Surprise Your Guy Tonight With These Sexy Ideas

Just like women, men also love to feel wanted. If your guy is always the one who makes the first move, then it’s time for you to start taking the initiative.

If you are having trouble in this area, just read the tips below on how to initiate sex with your guy, and you will definitely manage to drive him crazy and make him beg for more. Just remember to keep your approach always new, fresh, creative and imaginative! In other words, exciting!

The kitchen isn’t just for cooking dinner

Put on your sexiest stockings and panties, wear a short fluttery skirt, and ask him to help you cook the dinner. Bend down in front of him to pick up things from the bottom drawers of your kitchen cabinets or take food from the lowest shelves of the fridge. Pour him a glass of wine and let your body accidentally touch his body as you move through the kitchen. Believe me, that says it all! You won’t have to wait long before he jumps on you!

Trigger his imagination

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Talk to your partner about sex during dinner or in any other relaxed situation. Talk about a trip you’ve made together and follow it by remembering the great sex session you’ve had there. Continue talking about sex, ask him questions and tell him about your fantasies. He’ll get excited in a second!

Everyone likes a nice surprise

Buy a bottle of champagne, and prepare a romantic dinner with finger foods, such as oysters, French cheese, chilies (it will spice him up), and make a chocolate sauce with strawberries for desert. Light up candles all around the house, put on your favorite slow music, and wear your sexiest lingerie and a see-through dress. When he arrives, you won’t have to say anything. Surprise him with the best oral sex of his life, something different than what he is used to or expected.

Sushi me sushi you

This is a bit complicated, but extremely exciting. Buy some sushi bits at the nearest Japanese restaurant and mix wasabi paste and soy sauce in a small silver bowl. Light candles all around the room and put on some soft music. Lay a silk cloth on the table (red would be perfect) and lie down on it in a sexy pose. Place sushi bits all over your body and the bowl with wasabi and soy sauce just above your belly button. Set an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne and two glasses close to you. Wait until he arrives. Do I have to say more?

Honey, you need a bath…

Showering together 25

When he goes into the shower, wait a minute, then undress and join him. Use plenty of liquid soap and start smoothing it sensually all over his body. The unexpectedness of the situation, your naked bodies, the hot shower steam, and the soft slipperiness of the soap will do the rest.

Well, I hope that you’ve found these tips exciting and that they will help you knock him off his feet. Let us know!

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