Top 10 Masturbation Tips for Women

New to masturbating? Having trouble reaching orgasm? Curious about increasing your pleasure? These masturbation tips for women are guaranteed to satisfy you.

I don’t know about you, ladies, but I’m a big fan of masturbation! Maybe you were told as a child that it was bad or sinful, or maybe you just feel a little “dirty” when you think of giving yourself pleasure, but I’m going to tell you why you should masturbate. And to make sure you get the most out of it, I’ll share my favorite masturbation tips for women.

Let me start by saying that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation. Everybody does it. And why not? It’s the safest and healthiest form of sex. You have no risk of disease, no risk of unwanted pregnancy, no worries about some guy lovin’ and leavin’ ya’, and most importantly, you will have an orgasm.

Did you catch that last reason? Most women do not orgasm vaginally. That’s right: They orgasm by clitoral stimulation. While there are plenty of men who are good enough to know how to stimulate a woman’s clitoris properly (either orally or manually), much of the time they don’t.

Some of that is on us. As women, we don’t always know how to teach our guy to stimulate the clit properly because we don’t know ourselves how it should be done…which is exactly why masturbation is so important!

In order to really be truly satisfied in bed, you have to understand your own body. Every woman is different. In addition to small differences in anatomy, there are big differences in the ways we need to be touched. When it comes to understanding your body fully, there’s no substitute for masturbation.

So that’s one important reason to masturbate: You’ll learn how to satisfy your body’s cravings so you can achieve better orgasms more often. Better yet, you can share that knowledge with your partner.

But the benefits don’t stop there. There are health benefits too. Doctors confirm that sex is good for you. An orgasm makes a woman feel seven years younger! Also, orgasms build up your immune system.  (Have you ever been horny when you’re recovering from a bad cold? It’s because your body needs the orgasm for healing purposes.) Orgasms make you feel strong and self-assured, and they send off pheromones that attract the opposite sex. Don’t believe me? Give yourself an orgasm right before you go out on your next date…he’ll notice, believe me.

I could go on and on about the benefits of masturbation, but I’ll save that for a different article. Let’s assume you’re convinced and move on to more practical matters: how to get yourself off. With no further ado, here are my top 10 masturbation tips for women. These are proven, time-tested ways to ensure you have an amazing orgasm.

#1 Masturbate When You’re Alone

Women always tell me they can’t get off when they masturbate because they’re afraid someone in the house will hear them or walk in on them. That’s a valid concern. The fear of being too loud or being caught will stop most of us from giving in to our little “guilty pleasures.”

And that’s a shame. Orgasms can be shy. You’ve got to sneak up on them. Once you’ve scare one away, you may not be able to recapture the mood later when you’re alone.

That’s why I suggest that you masturbate when you are quite sure you are alone. Give it a try, even if you aren’t in the mood. Trying to have sex with a partner when you’re not aroused is usually a bad idea (a seriously bad idea), but trying to masturbate when you’re not in the mood is a good idea. This is how you find out what it takes to get you in the mood!

No matter what else is going on in your day, if you find that the house is empty and you’re alone for a little while, stop what you’re doing and start playing with yourself. Seriously.

#2 Watch (or Read) Porn

young woman lying and reading magazine

I’m a visual person and I find that porn appeals very much to me. I like reading it and picturing it in my mind, and I like watching it. I am one of those women who genuinely enjoy porn. If you’re new to masturbation and new to porn, you might have a little trouble finding out what your tastes are in this area. That’s okay. You might not like anything at all.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try it out. Sometimes I close my eyes and listen to the sounds of sex, and that is enough to arouse me. Sometimes it takes something a little more visual (they do make naughty magazines and websites for women, you know). Whatever the case may be, you should give it a try at least once, and probably more than once, as an encouragement and outside source of stimulation.

Also, if you’re new to masturbation and aren’t quite in the mood, porn is a great way to feel like you’re not the only naked person in the room. That turns out to be a lot more comforting than it sounds.

#3 Wet Your Finger

When you’re ready to begin, start by licking your finger.

Licking your finger before clitoral stimulation is probably the closest you’ll get to the feeling of oral sex through self-pleasure. Plus, the wetness touching your clit actually stimulates you to get even wetter.

Everyone needs a bit of lubrication at first, so why not take advantage of nature’s handiest and most natural lube? Go ahead…get your fingers all wet and slippery before you touch yourself.

Just lick the tip of your finger before clitoral stimulation and you’ll see that it makes all the difference in the speed and strength of your orgasm.

#4 Go Slowly and Then Build Up

Now that you’ve pulled out the porn and licked your finger, what’s next? Well, now you begin. Using the tip of your finger, make soft slow circles on the hood of your clitoris.

See how that feels?

Okay, now’s the time to explore. Try different things with your clit. Move your finger up and down, sliding it inside and out of your vagina as you go. Try flicking your clit from side to side or pinching it gently between two fingers. Use different speeds and different amounts of pressure. Increase your speed as you go along (or increase, decrease, then increase again) for an amazing all-out explosion of an orgasm!

Your body will tell you what it likes and what it doesn’t like. If you don’t like something, then move on to something else. It’s that simple. You’re the one in control, so don’t force yourself to like something and don’t pretend to like something. Move on to your next idea instead. It’s all about your pleasure, after all. This is the time to learn where you like to be touched and how you like to be touched.

For example, you can slide a finger (or two or three) into your vagina to simulate penetration by a penis during sex. As you do, try curling your fingers slightly and press against your vaginal wall facing your bladder. About two inches in, you should feel a bit of a bump. That bump is your G-Spot. If you rub your finger up and down on that spot and stimulate it, you’re likely to orgasm like never before.

Can’t find it? Don’t worry, many of us don’t find it at first. Just keep trying.

There are times when all I want is a quick 30-second release and I know that slow clitoral stimulation is just going to annoy me, so I dive right in at top speed and have fun. You’ll do the same once you know exactly where to touch yourself and what speed works for you.

#5 Don’t Just Lie There

Most of us find that lying flat on our backs, missionary style, is the best way to masturbate. Not only is it the most convenient way when you have toys involved, but it’s also just really easy to lie back and scream in pleasure, isn’t it?

But you owe it to yourself to change things up once in a while. If you want another great position to try, get on your hands and knees (AKA “doggy style”) and masturbate in that position. Believe it or not, there’s something very primal and very, very stimulating about being in that position and pleasuring yourself. As a bonus, it’s great practice for giving yourself clitoral stimulation when you and your man are in that position and you’re not quite getting the full pleasure from it.

I suggest masturbating anyplace that you would have sex with a partner. It’s amazing what your imagination can do with just a little bit of outside stimulation. Also, you could well find that you are fulfilling a fantasy on your own.

Fulfilling your own fantasies might not sound that appealing, but believe me, it can be. If I can masturbate and get off by myself in a place or position I’ve always wanted to try, then when it comes time, I know I’ll be able to get off in that same place or position with my partner. Think it as “testing it out.” Try the floor, the stairs, the chair…whatever suits your needs.

#6 Try it With a Toy

Another tip for masturbating is to try it with a toy. Fingers are great, but vibrators and dildos can multiply the pleasure.

And who says you have to do this alone? When you get comfortable enough, you can even masturbate with your partner. Really: Let him watch. This will not only give him some outstanding visual stimulation, but it will also teach him how to touch you…without you having to actually “teach him.” Sneaky, huh?

For now, you’re going to want a vibrator. It’s easy to find articles about choosing the right vibrator – there are several of them right here on this site. Trust me, the right toy can really enhance your masturbation experience.

If you press a vibrator against your clit, you’ll find that the stimulation is much different from when the vibrator is stimulating you vaginally. Have fun with that. Play around and test it which you prefer. I like other toys as well. Once you get more experienced you may be adventurous enough to try anal beads, for instance – they’re great for women who are curious but too shy to ask their partners for back-door stimulation. There are some great clitoral toys out there too. You’ll find a full array of options at online sex-toy shops or you local sex store.

#7 Try it in the Shower

Leg in bathtub on sea view background

Indoor plumbing is one of modern man’s greatest inventions – and not just for the sake of cleanliness. You know that amazing detachable shower head? Well, that’s about to become one of your greatest sexual pleasures. Set the water to your usual preferred warmth. Remove the shower head and place it close to your clit. Let the water play against your clitoris and enjoy. As you get more worked up, move the shower head a little closer, then pull back. You’ll notice that the difference in distance has an obvious effect on your stimulation. Enjoy!

#8 Use Heat and Cold

Of course, while you’re in the shower, you can always take advantage of the water-temperature knob to change things up a little. Instead of using your normal temperature, make the water colder against your clitoris and see what kind of reaction you have. An ice cube rubbed on your clit during masturbation will have the same fabulous “numbing” effect.

Heat is good too, but don’t risk scalding yourself with hot water. Pick up some heating-effect lube or sex oil and rub it on your vibrator. This oil can be found in just about any sex shop. Now rub the vibe across your clit and see what happens. The friction between the vibrator and your clit makes the oil heat up and makes your orgasm out-of-this-world.

#9 Don’t Force the “O”

If you’re masturbating and you feel like you’re getting nowhere, don’t fret. There are many times you’re not going to get yourself off. Sometimes you’re too stressed, sometimes you can’t find the right kind of stimulation, sometimes doing it alone just isn’t working…the list goes on.

The important thing to remember is that if you’re not able to orgasm, don’t push it. Forcing yourself will only make you more frustrated and make it more difficult to achieve orgasm next time.

It’s okay. Wait this one out and try it again later. I like masturbating really late at night and when I’m just waking up. Half-awake masturbation is ideal for people who tend to overthink things.

#10 Use Both Hands!

Finally, the best tip I can give you is to use both hands. While one hand is happily playing in your private garden, let the other one explore. Grab your breasts and squeeze your nipples for added sexual pleasure. Caress your body. Run your free hand slowly up and down your skin. Brush your fingers lightly against your neck and the side of your face. Immerse yourself in your own beautiful sensuality.

Trust me, you are your own best lover…and to be the best lover, you have to love yourself. Love your body. Enjoy your body. And don’t be afraid to play. Masturbation can lead you to lots of pleasure and a new, more confident you.

How to Achieve A More Powerful Orgasm Every Time

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What tips work best for you?

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  • this the same advice that everyone knows! Get your clit stimulated to arousal then make small smacks ” spank the monkey” very quick and fast with the pointer and middle fingers. Test how hard you like it then go from there! Good luck ladies!

  • Im 14 and i’ve been masturbating since last year…its just amazing and only God knows how much i enjoy it….every three hours i feel like i need to masturbate. Is that fine? And how can i masturbate during my periods? Please help

    • Im 14 also. And every 3 hours is odd. I do it almost 1 everyday though. But when ur on your period a great way to masturbate is in the shower. When your in water while on your period the blood flow stops.

  • Okay so I’m 12 is it okay to masturbate…I haven’t has sex or anything of course so will it still have the same impact

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  • Yea no I’m 20 and IV had sex going on for three years now and I NEVER new how to masterbate I had to rub my cl*t so hard till I had a orgasm. Even that gets boring! IV looked up different ways to masterbate ( until I get my d*ldo of course) and this article helped so much man! I put cold water on my hands and went down to the garden. Literally this helped, thank so much.

  • Wow. Your tips really helped me. i felt more comfortable with these things, and I found out new things about myself. I hope that my girlfriend and I, (yes, I am a lesbian, please do not judge my life choices.) can try this together sometime. Thanks so much.