20 Sexy Songs You’ll Want to Play to Heat Things Up in Bed

Wanna turn up the heat tonight? Then turn up the volume on one of these 20 sexy songs made with love for love. Trust us, they work.

Music is rhythm. Sex is rhythm. It just makes sense that we would have sex to music, doesn’t it? Music has been around since probably the dawn of man, and when you think about it most music is sensual and sexual.

It’s not just the words, it’s also the rhythm. Think of the way you feel when you hear the soft melody of a mariachi, or the inner power you want to express when you hear the beating rhythm of drums. Oh, the drums! I could get lost in the sound of drumming.

Sex, as I’ve said before, is very audible and it’s important that sound is incorporated into your sex life, whether it’s through moaning or music (or best through both). However sex and music is so much more than that. It’s a way of getting in rhythm with your sexual partner, it’s listening to the words of a song and feeling them through your lovemaking, it’s expressing yourself when you don’t have any other way of expressing yourself.

If you’re at a loss for which music to listen to during sex, here are twenty songs that are guaranteed to make your night magical, and there’s a song for every mood. After all, we don’t make love all the time, do we?

1) Marvin Gay – Let’s Get it On

Probably the God of Sex Music, Marvin Gay’s voice and bluesy, jazzy rhythm are perfectly paired with dinner and wine and a little bit of candlelight.

2) Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up

If you want to get straight to the point, this song is THE song! Forget the dinner and wine, put this on and eat afterward.

3) Fade Into You – Mazzy Star

Romantic, soft, and a great song for expressing your emotions without having to say the words. Mazzy Star says it for you so that you and your lover don’t have to.

4) Bruce Springsteen – I’m on Fire

He’s called “the Boss” for a reason, and back in the day, that reason was sex. Bruce Springsteen has a voice like no other, and the words to this song are sheer and utter perfection in describing a maddening desire for someone, especially a forbidden love.

5) Dave Matthews Band – Crash (Into Me)

What could express sexual desires better than a song about voyeuristic pleasures? This song is sex, it’s desire, it’s fantasy, it’s everything wrapped into one, and it has a pretty good rhythm as well.

6) Otis Redding – These Arms of Mine

If you want to take your time and make love softly, or want to really show your lover how much he means to you, then play this song. Dance together. Take your time and kiss. Work up to the passion slowly, and sensually.

7) George Michael – I want Your Sex

Again, this is one of those straight to the point songs that needs no build-up. Just play this and let it happen.

8) John Mayer – Your Body is a Wonderland

Want to express your desire in words without sounding cheesy? This is your song.

9) The Police – Every Breath You Take

I know this song has a stalker feel to it, but it’s actually a great song for having sex. It’s especially good for that “you’ve pissed me off, but I want you anyway” sex. Just a little reminder that “you’re mine”.

10) Berlin – Take My Breath Away

Remember that scene from Top Gun when Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis finally have sex? This was their song, and it could be yours, too.

11) The Cure – Lovesong

Sometimes a bit of punk is good for the soul, punk is a very underrated genre when it comes to sexual expression, but The Cure gives us the best of punk sexuality with this one.

12) Teddy Pendergrass – Close the Door

Just as sensual as Marvin Gay, play this song when you’re in a more sensual mood.

13) Rihanna – Disturbia

Sometimes sex is naughty. You can’t play Marvin gay wearing leather and wielding a whip, ladies, you can’t. You can play Rihanna, though.

14) Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

Reminiscing about your high school or college days? Feel like making love as old friends? Put on some Stones and have fun tonight!

15) Depeche Mode – Master and Servant

This song is about BDSM. It’s great to play when one of you is tied to the bedpost.

16) Madonna – Like A Virgin

This is the perfect flirty song to have sex to! It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s innocent…no, not really innocent. It’s a way of expressing how you feel when you’re starting to fall in love and are too afraid to say it.

17) Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Grab your whip, tie him up, blind fold him, and make him scream your name. Trent Reznor will say it all for you.

18) The Cars – Just What I Needed

This song makes me want to make love, but in a playful way. It has a fantastic rhythm and great lyrics for spending the night with that one special person.

19) Enigma – Sadness Part I

If you’re feeling a little moody, maybe a little darkly romantic, maybe you’re just having mixed emotions and are hoping sex will clear things up in your head (it won’t, but we still hope, right?), then this is your moody sex song. It’s sensual and weirdly erotic, and you can’t understand the few words there are anyway, so it’s perfect for your dark, sensual, weirdly aroused mood.

20) Eddie Money – Take Me Home Tonight

Just listen to the lyrics. This is the perfect song for an old flame, a one night stand, or someone you hope to see again but aren’t sure if it’ll happen so you have to make the most of tonight. Let Eddie Money do the talking for you. Let it happen.

What songs do you make love to?

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