What To Wear To Bed – Seduce Him With Your Lingerie

What to wear to bed? What are romantic and sexy things to wear to bed? And how do you know what to wear when? We will teach you everything you have to know!

What to wear to bed? That is the big question that every woman asks herself. The answer: it depends on the occasion. Of course, you can’t always walk around wearing corset and garters and you can’t sleep every night in a sexy silky nightgown.

You just have to figure out what best fits the occasion and we’ll help you with that. Learn what to wear to bed and seduce him over and over again.

What to wear on the first sleepover?

Man is putting off his partner's black panties

As a general rule, you never go home to a guy for a date until you’re ready to sleep with him unless you exercise major control over yourself, or unless you both understand nothing will happen.

Because who can control themselves when alone with a hot guy? Any idea about waiting until the next date, or the next month, or the next year…will probably fly out your head as soon as he touches you.

In other words, when you go over to a guy for a date, or he comes over to yours, wear the right underwear! So what to wear to bed the first night? Well, that really depends on you.

When you first have sex with a guy he’s discovering you for the first time, so you want to show him who you really are. That means that the super special lingerie you own probably isn’t right, nor is the cotton knickers that are two years old.

Wear something nice and sexy that feels true to who you are. If you never usually wear thongs, don’t wear thongs, but rather wear see-through panties, or lace shorties/boy shorts with a matching bra. It should be comfortable, yet sexy.

Keep your style, just make it a sexy version of that style. If you’re sporty, choose something sporty. If you’re into cute 50’s underwear, go for that. If you like traditional styles, keep it traditional.

What to wear to bed on the night of the sleepover

Once you’ve taken your clothes off, then what? What do you sleep in? In other words, what to wear for bed that is meant to stay on in bed? Ironically, something that will look so good he’ll want to take it off…

There are so many different styles here that can look sexy, but let’s have a look at a few different ones.

First of all, sleeping naked, or just in your panties, is always a good one if it’s warm enough. If you feel uncomfortable sleeping naked, or if it’s too cold there are plenty of other sexy versions, however.

You probably want some skin to skin contact, so full-length pajamas is maybe not what you’re looking for. That said silky PJs are pretty hot. Especially if you open up the top a bit. You can also combine the PJ pants with a sexy top. There are really cute PJs with shorts as well that are, as a general rule, a bit sexier.

Speaking of sexy, there are some really sexy sleep shirts as well – from silky ones to traditional checkered flannel ones that you can conveniently open the buttons on…be sure to have a few open…

Short lacy or silky nighties and negligées are also very, very sexy. There are longer ones too that can be incredibly beautiful. It’s all about the lace, the cut and the material they’re made of. You want to avoid the ones with lace that makes you itch, or hurt, because neither you nor your guy will be comfortable.

What you also want to avoid is your old dirty t-shirt and your sweats. Once you get to know him he might find it very sexy if you wear his shirt, or t-shirt, though.

What to wear in the morning

Beautiful couple in bed wearing pijamas

It’s not just about what to wear to bed, it’s also about what to wear in the morning. If you are wearing PJs or a sleep shirt, then you can just wear that. If on the other hand, you’re wearing nothing or a short night gown, you can combine it with a kimono or similar.

Just be sure to watch your slippers – if you’re barefoot, that’s fine, but wearing fluffy UGG style boots with a kimono works just as well as wearing high-heeled slippers with PJs. Be sure to combine it right.

What to wear for everyday sex

Everyday sex should still be romantic and sexy, so wear something similar to what you wear to a first date – comfortable, very you and very sexy.

If, on the other hand, you’re going to the gym, then wear something that works for the gym, but keep it fresh and remember to wear matching bras and panties. Chances are your guy will find you incredibly hot in your workout wear and tear it off you.

Your sleeping wear should also stay cute, sexy and comfy. Whilst you’re absolutely entitled to wear your sweats to bed ever so often, don’t do it every night.

What to wear to bed for special occasions

Elegant girl in lingerie

A special occasion can be a date night or a one year anniversary. It could be Valentine’s Day or his birthday. It doesn’t matter as much what the occasion is, as creating the occasion in the first place.

You need to have days when sex is more than an everyday experience. It’s easy in relationships to take each other for granted and slip into habits that are comfortable but lack excitement. You want both the comfort and the excitement. You need to grow together because otherwise things become stagnant.

So, be sure to have one day a week, or one day a month, when you wear something incredibly sexy. Sometimes what we consider to be sexy varies from person to person. That means that he might think a leather outfit is the sexiest thing ever and you think a lacy one is the sexiest thing ever. Take turns.

Sometimes dress to impress him, sometimes dress to impress yourself. Preferably a combination of both, but if that isn’t quite possible, try to be open for a bit of negotiation. He wears the Armani suit, you wear the lingerie underneath your dress that you know he’ll love.

There are so many different things you could try out. You can surprise him in bed if he’s coming home late sleeping in a nightie that will make him go crazy for you. You can wear a teddy made of lace that’s so incredibly beautiful his eyes will hurt.

You can wear hot thongs and nipple teasers. You can wear a burlesque style 50’s outfit that will make Dita von Tease look boring. The amount of lingerie available today is astounding.



If you’re looking for inspiration for what to wear there are some lingerie shops you will want to check out. You can find cheaper than chips sexy underwear at stores like H&M and Primark, but these sites will give you the inspiration you need when picking your next outfit.

Bare Necessities – these guys have everything from bondage leggings (for that hot workout) and yoga pants to teddies and sleepwear. I highly recommend browsing their site for ideas as to what styles you like as you find a lot of different brands here.

Agent Provocateur – they cost, but they have some original outfits with attention to detail. If nothing else they truly are a great inspiration.

L’agent – the younger, cheaper, version of Agent Provocateur with less of a kink and more color.

Bluebella – beautiful and sassy, yet sexy.

Victoria’s Secret – they have a lot of traditional and sporty styles amongst their more sexy offerings, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

Huit – if you like everyday lingerie with something extra.

Ayten Gasson – if you love silk, but don’t want something too lacy then this is the brand for you. It’s simple, but beautiful.

Playful Promises – this brand sure is playful, from sequin to old fashioned styled lingerie, you find something for everyone. Also, they have different styles for different types of bodies from petite ladies to curvy ladies.

Bordelle – sexy, kinky, beautiful and everything in between.

Va Bien – if you like corsets this is a brand you want to check out.


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