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Should You Really Sleep With Him? 10 Things To Know First

Sure, you could just jump into bed with any guy who shows you a bit of attention, but at what cost? Check out 10 things to ask your partner before sleeping with him.

It’s not only easy to just pick a hottie at the bar, take him home and have your way with him, but also extremely fun! But, maybe you should rethink going about finding someone to hook up with in this manner. While you might get your needs met for that night, you could be forced to deal with unfortunate circumstances if things don’t always go your way.

This isn’t just for guys whom you randomly meet and want to hook up with; it also applies to those you’ve recently started dating. There are consequences to getting into bed with just about anyone.

For that reason, you should be aware of certain things about the other person before giving yourself over to them. Here are the important details you should know about anyone before sleeping with them.

1. Their Last Name

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First of all, why would you want to have sex with someone you know so little about? Getting to know his last name should honestly be within the first few minutes of conversation if you ask me, and should definitely be covered before you get under the covers.

2. Their Phone Number

This isn’t so much so that you can call him in order to make sure you see him again, but more that unfortunate things can happen when you have sex with someone. You could get an STD or fall pregnant, and will need his information to tell him either way. And, of course, if things go well you’ll want to give him a call again.

3. A Glimpse at Their Sexual History

You don’t have to know exactly how many girlfriends he’s had or what his ‘number’ is, but you should know a brief history. This means you should have an idea if he’s been in some serious relationships or if he’s someone that just sleeps around and then leaves.

This is important because if he’s had serious relationships, he’s more likely to be respectful and have probably been with less people, which means less of a chance for STDs. If he’s been a bit promiscuous, you may have to be careful that he’ not just using you.

4. If They’re Trustworthy

It’s hard to tell if someone is trustworthy when you’ve just met them, but a good indication of trust is with your gut instinct. Trust it. Humans have an instinct for being able to tell if someone (or something) is dangerous and if they should steer clear.

5. What Their Relationship is Like with Their Mom

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If you’re unsure what your gut is telling you then you should ask him about his mother. The fact of the matter is that a man’s relationship with his mother will tell you all you need to know about how they treat the women in their life.

If a guy is close to his mom, then he’s more likely to treat you with respect whereas a guy who doesn’t get along with his mom or treats her poorly will not. Find this out and you’ll be able to tell if he’s trustworthy.

6. If They’re Currently Sleeping with Someone Else

He should tell you this fact out of respect. However, if he fails to mention anything, just ask him if he’s currently single. You should always know someone’s relationship status before jumping into bed with them. You don’t want to accidentally end up being the other woman, do you?

7. If They Have Any STDs

Again, this one should be something they’re forthcoming about, but some guys would rather get laid than be respectful to the person they’re having sex with. So, even though it’s not the sexiest thing to ask someone before getting naked, it is necessary and can save you a lot of strife in the end.

8. If Sex is a Big Deal to Them or Not

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This really depends on how far along you are in your relationship because if you’re about to have sex with a guy you’ve just met, he probably won’t make a huge deal out of sex. But, you should be aware of what sex would mean to the relationship you currently have with the other person before sleeping with them.

9. Any Debilitating Boundaries They May Have

It may not be a topic that you want to get into right before hopping into his bed, but it’s a discussion that should be had. Just ask him if he have any ‘no-go’ areas or if he’s fully accepting of anything. This is beneficial to know because it’ll save you from making a mistake and ruining a good time. It can also give you the chance to tell him what you’re definitely not into so you can avoid any awkwardness during the act.

10. If You Feel Safe with Them

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The most important thing for you during sex is that you feel safe and secure. You should always know how you feel in this regard before allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable around someone. If you have sex with someone who you don’t feel safe with, you could end up feeling bad about the whole thing and even regretting it later.

Sleeping with someone is a bigger deal than some people like to make it. If you’re considering getting frisky with someone, make sure you know these 10 important things beforehand. What else do you consider to be important before sleeping with someone?

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