are no limits or boundaries to your sexual activities, there’s a certain feeling of sexual freedom that causes immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Feeling like you can do whatever you want and that your partner will participate is something the majority of guys aren’t accustomed to, but always want. Ruling nothing out is part of that.

I’m going to generalize even more here, but in a traditional setting, women control whether or not sex will take place. Men have urges day and night. A woman offering herself to a man, including all parts of her body, brings the man great satisfaction on more than one level.

In addition, as you undoubtedly know, many men love women’s butts. The attraction can include all of it—even the anus. Wanting to have anal sex might also be a consequence of the man’s fixation on the woman’s rear end.

How to do it?

Guys who have never tried it (actually never tried it) will be curious and probably want to give it a shot. Some guys never venture that far. Some think it’s disgusting and never want to do it at all. To each their own.

As an endnote, always be mindful of what you’re doing and be aware of how to do it properly. Avoid the risk of injury or any possible complications by doing a bit of research if you’re not familiar with how to do it the right way.

If you want to try anal sex for the first time with your man, search no more. We have all the answers you are looking for.

Before his penis ever approaches your anus, there should always be a gradual seductive build-up so that you are both at ease and aware of how it responds.

If you are nervous about having Anal sex with your man, make sure you do it positions where you can be in control of the depth of penetration… i.e. woman on top! Explore these sex positions specifically designed for painless anal sex.

What are your thoughts on anal sex? Do you love it or hate it? More importantly, have you actually tried it before making your decision? Let us know in the comments below?


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