Sex Tips: How to Talk Dirty

Talking dirty in bed doesn't have to be vulgar or feel uncomfortable. Learn how to talk dirty and feel good about it with these sex tips and examples that will excite your lover and turn you both on even more!

Being vocal in the bedroom or on the phone can feel terribly false and intimidating if you’re not used to it – but sometimes the awkward tension is exactly what adds to the excitement – not knowing  what your partner is going to say next but anticipating the dirty nature of the conversation can make you surprisingly horny!

You might be embarrassed to use certain words or phrases that you’re not used to saying, but the secret to dirty talk is not to think that there is one correct way to do it.

Different things always turn on different people, but don’t worry too much about whether you are saying the right things for your partner, focus instead on expressing the things that you want to say and that turn you on.

Dirty Talk Sex Tips for Beginners

Consider the following when beginning to talk dirty with your partner, whether it is on the phone, or in the bedroom…

  • Try describing to your guy the things you already enjoy doing with him, and when you feel more confident move on to talk about the things you’d like to try, or describe the naughty things you fantasize about him doing to you.
  • You can talk dirty while the actual action is happening. Descriptive or instructional dirty talk during your sexploits can heighten the excitement for both of you because it stimulates the mental appeal of what you are doing, making your brain work to excite you alongside your body – double the naughty fun!
  • You can use words you are familiar with or experiment with words that are slightly out of character for you, to see what turns you both on. Remember, when you are in the bedroom with your partner anything goes. Its a private place and you are with someone you trust, it can be an exciting new experience to hear wicked words coming out of each others mouths. Seeing each other in a new light is sexy and is guaranteed to get the heart racing because it is unpredictable, spontaneous and unfamiliar.
  • Focus on how your body responds and don’t play any of it down. Never be afraid to touch yourself to emphasize how you are feeling, what you are saying, or what you want from your partner. Let your body move and interact with yourself, the surroundings, and with his body as you talk dirty. You guy will be getting a visual treat as well as a verbal one and you will be getting inspiration and the stimulation you are imagining.
  • Allow yourself to sound like how you feel. Your breathing, the tone of your voice, and the noises you can make with your mouth are all essential parts of experimenting with dirty talk. Sometimes sounds can be even more sexy than visual stimulation, because they let imaginations run riot. Have you ever listened to a sex scene play out without actually watching it? Try talking dirty late at night on the phone, the sound of him getting aroused without you being able to see him will fascinate you!

What do you call his Penis When talking Dirty?


If you’re not used to dirty talk, you might be concerned as to which penis descriptions will arouse him and which will turn him off. Unfortunately there’s no simple answer.

Generally I like to think that a guy doesn’t care what you call it as long as you seem to be having fun and are turned on by what you say. I think the turn-on is more about hearing it come from you.

He wants to hear all about what you want and what you’re thinking, so whatever you call it and however you describe it is irrelevant, as long as it feel genuine to you. There will always be men who have specific preferences of course, but mostly guys just want to make you feel good in bed, because that in turn makes them feel good. So don’t be afraid to go with whatever turns you on.

If you’re still not sure, take your cue from him. Discover what he likes to call himself by asking him dirty questions that will make him describe his fantasies to you. Once you have a good idea of his tone and the words he likes to use, you can mimic him and go from there.

How to Describe His Penis When Talking Dirty

Here are some Penis descriptions you may like to pay around with…

(Warning: Not for the faint-hearted or old-fashioned.)

  1. “Your d*ck is so hard!”
  2. “I want to feel your c*ck rubbing up against my wet pussy.”
  3. “I like it when you tease me with your c*ck, it feels so good.”
  4. “I want it harder! Harder, I can take it…”
  5. “I think your throbbing member deserves some of my attention, don’t you?”
  6. “I want your c*ck in my mouth right now.”
  7. “You’re d*ck is so big, do you think it would fit in my ass?”
  8. “My friends would be so jealous if they could see your penis right now, come here!”
  9. “I want you to come on my breasts.”
  10. (Gasping) “Oh my God, you’re d*ck goes so deep”

Sex Tip: You don’t necessarily have to use specific nouns to describe his penis all the time, you can just use adjectives or refer to “it”. E.g. “You’re so big!” or “It feels so good inside me.”

More Dirty Talk Examples


Here are some more suggestions to get your imagination rolling…

  1. “Your kisses make me so wet.”
  2. “I can’t stand it when we’re in a public place like this and I feel so turned on with you. Let’s go somewhere…”
  3. “My nipples are throbbing, will you suck them?”
  4. “I love it when you that thing with your tongue, it makes me crazy.”
  5. “Jesus, you’ve  made me soaking wet!”
  6. “Take me hard!”
  7. “I like it when you tell me to bend over.”
  8. “Tell me what you want, in detail, and I’ll do it.”
  9. (Whisper in his ear) “Don’t stop… harder… harder… I’m so close… yeah… Oh… God…”
  10. “I love that you know exactly what you’re doing down there!”

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