Top 10 Sex Positions To Try While Pregnant

Just because you’re carrying a baby being doesn’t mean you’re completely off the radar as far as intimacy is concerned. Here's how to keep the love alive while you're pregnant.

Just because you’re carrying a baby being doesn’t mean you’re completely off the radar as far as intimacy is concerned. Here’s how to keep the love alive while you’re pregnant. Here are top 10 sex positions to try while pregnant.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to experience a higher sex drive, if you haven’t already, while pregnant. Most women experience an increased libido and hypersensitive clitoris pretty much throughout the first and second trimester – right after morning sickness is a thing of the past of course.

Naturally, you’re going to need some way of stimulating the extra blood flow leading to all kinds of interesting places. Don’t freak out, get excited!

With this comes a chance to fulfill your partner’s everyday urges by trying out different sex positions most pleasurable to you and your partner.

Of course, we’re focusing mainly on you as the beautiful, raunchy, pregnant woman that you are. It’s a journey of self-discovery that should be enjoyed and celebrated, not feared.

It’s one of the very few times in life when sex will be extra amazing so don’t let this chance pass you by. Be safe, but enjoy the beautiful changes to your body with your partner – increasing your bond even more before your baby arrives.

So while some sex positions won’t be as comfortable for you as you progress in your pregnancy, the following 10 sex positions to try while pregnant will definitely alleviate some of the added pressures and mood swings associated with carrying a baby. Give them a try. You definitely won’t regret it!

1. Spooning

sex positions to try while pregnant

Great for any time during pregnancy, and even while trying to fall pregnant, spooning is a fantastic sex position to try while pregnant. It keeps your belly out of the way and allows your partner to penetrate as deep as you prefer.

At the same time, you still feel connected to your partner by being fully aware of each other’s bodies. He can even place his hand on your chest to increase the connection – allowing intimacy and sex to coincide.

2. Scissors

As the name explains, you’re pretty much forming a scissor-like effect with your legs. By facing each other, you can place your top leg over his hips creating a scissor effect.

Your partner can then easily hold onto your hip – making this particular sex position easy to manage during each stage of pregnancy. It may take some practice if it’s your first time. Remember, trying new sex positions is all about having fun in the process.

3. Woman on top

Facing your partner with you on top, you can be in full control of which angle you’d like to be stimulated in and how deeply you want to be penetrated.

Remember, you do have a baby in your belly so there may be some restrictions involved with some of the conventional positions. However, with you on top, you can control the situation for as long as you’d like.

Take your time with this position and enjoy the moment. Your partner will enjoy every second with you, guaranteed.

4. Dr. Ruth

Portrait of beautiful sexy pregnant brunette in pink delicate openwork underwea

Laying on your back with your body towards the edge of the bed, your partner can either kneel down or penetrate standing up – giving you the opportunity to receive and enjoy.

Your belly will be out of the way, allowing your partner to penetrate as deep as you prefer. You won’t have to worry about doing too much of the work. Sometimes it’s okay to receive more than you give – especially if you’re carrying a baby.

5. Missionary with pillows

It may be a bit uncomfortable for both parties to enjoy the normal missionary position, but don’t worry if this is your thing. You can always place a few pillows under your bum, raising your hips for easier penetration.

When trying to figure out which sex positions to try while pregnant, don’t forget to add the traditional method of making love – with an added pillow twist.

6. The wrap-around

Although this particular sex position is great regardless of whether or not you’re pregnant, the wrap-around is both intimate and highly pleasurable for both individuals.

With your partner sitting on the bed with his legs spread, you can easily climb on top of him and wrap your legs around his waist. Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, you can then lean back and have him pull you closer – penetrating as deep as you’re both comfortable with. Give it a try!

7. Doggy-style

sex positions to try while pregnant

Still a favorite among pregnant and non-pregnant women, the doggy-style is a great position to reach all the right spots. You can either attempt this position on a couch or the bed, whichever is more comfortable and easily accessible, with you on all fours.

This way your belly is out of the way so you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary bumps. The added benefit of this sex position while pregnant is that it’s equally enjoyable for you and your partner.

8. Policeman

Hands in the air as you’re about to be strip searched! The ‘policeman’ is a fun sex position to enjoy a little bit of roleplaying in. Who said you can’t add more fun to the mix anyway! With your hands against the wall and your legs spread, your partner can penetrate you from behind while making it a pleasurable experience for both.

For easier ‘access’ you can also push your booty out a little bit and lean on your elbows. It’s definitely one of those sex positions to try while pregnant, or trying to conceive.

9. Reverse cowgirl

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t ride a cowboy! This particular sex position is similar to you being on top, except for facing the opposite direction.

It allows for your belly to remain out of the way while you’re holding onto your partner’s knees/legs. Remember, go slow if you must and enjoy the ride!

10. The amazon

It’s not as wild as it may sound, but definitely one sex position to add to the list. The amazon involves your partner to sit on a chair. Preferably low enough to the ground for your feet to touch the ground comfortably, and you facing your partner – sitting on his lap.

It gives you the opportunity to look into your partner’s eyes while enjoying an intimate moment together.

Depending on how far along you may be in the pregnancy, you can either lean back if your belly is in the way or hold onto your partner’s shoulders to avoid losing your balance and you’re creating the motion.

Avoid hot tub sex as this can cause a condition called hyperthermia, raising your core body temperature to 102 F. Not only is this dangerous for you as a pregnant woman, you could be putting your baby’s life in danger – increasing the risk of birth defects and a possible miscarriage.

In fact, rather be safe than sorry and avoid getting into a hot tub, period. At least for now.

Stay sexy

Enjoy your body and the changes it is through, and don’t let anything (except safety, of course) stop you from feeling gorgeous and sexy when pregnant.

If you’re looking for ways to embrace your body as you welcome a new life into your life, these suggestions will help! Feeling and looking sexy while pregnant might seem difficult, but it’s not.

Being pampered is an excellent technique for pregnant women to regain their sexiness! Book a manicure and pedicure! Schedule a massage in a spa!

Some relationships suffer during the pregnancy

While keeping your baby safe is your number one priority, you also want to stay connected to your partner by keeping intimacy and sex as an active part of your relationship.

Don’t let the fear injuring your baby be the reason why you’re disconnected with your partner. Some relationships suffer during the pregnancy phase due to lack of intimacy and the fear of what can go wrong if you enjoy the natural pleasures of life.

Remember, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun and explore different ways of implementing sex into your life. With the baby-making process already on the way, you don’t have to worry about ‘accidents’ or the need to use protection.

Sure, you do have to take a little bit extra care of which positions you choose to try, but with the above 10 sex positions to implement while you’re pregnant, all that’s left to do is have fun!

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