They Revealed: Wildest Sex Moves That Make Men Crazy

Want to know what really drives them crazy? Who better to ask then real men! We’ve got 10 real inspiring answers for you that might help you make your man extremely happy!

We’ve asked the question and boy did we get interesting responses or what? In the end, who can give you a better pointer as to what works best, than guys themselves? And they did exactly that – these are the things that stuck in their minds long after the deeds were done. Here are the wildest little tricks that can leave even the most experienced lovers in a daze!


I love it when a girl is not afraid to look me straight in the eyes during sex. If she’s not shy and knows how to work in a little dirty look here and there, even if we’re not in the sack just yet, it somehow immediately makes me think she’s a fireball.
Kevin, 25

You know, us guys think foreplay is okay, but it’s mostly just for you, so, when I see that a girl is eager to get down to business it makes me three times hotter! And if she says something like ‘I want you right now!’ I’m bought.
Mike 22

Her seductively looking straight up at me while giving me oral sex is probably the best feeling ever.
JT 21

I like a woman who knows how to express her pleasure. Like, be vocal about it, very vocal. Sexy time is not quite time, I want to hear her moan and scream with pleasure. Sometimes that is one of the most pleasuring things about sex.
Benny 28


Know How to Take Charge

A girl who knows how to take charge is the one that gets me hard, especially if she’s innocent looking and kind of shy outside the bed. Push me up on that bed and get yours and I’m smitten.
Jared 27

I like it when she doesn’t go straight for the genitalia. I mean sure, that’s where I want her to go, eventually. But I just love it when she knows just how to prolong everything she does – it’s still pleasuring, but I start aching for more. If you built it up slowly it’s going to be pretty intense.
Mike 32

Lips and ice

Who Said Ice Cubes Only Serve One Purpose?

My ex would sometimes bring ice cubes with her to the bedroom. She’d roll the little ice cubes on our bodies, and it felt surprisingly pleasurable. That was the sensual part of the act, but there was a big finish to it. She’d put a couple of those cubes in her mouth and go down on me. Amazing is all I can say.
Troy 23

Might sound mellow but when a girl makes a visit to my earlobes with her tongue I get tingles all over my body. So when a girl does this in the middle of having sex, well, I get wild. It’s like she’s pressed the acceleration button or something, I just can’t control myself.
Liam 21

When a girl digs her nails into my back while I’m on top of her, almost to the point of where it hurts a bit, I still enjoy it very much. It’s kind of like her saying I’m doing her hard and she likes it. I like it too.
Logan 27

The sight of my girl recklessly throwing her stuff (and mine) across the room in a haste to have me is seriously one of the hottest things ever.
Nick 26

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