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Pros & Cons Of Sleeping With Someone On The First Date

Sleeping with someone on the first date does require weighing up your options to determine if you’re making the right choice. Here's how to make the right decision.

You can’t deny the idea of sleeping with someone on the first has crossed your mind at least once in your lifetime. Usually when you’re most vulnerable and by no means in any state to make any important decisions.

This moment usually occurs when you’re right in the middle of a heated moment and you’re contemplating whether or not you can see yourself waking up to this person the next morning. Maybe you’ve never done it.

Perhaps you’ve done it more times than you’re proud to admit. Whatever the case may be, have a look at the following pros and cons when you’re out on a perfect first date with the person of your dreams and then evaluate if you’re still making the right decision.

Remember, sleeping with someone on the first date can either be good ol’ sexiness between the sheets or simply getting some beauty sleep without having to do it alone. Both of which can be experienced on some level within the following list. So choose wisely.


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• You can evaluate the level of chemistry

You either have chemistry or you don’t. It’s not something you can magically grow from one date. However, sleeping with someone on the first date is a potentially great option for discovering just how much chemistry you have.

I’m by no means saying lust is a positive element to have in any relationship. Lust is merely an extreme love of someone else’s body, but chemistry has everything to do with the chemicals in your brain matching the chemicals of your date’s brain.

Technically it sounds quite complicated, but you’re soon to find out just how much your brain chemicals match by hitting the sack.

• We all have needs, but can they fulfill yours?

It’s one thing knowing how to have sex with someone, it’s a whole different story knowing how to please the person you’re choosing to have sex with.

Sure, learning how someone else’s body works takes time and practice. It’s not always something that happens overnight, however, you can tell a lot about a person by how they’re willing to make you happy – if at all.

So why waste time if you can discover that important piece of information on the first date already.

• We’re adults, capable of making adult decisions

The fact is, if you’re an adult, you’re able to make adult decisions – most of the time anyway. So the fact remains, if you want to sleep with someone on the first date, and it’s something that you desperately want to do after spending a few hours having great conversations and most likely partaking in tons of flirting, then you’re very capable and allowed to make the decision of sleeping with someone on the first date. It’s as simple as that.

• Why waste time if you don’t have to

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Some couples just know that they’re going to spend a long time together – possibly even get married. There’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, it’s one way to cut out all the nonsense of having to pretend that you’re not ready to take your relationship to the next level and sleep together. Sure, it may only be the first date, but when you know, you just know. So why waste time when you know, right?

• Maybe having a good time is all you need

Who said you’re after a serious, long-term relationship anyway? Maybe you just came out of one, or you’ve been out for a while and you just need someone to make you feel wanted and beautiful again.

Sleeping with someone on the first date is one way to get your screws loose again. It may not be for everyone, but if having a good time is all you’re after, don’t forget to use protection. Rather be safe than end up with things you didn’t have the night before.

• The health benefits are everywhere!

Taking into consideration that you’re being safe by implementing some form of protection, the benefits of having sex are pretty much endless. They include everything from giving your skin a radiant glow, to improving your heart health, and everything in between.

So if having sex, and in this case, sleeping with someone on the first date, is an option, just remember how healthy you’ll feel afterwards. Sex makes you feel good in more ways than one, so beat the winter blues with a healthy dose of rolling in the hay – for two, please!


• You can easily be taken advantage of

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No one likes a broken heart, not even the person who caused it – unless, of course, you went on a date with a sociopath. In that case, stay away from your date at all costs. However, some people just get lost in the moment and forget about having to see the person the next morning.

Maybe you’re looking for something more serious and your date only sees your amazing body. Whether you want to admit it or not, every time you sleep with someone, whether on the first date or five dates down the line, you leave a little piece of your heart with that person. It’s their choice if they want to keep it for a night or for a lifetime.

• Do you potentially want to ruin a great thing?

The fastest way to ruining a great thing is by going too fast – especially on the first date. You can’t possibly know someone well enough to be completely comfortable with them for that person to see just about every inch of your body.

It’s a very intimate moment shared by two people who can easily ruin a potentially great thing in the heat of the moment. Are you willing to take the risk?

• Think like a man, but act like a lady

It’s a great quality to be able to think the thoughts of most men, but that doesn’t mean you should act upon it. At the end of the day, every woman should still be able to act like a lady – especially when you’re trying to come off as an innocent, delicate flower.

He doesn’t need to know how raunchy you can be in the bedroom until he’s earned that right. For the men, it’s perfectly fine to think like a man, but you should also be able to act like a gentleman. Ladies love that a lot more anyway. We prefer some mystery.

• Contracting a disease is a real thing

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Yes, it’s real and very possible to catch a life-threatening disease from someone who hasn’t disclosed their sexual history.

This is one reason why you should hold off until you trust the person enough to know the truth. Any person can lie, and some will even lie about not having an STI simply out of a need to fulfil any need they might have. So if you’re not sure, don’t do it. Your life is much more valuable than sleeping with someone on the first date.

• Respect goes a long way, especially on the first date

Both sexes will respect their date a lot more for not sleeping with someone on the first date – taking into consideration that they most likely respect themselves more to wait. It’s also possibly a sign that your date respects you as well for choosing a later date to do the deed.

Remember, not everything has to be about sex – especially if you’re looking for something that’ll stick. Respect goes a long way when you’re dating with a purpose.

So, depending on where you are in your life, and where you see your date fitting into the picture, it’s definitely important to evaluate whether or not sleeping with someone on the first date is even an option. It may sound like the perfect idea in the moment, or you may end up regretting it the next morning.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to take into consideration the possible consequences – if there are any. Perhaps you’re both on the same page, or maybe your date is one step ahead of the game. At the end of the day, there are no regrets, only life lessons.

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