7 Alternative Places to Get Down with Your Partner

Is there more to passion than blankets and pillows? Check out these seven indoor places to get down  with your partner that can feel more erotic than bed.

Love, for you and your partner, in a big, luxurious bed or even in a small, cosy bed can be simply marvelous, but if you’ve ever wondered if there is more to passion than blankets and pillows, then check out our suggestions for alternatives.

Although bed can be awesome, you can also find passion in many other places. Take a moment and look around your home… To spice up your love life, set each scene in your head and imagine how to use every surface in your place to get the maximum effect from your lovemaking heaven.

Get his juices flowing by telling your lover that you’ve been doing some research into great places to make love. He’ll be desperate to hear about all the special places that you have found to make things wild and passionate and the fact that you have found them will drive him crazy. Make sure you have cushions or covers or whatever you need close by to make every occasion a passionate, slick event.

If you really want to go all the way, you could rent a luxury room that could provide many options. Just imagine seeing the ocean from the terrace but inside, the room has so much going on and so many options: a large bed, a chaise longue, a leather armchair and a rug in front of a roaring fire—and that’s just for starters.

Here are six indoor places that can feel more erotic than bed.

1. Getting Wet Has Never Been So Much Fun.

Places to Get Down

In these days of open showers and wet rooms, it’s easy for two people to move around together under jets of water.

As the warm water cascades over your naked skin, soap up a sponge and move it across the chest of your lover while you look straight at him, and when you think his body might be clean enough, hand the soapy sponge to him to return the favor. It’s easy to caress soapy skin and so very erotic to slip and slide together.

Sex in the shower is fun because it’s thrilling. It’s new, it’s adventurous, and it feels like you’re enjoying a long-hidden secret fantasy.

2. When You Just Can’t Make it to the Bedroom.

When lust overtakes you and you just can’t make it to the bedroom, making love on the stairs can be a raunchy and spontaneous alternative.

Throw down a few cushions and use the different levels to enhance every sensation, which you will find is very different to lying flat on a bed. The sheer decadence of it all will encourage you to do it again and again, and you’ll never look at the stairs in the same way again.

3. Getting Comfortable on the Sofa.

Places to Get Down

Kissing on the sofa can be harmless and a completely unplanned or unintended prelude to an erotic encounter. If the lights are low and there is soft music playing in the background, what better way to get comfortable and feel the passion that you inevitably exude.

You and your lover don’t even have to stretch out or lie down; sofas are for sitting on so just experiment all the good things that you can do while sitting on the edge of the seat.

4. Feeling Floored.

If an armchair is simply too small, then perhaps you will find your way to the floor. In the depths of winter, on a rug in front of a roaring fire, stretch out and get hot and steamy together.

The light from the fire will bathe your body in a marvelous rich glow, which is bound to flatter your naked skin, drawing your partner in further and further. Your partner’s body will look pretty good too as your eyes lock and hot passion takes over.

5. It’s All Done with Mirrors.

brown toning picture of lovely young woman in sexy outfit posing in luxury interior

Making love in front of a mirror can be a very erotic experience; you can watch your lover as he trails his fingers across your naked skin and he will, of course, be able to see your instant reaction.

You can maintain eye contact with each other while you gaze into the mirror, but still see every touch and every caress, which will only enhance the experience as you feel every sensation. A mirror can be great for teasing and tempting too as a touch or a kiss doesn’t quite arrive at its anticipated destination!

You can avoid feeling insecure by experimenting with lights beforehand. Here is how you may avoid caring about your appearance during sex. That’s because you’ll have a good idea already. You can check yourself in various positions so that you are completely comfortable with your partner.

6. In the Office.

There is something very illicit about making love on a desk. It’s a fair bet that your lover has imagined you there in his office with him. Of course, these office antics will need to be confined to your home office, but the feeling is just the same. You can play the naughty staff member if that suits the occasion, but just the act of leaning over a desk should bring its own hot rewards.

The truth is that wherever you spend close quality time with your lover, it’s bound to be awesome, but exploring other places can just add to the excitement, so why not give it a try! Where’s the best place you’ve made love with your partner?

7.  A Chair.

There are many fun things you can do in a chair. Sex is one of them. Have him sit in the chair and you sit on him. You can face him, you can have your back towards him…whatever feels best for you.

Find out how to have sex on a chair effectively.

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