The Reasons Foreplay Is The Most Crucial Part Of Sex

When people talk about sex, it seems that what is mostly mentioned is sex itself, but no one ever seems to talk about what leads up to it. Foreplay is actually the most crucial aspect of any sexual experience.

Sex can be incredible, not so incredible or somewhere in between. Isn’t it disappointing though when it turns out to be a letdown—especially when you thought it was going to be a fulfilling experience? One thing that could make sex be not so fulfilling for someone is the lack of foreplay. Foreplay is truly the most crucial part of a sexual experience. Here are the reasons why.

1. Sex without stimulation = bad sex

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Generally, to have a fulfilling sexual experience, you have to be stimulated. Nothing is worse than when you are with someone who kisses you a few times and then proceeds to try to have sex with you. That’s not how it goes.

First, you are not going to be wet enough to have sex, which can make it quite painful and uncomfortable. Sex will never feel as great can be if you are not stimulated, and how one gets stimulated is by foreplay.

Teasing, which is something that foreplay involves, will never fail to stimulate. Whether that be touching, oral sex or even just hardcore making out, foreplay needs to be factored in, or sex will not be as pleasant as it can be.

2. Foreplay can be just as fun as sex

Who says that the actual act of sex is the most pleasurable aspect of a sexual experience? Honestly, from what I have experienced, most of the time, it is not. Foreplay can feel so much better, and sometimes even get you off for a first time before sex. Oral sex, using your hands, and even just kissing (especially neck kissing) can be just as enjoyable as intercourse.

When you picture a great sexual experience, do you just imagine the actual intercourse part? I know I don’t. I think of the kissing, grabbing, touching and different motions that lead up to the actual act of sex. Getting right down to business could leave you feeling even greater than you would if you just had vaginal sex.

3. It will connect you and your partner on a deeper level

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Intimacy can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are a bit of a commitment-phobe like myself. But it is very true that even if you just have a one night stand, having a certain level of intimacy with your partner can make the sexual experience that much greater.

Foreplay increases the level of intimacy between two people. It is much more intimate to get to know each other’s bodies before having sex. Kissing, touching and feeling everywhere possible.

Listen to what your partner likes and doesn’t like, whether that be with him telling you or with the noises that they make. Intimacy is always important, even if it isn’t on an emotional level, but just on a sexual level. Foreplay increases intimacy.

4. It can show you what you like and don’t like

Even if you are not actually having intercourse, foreplay can still show you what you like and do not like done. Even just from touching, foreplay can show you what you may want/do not what your partner to do to you during sex.

Also, you may discover something that you really love during foreplay, which can help get you off more easily when you actually have sex. It will also make your partner feel good, knowing that they can do something to please you. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you like or don’t like during foreplay.

5. Foreplay can show your strengths

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I’ll be the first to admit: everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses sexually. What one person may be great at, I may not be for another—same goes for my partner. It can feel really good though when you learn one of your strengths in bed, something that you know will get your partner off.

Foreplay is a great way to discover this. There will always be something that you are good at—whether it be oral, or using your hands, or anything really. Then, you can use those strengths to almost push your partner over the edge, right before you finish them off through actual intercourse.

This is why foreplay is the most crucial part of a sexual experience. You deserve to have the best sex possible, every woman does, and foreplay can give you just that. Do you have any other tips on increasing your pleasure while hooking up? If so, leave a comment below!


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