Men Answer: What Sex Positions Do Men Like Most?

We got Scarlett to ask several men about their favourite sex positions. Here's how you can increase your Sex Goddess status and give your guy exactly what he secretly craves in the bedroom!

Women aren’t mind-readers, and what a man finds sexually arousing can come as a bit of a surprise to us because men often think and feel differently about sex than women. So I set out to discover their secret desires and get myself into the sexual mindset of a man.

Why? Well, because it is interesting, and also because I want to share all the juicy gossip with you lot, so that we can all be Sex Goddesses in the bedroom this weekend!

To approach the topic I decided to look at it from two angles:

  1. What sex positions do men find visually stimulating?
  2. What sex positions are most physically stimulating for a man?

In my previous article Men’s Perspective: Is the Woman on Top Sex Position All That? I discovered that while men may enjoy the visual treat of seeing their woman bounce up and down above them, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are getting the potential physical stimulation that this sex position has to offer.

The woman on Top might tick the mental turn on box for a guy, but is that enough to place it the favourite sex position ratings? A woman needs to know how to ride a guy after all, and more importantly, she has to own the position, love it, and know the sex techniques that get her and her man hot!

I decided to put all of my previous assumptions about men’s sexual preferences to one side and go out and actually ask them about their favorite sex positions.

Never underestimate his desire to thrust

A man might be sweet and gentle with you in the bedroom, he might be slow and sensual, but underneath it all, he has a primal instinct to go crazy. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy all the slow sensual stuff, which can be the means of an intense build up, but in the end, he wants to really use his penis and go in as deep as possible.

It is not always possible to thrust deeply during sex, though. His penis might be too big and make deep thrusting uncomfortable, and many sex positions aren’t designed for it anyway. Often women read about sex positions that are designed to help with their own orgasms, and they forget that men have sexual preferences. Sex isn’t just sex to a guy, so don’t assume that as long as he is penetrating you with his penis that everything is as it should be.

The men I spoke to all agreed that the best positions for deep thrust satisfaction are those that involve taking a woman from behind.

Bending a woman over furniture, spreading her legs and entering from behind, for example, allows enough space for deep penetration without discomfort or risk of injury. There is also something very raw and primal about taking a woman from behind, which men love.

The best rear entry sex positions

Entering you from behind can also be a turn on for men who enjoy anal sex. Not all women like the idea, but you can indulge the fantasy by showing him your ass. Here are some great ideas for rear entry sex positions…

  1. Doggy – With you on all fours on the bed, your man has an amazing view of your ass, especially if you lean your chest down onto the bed and arch your back so that your bum sticks up and out like an invitation. While you are up on all fours, he will be able to thrust away inside of you.
  2. Up against the wall – With you facing the wall this sex position can feel very spontaneous and naughty. You can press your palms against the wall while he thrusts into you from behind. You can even make it more exciting by doing in with most of your clothes on, and hitching up your skirt.
  3. You lying face down on the bed – He will sit up behind you and have all the leverage he needs to thrust at a satisfying rhythm for both of you.

Perhaps the best thing about rear entry sex positions for women is that it isn’t awkward for you to play with yourself, or for him to reach round and stimulate your clitoris and nipples with his fingers.

Don’t be intimidated by the pornographic connotations of sex positions like the ‘doggy’. Sometimes rear entry can feel like it lacks intimacy, but if he draws himself towards you so that you can feel his body against your back, it can feel sexy and intimate as well as raw and naughty.

Men love watching your body move from behind; the curve of your spine and the flesh of your butt cheeks will add to his visual enjoyment.

Other sex positions that get a guy hot

When you put together the fact that guys like the satisfaction of a decent thrust, and the visual stimulation of seeing a woman in erotic positions, it is perhaps not surprising that men seem to also enjoy the following sex positions, all of which allow for both of these factors to be taken into account.

  1. Legs in the air, please! – Says one guy. He described to me in great detail exactly why he loves getting a woman on her back, gripping hold of her ankles in the air, and pumping his butt vigorously all the way to climax. He expressed an interest in the power connotations of this sex position, the fact that he is able to take control of the thrusting, and the fact that he can slow down and watch her play with her clit in front of him.
  2. Spooning in the morning – Believe it or not, guys like to spoon in the morning; mainly because they want to enter you from behind and relieve their morning glory. This is less about the erotic appeal, though. “I love having sex in the spooning position because I know it makes my girlfriend feel safe, loved, and I enjoy feeling the sensation of her grinding her ass into me.”
  3. Missionary – It might be the most boring in the book, but there are guys who like the missionary position. One guy described how he brings his woman to orgasm with slow deep circular movements, building up the tension and speed, rubbing his pubic area against her to stimulate her clit while getting deep inside with his penis. He said that she closes her eyes and goes off into her own world, and he can just watch her, which turns him on and makes him come hard.

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Scarlett Robinson

I am inspired by the ways people interact. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. This is why I explore intimate relationships in my writing. (I’m also ever so slightly kinky.)


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  • I never have anal sex , so how can I perform anal sex with my seretary , she like it but I,m need help
    plz show how can I doing anal sex so me & my secretary will be happy

    • My boyfriend wanted to try anal and omgaaad it was sooo damn painful! I was like shiz im never going to try that again. After couple of months he persuaded me to try it again, and said if i wasn’t comfortable we wouldn’t do it. which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I read somewhere on the net that Lube is very good, you can buy it from any supermarket. Basically we applied lube everywhere on my bum hole and on his penis. It took some time for it to get in, cos it was slippery LOL. But thats okay cos it was our first time. He inserted it slowly, going in and out smoothly. When I felt comfortable he went went harder ;) It was really good and we enjoyed it.
      Hope this helped :)

  • I’m bi and also like to be penetrated. Stadistically, almost the 100% of world population are bisexual, and why? Because they both, men and women, fantazise so much from rear entry. So, why not to do it with someone of your own sex? Everyone got an ass.

  • I did anal sex with my boyfriend we stop 12 secs later cus it was so painful and 9 mouths later we did it again and we went very slow so it was not painful