Myths and Facts About Cuddling After Sex: Do They Like It or Not?

There’s a long-standing myth that men don’t like to cuddle after sex. When it comes to women, this myth is substantially different. Women like cuddling naked after intercourse. The question is: which one of the two is true? Who is more into snuggling up after sex? Men or women?

There’s no uniform approach to this topic. Many women will wonder why men fall asleep right after sex, while some will get upset if the cuddling part doesn’t happen. The answer to the question whether they like to cuddle after sex or not is based on some scientific facts, but also on the interpretation of their feelings for the woman with whom they are sharing intimacy. Bottom line, the right answer would probably be: Much like us women, men do like to cuddle sometimes, and when they don’t feel like it, you shouldn’t take it personally.

Why Is He Out for the Count Right After?

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You, full of passion and ready for some pillow talk and tenderness, him, already sound asleep. Does this sound familiar? This is, in fact, such a common scenario, that two American authors even wrote a book about it. Why does he fall asleep after sex?

The scientific explanation is that during sex a chemical called oxytocin is released from the brain that gives a sense of relaxation and is linked to sleep. Moreover, some scientists claim that after an orgasm, a man’s brain releases a cocktail of different chemicals that together lead to such a strong sense of exhaustion, and even muscle depletion, that he definitely needs time to recover. He often dehydrates in the process so this is why you’ll catch him drinking large amounts of water right after.

Unfortunately, there’s a scientific explanation for this kind of behavior, so there’s no cure. No one can pinpoint the exact cause, but many women are able to observe the strong correlation between sex and snoring regardless of the nature of their relationship with their partner. Men are usually more active during the intercourse, and they take the lead most of the time, and put a lot more effort into the whole thing, so it’s understandable that they need time to get back on track. As long as he doesn’t fall asleep during sex, you should consider yourself lucky. However, the question remains: are they into cuddling after sex or not?

Oxytocin Is Also a So-called “Cuddle Hormone”

Apart from being considered a stress reliever, oxytocin is also linked to pair bonding. Apparently, this chemical boosts a man’s desire for intimacy, which ultimately leads to some after-sex cuddling. This hormone is also responsible for the bonding that is created between a mother and a child.

So, the same thing that turns them into sound asleep, snoring, and uninterested individuals can also turn them into passionate and considerate lovers. Apparently, they do like to cuddle, but they just seem not to have the energy for it.

In spite of all the exhaustion caused by having sex and orgasms, some guys still manage to cuddle afterwards. And the answer to the question why this is the case, probably lies in our final remark.

Bedroom Etiquette

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Guys often say that they like cuddling after sex with women they really like, because they want to spend as much time as possible with them. Still, even recently married women, and women in committed relationships notice that post- coitus affection is something they don’t experience often.

More experienced lovers know that sharing intimacy after sex is what they are supposed to do. Cuddling after sex does not mean that she will fall in love with him, it’s simply bedroom etiquette. Sex should be a pleasurable activity, and a true lover knows that a woman will remember him not only for his ability in bed, but also for his manners.

Do you cuddle with your guy after sex? Share your own tips and experiences. How do you get him to cuddle more often and be more romantic?


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  • I hate cuddling after I have an orgasm. In fact all I want is for my husband -whom I love dearly and is a great lover- to stop touching me. I want to roll over and sleep of get out of bed and get on with my activities. The only time I noticed I wanted cuddling was when I have not been satisfied by my partner. But since with my husband it usually happens I don’t need the extra attention. So hint to guys, if your woman wants cuddling time most likely you left her wanting more sex.

  • Yes he wanted the cuddle but I actually do not know why, cause not long after we went separated. Still wondering what was he thinking at that point of time when he wanted to cuddle and had me slept in his arm the whole night after sex.

  • My guy loves cuddling. I mean he wants to cuddle all the time! Before sex, after sex, the next morning etc. I dont think there is one time that I didnt sleep in this arms the whole night. The point is that even if I like it, sometimes it gets too much for me.

  • My fiance and I always kiss immediately after sex. It feels like it seals the intimacy and then we switch from sex to being tender and cuddling. It’s amazing how a simple thing like a kiss can remind you of how deeply you love someone past a carnal level.

  • I actually love to cuddle afterwards. Being tender and affectionate makes it much more gratifying to me.. But to agree with Keths statement; all the women I got off definitely didn’t feel the desire to cuddle afterwards.

  • We have been married for 6 years in july and he always jumps up immediately after sex to go do whatever. Why does he do this?