How to Tell If a Guy Likes You – 53 Signs He Likes You More Than Just a Friend

What’s a sure way to tell if a guy likes you or not? You definitely like him, but figuring out whether this guy likes you or not is just driving you insane. You want to be 100% sure that this guy likes you, before you “make a move” so that you don’t make a fool out of yourself. That’s natural. Guys do that too. Learn how to tell if a guy likes you more than just a friend. These 53 signs will tell how he truly feels about you.

I’ll tell you what most guys do when they like a girl, even if they want to hide that they like you or want to appear “cool” so that they don’t blow their cover – you can still look for certain signals that will give them away.

There are many subconscious things guys do that are almost impossible to hide; it’s a natural thing they do when they feel attraction for a woman.

Apart from some obvious signs that definitely mean he likes you, in the super-long list below, you’ll also find some less obvious signs that will reveal his real desires that he’s trying to hide, not just from you, but maybe from himself as well!

Also, there is a way to spot some hidden signs that he likes you based on his zodiac sign. Just don’t forget that each zodiac sign is different so make sure that you know his exact star sign!

With no further ado, here’s how to tell if a guy likes you:

1. He Says It

Okay, it can’t be more obvious than that. A guy that tells you “I like you” probably isn’t lying. The next question is, in what way does he “like you” – he wants to hook up and be together, or just have sex, or he just likes you in a “I feel sorry for you” way, and he thinks you’re cool, but he’d never be with you.

Try to tune into the tone of his voice when he says this, you’ll know which type of “I like you” it was immediately, just look at him! Either way, it doesn’t get more obvious than this!

2. Questions, Questions, Questions

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You - friends hanging out and drinking wine

He’s obviously trying to keep the conversation going with you. He’s trying to get somewhere. So he keeps asking, and asking, some seemingly irrelevant questions, just to keep things going.

Maybe you’re at a club, or at some house party, or you just ran into him in the street. Some questions are just asked out of politeness, but as soon as you notice that it’s not something that he’s asking just out of a necessity, it’s probably because he likes you. Now, just because he asked you “where are you from?” it doesn’t mean he likes you. Use common sense. Maybe he’s just making small talk and being nice.

It also depends where he asks you and what, but the point is – if he’s trying to have a conversation with you, and you just met, he probably likes you. Small talk by itself is not a big enough sign, still – it’s a plus. When a guy doesn’t like you, he simply won’t put in the effort unless he has something to gain out of it (like at work, or he wants you to help with his grades or an exam.)

The fact that he’s talking to you when there’s no need to do so (because of work or something), is a good sign in itself. If he asks you questions and tries to dig deeper and find out more about you, that’s a good sign.

3. He Finds Similar Interests With You

Tell If a Guy Likes You

Part of the reason he’s asking questions is to get a piece of information about you that he can use to “hook” you. If you say you like something and he goes on and on about how he likes the same music, movie, or whatever thing too – he’s (maybe subconsciously) trying to see if the two of you are a good fit and have common interests. A guy that likes you usually won’t get into an argument or disagree with you, on the contrary, he’ll be agreeable and try to be likeable.

If your conversation has a lot of “Me too’s!” – that’s a good sign that you might be compatible.

4. He Leans in

When you talk to him, he leans in. Even if he can hear you perfectly well. You might be at a bar or a club with music, so he has to lean in to hear you, but still – a guy that doesn’t like you won’t break his neck just to talk to you. Look at the amount of effort he puts into having a conversation with you. That’s an easy way to tell if a guy likes you.

Look at his body language and see how much effort he puts into the conversation, how much attention is he giving you with his body. A regular, normal guy that isn’t trying to “act cool” will usually lean in or be closer to you than usual, while a guy that’s a “player” and acting cool might lean back and act as if he’s not that interested in you. Still this guy might like you as well. Just because a guy acts as if he’s not interested in you doesn’t mean that’s how he truly feels. (more on this later).

5. He Comes Up to You

Tell If a Guy Likes You - Stylish couple with sunglasses

Okay, again, an obvious one. If he’s hitting on you, he obviously likes you. Or he likes your girlfriend! He’s just using you as a strategy to get closer to her and break the ice. Who knows? Either way, a guy that comes up to you in a bar, club, cafe, bookshop etc. obviously finds you cute. If he approaches you and starts a conversation (and this is a guy you don’t know), he obviously wants to hit on you. If he comes up to you at work or college and the conversation is something random, this could also be a sign (why didn’t he go talk to someone else?), but if he comes up to you in a club and you don’t even know the guy, then that’s something else.

6. He Acts Slightly Different When You’re Around

Hang out with him when he’s with friends. Then look at him from a slight distance when he’s just with his friends. Does he behave a bit different when you are around, or is he 100% the same when you’re not?

Sure, guys and girls are different when they’re just among close friends, or just guys or just girls, but still – he might be quieter when you’re around, or more talkative, nervous, shy, or he’ll try to act cooler, or be funnier to impress you.

Either way – if he’s not 100% natural, he might like you, and that’s why he’s trying to impress you with something.

This is usually the case with younger, less experienced guys, but in general, it’s normal “mating” behavior. Observe him and you’ll figure him out.

7. He Ignores You Completely

Some guys use the “act like you don’t give a damn” strategy.

They know all the other guys around you are hitting on you, and you’re just turning them away, so “why be another chimp?” is their way of thinking.

He’ll talk to you later, when you’re alone. He probably likes you, but doesn’t have the courage to come up to you, when you’re surrounded by a bunch of bodyguards (read: girlfriends) or other guys that are trying hard to seduce you.

He needs you to give him a sign (just look!) that you’re open to talking to him. Hint it! He can’t read your mind.

Anyway, often, when a guy is kind of ignoring you, it’s because he’s either not interested, or he’s really interested, but he knows that when he acts cool and cold, you’ll be wondering how come he’s the only guy around, that didn’t notice you. It’s a trick as old as fire. Look at it this way, if this guy is giving his best to ignore you – he likes you.

Think about it like this, when a guy isn’t interested in you, he can still be normal towards you and have regular small talk (depending on the situation), but he (usually) won’t have a reason to IGNORE you. A guy that likes you will either by shy and nice, or he’ll ignore you and show confusing signals. Guys show mixed signals when they’re trying to hide that they like you. Because they’re not that good at hiding it, they’ll often do something that clearly indicates they like you, but then they’ll “sober up” and start ignoring you or be mean to you for no reason. The point is – look for any abnormality. Anything out of the ordinary is usually a good sign.

Even being cold towards you is an emotional sign

When the guy is totally neutral – not cold, but not nice either – that’s usually when a guy has no particular interest in you. Just look for anything out of the ordinary…

This one is quite tricky actually, because when a guy is ignoring you – it’s either a strategy to get you interested, or he doesn’t like you at all, or… he does like you – but he thinks he can’t do much about it. That’s where a guide like Mirabelle’s Wrap Him Around Your Finger is great at helping you identify how he really feels about you, despite him trying hard to hide his real feelings. Men can even lie to themselves about how they feel about you. Simply many men are so afraid of rejection that they’d rather not even try.

Mirabelle’s classic Wrap Him Around Your Finger is also perfect for interpreting which way a conversation is going and then directing it to open him up and getting him to like you instantly, even if he first didn’t think you’re his type.

8. His Body is Turning Towards You

He wants to have a good view of you. He doesn’t want to make it obvious that he likes you, but his body is giving him away.

You can tell if a guy likes you or not by looking at his body language when he’s around you. Does he push his chest out a bit, does he try to look more macho, are his feet pointing toward you? Some guys try to hide interest; others openly look you up and down and lick their lips. Pick up on these signs. It really depends on how confident the guy is. A guy that really likes you might just be really open about it and tell you “wow, you look amazing” – but he knows he can get away with it because he can read that you might also be into him.

The problem is that most guys don’t want to “lose face” and get rejected, so they play it safe. Especially in situations that can have social consequences – like at work, or school/college, or if he’s a family friend – if he messes up, he might still be running into you. He doesn’t want to make a risk without knowing that you also like him back. Either way, look at his body language. Does he listen with his body when you speak?

9. He Gets You a Drink

He Likes You More Than Just a Friend - Elegant couple drinking cocktails

In some cultures, it’s normal that guys get you a drink and it’s not a big deal. If you’re with a group of friends and he buys a round, no big deal – he doesn’t expect you to have sex with him because of it, obviously. But then again, if it’s just the two of you and he insists on paying, either he’s just a gentleman in general, or he likes you.

Look at it like this – does he buy his friends a drink?

If he does, then he might just consider you a friend too, it doesn’t mean he likes you or wants to be with you, he’s just a generous guy in general. But if he’s stingy around his friends and only pays for his own stuff, and then he buys You a drink, then he definitely likes you. Plus he’s stingy. Maybe not the kind of guy you want to be with.

Either way, a guy that’s insisting on paying for anything (if you share a cab and he doesn’t want to split the bill) or you go for a coffee break at the office and he insists “don’t worry about it, it’s on me” – those are all good signs. It’s not really a sign of showing off, “it’s just a coffee” after all, but still, the little things add up. Chivalry’s not dead.

Now, it might be that he’s just being nice – but those Frappucinos add up, and there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Does he treat other coworkers with coffee as well every time? It really depends on the venue, if you’re at a bar and he buys drinks and tries to get you drunk – that’s a sign he likes you and wants you to loosen up.

10. He Asks You for Your Number

Okay, one more obvious sign that a guy likes you.

A guy asks you for your number = he likes you. Period.

The only time a guy asks you for your number, and doesn’t like you, is if he needs your info for some really obvious reason like… you can get him in touch with some other important person, or you can help him out with something, you know what I mean. Use logic. Go with your guts.

If he makes up some relatively dumb reason to ask for your number, you know he just wants to have a way to keep in touch with you, ask you out on a date etc. Now this also depends on the situation… if you’re at a bar and he asks for your number, that’s an obvious sign. But if you work or study together, or if you just see this guy every now and then, and he asks for your number, that’s a good sign. The problem is, shy guys that like you might not want to be too obvious about the number – because they assume that if they ask for your number, you’ll assume they like you. So they have to come up with some good excuse. If you want to find out if he likes you, make up the excuse yourself. Throw in a bait and see if he bites.

Come up with something that is a really good excuse for him to ask for your number. Some event or something. He might have been waiting for the perfect opportunity. Say something obvious so he knows he won’t be rejected if he asks, throw in the bait and then wait if he gets the message and asks for your number.

11. He Adds You on Facebook


Guys don’t send Friend requests to chicks they don’t like. It’s that simple. Maybe, in some cases, you got to know each other via mutual friends, and it’s cool to stay in touch in some way, it doesn’t necessarily mean he “likes-likes” you, he just thinks you’re cool and that’s it.

Now, if he sends you a message, pokes you, or likes your pictures, these are more obvious signs that a guy likes you. Look for more clues. Dig deeper.

12. He Sends you a Request to Follow You on Instagram

Twitter, G+ and Facebook are okay signs, it’s a plus if he adds you there. Again, it depends on the network you share. If you work together, he’ll probably add you on Facebook, but if you just kind of know each other and have a few mutual friends – and he sends you a request, that’s a much bigger sign.

The best is if he starts following you on Instagram. Instagram is basically the best thing for stalking. He wants to check your pictures. If he sends you a request and keeps liking your stuff every now and then, that’s just an even bigger sign he likes you.

13. He Goes for the Kiss

Okay, no point in explaining anything here. Even if he was really, really, drunk – he still tried to kiss you. No matter how much alcohol he drinks, a guy rarely goes for the kiss if he doesn’t like you when he’s sober too. I don’t know why some women question whether he likes you or not if he tried to kiss you. He obviously does! The question is – does he just want to hook up or is he interested in dating you? A good way to know is to look at his ex girlfriends, can you relate to them?

14. Hey, My Eyes Are Up Here!

He knows where your eyes are. But your boobs are like a magnet and he just has a hard time to control himself.

Just look at his eyes and where they’re going. No matter how hard he’s trying to look uninterested, his eyes will reveal everything. When you walk in front of him, he’ll look you up and down.

When you talk, he looks at your lips, and does it often. He likes what he sees! The easiest way to tell if a guy likes you is by looking into his eyes. Where does he look when you talk? Try to position yourself in a way that draws your “features” out, and see whether he looks at you more.

15. He Makes a Lot of Eye Contact

Of course, if he’s not checking out your body, he might really like your face. He’ll look at your eyes when you talk and he’ll stare a bit longer than other people, but hopefully less to appear creepy. When he’s attracted, his pupils will dilate slightly and then he might look away to try to hide it.

16. He Looks Away

His eyes will reveal everything. If you catch him looking at you and he looks away quickly and acts as if he’s busy about something – that’s a great sign. Anything that reveals he is slightly nervous around you or is trying to hide his interest is a good sign in general. This is usually the case when you still don’t really know each other that well. In case you know each other and have light conversations, he probably won’t look away… in this case, see if he keeps eye contact, smiles, or asks you something to start a conversation, just so you don’t think he’s stalking.

17. He Smiles (a lot)

young man and woman in night club

Let’s say you guys are talking about something, and you see him smiling. You’re having a drink at a bar with a group of friends, he says “Cheers!” your glasses touch and he smiles and laughs.

If a guy’s smiling this doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you, but, if you guys seem to smile whenever you look at each other, for no real-reason (nobody said anything funny), it’s highly likely this guy likes you. When you like something (or someone) – you smile. The same goes for him.

Connect eye contact with smiling, if you catch him looking at you and you give him a smile, does he smile back at you? Start a conversation with him and see if he tries to keep it going or he just replies and keeps doing whatever he was doing.

18. Do You Have a Boyfriend?

Okay, guys rarely ask this if they don’t like you. Rarely. I mean, if he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t give a damn whether you’re single or not. This is a simple way for him to find out whether you’re available or not. Just asking.

If he doesn’t ask you directly, he might hint the question in some indirect way. “Who are you with?” or “Do you live alone or you’ve got a roommate?” or some other question he asks so that you mention whether you’re seeing someone or not. This is another clear indicator he’s interested. Again, just one sign by itself is not enough – but the more small signals that add up the more certain you can be about his feelings.

19. He Agrees

… with everything you say. Maybe he doesn’t have his own opinion, which is lame, but still, when you notice that a guy agrees with everything you say and does his best to make you feel like you have “so much in common” it might be too good to be true.

Now, it’s totally possible that the guy is really cool, and you actually have a ton of things in common, but it’s normal that you don’t have identical opinions about EVERYTHING. Disagreeing and talking about something in a challenging way can be fun! If he agrees to every word you say – he’s sucking up, and he probably likes you. Look at any sign like… taking your side in a discussion or an argument etc, or when you notice he’s trying to make himself more likeable to you in any way. If he puts in some effort, that’s a sign.

20. He’s Nervous Around You

When someone else is nervous, you tend to be nervous too. These emotions jump from one person to another. Look for signs of nervousness when you’re around. When the conversation stops, does the situation get a bit awkward, is there tension between the two of you, does he seem like he’s thinking “what should I say next?” – if yes, these are all good signs.

If he wasn’t interested in you, he wouldn’t care how he comes across. Just go with your guts in figuring out whether he gets self-conscious when you’re around. Things that might show signs of nervousness is either that he talks a lot or talks too little. It’s always something either way to the left or way to the right. Does he say something stupid or silly and then makes a “shit why did I just say that” face? These are all good signs that he’s nervous around you.

21. He’s Trying to Be the Alpha Guy

Shy guys tend to get nervous around you when they like you. But the more confident, “macho” guys, that could have been the jocks or bullies back in school, they’ll always try to show off their masculinity in some way. Or show off anything (money), knowledge, whatever, to appear better and more dominant in the crowd.

If you’re among a group of people and he cracks out jokes one after the other, it might be his natural self, or he might be overdoing it, trying to impress you. Often he may make fun of other people around you, or he’ll be louder, or say something bold to make himself appear more “manly.” Just look at anything that’s a bit strange about him. He’ll either be shy and extroverted or he’ll be over expressive trying to demonstrate his best “features” – whatever he thinks you may find attractive.

22. He’s Protective of You

You just met him, through friends of friends for example, talked a bit and now you’re part of the same crew.

Then, you notice that when people are pushing you around, trying to pass by in a crowded bar, he positions himself in a way so that they don’t push you; he tries to protect you in some way.

If you’re walking through the club, he’ll give you his hand and go in front of you to push away the crowd. That’s another way you can tell if a guy likes you – he’ll be protective of you. If he offers you help, or offers you his coat, or whatever, those are all good signs. Maybe he’s just being a gentleman, but more often the case is that he simply likes you and wants to make sure you don’t get hurt.

23. He Gets Jealous

man punches another man in face

… when you talk to other guys, and laugh. Somehow you can see the jealousy on his face. Just give him a look. He’ll try to look like he’s having fun, but with one eye he’ll be checking up on you and the other guy, trying to figure out whether that guy (jerk!) is making progress or not, whether you’re interested in that “moron” or not.

He might sigh, or make a cranky face. Try to pick up on these little clues. He’ll try to figure out whether you’re laughing at that other guy’s joke. If you go out with a group of friends and some guy approaches you, he’ll get super nervous but he’ll try to hide it. He might even be protective or take you by the hand to go somewhere else.

24. He Remembers Your Name

Let’s say you met him at some party and didn’t really talk that much the first time.

When you meet again, you figure that he remembered your name.

Now, either he’s a smart guy with a good memory; or he likes you (plus he’s smart).

Most guys are horrible with names, especially at a party, where they’re more focused on checking out your butt and drinking beer, than knowing whether you’re Michelle or Monica.

If he likes you, and wants to hook up with you, he WILL remember your name.

He might act like he has no idea who the hell you are the next time he sees you, and that’s probably just a trick. Yeah, right, he didn’t remember YOUR name? Just kidding. Seriously, if he remembered your name, that’s a pretty good sign that he likes you.

Maybe he’s not super-interested in you, but at least he thinks you’re cute – which is still a good start.

25. He Congratulates Your Birthday

People aren’t using Facebook as much as they used to anymore. But Facebook has this cool feature, they remind you of people’s birthdays. Imagine if you didn’t have Facebook, you wonder how many people would never know when’s your birthday. This is a great sign. He probably doesn’t congratulate ALL of his Facebook “friends” their birthday. But he did send you a message! He was probably just looking for a way to get the conversation started. Definitely reply him something and see how if he keeps the conversation alive. Ask him something neutral and see where that leads you.

A great way to know if a guy likes you is to throw him a bait and see if he bites. He may just be looking for an excuse to talk to you, an opportunity to get to know you better and get closer to you.

26. He is Trying to Impress You All the Time

Okay, again – I’m wondering why you like a guy like this in the first place – but anyway, a guy that is bragging about his job, car, money, clothes, possessions, status, achievements, or whatever – isn’t just full of crap (because cool guys KNOW they’re cool, they don’t need to BROADCAST it), but he also likes you and wants to impress you.

Maybe it works for him. Either way, there are many different trying-to-impress-you out there… if it’s subtle and cool – he isn’t pushing his achievements into your face, but he’s just natural and cool about things, but still, you notice he’s kind of trying to present himself in a good light, it’s possible that he likes you.

Let’s say he’s showing off by buying drinks, and more drinks, and more drinks, for the whole crew. Either he’s loaded, or he’s in debt, trying to impress you with his money. Read into these subtle signs that even he is NOT aware of.

27. He Initiates the Conversation

elegant man and woman drinking champagne

Let’s say you’re at some house party, with a bunch of people. He randomly starts talking to you, asks you something, or gives you a look and a smile.

This doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you; maybe he’s just being polite – on the other hand – did he do that to other women around? Always look at how he treats other women around you, is he slightly different towards you? Yes? This guy might like you.

When you catch him trying to make small talk, or position himself closer to you hoping that you might start a conversation, those are all good signs. Proximity is very important. If you work together and he takes a seat where he can have a better view of you or be close to you, that’s good too. If you keep seeing him in all the same courses in college, he might be trying to “bump into you” more often. Drop something near him “accidentally” and see if he jumps at the opportunity to show what a gentleman he is.

The thing with shy guys is that they’re just waiting for the right opportunity to show their interest – you just have to throw a bait and wait. Give them that opportunity so you can test whether they’re interested or not.

28. Making Fun of You and Teasing

One more definite way to tell if a guy likes you is if he’s constantly making fun of you and busting your balls. If he’s making jokes with you, trying to make you laugh, joke around and he’s being a bit sarcastic, you know he probably likes you.

This is like when you where kids and he fought for your attention, or picked on you, pulled your hair etc. Guys do the same as grown ups too, they just change the method of getting your attention.

A guy almost NEVER teases a girl he’s not interested in. You can consider any type of teasing as flirting in a way. He may mimic something about you etc. These are all signs of interest.

29. Just One Second Longer

You know, when you run into him on the street, at work, school, at a party, club, in the bus, wherever – you start talking to him and then… there’s this awkward moment where he’s about to leave and then… there’s this one, tiny-little second that he stays – one second longer than he should or had to stay. Then he leaves.

Look for this moment.

It’s the moment of indecisiveness. He’s thinking. “Should I ask for her number?” “Naah, she’ll think I’m too forward” or “Should I try to kiss her, does she like me?” “Crap, who knows when I’ll run into her again” and stuff like that may cross his mind.

Either way, there’s this one extra second that was not necessary, but it was there. It’s a sign that he probably likes you, and if you like him too – don’t hesitate – don’t let him leave, give him a hint that it’s OK if he asks you for your number, or suggests you should hang out sometime. This is extremely important. Guys are afraid of rejection, especially if there are potential negative consequences to your environment. Always look for these awkward moments of silence in your conversation, if he’s nervous and tries to break the silence by saying something, anything really, that’s another sign he likes you. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t care, he’d just look at his phone.

30. He Doesn’t Use His Phone Around You

That’s another positive sign of interest. But it can go two ways. Either he’ll always use his phone around you because he’s that shy, or he’ll rarely use his phone because he’ll look for the opportunity to talk to you. This is something he’ll do out of respect and because he cherishes the time he can spend with you. This can be anything like not picking up when he has a call (especially if it’s his mom), or anything that mind embarrass him.

When he’s with a group of people and he doesn’t really care about you, he’ll probably take his phone out “just to check” every now and then, but if he likes you, he’ll be more alert to what’s happening, hoping he might have an opportunity to crack a joke or hear something about you that he can use later on in some conversation. This is a small sign, but still, something you should pick up on. Small signs add up over time.

31. He’s Stalking You (a bit)

Okay, maybe not stalking in that creepy psycho kind a way, but still, you find out that he knows stuff about you that he can only know if he is paying attention to you. For example, you might have spent the weekend somewhere and posted pictures. If you see him and he asks you “How was your weekend?” maybe it’s because he saw your pictures and knows something about the place you’ve been to, so he wants to use that info as a conversation piece. He’ll act as if he didn’t know you where at XYZ Place, but you’ll notice that it’s strange he asked you about your weekend and not something else.

Try to steer the conversation yourself at anything that you’ve posted publicly somewhere, anywhere, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever he follows you. And see his reaction. Does it seem like he already knew what you’ve told him? If yes, you know he’s been checking you out. And that’s a great sign. There are so many things appearing in his newsfeed that the chance he saw your stuff isn’t that big, other than if he was stalking you.

32. He Gives You Compliments

Let’s face it – a compliment always feels nice. Even if you don’t like a guy, but he compliments your looks, clothes, personality, or anything else about you – he probably likes you.

Guys rarely compliment women they’re not interested in. He might give you a subtle, not so obvious, compliment and then keep making jokes on your account and keep fooling around.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether he compliments you directly or indirectly, getting a compliment from him definitely tells that this guy likes you. Even look for backhanded compliments, something subtle.

33. He Already Liked You (Even if it was years ago)

If you have some history with this guy and you lost touch, and then you ran into him recently and exchanged numbers, he started texting you and stuff… those are all good signs. If you know that a guy liked you before – he probably still likes you. Attraction doesn’t go away unless you’ve gained a hundred pounds or something like that.

34. He Touches You

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You - Romantic couple on dinner

Even when he doesn’t really have to – he touches you. Accidentally, or just subconsciously, he makes some kind of physical contact with you.

Let’s say you guys are chatting and when he’s trying to make a point he touches you to stress a word. There you go… the more physical contact a guy makes, the more obvious it is that he likes you. Does he try to play any games, or is he teasing you in a way that involves physical contact? If yes, that’s a sign he likes you and maybe he’s not even aware of it. This is especially the case if you’re at some house party and he tries to dance or puts his hand on your shoulder just to use you as support to keep balance. If he’s goofing around and touches you, that’s another sign.

Another thing you can do is touch him and see how he reacts. Is he comfortable with it or does he get really nervous? When he says something and if it’s funny and you laugh, you can hold on to him not to fall on the ground or something, see how he reacts. The best way to find out if a guy likes you is to test him in these subtle ways where you can see how he reacts.

35. He’s a Bit Closer than He Should Be

You can tell if a guy likes you or not by the distance between the two of you and how his body is facing you. If he gets pretty close to you to hear you better; he’s facing you and kind of leaning in, you are just 1 feet away from each other, there’s obviously something going on there. It’s all about proximity.

This really depends on the environment, if you’re somewhere with loud music, you’ll have to be closer to be able to hear each other, but if you’re at some house party, chilling at a friends place, then see what’s the average distance between other people. Is he closer to you than that average? He might like you.

This may even be just sharing the same room (when he could be somewhere else). See if he makes excuses to join you casually on some short trip to the store or something. If you make a lunch break at work, does he suggest you guys continue your office conversation outside of the office by grabbing lunch together?

See if he steers the conversation away from work-related (or college-related) stuff and moves the attention to you and your personal life. See if he opens up and tells you something about himself he wouldn’t normally say to other people. These are all signs of interest.

36. He Suggest You Change Venue

If you’re in a loud place, let’s say at a club, he might suggest that you go out, if you both smoke for example. This is his chance of having some private, alone-time with you, and that’s often a sign that a guy likes you. The same goes for a house party, if he suggests you go out on the balcony or something. He’s trying to have some alone time with you. If he sits next to you, while he could have sat somewhere else.

Again, the opposite may also be a clue. For example, he’s avoiding you or ignoring you. Guys that are either too shy or players do this on purpose, because all the other guys are giving you so much attention, he doesn’t want to be one of them. He knows that he’ll have more of your attention by not giving you any of his.

37. How to Tell if a Guy Likes You at the Gym

If you like a guy at the gym, just see if he’s noticing you. When you look at him, does he look away? Does he try to use any of the machines near you? If he’s a well built guy, he may be trying to show off or lift more than he could. On the other hand, if he isn’t as happy with how he looks, he may shy away and make sure you don’t see him at the gym.

If you’re both running on a treadmill, see if he picks the one closer to you. A definite sign that he likes you is if he passes by you and tries to correct your form or give you some tips on how you could do a certain exercise better. Even if he just makes eye contact and says “Hi!” – that’s a great sign just by itself. Smile back and say Hi! back. Next time you guys could have a longer “conversion” – like – “Hey, how’s it going?” and then something gym-related.

If you notice that you somehow always end up at the gym around the same time, it might be that he remembered when you’re at the gym (if you’re a regular) and he started coming in at a similar time just to see you. This doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, but it could be possible. If you like a guy at your gym, try to start a conversation every now and then, ask him a question, act silly.

38. He Calls You on a Date

young couple drinking coffee

Okay, maybe he won’t say “let’s go on a date,” but still, if he has your number and he invites you to dinner/lunch/coffee, or even just to go out with some mutual friends, that’s another surefire way to tell if a guy likes you. Whenever you see that a guy wants to spend some time just with you, he’s obviously interested.

Look at it as a fact, if a guy calls you to “hang out” or starts a conversation about similar interests and how you could do “such and such” together, that’s a definite sign of interest. If he doesn’t invite you on anything, make it easier, more casual… try testing him. The best thing is when you are already at some event together, or you work together or study together, and then after work or class, you can change venue and go grab coffee or lunch. This way you’re not officially meeting just because of each other, but you’ve already been doing something and then you casually end up having an unplanned “date.” If he agrees, that’s a good sign, plus you can test him for other signs of interest.

Is he a shy Virgo? Or a feisty Aries? His zodiac sign can tell you if a guy likes you so make sure to ask him what his star sign is and check how his sign shows the affection.

39. He Chats You Up on Facebook (or Any other communication thing)

As soon as he sees you online, there he is, sending you messages. He likes you for sure. Look for pokes. Look for direct messages on Twitter or if he sends you a picture on Instagram. The same goes for any app, Viber, WhatsApp, whatever. You can send him a smiley and start the conversation yourself. If he’s responsive and keeps chatting, and chatting, and chatting, that’s a perfect sign of interest. Just make sure you don’t end up being the last one to reply every time. Wait a bit. See if he’s trying to keep the conversation alive or he just leaves.

40. He Gives You a Nickname

This is just another way of him trying to tease you. If he tries to give you a cute nickname, or any nickname that’s supposed to tease you, that’s another great sign.

41. How to Tell if a Guy Likes You at Work

First, use all the other signs above. Then focus on office politics. Does he tell you all the newest rumors? Do you have your own little inside jokes? Show up with high heels one day (if you don’t already) and see if he looks at you differently or he’s checking you out. A good way to know if a guy likes you is if he never does anything job-related that could hurt you or your career, maybe he offers to help you out with extra work or stuff like that. If he’s your boss or manager, he might be nicer to you than to other employees.

Again, the opposite is also possible – he might be in love with you and agree because he thinks you don’t like him or that he doesn’t have a chance with you and then he’ll treat you… well, worse than other people. Guys can be quite insecure and confusing in that sense. Keep looking for anything unusual.

42. He (Eagerly) Helps You Out

Let’s say this is a guy you work with. At work, just look at how he treats other people compared to you, and you’ll immediately be able to tell if he likes you.

If he helps you out with whatever you need, he’s on your side during meetings, he tries to make you like him, then you know he likes you. Maybe not in a “I want a relationship” kind of way, maybe he’s just attracted to you, or thinks you’re cute. The best way to know is to test him. If there’s some big task and you need help with it and ask him if he’d help – how does he react? Is he eager to make time for you or does he easily dismisses you because he has “too much stuff on his plate right now?” Keep testing.

43. He Invests In You

Another way to tell if a guy likes you is by looking at how much time, energy, money and general effort he has invested in your relationship. Did he go out of his way to help you with something that took him hours, did he do you any favors, did he do anything more than what was expected of him? If yes, he probably likes you. Did he offer you a lift home on a rainy day? Give him another point. Let those points add up so you can be more sure about whether he likes you or not.

44. He Wants to Dance

two young people dancing

If you’re at a party and you talk for a couple of minutes, or more, then he suggests you hit the dance floor – there you go, the chances are that he likes you.

45. He Remembers the Details

Let’s say you’ve met this guy once before, talked a bit, and now you run into him again. Does he remember some tiny, little detail from your previous conversation? Something that’s trivial, irrelevant, even pointless? Guys have a selective memory.

When a guy likes you, he pays more attention to what you’ve said, he delves deeper into your words and tries to figure out their hidden meaning. So, if he brings up something that you’ve talked about before, and you figure he remembers things you say – it’s possible that it’s because he likes you.

This is often a sure sign that tells that a guy likes you, because guys tend to forget everything that chicks they are NOT interested in, say. Their name, job, where they’re from, what they do, hobbies, opinions, and whatever they’ve said when they first met, just evaporate.

If we don’t like a girl, often what she says isn’t “worth remembering” so our brain just filters it. Goes in on one ear, goes out on the other one.

46. He’s Asking Around About You

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You - Friends chatting in coffee shop

Talk to mutual friends. It can happen that they give him away. Friends of friends are a pretty easy way to tell if a guy likes you.

For example, they might talk excessively about everything that is good, about this guy when you’re not there, trying to make him seem better than he is in your eyes, or they might mention he’s been asking around about you or something like that.

Keep an eye out for stuff like this, because friends can give him away easily.

47. He Hangs Out in a Group Only Because You are There Too

Let’s say you guys have mutual friends. He wants to get closer to you, but he can’t get to you directly. He knows you have mutual friends, or you hang out in the same group, so he’ll try to set things up, so you “accidentally” meet again.

Try to figure this out… next time maybe he doesn’t care about these friends as much as he cares about you, and the only reason he’s with them is so that he can run into you.

48. He Doesn’t Mention Other Women

Here’s another way to tell if a guy likes you. When you are together, he doesn’t mention other women. Maybe he even has a girlfriend, or a wife, but he doesn’t mention it simply because he wants to seem available in case you like him.

If you know that he has a girlfriend, or something going on with some another woman, but he doesn’t mention her in front of you – there you go. He probably likes you!

On another note, if he IS already involved with someone else in any way, you will need to do some further investigating to see if his current relationship is really falling apart, he’s ready to move on and he wants to do it with you, or he’s simply a player trying to have his cake AND eat it too.

49. He Tries to Get You Drunk

Okay, this is obvious. If you go out with a group of friends and he’s insisting on buying drinks and is kind of motivating you to “drink up” and orders tequila shots for everyone. He may be trying to get you to relax and hoping that if you get tipsy, he might kiss you and say “sorry I got so drunk yesterday” later.

50. He Opens the Door for You

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You - Man and woman shopping portrait

Okay, he may just be a gentleman and he’d open the door for anyone, but look at it from another perspective. If he’s being nice to you and he’s trying to please you or appear as a gentleman in your eyes – that’s definitely a sign that he likes you.

Especially if he’s more attentive towards you, than other folks around if you’re in a group. Look for any kinds of chivalry around you. Carrying your stuff, or offering to help you move. Test him by coming up with problems. Men are great at solving problems. Next time when you have a conversation with him – come up with a problem. A problem you assume he could help you with. See how he reacts. If he eagerly suggests to help, connect you with someone, or help you with anything that would mean more time for the two of you together – that’s perfect! That’s a definite sign of interest.

50. He is more groomed than usual

Most men don’t groom too much. We are lazy, and, unless our work requires us to, most of wouldn’t shave as often, or shower. Or iron our clothes. Guys mostly care about their appearance when they have a goal in mind. “Okay, I’m going to this meeting, I should look sharp, not like a bum…” he’ll want to look presentable, he might shave, fix his hair, put on perfume and dress much nicer.

This is what you should look for – when he meets with you, does he seem as if he worked on how he looks a bit more than usual? If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t care about your opinion of his looks, he’d regard you as “one of the guys”… but if you notice he’s making sure he looks a bit better when you are with him, that’s a great sign that he might be into you and trying to “sell” himself to you.

51. He Doesn’t Look at the Clock

He’s hanging out with you and he isn’t in a hurry, he doesn’t say he has to go – so he’s obviously enjoying his time with you. He makes the time to be with you – that’s another easy way to tell if a guy likes you – if he’s checking the clock all the time, his phone etc. then you’re not a priority of any kind for him, or someone he might be interested in.

These were some more or less obvious signs that can help you tell if a guy likes you.

Now, let’s say he’s a master at camouflaging his interest in you. How do you get him out of his shell? There are some ways to trick him into being more open about his feelings. For some guys, you just have to give them this little push so that they open up.

The thing is that many guys are afraid to make the first move because they don’t want to get rejected.

This guy might also be wondering weather you like him or not – if he sees that he might have a chance – he’ll probably give it a try and show his interest more openly.

52. He’ll probably have  “I’m Mad at You” Faze

He’ll stop calling, stop answering your calls, stop seeing you. He’ll get really busy all of a sudden and probably find himself a girlfriend he won’t give a sh*t about just to forget about you.

All of these signs might seam childish, but believe it or not guys actually do all of this.

53. Go With Your Guts!

The best way to tell if a guy likes you is to simply GO WITH YOUR GUTS. I’ve read all your comments on this article, and 99.99% of the time when you’re wondering whether a guy likes your or not – HE LIKES YOU. Women are naturals at picking up on these signals of attraction. Whenever you have a feeling that he likes you, it’s almost certain that he does. You subconsciously picked up on these clues and you FEEL there’s something happening there. Just go with your gut feeling.

If you want even more proof, the best thing to do is to test him.

Here’s what you should do to get him to reveal whether he likes you or not:

Look at Him

Yep. Give him a longer look, and then a warm smile. That’s often enough for a guy to know that he’s invited to come up to you, and start talking.

Touch Him

As you’re talking to him, initiate some physical contact. Stop him in the middle of a sentence – grab his shoulder or wrist firmly, hold on to it and say something out of a sudden like “hey! Listen to this, bla bla bla” then let go of his wrist as you continue talking, this might give him the impression that you like him, so the doors are a bit more open.


Laugh at his (even stupid) jokes. He’ll notice that you like him and that will make him a bit more open towards you.


Give him a compliment about something, say, “that’s so cool” for something he says, does, thinks, wears.

A Short Summary

The easiest ways to tell if a guy likes you is to look at his body language and general behavior when he’s around you. Follow his eyes; if he’s looking at your breasts, legs and lips when talking to you, he definitely likes what he sees.

If you see he’s trying to get to know you better, he’s asking questions, and treating you better than other women around, it’s possible that he likes you. These are the more obvious signs that he wants more than just being friends or acquaintances.

That’s how you tell if a guy likes you or not – look for any of the 52 signs above, and if you can find at least 10, then you know that this guy likes you.

And don’t forget that his zodiac sign might be also the reason why he hides that he likes you or that he is afraid to confess it to you. Make sure you know his sign and find out how to tell if a guy likes you based on his zodiac sign.

The question is – what will you do about it?

Maybe you are STILL not sure whether this guy likes you or not, or maybe he’s too shy to make a move, or, maybe… he DOES NOT LIKE YOU after all.

Which is also quite possible. A lot of guys are just nice and don’t want to hurt your feelings, they’re like that with everyone. Or they’re only interested in sleeping with you and nothing else. They’re not interested in a relationship with you because they don’t see you as relationship material, or good enough to have him thinking about commitment. It’s even possible that he likes you, but doesn’t want to “make a move” because he sees that you’ll be “too much work” later and he’ll have to break up.

So how do you get around that? How do you get him to like you if he doesn’t, and how do you get him to finally invite you on a date if he does like you? Well, you need to understand men better if you want to wrap him around your finger, that’s exactly why I recommend you read Mirabelle’s classic guide to men: Wrap Him Around Your Finger, so you don’t make the mistakes most women make in the early stages of a relationship (that’s where most relationships fail, before they even start). And once you finally do wrap him around your finger, you’ve got to keep it that way — that’s even more challenging — and this is when James Bauer’s now famous Respect Principle works so well, enabling you to have the relationship with the man you want, for as long as you want. Both are proven-to-work systems to getting the relationship you deserve.

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Jason runs a construction company, but he enjoys sharing his experiences with the opposite sex by writing about relationships in his spare time. He spends his weekends kite surfing and running on the beach.


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  • Wow! I really appreciate your work Jason for this AMAZING article! Thank YOU! I’ve read it at once. Really stunning.

  • I like this article it really help to find out if a guy wants to be more than friends, this article helped me to find my the best guy ever. Thanks for posting this article it changed my life now i’m the happiest person on earth.

  • omg i am going to pay more attention to the guy i like i am sure it help me out a lot! thanks jason! :)

  • I was sad cuz he said that he didn’t like like me to one of my friends,and I was laying on a couch,all depressed,with my sweatshirt over my face,and he came over,layed next to me,and asked me what’s wrong.I’m soooo confused!!!


    • He cares about you, he likes you. You should get to know him a little more. He doesn’t want to ruin the friendship between you two.

      • Yep, you’re right…. guys can be very shy when around the girl of his dreams. I was in this position before, so I agree with you.

  • I was having problems trying to figure out this guy in my apartment complex. he is cold and ignoring me like u said. I asked if he had a gf like 3 times and he never even bothered to answer that question. he also asked for my #! he might like me, but he never actually sat down with me to have a real conversation. alot of my friends tell me he is a player lookin for trouble… but I like him o much to leave. ugh.., wat do I do? but thank you! this gave me hints!

  • This is owsome… But i cant undrstand dose he likes me cos he says me something in facebook and somthing els when he mets me…

  • I loove this Atricle, probably the best I’ve read. I am also one of the youngest to have read it as am only a teenager but it has helped me so much!
    Especially that it’s written by a guy…. I guess I can trust it more x

    I am going to talk to my crush for the first time…wish me luck!!!

  • I read the article and I don’t know what to do… The guy I like works with me and we talk and he keeps telling me he’s single and that so am I and he helped me fix my car. I’ve only known him for a week and I flirt back to show I like him too but when I asked him out he turned me down…. What should I do now?

    • Most guys don’t like girls to ask them out. He may just be testing the waters but still thinks its a little too soon just keep it cool and remain friends. I’m sure it will all work out. Good Luck Jenny

  • So I had a bf I took for grantued so he started dating hes ex girlfriend but than we started talking and he sometimes act he dosent care but sometimes he act like he does he gets me confueses

  • I need some advice. I need an outside perspective on this. I like this guy @ the gym ALOT he& I are both in the same weight loss / exercise program he i started noticing him after he came up and sked me if I was ok after a really scary cramp in my chest. He placed his hand on my shoulder and asked if I was ok. I turned back to him but was kinda short with him I do have to admit. But I was embarrassed that I had such a public reaction. He next time I worked out with him I had to do a double take! Something told me to look. He isn’t a guy I would normally go for.. He’s sweet & nice for one thing. I usually go for the emotionally unobtainable guys.. Jerks really… Anyway I’ve asked our trainer about him & she says he’s a totally awesome guy but extremely shy… I am to but when I get around another shy person I become the extrovert ! I ‘ve done the stupidest things to get him to open up. I’ve noticed one day when we we partnering up that i think he wanted to be my partner but the new girl asked me . it was really awkward ! i wanted. To be near him & sugessted we all work out together but he clasped patted my shoulder& said it was ok and he walked off! my hert sank! i’ve noted since then that he’ll sorta stand next to me or he’ll either pat/ clasp my shoulder. Once in the parking lot he saw me walking in. He was closer to the door so he stopped and waited on me. We walked in together which made my trainer really happy! Her goal is to have us together by the end of our program. But the most recent work out he asked one of the other girls to stay behind & work out with him. i also know his ex is trying to get back with him:( so what do you all think? Does he like me or is he just being nice?

    • I think because of the fact that he is really shy and he seeked you out to talk to that he does like you because you said that he asked another lady to work out with him he might be doing what one of my friends does and is trying to make you jealous or sees what your reaction is going to be. Talk to him, just be like… hey _____ do you want to go get a drink or something with me? or just be stait forward and say hey ______ we sould hang out sometime catch a movie or something. Good luck hope you too get together soon

    • Give him time, he may be exploring his options. I was going out with a slightly shy guy and I was sadly short with him. If he expresses any of those go for it. He wants to be your partner awesome! That’s adorable! Maybe he doesn’t ask you to stay after with him cause he’s nervous or uncomfortable with you watching him work out cause that can be awkward. Or maybe he thinks you talk to that girl and is trying to get more information on you. If he feels on you he wants you. Go for it he seems like a good guy, flirt it up, you never know what could happen. Good luck!!!!!

  • I really like this guy, and he stares at me sometimes. He’s never talked to me really because he’s only been going to my school for a month so he doesn’t talk to many people. Anyways, him and one on his friends were talking about me and I sat a few seats away from them, his friend smiled and pointed and me and said “her??” To him. What does this mean?

    • Unless you had something really awkward in your hair or something, he definitely likes you.

    • well you identified the prmloebs in your question, change those and it may work out, however my experience shows that if it didnt work the first time the second time wont work either, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

    • Well, Maybe he’s a sh*ttalker and him and his friends are popping sh*t about you, but there is a possibility he MAAAYYY like you. In our opinion we think you should confront him and ask him why were they talking about you!! ~Liliany & Elvira (;

  • Ok so my guy friend does this and he calls me everynight and he messages me on facebook and emails me and randomly says I Love you. but no matter what I do I even said just ask me out already and he says Baby you know I love you but please just wait. So what do I do I really want to be his gf. Please help me Im in love with him.

    • You could ask him out and if he saysno nd to wait just wait maybe he will make u his gf soon but be patient

    • what you need to do is not to say “l love you back” and watch him be desperate to have you and wait for the first real sign of movement!

    • Listen dont put yourself that low and ask him out wait for him to ask you ! im pretty sure he’ll ask you out when he’s ready. ~ Liliany & Elvira :)

    • I have a huge crush and he is always hangin around me, but I don’t know if he likes me becuase with what I’ve seen he is the same when I’m with him and his friends or I’m not there and I’m watching to see what he is doing. What should I do to make sure he likes me because I think he likes me! MAYBE????????

  • Hi everyone, I recently met this guy and we have been going to the library together to study, and we hang out a bit sometimes at the mall and just eat together. He touched my leg one time and my arm. He asks me to get a phone all the time and for me to call him and text him. He also asked me to hang out with him and call him when I wanted to go out with him. I know these might seem like signs that he likes me but I am still not sure. And why dose he keep asking me to get a cell? I dont know if he likes me or not because he seems so chill about me being around him, please help. Thanks.

    • his just playing you gf!!!! don’t give in and let him come to you but dont let him give up for you to notice his looks and ways!!! give him time to be realtistic here!!!! find the time and space to really know what his really about

    • He’s probably trying to get you to bed be careful , you can’t trust people these days .Other then that it’s kind of ovibious he’s interested in you. ~ Liliany & Evira (:

  • Today, I found my sister playing pingpong with my crush and the minute I walked in, he started telling me how she was crushing him and stuff. Later, when he left, he said, “Bye (my sisters name), bye Isabelle.” Someone tell me if he likes my sister or me? He definitely was trying to flirt with one of us.

    • ok he is playing the game and he maybe like you but l think hes just a player dont trust him. Make him wait and maybe he will eventually ask you out or make you notice him but hes proberly tricking you to believe you like him but could be lieing. Dont give in just let him go and he will return to u but he likes you Just in another way to say yes he does!

    • Hi my name is Gwen ,can u help me I have a problem I am so in love with a guy he’s name is J.P he is hot.If I talk to him I am so nerves and I don’t realy now what to say what shoeld I do?

  • I’m a guy and half of the ways I just read were wrong. Some guys notice that a girl is lonely, or they just want someone to have a conversation with. Yeah some guys may be nervous around a girl but that could be because they aren’t used to that type of crowd. I disagree with half of what’s written here. Maybe even he is lonely and decided to go on fb where he found you being pretty close to him and all and started chatting. That doesn’t mean he likes you, maybe as a friend…

    • Obviously you are thinking a bit wrong here because a guy can get very confused to what they want and like! l think that a guy should always keep there feelings to a certain instenct because they do not realize they are making a girl happy. l do think that guyz do have feelings and they only show it if they really do like the girl!!!!

  • I have a huge crush – I wasn’t even attracted to him the first couple of times I talked to him, but now… OMG – I can’t stop thinking about him. I don’t think it’s just me, I don’t think I’d be this cunfuzzled if I didn’t think that he started it, but now…. I’m not sure – He came by for what was supposed to be quick signing of paperwork and ended up visiting for a couple of hours – he volunteered all kinds of personal information and was talking about future plans, invited himself to dinner – I was thrilled – had to run said he’d be back and then…….never showed…..huh???????

  • i used to have like this massive crush for this guy, but he knew it, and because he knew it he used to be cheeky to me when other people were around but by himself he used to be kindah sweet… i used to see him like at least 3 times a week at a youth group, then i stopped going and didn’t see him for a year..and when i came back to the youth group i stopped liking him as much because i realised he was a idiot and kept making me upset and we always used to argue, but then i realised that he was always watching me, then once i caught him staring at me so i raised my eyebrows and he just smiled and just kept staring (i asked him why he stared and just smiled at me, and he made up a stupid reason saying oh was just wondering what you guys were talking about)..and he was so nice to, he now constantly smiles at me, hes asked if i had a bf before, and ive noticed that when i talk about other guys he gets frustrated so i asked him , about himself and previous girlfriends and who his kissed and etc but he was a bit annoyed ..

    why is this?
    what does he want to just talk about me and him?
    why is he getting upset about me talking about other people?

    on 2 occasions hes stayed up all night to talk to me (i asked if he was tired he said no although it was obvious he was) and we weren’t even talking about much, he makes fun of me and every now and again compliments me..

    everyone thinks he likes me, i used to think so too but not i don’t know hes kindah complicated..does he like me??

    • GF you have put yourself in a mess and now your trying to find a way out maybe you just need to take it slow and steady coz he can really like you. just wait coz only fools rush in. give him time to get his mind around things and maybe he will finelly find that connection you’s may have remember slow and steady wins the race and you will find the love and friendship or reality feelings towards each other!!!!

  • this just made me more confused. I talk to him, and one day, hes giving me compliments, telling me what he likes about me and that im cute, or whatever and then maybe the next day we barely talk, and if we do, the conversation is.. dull. nothing like the day before. just a normal conversation. im so confused

  • Hi, I have a crush on someone at work. He always makes time for me, if I need something done he’ll deal with it straight away yet with others it can take weeks, I gave him an Xmas gift & he kissed me on my cheek to thank me & hugged me, at our work party 5 days later he came up, thanked me again, kissed me on the cheek & asked to buy me a drink. Whenever I go to talk to him he gives me his full attention, we have a laugh & he says things like – he was doing a survey on the colleagues & when he got to me he said he’d saved the best till last! He will speak to me whenever he sees me even if it’s just a hello. It’s driving me crazy cos I don ‘t know what to do. What can i do? Any help would be welcome! Thanks

    • Personally hes only looking for a friend but if you start opening upto him and have a friendship maybe things can go further. Good Luck!

    • well i have been in a similar situtation and in my prospective , i believe you should give him a hint , that your interset in him. If he’s really interset in you he will show it . trust me , but i feel as he is confuse too. he might be in the same situation as you. so i believe the best thing you should do is actually give him a hint that you like him

    • I still haven’t done anything about my crush & I just wanted to add to my previous comment. When I developed thus crush I was already in a relationship as was he, he used to ask me questions like have I booked a wedding date yet? I’d always reply not yet. One day we were talking & he said something about me being “young, free & single” & when I joked that I was not completely single but not to let the bf know I said that, he said he thinks if himself as single too. He has since moved to a different branch of the company we work for & become single. I recently called him to see how things were going & to ask when he was transferring back & during the conversation he asked if I was getting married yet & when I said no & that my bf & I had broke up his reaction was “is it permanent?” Which isn’t the reaction I would have expected from a guy was expecting “sorry to hear that” but I don’t get the chance to react to it as he had to go back to work. Is this a good sign or am I reading too much into things? Am thinking if calling him again soon & asking him out for a drink but terrified he’ll say no. He transferred 5 months ago & I though this crush would disappear but it hasn’t changed at all. If anyone at work mentions him I can’t think of anything else for the rest of the day. Please help me x

      • KT84 – please take the courage and go out for some coffee, beer? Clearly he is into you, and its sad, how many people do not even try to explore whats there. In the worst case, you will find out that you misunderstood him…

  • How do I get talking to a boy I like without it being awkward??

    So there is this boy in college I really like, there has been a bit or flirting going on between us. He is such a gentleman, he opens the door for me in the Cafeteria and always stands aside if I need to walk past him, (I don’t have to walk around him haha) I really want to get to know him better but I don’t know how to start a conversation without it being awkward, I am quite a shy girl :)

    • you just need to open upto him and maybe you will find out alot about him and it will come natural and unique good feelings for each other!

    • LOL. I believe you should just introduce yourself to him or just start a random conversation and then introduce yourself. :) you can bump into him or something and start your conversation from there… <3 good luck ~ liliany & Elvira

  • Hello! Here is my situation. There’s this guy I like that I never thought I’d do. We’re workmates and at the very first day we sat with each other, we already had a great conversation. I like music and so he does. He likes to dance and so as I. We do have common friends too (unexpectedly). Music is what we have in common. There was this time that I was assigned to another account that I have to leave the office (that we are supposed to be office mates) he hugged me on my last day of being there. But it was nothing to me since my girlfriends hugged me too. And there was this time that we were practicing (as a group) for our caroling contest (accidentally we’re group mates) he invited me to go to church after the practice since that was Sunday. During the mass he does something that gets my attention (he hits me with his elbow gently and consistently as if he has something to say and he smiles and look at me). Whenever we are together, we’re always having a nice conversation. He always makes fun of me (sometimes I get irritated) but it’s cute though. He invited me to go to church for the second time together with my other girlfriend (that we both call “mommy” as if she was our mom because we have this so-called “family circle” with some of our workmates) and after that we text each other like whole day. Sometimes he texts me like “Good morning corny! (since we call each other corny. lol) I’m now going to church with the choral groups. How about you? Have a nice day!” that kind of you know. When he went to a place very far from our city for three or two days, he did not text me when he arrived and NEVER texted me during his stay there. But when he arrived, he told me he bought something for me. Now, I’m confused because we don’t text or see each other a lot like the “old days” and I don’t want to make the first move. We accidentally saw each other in a mall with our “mommy” and we had lunch together. Our “mommy” was very busy that both of us are the ones having a conversation. He jokes and still makes fun of me a lot. He opens his problem with his family a lot. But, I think he is starting to ignore me or something. I don’t know. He also mentioned that he really wants to focus with his work and studies and because of that he never had a girlfriend. And guess what? I never had a boyfriend too. LOL. (please don’t laugh at me) I’m 19 (too young, I know :D) and he’s 23. . What you think? Boys are very confusing! Hahaha >.<

    • Ok its like what Jason has said that a man do change their feelings alot but maybe you need to ask him some questions and maybe you will get the straight answers but if you see hes lying well he is and that will not be a good sign to see and especially for him being 23 he can take advantage of you but if you change your moods maybe he can see properly but if u start to see signs differently he will be different and hard to see but he could still like you and find a bit of wisdom in you and wants to be with you he just dont know how to express it and how to tell you. dont stress gf you still have a chance!!!!!

  • I know I have the naive approach but why not just ask him? I do not get all this stuff. I just have to be honest that way I know or not and its either on or off. That way I can move on.

    • your trying to tell your self that your over him but something is really bugging you or him or something in the relationship aint right. Maybe you really do need to tell how you feel and express your feelings if he doesnt listen well his just not into you!

  • I meant to add you can still be friends and ask in a nice way even jokingly. Just get your point across. If he takes the bait fine if not then you have your answer. There is no sense in analyzing it to death, that only stresses you out. Take things at face value and use open communication. If you like him and want him to know use eye contact, find a way to touch his wrist or shoulder when talking and only hold it for a few seconds. He will take that as you like him. Look up articles on subtle ways of letting guys know you like them. Compliment him but only use real compliments do not make them up and do not just spill them out all over. If he is good at something tell him. If all else fails ask him but do it in a gentle way not on the spot way.

  • I have known this guy for a while, he is a friend of my cousins, in the time I have grown to like him a lot. He will cuddle with me and try to give me a kiss, pulls my hair(thoe it is way too hard of a pull), and he nips at my neck, but then he will go and get another girl. Because of the always being with a diffrent girl, I don’t know what he is signaling or what it all means. Im really confused :S

  • Alright, so theres a guy I go to school with & we’ve got mutual friends, so I include him in my ‘bake stuff for these people’ list on holidays or special occasions whenever I make stuff. Just recently, he chatted to me on Facebook & gave me his number. We’ve been texting ever since & we’ll text til we’re tired, then he’ll send me the “Good morning.” text, so i’m thinking he’s into me. Recently, I was scrolling through Facebook (we’re friends) and his status came up. (Don’t call me a creep, because he’s been liking all my statuses recently.) He was at an outside party & he froze, because he let a girl borrow his jacket. Today (the 21st, we didn’t die!), no texts at all. So I text him saying, “Did you die yet? :P” to which he responds “Yep!” and a few minutes later, “I though this was someone else.. who is this?” He also asked who it was yesterday when I texted. Am I overthinking this, or does he come off as a player? And does this mean he’s not saving my number?

  • i like a guy and he begged for my number from my friend and askes me if i am ok, how was my day and if i walked past him he would call me aside and have a brilliant conversation with me…
    but the delema i have is he dated my best friend and im scerd that if i dated him i would rouin the friendship we have between us what should i do!

    • Well my dear, I have been through 2 relationships that were based on the greatest friendships, and It never worked. I screwed him over and visa versa. The last one, I told myself I did not want to fall for him, because his my friend! But hell, I fell harder that I had ever imagined!!!!! I fell for every little piece of him, his lips and his touch and most of all his personality. But then, things went sour, and I regret but every thing that led to this. Even the first kiss…..they’re all asses! But try it, and go in it with the mindset “it is for fun and experience, nothing more, don’t fall inlove with him!”

  • @KT84

    First of all as a guy I do the same thing to my crush so your crush likes you

    Second of all ask him if he wants to go get a drink or go to the bar, movies restaurant and see what happens.

    But I know 100% that he likes you

    Good luck :)

  • My problem is that I went out with this guy when I was younger (6 years ago) and now we are chatting and flirting again, He approached me a couple of weeks ago by asking me about a cutesy nickname he had for me when we dated the first time and spoke about different things we had done together. He remembered my birthday, calls me babe and he arranges to meet (general, not specific) but I saw him when I went out with friends, he chatted to one of my friends and they both teased me (good natured), although he did seem distracted. We went separate ways . . . He didn’t say hello to me that night when all of us met up again, he was actually a lot more quiet than normal when both sets of friends were there, but he checked on me a few times during the night and asked me how I was etc. . When we talk he is sweet, looks at me and appears to be listening and all of his texts have kisses, but I don’t know if they mean anything. Also he is on holiday right now but we had a brief chat a couple of days ago and he seemed aloof, still polite but not as interested, if that makes sense?

    I guess I’m asking, does he like me or should I give up? Because I am confused as to why he approached me how he did if all he wanted was a friendship, why bring up happy past memories of when we were together, for no reason?
    I’m so confused!

  • I worried im with a guy and another guy I broke up with now he is following me around and I was on a school trip he put his round my waist please tell me if he likes me I’m so scared

  • I’ve known this guy this for a while and he works with me and he’s such a gentlemen.. like he’s always complementing me or opening doors for me. Well to be honest i kinda like him, but he’s not making a move should i let it be or do something?

  • Sometimes its still confusing. Even though, he shows most of the signs, I’m still confused. He ignores me many times. Whenever we chat on facebook, he’s always the first one would say, “I have to rest now, goodnight!” And then when I replied, he would able to read the message the next day,and won’t reply anymore.
    He always help me, he always sat beside me whenever we’re in a group, he remembers detail, he even memorize my expressions and my favorite things. He makes me laugh, we always laugh. Everyday, after our work, he would go to my work place and tell stories and jokes. But whenever we’re in a group, he doesn’t talk. Everybody known him as a very quiet person and a serious one, but when we’re alone, he’s very talkative. He didn’t asked for my number, but he gave his number. He gave his number and told me to inform him if we have a work the next day.
    We never talked about anything romantic. He never asked about if I ever had a boyfriend or whatever relationship I had before. And he makes fun of me, he thinks that I probably be born “genetically male”, that’s why I’m confused. Because I was kind of boyish, he maybe sees me as “dude”, and not a kind of a “girl next door”.
    And also, he’s 2 years older than me, and more mature than I am. Maybe he just saw a “younger sister” in me.
    I can’t tell if he really likes me, so please, your comments and maybe your observations would be a big help. I don’t want to ruin our friendship because of my confusions.
    Thank you in advance! :)

  • 1st of all, on #21 it says busting your balls. Girls don’t have balls. XD 2nd of all, AMAZING work! :)

    • You do know, that “busting your balls” is an expression, right? It’s just another way of saying that he’s bullsh*tting you, or teasing, messing with you, ect.

  • He ignores me as much as possible and he doesn’t respond back to my Letters. But he always stairs at me? When ever and wherever he walks or drives by me. Does he like me. He smiles very lightly and always tries to keep a straight face but his eyes are giving him away.

  • I have a guy i like at my karate class his name is kennodie and at the sleepover I found out that my cousin who is also my best friend likes him to and he slept in the middle of us well the lights went out and we were holding hands and stuff like that well the next thing that I know I turn around to see what’s wrong with my cousin because she is crying and she says kennodie won’t hang out with her he only was hanging out with me well he said he doesn’t like her and she was right he had been hanging out with me all day and I turn around to tell him what’s wrong with her and he kisses me!!!! I didn’t know what to do so I pulled away and then went in for another kiss!! Except I felt so bad about doing that to my cousin and he was being so romantic that I just couldn’t resist!!!! And earlier one of his friends had talked bad about my cousin so I told him to stop and kennodie didn’t say anything and then the same friend of kennodies called me a bi*** and kennodie punched him in the nose and gave him a black eye I think he feels the same way about me as I feel about him if y’all have any advice please comment

  • PLEASE HELP ME! So, im crushing on this guy really hard but i dont even know if he cares about me. He will constantly ignore me & act all cool. I see him staring at me out of the corner of my eye, but when i turn around he looks away. He goes to a different school than me but lives near me. A bunch of his friends remember every detail about me but he just stands with them staring at me while his friends ask me all kinds of questions. He doesn’t like my friends & thinks theyre annoying. DOES HE LIKE ME??

  • Hey so I have a crush on this one guy and he is shy and he never talks to me stares at me a lot but when my friend told him that I liked him and asked him if he liked me and I said no I am so confused and also there’s this other guy we are in the same classes and when I said hi to him we were instantly besties but he always ask me to sit with him and everything and ask me to help him on his math does he like me or r we just besties

  • Hey! I have a little complicated situation as all of you… 6 months ago I met a guy who is 3 years older than me. At first I thought we will be just good friends, but than I fall in love with him. He sometimes ignores me and makes fun of me. He acts completlly diffrent in front of his friends than to me. I want to tell him how i fell about him, but I’m scared if he would reject me…Sometimes I have a felling that he fells the same way about me like i fell about him. I see him almost every week and I had a few chances to tell him I love him, but don’t know how to tell him…

    I just want to know if he likes me…
    Every prposal would come in handy.

    I’m from Slovenia, so sorry for every mistakes in the text.

    • Well, ha may just feel comfortable being around you, like he can trust you more than his friends. He could have a crush on you, try getting him into a conversation about what you and him like in a relationship. If what he says matches you, then you guys should totally get together!

      friendly bunny,

      (\ /)

    • We honestly think you should share your feelings with him. In the other hand , the guy i mess with always makes fun of me too , but it’s just playing i go alone with the game. he’s just probably joking with you. I REALLY BELIEVE you should express your feelings and thoughts to him. I mean who knows if he feels the same way you feel , and don’t think negative! How about if he actually likes you and you waste your chance it’s better to get rejected then to lose a chance with someone you could of actually had a chance with . In life you have to take risks and chances . life is too short ! from~ liliany & Elvira

  • WoW thanks! I thought my friend liked me. This just confirmed it. He stands so close to me and is shy around everyone else but he talks to me!

  • i like how you wrote how to tell if a guy likes you and the pictures because it really help me alot

  • Hi,
    here’s my situation
    i go to middle school and me and this boy have been talking.Then he asks me out which i wasnt sure if i liked him anyway so i just said idk after i say that he says oh i was just playing and stuff like that. So we have still been friends and know i have develped feelings for him and idk what to do!! I told my friend to tell him that i like him and he was like”ok” “i dont know if i like her back”.So know he’s been really mean to me lately so i have been giving him the silent treatment.So now im texting him now he said “hey” because i told my friend to tell him to text me cuz we needed to talk. I was going to do it but we sit on opposite sides now so..yeah. I just texted “who is this”
    even though i already know who it is just to see what he said…..
    now he just said his name sooooo….what should i do guys does he like me or is this all a game

  • So…. there is this guy I like. We have been friends for about 7 or 8 years. At first I thought he was just weird, I mean I was only like 11 so guys were aliens to me LOL. Over the years I have grown to like him a lot. After 3 years of completely being driven nuts over not knowing how he felt, I began making the moves. I eventually asked him to Prom and then to a rock festival/concert. He said he enjoyed going with me to Prom (but he looked so bored when we were there that I finally asked if he wanted to get out of there). The Rock concert was a big hit, but he didn’t say much (I bought him a freekin’ cd and he never said anything; though he does play it in his car a lot). Anyways, this past fall I finally had enough of trying to understand him and I told him that I was developing feelings for him (i know it was gutsy, but I had to do it or I’d go crazy). When I told him he just said that he’d never had a relationship like that before (what does that mean?). We have hung out since, and more often but I’m confused. We went to the movies and have gone bowling twice (bowling with his guy friends). We went bowling on New Years also and he came near me when the ball dropped but didn’t say anything or make another move. (I originally asked him to come down for New Years then he asked me up later; also I sent him a message about hanging out that was meant to go to a female friend before he asked me to come up and go to a movie, the bowling was a complete surprise)

    He is a kinda shy guy, has ADD (makes it super hard for him to remember anything), he can’t text (can’t afford it), doesn’t like to talk on the phone with anyone), and lives 2 hours away from me. I am planning on moving closer to him next fall, but its a while away.

    He was/is raised by very religious parents (both of us are preachers’ kids). He has told me that his “day was ok, but better now that (I) here.” He also tried to teach me how to bowl, but my mouth decided to speak rather than let him be so I think o blew that. A few times he even told me that I have a “devilish smile” and that I “should move up here (his place) and go to college at the local community college. I take these as signs but I’m not sure if they mean anything. I’ve done quite a bit to let him know how I feel about him but he doesn’t say anything that I can take for a definite. This isn’t my first crush, but this is my first serious.

    PLEASE give advice!!!
    Thanks ☺

    • @M&M

      If a guy really likes you he would not care spend a few cents texting with you. Apparently you guys have been together for a while, if he is not your BF by now he is probably considering you as a “friend.”

      “When I told him he just said that he’d never had a relationship like that before (what does that mean?)”

      By that he meant he never been with any girl for that long.

  • Hey! I had a Crush on this Guy at my school, for awhile, but i never really thought he was interested in me..(I just had a gut feeling) but then one of the other guys at my schools came up, and told me ” i like you” i didn’t believe him at first, but we started to chat, and now… well were dating now! but the “Other Guy”, every now and again, he stares at me when i walk in, or when i’m with a friend he says my name weird. What Does it Mean? OH! P.s… Btw this Has really helped me see that the guy i’m with now really likes me. :}

  • I have a tremendous crush on this guy, and he KNOWS it. So one time he was having a headache and he kept telling me about it. Then I asked if his parents or any of his guy friends knew, and he said that nobody else knew. I thought this peculiar, and I asked one of my girls what that meant, she said ‘He likes you! He’s trying to make you worried!’ and I said I didn’t believe that. So, does he like me, or is he just looking for someone to confess to?

  • So there’s this guy in my school.. We’re always together and we play tricks on eachother all the time. We walk to almost all of our classes together cuz there close by. But when I text him out of school it’s like I’m totally invisible. He will text me for like an hour or two but then he will just randomly say i gtg.. And during lunch he will set beside me, however he will take my iPad and try to lock me out.. (Dweeb) but what I want to know is if he likes me or if he thinks we r just best friends.. Sad thing is that hes always around me at school but ignores me out of school. I’m so confused. I just wish guys would come outand say what they think…

  • i am currently in a 6yr relationship with my fiance. a few months ago i ran into an ex supervisor that i used to work with/flirted with before i connected with my fiance. the ex supervisor comes up to me…i point out my fiance….then he leans in and says “does your fiance know how lucky he is?”…the interesting thing is that after that me & fiance been having issues….now i find myself thinking what if that lucky fiance wasn’t so lucky & i was single….does it sound like he likes me & wishes he was the lucky one? he was standing awefully close & he had a long lasting stare at me……any suggestions?

  • Whats up Im a guy but i checked this out to find out how to let a girl know I like her (great job btw) but there’s this girl who I tutor with an she talked about her bf and how terrible it has been so I figured she wasn’t interested but later she poked me and asked if I was ticklish and the rest of the time we kept touching each other slight footsie she touched my hands twice and we had a “tickle fight?” idk but am I mistaking this for flirting?

  • Ok. Have a problem. I have had a major crush on this guy Luke since we were three. So I took your advice to see if he likes me,and I even asked one of his bestfriends if luke ever Talked about me and he said Luke did all the time.last week he took me to one of his football games because I love football.he even drove me home.when he walked me to my door he leaned in like he was going to try to kiss me but then hesitated and then made up some fake phone call excuse from his mom.But here is my problem in about third grade this guy named Joseph showed up at my school and we have become best friends and I never thought of us as anything else until last July in the tenth grade.we started hanging out more just the two of us.and I remember the night I reAlized I liked him. It was a swimming party/sleep over.after we were done swimming we all watched the notebook.(love that movie)Everybody had found somebody to sit with excePt for me and Joseph so I ended up falling asleep on his chest with him holding me. It felt so right.then last week before Christmas break he asked me out he told me to think about it over the break.I still haven’t given him an answer.I like them both,what do I do!!!!

    • Personally girl I would have to go with Joseph because you know you won’t get rejected and you sound like you r more comfortable with him

  • Okay, so I have a crush, and I think he knows that I existed. I can only meet him once a week, and it’s cool and all but the problem is that we don’t know each other.(but I know we both could recognize each other’s faces) And, also, I don’t know his name, (so I can’t stalk him on facebook). I got a weird vibe saying that he likes me like when he does something cool, he glances at me to see my reaction(maybe), well when the second time, third time.. times that I couldn’t already count came, I was suspicious. Another one is when he tries crack a joke, he laughed so hard that he rolled on the floor, and glanced on my direction, maybe to see if I laughed(sadly I didn’t because his joke wasn’t funny and I am not the type who fakes a laugh :(( ). Also, eye contact. When I first met him, I wasn’t really attracted to him, but as time flew, I grew more conscious around him, and tried my best to avoid him(though I don’t want to, it’s just that I’m too scared to lock eyes with him.) Before I realized I had a crush on him, he would try to capture my attention, though I am not sure if that is what he really planned, so when he did something that is really eye-catching, he would look at me, fix his hair, and go back to what he’s doing. And there was a time when he had a girl which is his close friend showed up, and he even put his arms around her back, in my presence(ouch). I started to suspect that maybe she’s his girlfriend or they are dating because of that act. I was not really hurt, but rather disappointed because I thought he likes me. Then next week came and I was expecting that he would not show up because we had this sort of event that happens once a year only, and this event causes some of the major roads to be closed due to parades, processions, etc. He lives somewhere far, and I know that he might have anticipated the traffic and all. So I felt a bit happy and relieved that he won’t be showing up and that I won’t have to feel the pressure when he is there. Surprisingly, he showed up and one thing weird about it, he came alone. Usually, on a normal day, he would come with his friends, but not that day. I was deeply perplexed and was almost panicking, because I was clearly unprepared. Well, as you all know I am the shy type. And also, my younger brother knows. When he arrived, my brother voiced the sound of an electric guitar like the one in the movies when a cool guy shows up. Confused, I turned my back to see what he was looking at, and there you have it. So, technically, I ran away, and my mother asked me why I did that, so I ended up saying a dumb reason which she believed, and I was successfully able to attain freedom. I hid somewhere near our car, gasping for fresh air, as I watch my brother exit on the building and stare at the starving dogs. I turned my back, and realized how immature I am to do that kind of thing. The next thing I knew was that my brother was out of my sight. At first, I was scared because maybe he got kidnapped or he got lost or ran away, but those thoughts disappeared when he came running to me from the building. He told me that my crush wanted to play with him, but he denied saying that he have to go buy something across the street making this as his excuse because he was also scared of him since he is a pro. Too make the story short, I realized that I have clearly missed my chance in asking his name. And one thing, actually the real reason I ran away was because my mom whispered to me that we should go play with him, unaware that I like him, but instead I panicked and ran away. I’m sorry if I could not mention what sport we play. Now my question is that if ever he invites my brother to play again, how should my brother react and how could he possibly bring the topic about his name, age, school? I asked my brother but he honestly had no idea, and so do I. I regret that I missed my chance to play with him, it’s just that, my low self-confidence is killing me and I have no courage to do so. PLEASE HELP ME.

  • There is a guy that I talk casually with, he flirts with me on occasion and his friends say he likes me. Every time his friends mention him liking me in a group conversation, he denies it. He says if he had liked me he would have said yes when one of my best friends asked him out for me (which I did not tell her to do). He is my ex’s wing man and any other guy who asks me out, he supports them. But he tries to scare me, he leans in when I talk to him, he remembers every detail I say, and he even defends me. and another thing, he punches back harder

  • OMG!!!! U think he likes me!!! Last year my crush looked at me a lot and helped me out and agreed with me wand smiled and laughed and looked at me!!!! Yay!!!!

  • thee guy I like acts like he just wants to be mates some of this stuff he does but some he doesn’t people ask me to ask him out but what if he doesn’t like me . if he doesn’t I might cry but I don’t want to keep my feelings inside. he also says he like this other girl but he spends more time with me and tells me his secrets.

  • Well, i like this guy, and he knows it. He is always staring at me and making me laugh from across the classroom. He also does most of the stuff in the article. But, i have asked him and he always shys away and doesnt answer. But, if my friends get nosey and just go up and ask him he says no just as friends! Which we are, but does he really like me?

  • Okay so about a month ago this guy at my school started talking to me. He’s really nice and stuff and sometimes in the hallway he would walk next to me really close and small talk.. Everday after lunch I would walk down the hallway and right when I’m about to enter the room, he would kind of grab the sides of my stomach and kind of squeeze it to tickle me. One day in class he was sitting across from me and he told me that I was skinny and I didnt know to take it a a compliment or not so I said “I know,thanks!” And he didnt say anything else. After that, about 2 days later he tried to give me a high five but I ignored it and kept walking and he asked me whats wrong..I said “I dont wanna give you a high five..” then he said “you havent been talking to me..whats up with that?” I ignored him after that because I told him that I liked him so he knew it already but a few weeks ago I found out that he asked this new girl out and they are still dating today (01-27-13) but she found out that he likes another girl because she caught him saying that he did..
    Is he a player? I still really like this guy but he’s making it really hard for me to..we have’nt talked for the past few days..
    What do I do?

  • There’s this guy in my club, two years my senior, ever since I’Ve joined he’s been telling me things like, “with you, this year we definitely win State” And recently the half the team went on an overnight competition that day he saught me out during lunch (there’s different categories in the team and half compete one day and the rest the next day, we happen to be in three same categories)and later that day after we all went to the hotel he came knocking at my room door asking me if one of our team mates was there even though he knew she wasn’t and said he’d study with me for the next day’s event if we weren’t guy and girl, unfortunately I happened to already be in my pjs at the time. Since then he whenever we talk he looks at me funny like he’s laughing inside. Does he like me or is he just being a weirdo?
    P.s. one of my room mates brought up that he’s become shy this year and some mutual friends keep asking me if I think he’s cute

  • Hello,

    I know this is a blog about how to tell if a guy likes you, but, I am a guy and I have some questions that I hope you all can help me with.

    There is a woman that I go to school with and I really like her as she is intelligent, creative and attractive. I think she likes me but the problem is the fact that we are both fairly shy.

    Recently I began developing photos using a very interesting alternative process. At out end of semester critique she told me she liked my work and that she would be interested in learning about it if I “was going to be around next semester to show her”. Also I freinded her on Facebook and she has worked some of my postings into conversations. We also realized that we both like a certain band and I mentioned that I had lost my digital copies of their music when my laptop died and she out of the blue a couple of months later presented me with some burned CDs she made for me. Also I had a piece of jewelry that I was making and I needed the use of someones hand for ring sizing and modeling purposes and I asked her and she immediatly said yes and seemed really psyched about it. She usually smiles when we make eye contact. I have a rather taciturn demeanor especially with attractive women, and I realize, and have been told, that I can be a bit blind when it comes to picking up on signals that a woman might send to indicate her interest. So I was wondering if someone could give me a woman’s interpretation. Is she sending me signals that she likes me? Should I ask her out? Or is she just be friendly?

    • I’d say that she definitely likes you! Especially because she went to the effort of remembering that you’d lost the digital copies of the music that you made. Also asking you to show her the way that you do your photography is an excuse to spend more time with you. The Facebook conversations and offering her hand as a ring model are just things that girls would do with friends. Go and take the plunge though-ask her out for a coffee!

  • Hi there is a guy in my college & he keeps looking at me that sometimes I think there is something wrong with me , I thought that it was my imagination until my friend saw him looking at me & tying to hide his smile , I going crazy just to know if he likes me or not . Please help :(

  • Ok so theres this guy we dated like a year ago and we were just friends after that, then the year after that (now) I have NO classes with him. I only see him in the halls like twice every two months xD And hes kindof an on-off person and when we DO see eachother in the halls, he either runs up to me and hes like Hi..:3 with shy-ness. The valentines day dance is coming up, the only chance to see him and get his number and idk if i should flirt or just act like a friend D:

  • Hey, I think this guy likes me. I am legit freaking out because I don’t really know.
    He always looks at me, for a long time.
    I recently had a birthday, and he wished me a happy bday!
    His friends always tease him when he’s around me.
    He is a real show off when he see’s me.
    I actually heard friend teasing him and saying that he likes me.
    But the problem is, I am really shy. And I don’t know what to do.
    Help me, please.

  • Okay, so, I’m pretty sure I’m a bit late to this post, but I can’t tell if my friend likes me. I have a major crush on a friend of mine, and I’m really really PAINFULLY shy, so I have absolutely no confidence, let alone enough to flirt, so I have no idea if he likes me. I’ll often catch him staring at my chest, but I am rather busty, so this is not uncommon for me. Sometimes he makes eye contact with me for an extended period of time too, but I always get nervous and look away. Also, he made a comment to one of my other friends about me, but when it was brought up again he just blew it off and acted like he was disgusted by the idea of me, then just left awkwardly. I honestly think he’s not interested, but my friend keeps insisting, and I really like him, so… someone help?

    • He likes you but you need to show him that he is not really important and try to flirt with one of his friend that’s the only way to make him feel jealous & then he will try to show you that he is better than anyone :P

  • I met this introverted guy for few years ago. Since that we have been writting to each others through skype, facebook or whatsapp.
    Last summer he admitted he was into me and he used to joke that Im gonna be his european bridedoctor or something. That all has now gone away, he told me he has been busy studying for lawschool entrence exam and working. Usually when I tease him about girls taking his attention he says there are no such things. Frankly I can tell he is very introverted (not shy) but it is hard to say whether he is still into me or not? Id love to visit him but don´t wanna travel to US for nothing. Any good ideas?

  • Heres my story: So I have a friend and I like I have since I first met him the only thing is we live in a dorm right across the hall and will be for the next year or so and I just don’t want to do anything to upset our friendship or make it awkward because all of our friends are just that all of ours. but he does half of those thing you have mentioned. like the other day I was sitting in a recliner and he came up and sat in between my legs and we are always talking and whenever I go over to his room and ask for something and he has his head phones on he just looks and goes back but then just stares at me while I am still in there. What do I do? I really like him but I don’t want to ruin this friendship or anything.

  • So there’s this guy I really like, I met him online actually.
    We talked everyday – not video calls or anything, just sending messages.
    At first he told me he was confused because there’s this girl he likes but she stays far from him (still in his same country though). But there’s another girl that he likes a lot too.
    So he ended up telling me that I’m this ‘another girl’. I told him I like him a lot too.
    We had been talking almost everyday online. He knows that I like him more than a lot.
    But he just posted “You play for the indirect one, here comes another and takes the hint and turns it into a story of life. wtf”
    What is that supposed to be????
    I don’t know what I should do now.
    The fact that the wtf is there really saddens me. So I’m the f-up one? urgh

  • So there’s this guy I like. And we’ve done date like things and he’ll only hang out with our other friend if I’m there and I invite him. But then I asked him to go on a date and it might of scared him. He said he wanted to be friend and that he needed friends right now. Yet if he needs friend why doesn’t he hangout with our other friend (who’s female) and he still asked me to go to a midnight movie with him 3days later. I didn’t reply until a few hours later. He had also text our friend if she OR I wanted to go. I don’t get it. Am I just a friend or does he like me but isn’t ready yet. I’m not sure if I should wait for him or just give up now.

  • There’s the guy and we both liked each other last year and I turned him down (idk why!!) and now I know he liked me earlier In year but my friend asked if he liked me he said no but she really does like me? And now me and him are partners in a science experiment. Help he acts nice but my friends tell me I’m so obvious I like him! And the worst part he has a girlfriend! I’m too nervous to tell him to text me or anything. He hardly gets on Facebook! Please help :(

  • I like this guy, sooo much but he has a girlfriend and I never talk to him because I’m too shy and he thinks I’m invisible even though we sit at the same table at math. I didn’t like him before but I had a dream about him and in my dream he told me he liked me so I started falling for him in real life HELP!

  • Hey! So I find out recently that a guy who is like a player of players has a crush on me? But he is too nervous to come up and talk to me? He told our mutual friend that he has a crush on me and when she told him that she told me he totally flipped out and was really nervous. Our mutual friend also told me that he said I can talk to any girls but I can’t talk to her, she makes me nervous. What does that even mean?? And like everyone knows and they are trying to get us together! And I have barely talked to him! And he tries to talk to me but chickens out! And my BFF tells me that he always stares at me and when he messes up during a soccer game ( we both play soccer) he always looks at me to make sure I didn’t see it. I think he is really cute, but I don’t know about the player thing. What are your thoughts on this? Btw he is 17 and I’m 16. If that makes a difference.

  • Hi…I need advice asap. I recently moved into a new place, and I am 29 in April my upstairs neighbour is 41 but does not look it. He always invites me up for beers and we hang out at his place. The first time he invited me up he wanted to show me all his art things he collects and clothes. We have alot in common with mental health issues. I showed him my place and collection of autographs. He saw my Johnny Depp autograph and said ‘oh my girlfriend will love you!’….ok so whenever he is home he always comes to my door and invites me up. He asked what kind of guy I am into I said artsy and likes poetry…he pulled a book out and read me two poems. We were on the balcony a few days back drinking smoking and he starts rubbing my leg. I showed him old photos of me which turned him on. He said I’m a babe and he wants me to look like that again ie: get very fit (I’m slightly overweight but go to the gym which he knows) He then starts touching my face and said i was very attractive and mature for my age. We kissed passionately a few times and he wanted to go to his bedroom. I didn’t shave my legs he said he didn’t care. I said ‘but don’t you have a gf?’ he said no (I do remember him saying he wasn’t sure about her) he took my hand and things happened but he couldn’t ‘stay up’ as condoms turn him off we attempted sex but failed. He said it wasn’t me that ‘at his age it happens’ I asked if he would try again with me he said yes. The next day he acted like nothing happened. I still go upstairs and chill out and sometimes he playfully smacks my bottom. I was crying yesterday as i was depressed and was in hospital but walked out as they weren’t helping. He came by to see me. I started crying he took me upstairs gave me stuff to calm down and a beer. He cheered me up. He keeps showing me things he bought like hats or clothes he is going to wear out and asks my opinion. …..I’m pretty much head over heels over him and want him to make another move. He still rubs my leg sometimes. …..Does he like me or…I just don’t know! Any advice??? Sorry for the long post.

  • For the past few years I have not dated. Nevertheless, there is a guy who has my attention. We used to talk for hours, now the conversations are limited. I suppose because the semester has begun along with the startup of a new company plus some documents he is going over for me is taking up a lot of time (he is a professor). He told me I was very attractive, yet I just think he was being a nice guy. In addition, he invited me out to lunch/dinner due to his negligence helping me with a matter. I chose lunch, he is always so busy and I believe work first and play later. Anyway, there was a meeting where he greeted one girl with a handshake, I received a hug. When the meeting came to an end he kissed the girl and myself on the creek… When we spoke again he stated he could not remember the girls name, or did he? Anyhow, I was invited to sit in on one of his lectures thus, due to him not responding to any of my messages, I found out what class he thought, and showed up; LAUGH OUT LOUD! During the lecture he taught from a book he did not use for the class this semester about love… I did sit to the side of the class; however, certain points that were mentioned about love or relationships and he glanced my way. Now, with all I have stated, the guy is an overall happy person and nice to a lot of individuals. However, I do not know if he truly likes me,when I send a message, he either does not respond or takes too long to respond. His current actions lead me to believe he is not interested and I should NOT make a fool of myself…. Or perhaps he is just really busy, I’m currently going to school full time and trying to make a living… I was thinking perhaps he does not want to distract me…. I have no idea, I have been out of the dating game too long. Situations such as this one reminds me why I do not like to date laugh out loud!

  • So this might be long but i really need help. I met this guy last weekend at my friends party hes friends of a friend. We were all having a good time but he wasnt talking and he didnt introduce himself. I got pretty annoyed for him coming to a party and not introducing himself to anyone at the party. His friend called him over and he introduced himself to me, we made small talk and then went back inside to play flipcup. While playing flip cup we were against eachother and he kept saying jokes like were going to win and stuff and at one point he knocked my cup off of the table. Anyways, this passed weekend there was a huge storm and it was to the point where there was no way of getting out of the house that me and my friends were in, he also was in the house. We lost power and had no electricity so it was pretty miserable. The entire time he offered me his jacket because the house we were at was only 20 degrees. My phone died early in the power outage. Finally, we were able to leave the house after they took the ban off the road. He came over with our two other friends to my place and they stayed for another two days. While being at the other house of the power outage there were a few things i noticed. 1. when i was laying down on the only couch there was my friend who is also a guy layed down on me and had his head on my chest…I saw the guy I like walk in and look at the couch with me on it and his friend laying on me and for a split second I saw a disappointed face and he walked back out. 2. When I was sleeping on the couch I was facing the tv and saw his reflection in the tv and he was looking at me and as soon as he saw that I saw him looking at me he looked away. 3. When I finally charged my phone and turned it on I had two texts from him one saying to sit closer to him and another saying that I should lay down with him. 4. When we were on the same couch together (me and the guy I like) I kept him up until 3 in the morning because I was scared of the wind (yeah I’m in college and the wind still scares me)…hes really shy so I am not sure if he actually likes me or if he just wants to hook up with me. After the first time I met him he actually asked my friend on Facebook for my phone number. I really need someones advice because I dont want to be overbearing and overthink things..and my friends are just telling me what I want to hear and I dont want that. Thanks everyone

  • Ok well i am in 9th grade and i wanted to know if this guy likes me(he is in my grade too) and all of my friends think that he likes me but yesterday was Valentine’s Day and i didnt get anything from him. He bareley even talked to me that day. But other days he talks to me and always looks in my direction and we both smile at eachother and talk all the time during class. He does turn his body towards me in his desk and he agreed to be in my group(with just me and my best friend) but she has a boyfriend so he shouldnt like her but he always messages me on facebook and i dont have wifi on my ipod(and i dont have a phone) so only when i get free wifi do i get to talk to him and all the time on facebook he is like “gosh Amber i wish you had a phone or something” that is actually exactly what he said and he also put “since your never on facebook text me at this number…” and so im kinda confused on if he likes me or not cause im ready to hang out and be with him. :)

  • Ok, so I started my first year of this school this year. There was a boy that I didn’t like at first, but now I do. We have a lot in common, and all my friends say he stares at me a lot. Most of the time when I look over at him, he’s looking at me and then quickly looks away. We play sports together (but on different teams) but he doesn’t talk to me very much. He told my friend that he likes me, but I don’t know. We have.. A complicated relationship. I would like him, but there’s a problem. My best friend likes him, too. And since she went to the school before me, I feel like she has more of a right because she liked him before me. So we did probably the worst thing we could do, and wrote him a note asking who he liked. He said “neither of you, you guys are my friends.” I just don’t know if he was saying that in honesty, or if he was lying because he didn’t want us to know if he did like one of us. I just don’t know…

  • OK, so I’ve been reading most of the comments and stuff, and it seems as if some of their stuff is related to mine, but I’m not quite sure if he likes me.
    Anyway, we go to the same church, and I’ve known him over 6 years (I was 11 when when we first met I think). Anyway, he disappeared for about 5 years and reappeared last year. That day, last year, he kept smiling and and grinning my way all the way across the other pew (this was before I thought he liked me).
    Now he’s back and just last week, he did a couple of things that was on the list, buut I’m not sure if he actually likes me…
    He came into the service a bit late, but sat directly behind me, and his friend next to him. The first thing he did was to pull on my hair, gently, but I didn’t want him to pull harder. I turned and he grinned and then let go after I said hi.
    A bit later, he poked me really really softly in my back (as if he didn’t think I’d feel it). I didn’t turn but i shifted a bit and he and his friend laughed really softly.
    The last thing he did was at the very end of the service. He parted my hair and blew a lot of cold air onto my neck. I turned and he grinned and pulled me into a really quick hug, let go then walked away with his friend. His friend kind of looked at him and just rolled his eyes and was like “this is so weird, you’ve never been this way man” and then walked with him.

    What does this mean? does he actually like me or is he just trying to get a reaction out of me (because every time he did something like that, I’d do something and he would be laughing or smiling).
    Respond please coz I’m probably gonna end up seeing him next week and I’d like to know what my response should be; if he likes me what should I do, if he doesn’t what should i do etc.

    Thanks in advance! -Lici

  • Hi, I sat with a guy, he is naturally talkative .At first we were really quiet,we were shy (LOL), then after sometimes we then started to talk , until some of friends said that we were TOO close… ! Lol ! Then ,sometimes,we accidentally touch eachother hand ,leg but mostly we didnt react anything. Then some weeks later teacher change my seat :( after that we werent really tat close…everytime when he see me either he tried to walk very slowly or tried to walk as fast as possible.. So what do you guys thing?
    Ps: forgot to say that he also ask me to join his group catching at recess

  • Okay im a teenager and there is this one super shy guy who ive had a crush on for two years. He is the kind of guy who probably doesnt like anyone, cus hes sorta like a robot and he barely ever talks to girls.But he talked to me a lot. In class, he sat really close to me and shared in a lot of my interests. He volunteered to help me with a project once, but thats because no one else did. Icaught him staring three times. I think its becasue wer’e in the same clubs and stuff so he talskds to me like a friend. He talks to other girls sometimes but i dont think as much as he talks to me. Then there was a rumour about me liking him (it was a reallystupid rumour that obviosly was not true, something about me and him starring in a cliche hollywood movie…) He sorta started ignoring me like crazy. Hebarelytalked to me too. Then just yesterday we passe each other in the hall, and one of y friends tapped me on the shoulder and i turned around really fast, and i caught him staring at me. When i caught him he turned around pretty fast. Does this mean he likes me???

  • I think I like one of my guy friends as more than a friend because of his personality, not looks (tbh I think he’s alright looking, not the best though). Anyway, when we’re talking, I noticed that he tends to look around quite alot, well, i noticed that once anyway, don’t know if he does it all the time. Sometimes when we talk it seems kind of awkward. He doesn’t usually come up to me, most of the time I call him over or go up to him. We talk on facebook alot, like everyday. Once he talked to me about a bad relationship that he had not long ago. I feel that I can talk to him about pretty much anything. Yesterday I asked him if he wanted to have a hugging competition (long story) and he asked me why I asked that but hasn’t answered yet, what does this mean?

  • ok so i have this crush on this guy that i have knownsince i wasfur and completely forgot bout him tillsomeone mentioned that we should get together and thats when i started to pay attention to him well he has heard from tons of people that i like him and now hs whole family knows well on valentines day i sent him a valo gram and i put anonnymous and he was shocked that he got one he never thought he would get one and some people ar thinin that he sent it to himself well one day his best friend tells him that i like him and i sent him that gram thing and he flipped out and now ever since he heard that he starts to look at me more but we never talk cuz we are both to shy what am i suppose to do and does he like me?

  • I have this huge crush on this one guy for about 7 yrs now and im not sure if he likes me. whats weird is that my grandma knows him and she keeps telling me that he would be a good husband. she told me that when im around he always dresses nicer and he seems happier like always smiling. one day he told me that he liked talking to my parents and grandparents, and it always seems like he tries to show he would get my attention and than be doing these cool tricks and hannah his sis said stop showing off…anyways one day i caught him leaning into me when i was talking we were so close that if i leaned in we would have been kissing each other. he smells so good to when im around him and im just so lostand confused. when one day me him my sis and his friend were walking he whispered something into his friends ear and my sis told me that he said that not to tell me that he liked me but i dont know

  • oh our relationship is long distance too (he lives next door to my grandma and lives an hour away) so when i see him its special. one day i remember when he lost his favorite necklace and he couldnt find it, i found it for him and he called me his lifesavor. he is a sweet boy too and always helps my grandma with stuff. my grandma says she thinks he likes me and to be patient and keep doing what i am doing now but i dont know…ive liked him so long and i dont want to get hurt

  • I like this guy but he mite be moving and I want to tell him I like him hoe do I do that???

  • But my long distance is honestly countries away :(
    I’ve never seen him before but I’m falling really hard for him. We are having issues with our lives. So it’s quite a hard time. I don’t ever want to give up for him so I’m trying to stay strong for him. But I’m afraid he’s doesn’t love me back. So far he said he likes me and he will always care for me, that’s all. I love him so much, I’m afraid of getting hurt but I’m already plunged in too deep.

  • Okay, so I have a friend that I used to have a crush on in high school.. Eventually we became close friends and now when I see him he always seems genuinely happy to see me (big hugs and smile).. But I can’t tell if its just in a friendly way or romantic way..

    Anyway I saw him a month ago at a group gathering and he sat right down next to me, but he sat so close and pushed his leg up against mine and watched me, completely on purpose, almost to see my reaction..

    What the hell does this mean?

  • Help pls… A guy I work with has been staring at me for about 2 weeks and sometimes smiles at me from afar. He randomly walked up behind me and gave me a neck massage whilst I was working late but when I asked what that was about he shrugged it off and acted all casual. He said I work really hard and he thought I needed it… What the heck does this mean pls?

  • Help! I need boy advice asap! So I’m in 9th grade and I work at a pizza place not far from my house. And this guy I really like works there but he’s a senior. He does some of this stuff. Like talking to me a lot, touching my hands or back, angling his body towards me and helping me sometimes at work. We haven’t exchanged numbers but we have talked about some more personal stuff when it was just the two of us there. He also was asking my boss about girl advice loud enough so I could hear but I wasn’t in the same room. I think theres a possibility of him liking me back but I don’t know. What do you think? And do you think I should tell him?

  • hello there!
    I just wanna know if this guy in school likes me even if she has a girlfriend and that girl is my “friend”. Every time I see this guy we always make eye contact as in every time as I walked in front of him while his sitting on the bench but look away is that a sign of attraction (friendly/romantic). I don’t wanna get false hopes and everything. I just wanted to know what you all think?

  • All of these are wrong! This guy i like is doing almost everything in this! So I asked him out and he said “No”!!!

  • There’s this guy in college in my class, he keeps staring at me throughout the class. In front of his friends he behaves as if he hates me but when alone he keeps looking at me. We talk often but because the whole class thinks I’m hitting on him we both pretend as if we hate each other. It’s as if he puts on this facade or something for the whole world to see but is a totally different person on the inside. It’s as if his true identity is just between the two of us. And without saying anything we know each other. But whenever I try to become a bit more friendly he retreats into his so called shell. I just can’t figure him out.

  • The guy I like always looks at me a ton and once we made eye contact and held it for a REALLY long time but hes never said a word to me!! Does he like me or not?!?

  • Hello, I’ve had a crush on this guy at work for a while (I’m pretty sure he knows) and I just don’t know if he’s playing me or if there’s something there?! We have never seen each other outside of work. We talk to each other all the the time and he is always teasing me. I even said the other day does he tease everyone like this to which he said no its just you. He remembers things from conversations ages ago, stupid things like something to do with my starsign. (it was a convo we had, not that he’s reading them). He always smiles at me and if I walk past him in a corridor he will mock hit me with whatever paperwork he’s carrying. I do catch him glancing at me when i walk past his office but often pretend not too. He acts differently when other people are around us. I’ve been in a relationship for years but have recently sort of separated (we still live in the same house at te mo). Often there’s a real heated eye contact with us. Does he like me or is he just a nice guy? It’s driving me a little crazy so any advice would be great please :-)

  • There’s this guy that I sorta like. When he’s with his friends, he acts all cool to them and very indifferent to me, but when it’s just me and him he’s friendly and outgoing. He likes to make fun of me. A lot :S Do u think he likes me..?

  • Ever since my guy and I met a couple of months ago we’ve had a strong physical attraction. We make out everytime we are together and its fantastic! The problem is he has only taken me out once and hasn’t mentioned going out again. I don’t want to riun what we have but I want more in a relationship. Any suggestions?

    • Okay i hear you this happened to me once. tell him hey are you free give him a date and a time and rty to take him ouy

  • I don’t want to get into too much detail. But there is this guy and I really like him and he shows signs that he likes me. But every now and then, he likes to make a point about the girl he likes.. Is he trying to make me jealous?

  • thank you times a million. i will definitely try this on my crush….es. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So there is this guy I like and i told him, and he gave me this long excuse that he just doesnt want anything serious at the moment because something happend, but if it didnt, it would be different. So ofcourse, I was like, yep, he doesnt like me, but then my friend, whos his friend, said that he was actually telling the truth. Another problem is, is that this guy is a player, or so our friends tell me and all. We still flirt wit each other and I often notice him looking at me and then I smile, and he smiles. Last weekend, at a party we both had a few drinks and ended up making out, but then in uni again, it was all back to normal. And he always seems to ignore me more than the other girls in our friend circle. Im so confused.

  • Hi…I am really confused here! I moved in to this unit in January and my upstairs neighbour usually invites me up to have some beers etc. He is 41 I am 28…he does not look 41! So anyway we were sitting on his balcony one evening and he was saying how attractive I am blah blah and we kissed a few times. Then he took my hand led me to his room but well let’s say it didn’t go according to plan. I said ‘would you try that again with me?’ and he said yes. At that time he said he doesn’t have a gf..other times he says he does but isn’t sure about her. He always asks me up for opinions on outfits he’s going to wear. Thursday I picked out some clothes and was sitting on the couch and went ‘ah ok I’m gonna get going’ and he was all ‘nooo plz stay just ten more minutes??’ and slapped me on the bottom. When I sit on the couch with my feet up he always puts his hand on my leg and thursday i put my hand on his and rubbed it gently. ..He was talking about if he was the pope all the stuff he’d change and he said he would give me millions of dollars and I went ‘and a boyfriend’ he goes ‘well that would be me you can be my wife but the pope can’t get married so you’ll haveto be my mistress’ He has a gf but is playing games like this. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! LOL Sorry for the long post!

  • Okay so i like this guy and sometimes if were sitting next to each other he flips quaters into my shirt ans smilies when it gets in my bra. and he always smilies and treats me different does he like me

  • Okay so i like this guy and sometimes if were sitting next to each other he flips quaters into my shirt and smilies when it gets in my bra. and he always smilies and treats me different does he like me. he asked me for my number the second day we saw each other. and he helped me break up with my ex.

    • Try talking to him more. Hang out with him and his friends. Ask him out Hello he helped you break up with your ex!

  • I like this guy but not sure if he likes me i think I have seeen signs that he likes me. He never makes conversation I do. a friend gave me his number and i text him and asked him out for a drink but he never replied think he was not sure who it was , so a week later i text him again and asked why he did not reply and he never replied to my text, my friend says ring him but i dont think that is a good idea because if he wanted to go out for a drink he would have replied to m text, What is going on with this guy?

  • Hi, I have this thing bothering me. I came here on vacation and stayed with my little brother and his friends. Well, there are few guys living here and we are really cool with all of them, except one, whom I met later. I thought he is really cute when I saw him first and just really didn’t pay attention, but he wouldn’t really talk to me. But for some reason I felt like he likes me, I don’t know why. He wouldn’t talk to me, when other guys would. So, anyways, we went to this one party with my little brother and his friends. And my brother came up to me and said that when he asked his friend that he should find a girl there, that guy replied back saying: What if i like your sister?. So, basically he told my little brother that he likes me. But, I have no idea what to do, because I kind of like him too now. But, the problem is that he is 5 years younger than me and a friend of my little brother. We see each other in the apartment, but don’t really talk except “Hi”. I think he is really shy around me. What to think, please help?

  • So there is this guy at my school. He just broke up with his 11 month girlfriend MacKenzie. I met him during our community swim team and at that time had no idea he was already dating… and well I fell for him, I spend a lot of time these days thinking about him and lately, when I look at his group during lunch at school I catch him already looking at me. I don’t know what this means, and I am friends with the now ex-girlfriend, I don’t want to hurt her if she still has feelings for him…(its been less than a month since the break up) and I am starting to get feelings for him again….What should I do?

  • My friend asked my crush if he liked me at school and I was sitting right there and he said he didn’t want to answer that question right there. Does that mean he likes me? Please answer this question!!!
    Thank you!

  • I’m so confused!! He use to show the signs last year; touch by tickling me, talk to friends and bro, laugh at jokes, have a convo by starting it himself, even came close to asking me out!! But now he acts like I don’t even exist. He has a girlfriend now, makes fun of me when I’m not around, and when I am, he ignores me or makes some snide remark. My friends keep urging me to keep up the work, but I’m warring inside. I’ve tried to tell myself it’s not gonna happen, to get over him, but it’s RIGHT THERE!! I’ve been on this love train for four years now and I want it to crash so I can get off for once and for all!! Idk. I guess he likes brunetes with long legs rather than my carroty hair and damned five foot. I’ve had enough stress before he waltzed into my drab life . . . Please help me.

  • I dont know if this girl can tell if i like her or not I flipped quarters in her shirt. i talk to her. she can tell me anything. what do i do

    • Wait, wait , wait. What’s her name? “cause some girl said the dude she liked flipped quarters in her shirt and smiled when they got in her bra.

  • Hi…I met a guy last yr august in a party,he came from New jersey,he’s 29…I had a crush on him.I gave my fone nos to his dad’s driver bcos we got carried away in our conversation and he doesnt want to missed his flight back to the states.
    We do chat on whatsapp but lately when he starts his Master’s he is always busy,he ignores me whenever he’s online and doesnt have time for me.Plz want can I do to get his attention bcos am already falling in love with him???
    Plz Help me.

  • My crush always trys to hold my hand and he’s always looking at me and staring at me, hes always touching me and asking me to buy him things like sweets and chocolates. Does he like me?

    • Yup, he’s probably trying to see if you’ll do anythign he asks; either that or he’s mooching off ya. lol

  • Wonderful Article, yet I’m at crossroads !! I need an outside perspective of this;
    so i’ve liked this guy for some time, like a year haha, anyway last summer we made out at some party, i was quite tipsy and he had had 2 beers or something, then a couple months there was this dance and we were both madly drunk and we made out all night on the dancefloor.. we talked a bit afterwards but not much, then like 2 weeks ago I went up to him and talked to him at this beer night at my college, and we talked for a while and then he kissed me, and we kissed a few times that night.. but I haven’t talked to him since? We go to the same college, I see him everyday but we don’t have the same group of friends so we’re not really around each other.
    What does he want ? You think he’s interested in me ( like dating), or just wants to hook up? Should I text him and ask him out ?

    • Honestly, honey, he may be trying to get in your pants, but you should text him and if the same thing happens at another party, my answer still stands.

  • I really like this guy, but i dont know wether or not he likes me!!! Thanks for the tips, but we dont see eachother that much for me to notice these signs. He is always really nice to me, and always smiles at me, but he is like that in general. Some of his friends say he likes me, others dont…
    So idk!!! Help?

  • Great article, but I’m still not sure if my crush likes me or if he was just nice.
    I went on a date a few days ago, I asked him out. I recognized about 13 of these signs. He was on time, he paid, ask me questions, looked at me, put his arm around me a few times, he told jokes, he laughed, he said he had enough time and I could say how long it will be and what we will do, he didn’t played with his phone or looked at clocks, he walked with me to the bus and waited until I was gone.
    The day after I send him a message to thank him and tell him I had a good time. He sent back that he was glad I had a good time and that he liked it too.
    But after that nothing has happened yet. He hasn’t asked for my number and he hasn’t ask me for a second date. I’m not sure what to do? I really like him. (We’re both 23) I’m really shy in the beginning, maybe he doesn’t want to push me or he’s not sure if I like him? Or he just doesn’t like me romantically?

  • He works in another company but we meet regulary at work 3times a week. He seems to have interst at me but he doesn’t start talking to me at all. He stares at me and appears wherever I am. And also when I talk to him, he answers with much smile. He comes very close to me all of sudden to pick his files up and when I am doing something hard he comes to help me without talking. Is he just a gentleman or a shy one?

  • My guy friend and i have been exchanging pokes on Facebook for a few years now. He’s married. I’m engaged. Is it safe to say Facebook pokes is also a sign a guy likes a woman more than just a friend? :)

  • So I really adore this guy, but I have no idea if he feels the same, like the first time we met we really hit it off, and afterward he started texting me and asking me to hang out and when were together all we do is talk and he makes fun of me all the time and smiles at me and we went to Richmond one weekend with friends and he like pulled me on top of him on the hotel bed and stuff but I still don’t know if he likes me, because he told my BFF he likes me as a friend a lot but then he cuddles with me and dances with me and always punches me or touches me in some way, and asked me to go to the movies with him etc ugh I can’t figure him out!

  • There’s this guy that I’ve known since the beginning of the sixth grade. I’m in seventh grade now and for the year that I’ve known him, I’ve mostly known that he likes me. About two weeks ago, I got a boyfriend and when my boyfriend asked me out, the guy was there. Afterwards, while I was busy, I passed him and he looked like he was pissed. My friends and I have asked him about a thousand times (probably not an exaggeration) and he always says that he doesn’t like me. I’m not sure of what to think anymore and whenever I text the guy, I always think the same thing, yet have to put reality to the test.

    I normally just brush it to the side but now-a-days it’s really starting to bug me. All I want is to know from someone annonomus that I don’t know to confirm my fears or put me into reality check.


    • Kid, the dude like you, but since he witnessed you with your new guy, yeah, he’s pissed, and maybe wants to respect your new relationship, but he’s pissed nonetheless. He’s probably mad because you aren’t with him, even though he knew you knew that he liked you. Just push him out of your mind. Don’t worry about this guy when you have your own. Hope this helped! :)

  • My family has been close friends with another family for a long time. We see each other about once a month. I am friends with their son who is around the same age as me. I’m not sure if he likes me or not. We dont go to the same high school. He likes to make short films during school breaks and always asks me if i want to be in them. His friends all take acting classes together but i dont. I would definitely not consider myself a good actor. Even when i was going on vacation he asked me to come for the script writing day. We sometimes used to go on hikes together. Recently he asked me to go skiing with him. Tonight when we went for diner at his family’s house we were watching videos on the computer and i was standing on the farside watching and he was on the other side and he walked around to stand next to me. We also watched some Tv, and we sat together on a blanket on the floor. Our knees were sometimes touching. When we sat on the couch he sat beside me. Can someone please tell me if he likes me?

    • You see, guys are kinda easy to interpret. So I really think he is into you. And he really wants to get to know you more and thats the reason he wants to catch up with you al the time. If you like him back you should hang out with him more so he will finally ask you out because as far I know he likes you and he is a sweet guy I guess. So just give it a try who knows if it will work out.

    • Girl, yes, this guy has got it bad on a few levels. You said you don’t see each other very much. f he keeps inviting you places and to be in his films, then obviously he wants to see more of you. As for the physical contact…case in point.

  • @X he does likes you… Even if everyone thinks you are not good actor, he won’t think of you like that…pretend as something his wrong with you and see how he will care for you

  • Hi this guy in school has started talking to me more after I broke up up with a guy (who turned out to be using me to hide he was gay)but any way he asked for my no. And we got each others he also stood up for me when people accused me of stuff! Does this mean he likes me ? If so what should I do

  • So here’s my deal: I very much like this guy (the sweetest guy on earth) and since I started liking him a few months ago I began to take advantage of our mutual classes and friends to talk to him more and hang out outside of school more. We joke a ton with each other and we laugh a lot together. We have plenty of inside jokes building and this is all great because he’s a pretty quiet guy. I asked him to a Sadie Hawkins dance and he said yes. He fits quite a few of the body language signs like having his body turned towards me or constant eye contact. The thing is I don’t want him to become closer to me just to be a good guy friend. Some things he does make me wonder if he does like me… One big thing he does that makes me think he likes me is that he knows i don’t like swearing so around me he never swears and he always corrects people who swear with a lesser word like darn. He didn’t want his friend to tell me a story in which he said a word I wouldn’t like. This makes me think he really respects me. Is it just as a friend though? It goes both ways though. Sometimes he ignores me and just talks to his friends in some classes (not in a mean way but an oblivious way). I just feel like I have to initiate everything and he usually responds very well. I just don’t want to come off too strong you know? I want him to make the first move, hopefully at the dance, but I’m afraid of us being set to just friends. What do you think?

  • @ Rach:
    Like the article said, if a guy asks for your number without a really stellar other reason for needing it, he likes you! Additionally, the fact he waited into you were single makes me think that he didn’t need it before because you weren’t available. The fact that he defended you shows he respects you and cares about your reputation. I say he definitely likes you as a person and is interested in getting to know you better!

  • There’s this guy who claims to like me but I’m not sure… I mean we talk… A little… There are times when he’s really sweet…. And times when I’m bored out of my mind because of the conversation we’re having…. But I’m crazy about him.. What should I do?

  • Hi I like this guy that am sharing a class with and we don’t know each other at all but I can’t help but look at him when am in class and when our eyes meet I look away or he looks away the question is how do I act around him now that I told him that I liked him I mean I don’t know if he feels the same way or he’s in a relationship please help I don’t know how am gonna face in class from now on ?

  • I met this guy at work and over the summer we became very close. There is a bit of an age difference but that has never bothered us. He would always call/text me and ask me to come over after work and spend weekends with him. We started getting more intimate after going to a bar one night and got drunk. After that every night we couldn’t help but relive that night. We would go to lunch together frequently and spend holidays together. Everything was going great until he stopped this to an extent. He didn’t call me/text me/ or respond when I did and I don’t know why. Everything was going great! Everyone knew something was going on between us but we never had a title and was never pushing that on him. I no longer work there but still go and visit him. He still shows all of these signs, even my friend asked if something was going on and had no idea about us, but he still doesn’t respond outside of when I go to see him at work. WHY? HELP!

  • I like this boy but I don’t know if he likes me,he always smiles at me and play fights with me but I don’t know if he’s just being friendly,he sometime acts shy in front of me so he doesn’t pop up to on Facebook or compliments me so I’m starting to think he only likes me as a friend,is that true?

  • I have a crush on this boy, he was actually my childhood friend. Well, we go to the same church so I kinda see him at least three times a week. I really think he is a nice guy, well I told my friend about this. She knew a lot about this guy because they were family friends. She told that he liked this girl who did not like him back and so he was so much into this girl. After a few days he started flirting with me but I couldn’t understand that until my friend came and told me about it. So I kinda thought he was really interested in me. But these past few days he has been acting like a total douche bag. I really really like him but I don’t have the confidence to go and tell him how I fell about him. I have spend nights crying over him . And even if I tell him that I like him I don’t think he’s going to like me back and then I would be even more sad. No matter how hard I try I can’t get over this guy. I don’t think its his beauty that makes me like him I think its his heart. I really don’t know how I can get over him. No matter how many rumors I hear about this guy I don’t seem to believe them . My friends tell me to forget about him and move on but I can’t do it. He has been ignoring me lately and that really hurts. I just wish someone could help me out with this. I really pray to God to help me get out of this. Do you think he is really interested in me, and even he isn’t how can I get out this?

  • I met this guy on the bus and he was joking with me and made me laugh, he asked me to get a drink with him but i turned him down. The next time i saw him he mentioned the drink again and has said hi when he noticed me and even winked at me. I am not sure if i should go for him or not please help

  • nice advice,thanks…helped a lot!
    there is just one problem with this specific guy i like.Well,we are friends since primary school but the last months i think there’s something going on …the first time i realized that, was when a girl yelled at me “he wants you”,he was talkin’ to her and when she said that, i think he blushed,started to be nervous(maybe i was wrong but i had no idea how to face it so answered “What does he want”-stupid??? then he left running)…At times some guys in school make comments:e.g.once i was mad at him and one guy said “don’t worry!he is in love with you and he is comparing with you”,another time smo said “A loves katy”…
    Furthermore,he is also showng off(which is really weird for him,he’s not that kinda guy).He tells me that he is working out,he got a job cause he wanted to be independant,etc,but not in the way he always just mentioned things.Especially when i mention other men and i say they are handsome he tells me about him.Once i told him about a guy that he was the brother of that hot guy in school a few years ago and he turned to me and said “At summer we went together at the beach, he ‘s taken some weight he looked horrible, while i had six packs…”.
    Another thing i noticed is that he looks a lot.He looks me and when i catch his eye i turn around and then i look at him again and he’s still looking.Last but not least,i think he’s jealous.He saw me and another guy just hugging,while going to wc, and when he came out instead of going back to class he went the other way and didn’t even look at me.I asked him “Will you come” and the tone of his voice made me believe he was a little bit(or a lot) pished off.
    A friend of mine told me that he thinks he loves me by the way he’s looking at me but he also looks like he’s affraid of teeling me…
    oh,and he tries to make me laugh,a lot.He says something,i burst into laughters,he looks at me and says something more,usually stupid things but i really find ’em hilarious…
    Look,we are friends(but we’re not hangin’ together outside school,probably cause my mum never leted me go out a lot), and i don’t know what to do!
    So…what do you think?He likes me?What should i do?
    (P.S. at the beggining i freaked out but now i’m pretty sure i like him to- or even better love him).
    Please helpppppppp…

  • So I know this guy who is like 10 years older than me. Very attractive man, super funny, love to hang out with him. But I’m not sure if he likes me or not. Sometimes he sends signals but i’m not absolutely sure. I definitely looks at me a lot. Sometimes I look at him and we lock eye contact for like three seconds. When he tells jokes and things like that even with someone else he looks at me. I feel like when I’m around he pays a lot of attention to me. involves me in most things. Sometimes when I joke around and say things that down me, he always like says “no that’s not true,” or “don’t say that,” even when I am clearly joking. I don’t know if it is just me or not. . . I just don’t know cause of the age difference.

  • I think he is on a sick obsession. He touches my hand, he holds my arm and wrist, he always tickles me at my side, he always chat on me when I’m online, he always favorite and retweet my tweets, he get easily jealous of my best friends, and he always ask me for a kiss but I don’t like.

  • I REALLY like this boy I my school, he’s in a few of my classes and we chat a bit, but I always feel like I am the one making an effort to talk to him. He does approach me sometimes, but I feel like its mainly me going to talk to him. Does this matter? Any advice is much appreciated :)

  • I met this guy in a club. he’s super cute and I got his number. I’m kinda confuse because I don’t know if he likes me or not. he send me morning messages, he ask if I wanna see him and he tease me by asking ‘when can we start dating’ sometimes when i think of him i text him and its either it takes him awhile to reply back or he dont reply at all.. someone help? I’m so confuse right now. I need to know if he likes me or not! thanks

    • just make sure that he’s not a player…he may like you along with a hundred other girls!
      If you think it’s no big deal let it go, otherwise accept going out with him to be sure about him!

  • Okay
    So I like this guy at my school
    He often stares at me then pulls funny faces, which I laugh at
    He will pretend that I have something on my face, which makes me check, and he starts laughing coz I look stupid which makes me laugh too
    He often leans in when he talks to me
    He lets me play with his hand
    We get into debates (which he wins)
    And doesn’t wait for me when class is over -_-
    We have competitions on who gets the better score on the math test
    And my friend caught him looking at me when I wasn’t looking
    One of my other friends (who didn’t know I like him) sat down at school one day and said “you guys should just date”
    And he hastily said no
    When I was gone, another friend asked him if he liked me, but she told me he said no :(

    Can someone tell me if he’s shy or not? Does he like me? What do I do??

  • lilz, i think he likes you but is too shy to admit it, if you ask him to go out with you in private, chances are he’ll say yes.

  • this is very true…actually i started staying with a guy because i was from another town and didn’t have a place to stay after some problems at friend had a good buddy and said i could stay with him for a short period of time until i find my own place. i packed all my belongings and moved in with him. he made my bed and set up my things so perfectly. i couldn’t believe it. he made my bed with silk sh*ts in the living room as that was the only place vacant in the house. he made me breakfast,lunch and dinner. he also bought me meals at all times thinking i was very young and needed love and care at all times. i was away from my families and everyone. he said his mum said to look after me very well and spend more time with me as i sometimes cried in my sleep because i had no one to share my feelings with. he gave me a new mobile phone. sent me a friend request on Facebook. when i am at work i get online. as he sees me online he starts chatting and chatting.i used to think whats up with him. he is spending so much time with me and has lunch with me everyday. comes and wait for me so that i go home safely…actually when i moved in with him we respected each other like cousins and also had a COUSINS relationship status on Facebook. after sometime i had to move in the same room as him because the landlord took the living room. at first i felt awkward sharing the same bed with him. he used to hug me while i sleep. after sometime he wanted to cuddle me all the time and always requested to touch his hair while he is with me talking and some times massaged his back. when i first moved in i got sick. he massaged my back and legs and i told him i had a lump in my breast. he wanted to see it, i was shy but he took off my clothes and massaged it. i was really scared because it was the first time i had to take off my clothes. he used to talk to me the whole night as i come home saying i was alone so needed someone to talk to. we always used to watch movies together. he gave me all his things to use. he used to get angry when boys gave me prank calls. :) later on he started making love to me. i was not ready because i was only 19. it was my first time. later on i also started making love with him and now feel good that i ended up with him….i am really glad i got a fiance like that who really care for me…..I love you alot

  • P.S.- I am aware that I could be reading too much into this. Which is why I am bothering to get confirmation to assure myself that I am probably, most likely just over thinking this.

  • so…i texted a guy saying ‘i love you’. he texted me back with ‘???’….i was to scared to say i was me, and than i texted, saying my friend was messing with my phone…
    was he just confused or he doesnt like me??

  • I really really really like my best guy friend and i think he likes me i am not sure. he smiles when he sees me and if i am konely walks over and keeps me company. He has sat on my lap before and everytime he hugs me it is for like 5 seconds or longer. He also attacks me with tickles, my friends all say we should date and all but i am not sure.

  • I need help my friend realy likes this guy for about a year now . They have been chating nearly every day on Facebook since the start of march . He is allways staring at her . But when she turns around he’s looking the other direction . Me and my friends realy think he likes her but she won’t admit it to her self , his friends sometimes tease him when she’s close by , please help . Thanks

  • OK…I don’t usually do this but I’m soooo confused, so…I met this guy online 19 days ago. He lives 3 yrs from me, but that’s fine – i was going to travel to go see him. He’s very busy with his hectic schedule and I’m busy with mine so we were just looking to be friends – maybe more -who knows really?? Anyway, I was supposed to go see him last Thursday, but I was sick with an upper respiratory infection, so we postponed to today. But yesterday I went back to the doctor and have bronchitis… The deal is that we have talked or texted for AT LEAST 10 hours a day for the last 18 days!! He works 3rd shift at the hospital and I was staying up and texting with him to help him stay awake…on his days off, he was calling me and texting me his every movement…I mean almost 3000 texts!!! We really got along great, like the same things, are VERY compatible, easy talking people…Well, he started etting mad last week when I was telling him about younger guys doing nice things for me – as if I were trying to make him jealous?? Then the other night, he got mad coz this idiot guy was hitting me up at 2am – I was telling him about the the whole.conversation, but he got mad about that anyway…so last night hen said that he wanted to quit talking, that he didn’t want to deal with my insecurities (which in my eyes he was projexlctimg those onto me), but that he would think the whole thing over and we’d talk today…and today?? NOTHING…I can’t figure out what’s what?? Does he like me and thsys why he was mad about the other guys?? Is he testing me to.see if I can go without texting him?? WTH??

  • So, there is this guy I met about a year ago. I went out with a friend of mine and she ran into him. I had no idea who he was but anyway. A while later I saw him on the bus and he invited me to sit next to him. We talked a bit, he asked loads of questions like where do you live what is your name etc. I had a bf at that time and I told him for some reason but he still kept chatting with me. Well I kept seeing him every now and then and talked to him whenever I saw him. A couple of months later he asked my friend if I( he said he forgot my name) if I was coming along. This one day him and I were catching the same train, I wanted to wait for the next but he was like, no take this one, I will protect you. Whenever we talk he often touches my shoulder or my hand but he does this to my friend as well, so perhaps it is just his personality. About three months ago I broke up with my bf and since I told this guy a lot about my relationship, I told him I’d broken up. A week or so later we were on the bus again, my hands were freezing, he took them in his hands to warm them and I got so confused. Was he being nice or is there more? He doesn’t remember a lot of details about me but he claims to have a poor memory. Also he was in a different seat on the bus than he usually is and stuck his head out so I would notice him. Perhaps he just like my company. I’d really like to know without asking, if he says no I will never be able to face him again and I see him almost weekly. He never asked me for my number but that could have been for my bf and his strong belief of honesty in a relationship and not messing about with other peoples girlfriends.
    Please help me. It’s driving me mad.

  • The guy I liked came around for a study day with me and things went pretty good. He’s pretty shy and I’ve been trying to work out if he does in fact like me. He always opens the door for me and has asked me things on how I keep the figure I have, along with stating things such as liking the same music I like and having an Irish ancestry like me. When he left we hugged and he kept his hand around my waist for a bit longer after the hug.
    Does he like me?

  • The guy i liked did some of this, but then i completely messed up by being mean to him accident…what i said was supposed to come out as teasing but that didnt happen. and now he barely even talks to me

  • I need advice about this guy that kissed me
    We had just met and we played basketball in his backyard. After that it rained a little and we went to a covered court. We were shooting around and got a little bored, so we went and started going over to the playset (Im not a little kid but it was fun) WE were doing a jumping contest and then he reached out his arms for him to catch me. Then I didnt take it, I was still unsure about him, and Him and his cousin walked away. I didnt follow him and so eventually he came back…. I didnt follow him because I kind of expected him to come back… We then started shooting into a thing at the play ground that has an open top and holes out the side and started making dare for shooting it. It started out stupid dares until the cousin said he was going to shoot for me and the guy to kiss. He missed like ten times until I choosee a spot(about half way point on a basketball court) and he made it. I kept on choosing knew spots and he kept on making them:) Then I said I wasn’t going to do it. SO we started walking home. Through out this he would tickle me but I thought it was just him being a little flirty. And he called me pretty. As I was saying we were walking to his house and he and the cousin started making fun of me for not kissing him. But we were laughing and making fun of each other anyway. Then he was a little ahead of me and he turned around and kissed me. I pushed away because my breathe felt awkward. Before we were talking about stuff like I havent had my first kiss yet. When I pushed him away he said I could have my first kiss back.Good or Bad? Anyway My dad picked me up and I got home. A day later I messeged him on facebook asking if the kiss ment anything to him. It was before we were friends on facebook and he didnt reply. Its been about a month and he still hasnt messeged back. I dont think he likes me because of this… But a lot of the signs were there. Oh and he shot for me to kiss him to….. SO I have no idea
    Help me PLEASE

  • I like this guy at school and he’s in my chem class. When we talk, I find that we have a lot of things in common, but i really don’t know what to say to him because I’m afraid of embarrassing myself by saying something stupid. I want to keep in touch with him and become good friends but I don’t know what to do. I also think he likes me, but I can’t tell for sure. He glances over at me alot and I’ve noticed that he looks into my eyes alot too. HELP ME PLEASE! I’m so bad with guys!

  • This may sound really crazy because I have a crush on this guy and I don’t know if he likes me or not. I only see him when he is working and lately he makes it a point to say Hi how are you……then when I leave he makes it a point to say take care and give me a big smile! I just melt and want to say something but chicken out. I don’t know if he is just being nice or if he likes me? I was wondering if I should make a move, say something or what? This is driving me crazy and I can’t stop thinking about him and maybe he feels the same way??? Please help!!!!

  • There’s this guy i like in my class who sits across the room facing me. Often, i catch him staring at me, and when he sees i’ve noticed, he smiles widely. Is this flirting?

  • Okay, so there’s this guy named will and my friend and I were at math tutoring because he’s a tutor. And we did that “game” were she tell him that one of her friends(me) likes him and he guessed me , but he said he has feeling for another girl at another school. But I alway see him looking at me from the conner of my eye. My bestfriend told me to give up but I don’t want to. And I’m friends with all of his friends and I messaged his o e friend who he’s really close with and he told me not to give up. Im really athletic I play soccer tennis basketball he also plays tennis and soccer and he comes to our practices for tennis. I don’t know what to do! PLEASE HELP

  • So there’s this guy in my class that I really like, and one day he asked me if I wanted to go play volleyball with him and some friends. At this point we have been talking together a lot.. I really wanted to go, but I was ill and therefore didn’t have a chance to meet him.
    1) Is it possible that since he asked me, he likes me? (I’m very bad at noticing these things)
    2) Could he start to think I don’t like him since I said I couldn’t meet him?

  • Ive been dating a guy on and off for two years. When I say on and off I mean that we have broken up around 8 times and gotten back together around 9. We are together now. I wanted to read this to see if he really does like me the way he says he does. I think yes. But recently he got into a car accident and his mom took away his phone. I wont be able to see him until school starts again in 10 weeks. I will be a Junior and He will be a second year senior. I Trust him but I dont know what is going to happen in these ten weeks. I will not do anything but I want to know if he will. I spent all this week with him and today is only day one of this long 10 week journey. My question is are we broken up or taking a break or what? I dont want him thinking we are broken up yet again. In the past all of our break ups have been caused by friends and family, I am scared that this is another one of those break ups.

  • Thanks this is really great

    I’ve told the guy I like that I like him and my friends have been trying to get him to go out with me but keeps saying no because if his braces and I’ve told him that I like those too and so have my friends but I really don’t no if he likes me or if he is just putting me on

  • So theres this guy he’s 2 years older than me and we’ve been talking for about 2 years i havent seen him in months and we dont hang out, he wants to hang out though. We talk on the phone weekly, ever weekend but we dont talk on weekdays because we are both busy doing our things and ive got alot of studying to do. But when we talk on the phone i would just be talking and then he would just say ILoveYou and he always compliments me and teases me. He knows I like him so he should make his move to ask me out but he hasnt. Hes always asking about me and if i complain about anything he would try to help me staright away, he laughs at everthing i say but sometimes he teases me. He talks to alot of girls thats the thing i dont know if he likes me. We spend up to 5 Hours on the phone talking and we never get enough of each other. I dont know if he likes me. He asked to see me next week and he said he wants to spend the whole summer with me, so I dont know if hes just flirting me for the fun of it or if he really likes me.

  • I really like this guy and I’ve told him that I like him, my friends have tried to get him to go out with me but he said no because of his braces me and my friends have told him that I like his braces but he still stays no. I seen him do some of the 37 things but not sure if he’s just putting me on??? PLEASE HELP ME I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY!!!

  • Okay, so I use to like this guy and we had an apparent ‘thing’ but it never seemed to make it to the actual relationship phase. We stopped talking for a while and now we are starting to talk again. I believe i’m starting to develop feelings for him once more but I don’t know how to start this off. Should I talk to him like I did before when I had a crush or just play it cool for a while??

  • Alright, so I like this guy and he admitted to my friend that he sort of likes me. You see, I’m a REALLY shy girl and I don’t know how to get over it! I have only talked to him several times in person but never a full conversation. So what should I do? Should I just ‘man up’ and go up to him more or wait til he approaches me?

  • I’m a high school girl and there is a boy “Sam” and he nvr talks to me or flirts or does anything but during my classes he does look over but when I notice he looks away and he likes to embarrass me a lot but we do have a friend that we both talk to all the time and she kind of spy’s 4 me she told me that he thinks I’m cute and nice and we wrote letters to freinds and to ourselves and stuck all of them in our own envolopes in 8th grade to open at our highs hook graduation and I wrote one to him an he told me he liked the letter I got all happy but I still can’t tell and I loved ur arrival btw but it’s a little advanced 4 me so I kind of need a little help on this on

  • This guy that I like’s friend old my friend that he likes me but the lots of people got involved at first he didn’t deny it but then his best girl. Friend asked and he denied it. He told everyone else that he liked me What does this mean? What should I do?

  • I really like this guy, but I don’t know if he likes me, me makes fun of me, then sometimes he try being nice,I’m really confuse if he likes me of my friend. Please tell me he likes me?

  • I like this guy ca called Alex but he doesn’t like me. We’ve been out twice. He says that it’s because of our age. He’s 5 years older than me but that doesn’t mater to me what should I do? Some one please tell me!

  • This article is epic! Well this guy I like…I’ve heard he likes me and he told my best friends im cute and bubbly! :) he stares at me A LOT! and always messages me. I tried watching his body language and I can’t tell. he looks at my lips a lot…. he’s shy though. He hasn’t asked me out and school is over in a week. What should I do?

  • okay so this is a extremely BIG problem , there’s a guy whom i like , i mean the thing is WE ARE BEST FRIENDS !!! i mean i’ve got a huge GROUP of friends umm.. lemme correct a GROUP of best friends which has girls, boys. And he is a part of it.
    And we are like BESTIES !
    i think he likes me back , because when i wanted to have an ice-cream he set up the PARTY and gathered everybody there.
    Then he wants to have the ice-cream i had.
    Well he swims with me and it was like a place near me & a place after a guy who stood next to me was empty so he CAME right next to me!
    Then i’ve caught him staring at me.
    Now my sis , mom and 2 other people say that he likes me & really cares for me.
    I mean this is like getting me out of control cause he’s so caring in every incident that has happened ?
    HELP !

  • If fancy this lad at work but I am frightened to ask him if he feels the same way has he might rejected me and I’ve never had a boyfriend which he nos but he has a girlfriend but I think he still fancies me . If he fancies me would he complainant on things about me and ask if I have a boyfriend and stare at me in the eyes for at least 10 seconds!

    • if he stares at me in the eyes is that a sign ! If he is shy when he sees me would he look at his phone a lot!

  • Some really good points but I know that I definitely tend to read too deeply into things and then end up misinterpreting how a guy might actually feel about me, I tried using one of the online quizzes like the site but then I started questioning my interpretation of things, and who knows how much that affected the quiz…soooo…still confused if he likes me, just not as much now.

  • I can’t find any answers to my problem… I’ve just had this dream about a guy from my college, one year older than me. I’ve never talked to him in real, but in my dream we were talking like a couple would when they’re cuddling. I wake up, and suddenly knows his name, and I can’t stop thinking about him since he was in my dream that night. I’m afraid to even talk to him, even if we never even talked.. I’m afraid if I talk to him or anything, everyone will make fun of me. What should I do ?? Please help me.

    • I think if you feel really strong about talking to him you should go ahead and do so. DO NOT talk about your dream to him because it may creep him out, or others for the sake ofhim not finding out!

  • I am so glad I came across this article! The guy I realy like has ALL of these signs YAYY! Wish me luck! <3

  • I AM MENTAL! A guy from school did most of these things. I thought that he liked me & my friends told me he did but, I didnt listen. Everytime he tried to talk to me I was to nervous to say how I felt. Now im graduated & wont ever see him again… I did nothing but waste his time all year. he spent a YEAR trying to get me to speak…& all he got was short responses or me looking down…..

    Sorry thats a lot I just nee

  • there is this guy i like. and my friend asked my crush what he thinks of me, and my crush said as a sister. but my bests told me that she have a feeling that my crush also likes me, i’m confused, my crush does act like he likes me sometimes. a while ago i was texting with BOY friend of mine, and my crush knew, he pats his chest like he’s hurt. i got confused……:(

    • Dude! The bro likes ya! If ur single, and he’s single, get with that! Good luck, I am rooting for ya!

  • There is this guy I like. I didn’t think that I liked him, and whenever he made a move I just thought it was funny cuz I had something with his cousin a while ago. We mostly talk when we are out drinking. Or one of us (mostly him) are drinking. May 16th I drove him and he told me that he loves me. A couple days later he was drunk again, and he talked to me on Facebook. He said that he wanted me to come over and was really sad and angry when I couldn’t. I have also met him at the gym, and he talks to me, and makes sure of that everything is alright with me. When we’re both out and he smoke (only when he’s drinking” he makes sure that the smoke doesn’t hit me or that I inhale smoke, cuz that’s not good for me. Saturday a week ago I went out, sober and I met him at the club with his friends. He was so happy when I walked in that he ran over to me, lifted me up, hugged me and spun around. He was around all night, held my hand and later that night he came over to where I sat and took my hands looked into my eyes and asked me to dance. We danced for a while before he said that he wanted to kiss me and we started kissing. This went on for an hour, and then I had to leave. Had to drive me cousin home. When I was leaving he pulled me in for a final kiss and told me that he love me (care for me) I haven’t spoken to him since because I’m really shy, and get nervous around boys. I also hate to talk about stuff like that on Facebook, texts etc. I haven’t met him after either.
    What my question is if it is a possiblity that he might like me? And what should I do?

  • A guy from school added me on facebook. He never talked to me at school but I would see him alot. He sent me a message telling me he wants to get to know me and see where it goes. He also said that I’m beautiful. Before he told me this he asked whats up and so I repied to that instead of what he put after. Though I told him thanks. We talked about music and then a while later he said he wants to get to know me, again ._. I want a relationship but then again I don’t. I’m graduating already so having a relationship will be sort of hard since I wont be able to go on dates with him until I move out but by the I will be in college. I don’t know how to tell him this or what to do He said he really likes me. Even if I like him I don’t want to be in a relationship. My life is a busy one since I’m a dancer and am graduating and need to save up alot of money. Someone please help!!

  • Well I met a guy in april but he made it clear right away that he doesn’t like me “that way”. Then I ran into a bad situation and he came over just to cheer me up. But has been the same as before. I’m confused, and in love. What does this mean

    • He’s just trying to be a good friend. He probably think’s it’s the least he can do after being so blunt about not liking you.

  • i’m very confused about the guy i like also…. everyone says he likes me, but i dont know. he puts his hands on my legs, arms, and even my head, we’ve been knowing eachother since the beginning of the year, and ever since we met, we hang out every single day at school. He even knows that i like him, but he wanted me to tell him myself… And whenever he can’t sit by me at lunch, he gets Very mad, and just stares at me until lunch ends, Does he LIKE me??

    • No offense, but are you stupide. A-duh he likes you, he made it pretty damn clear on many occasions. Go for it girl, just d what your gut tells you. Best of luck.

  • how if….. my situation is, i’m always the first one who texted him :/ went i didn’t text him, he wont really text at all.. but when i started the conversation, he replies too.. and then when we were together, he is sweet.. i’m so confuse :/

  • i met this guy outside. he is f*cking everywhere. we get to see each other by chance everywhere and he was also my regular customer on my workplace. sometimes he brought his gf there which makes me felt like i don’t know what to do or to react whenever that happens. i pretend at my best.. coz i like him. we actually don’t know each other but we came to the point that we exchange number and start to have communication. he is sweet but i dont know.. sometimes or most of the time i felt like he doesnt like me back most especially when i can feel that he is not having fun to keep on texting up with me. well i know that he knows that i likes him. i had a chance to be with him when his friends asked for swimming but i dont know what to do, i wanna show him more that i like him but most of the time pretend on my best.

  • So i met this guy on imvu a web chat. Good thing is the guy was really the age he said he was and really the person in the pictures. Sad part is he lives in florida and I live in virginia. you guessed it we never met. Ok so we talked on imvu and it led to all day phone calls. we would be on the phone for hours.While on the phone i would take it as he was just not into me. he would tease me and call me the meg of my family aka meg griffin from family guy. he would aslo call me annoying. it got me thinking if i’m annoying why are you still talking to me? I took it as harmless flirting. Also he would say things like if you were here we would cuddle and other things along those lines. Then 2 days go by and we haven’t talked i checked my imvu messages and he wrote me saying he got robbed. So that kinda made me smile not because he got robbed but the fact he told me he got robbed. So 2 weeks go by we haven’t talked he didn’t come on imvu either. So one day out of the blue he texts me and lets me know he got his phone back. but the strange thing is he was upadating his instagram. So that right there showed me he wasn’t into me because he must of had his phone back before he told me. He ended up finding me on twitter and started to follow me..My twitter page is private and not much on it. so i was wondering why he wanted to follow me and he didn’t like me. so fast forward to now. He got a new phone number and he text me to let me know he got a new number. When he texted me he gave me a nickname. he never called me that..actually nobody called me that so i smiled about it. so while we are talking He shoots me in the heart by saying “ok buddy” I fell off my bed and wanted to reach in the phone and kill him. I asked so were friends now and he replies “learn life” I say so you’re saying that’s life?. He says “it’s levels to this sh*t” aka meek mill song I reply smh and he says “lol” so im guessing he’s saying lets start out as friends and work our way up. i don’t know what to do..does he like me or not

  • actually am in a fix. a few yrs back I was crushin on a guy but he never really showed interest in me.recently he said he actually loves me but u don’t know know if it was an impulsive answer or it was for another guy says he loves me but I don’t know if I should blive him or not..He pays a great deal of attention to me unlike my crush but I don’t really feel anything strong towards him…am really confused n they r both asking me out…I don’t know who to say yes to.

  • Probably so. Also, LOL, I love the part where you said you fell off the bed and wanted to reach through the phone and kill him!! :)

  • Ok so I am still not sure if the guy likes me or not, here’s the full story… My best friend wanted to go to a dance and she wanted me to go with her and her boyfriend, I said I wouldn’t have a date and I really didn’t want to be a third wheel and then she said I wouldn’t be a third wheel and that I could go with her brother, but I didn’t really know her brother at the time and I said I don’t know but then him and I started talking and eventually we were going to go to the dance together and he asked me out but I wasn’t sure about that because I haven’t been on a date before and well in the end of that part after he just said he wasn’t going to go with me to the dance I realized I liked him and was sad he didn’t go with me and stuff so then we didn’t really talk for about five months and we recently started talking for a while and we started hanging out with my best friend and him we went swimming once and went to a movie once and then we hung out before I left for vacation like the night before I left in the morning and when I got back he was being all nice to me and stuff and one night when I stayed the night he made me watch a movie with him just to get my phone, iPod and sunglasses back from him and some part of that night he asked me “what would you do if I gave you a hickie” and I said I don’t know, why? And then he said well because I like you and then we held hands the rest of the movie and then we hung out again the next night and we ended up making out and after we made out the next day he pretty much stopped talking to me and is being an ass sometimes so yea that’s my messed up story and I don’t know if he still likes me or not, please help me /.\

  • Ok so I am still not sure if the guy likes me or not, here’s the full story… My best friend wanted to go to a dance and she wanted me to go with her and her boyfriend, I said I wouldn’t have a date and I really didn’t want to be a third wheel and then she said I wouldn’t be a third wheel and that I could go with her brother, but I didn’t really know her brother at the time and I said I don’t know but then him and I started talking and eventually we were going to go to the dance together and he asked me out but I wasn’t sure about that because I haven’t been on a date before and well in the end of that part after he just said he wasn’t going to go with me to the dance I realized I liked him and was sad he didn’t go with me and stuff so then we didn’t really talk for about five months and we recently started talking for a while and we started hanging out with my best friend and him we went swimming once and went to a movie once and then we hung out before I left for vacation like the night before I left in the morning and when I got back he was being all nice to me and stuff and one night when I stayed the night he made me watch a movie with him just to get my phone, iPod and sunglasses back from him and some part of that night he asked me “what would you do if I gave you a hickie” and I said I don’t know, why? And then he said well because I like you and then we held hands the rest of the movie and then we hung out again the next night and we ended up making out and after we made out the next day he pretty much stopped talking to me and is being an ass sometimes, and any time i text him he says bye but when he texts me out of nowhere he just says hey and sometimes doesn’t even answer back after I say hey and just recently I texted him saying that we needed to talk because it was maybe a week after we made out and after I said that he said bye but I texted him after that I told him that we needed to and he needed to stop being an ass hole and talk to me because I was trying to figure out what the f*ck was going on because I need to know how he feels and stuff so yea that’s my messed up story and I don’t know if he still likes me or not, please help me /.\

  • Well, this didnt exactly help. I mean, I like this guy and he has a girlfriend. He’s my friend and all, we love talking to each other, most of the signs here are true, he doesn’t talk about his girlfriend at all, he’s always looking straight into my eyes and I just blush a little. He’s always shy around me but sometimes he ignores me! And the worst thing is that his girlfriend is my best friend! I’m confused on what to do!!! And one time, I talked to him about another guy and he seemed jealous. And one time he asked me who I wanted to get married to! I told him it was none of his business and that made him sad! I need advice! Please! P.S he awed me for my address and phone number

  • im only 13 and im from ohio and we go camping every weekend at tappan and theirs this kik i tink his brother said hes 14 but anyways he was looking at me alot and keept riding his bike past me and my friends and other things i want to know if he likes me so bad!!!

  • There’s this guy I like and the last time I saw him he asked a girl he knew to ask my friend if she liked him. My friend said no to the girl and she reported back to him. But he showed signs that day that he liked me and in the past to . I’m solo confused!!!

  • I told him i love him, but then he said he’s back with his ex-girlfriend. when i found out i cried all night cause i was mad and sad that i didn’t told him earlier. after that he didn’t call me or text me. i still really love him and now i’m confused. should i let go?

  • Matega u should ask him is he really wants to be with his ex or with you cuz gurl there’s a reason they broke up

  • well…i’m in high school. i met a guy who i really like and he’s really kind.he knows a lot about sports and i train handball so i think we are a perfect match :) but the problem is that he doesn’t use facebook and i can’t get him someplace alone to get his number so i could ask him out sometimes. any help please?

  • Reading through all these comments is making me feel really sad and depressed now. The guy I like thinks of me as the antisocial freaky retard who is never lacking a snarky comment. I heard him say and I know that there isn’t a single guy that even would willingly speak to me. What do I do? Even the girls won’t talk to me I’m that ‘mean’ I’m just shy!

    • Spoonie, that’s happened to me. My crush looks like he likes this girl I hate, and he’s friends with my friends, and all my friends say he prolly likes me. Sometimes he’s a jerkbag, though. I think that the best option is to try and forget about it. It’s hard, but it may work.

  • I’ve been friends with a guy for more than 2 years now and in the past couple of months he went from being absolutely platonic to showing nearly all of these signs. When I confronted him about it, he simply said he’s just being a good friend and that’s all we are. Even now, some of the more obvious stuff has stopped, like paying for me or blatant physical contact, but he still lingers a little too long and seems worried about me moving on. He’s been hurt badly before so I know that’s a factor. Any guidance how to proceed from here?

  • When i came to high school there wasn’t many guys that i would be interested about. But now like 2 months ago i really like of my classmates. I think about him every day and every minute and every second. I really can’t stop thinking about him. He came to me a few times and we talked for a while. Once he was sitting along my side and i was playing a game on my phone and he leaned on my arm for a while. He likes video games and sports and i’m really shy. I already have his number, but when i texted him to come a watch a handball game with me he refused. He said that everything hurts him of the exercise in school. How can i ask him out and tell him that i’m really in love with him. I’m scared that he will reject me. Please help!!

  • I fire dance at parties and boys love it. Does that mean they love the lizard moon fire dancer personna I emit? Or is it me they love?

  • this is good stuff 4 sure and I know now he likes me…..thanks so much..ur like a big brother….

  • I just got finish doing an interview with a guy who is helping me fight for tenants rights in my building. He works for a news station and interview to put my stories on the news, however, out of all the time he has done so before today was different. He like the dress that I was wearing he said that it was beautiful and that I look beautiful, he also said that he wanted to get to know me more and wanted to know which radio stations I intern for so that he can hear me on the radio. I also insisted on meeting my mother and he spend a lot of time interviewing me . Does this mean that he likes me or was just flirting with me?
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • I know one guy. We went to same school. We were in same crew of friends for almost 7 or 8 years. There was nothing between us for that many years. And we were good friends, but not that close. And two weeks ago, we slept together. It just happened. After what happened, he cared a lot about me when we were actually together. It does really feel like I am being loved enough. After that, he asked me to join him a dinner once. And end up in my place again. He never talked about what we are(whether he likes me or not). And I had really crazy shy personality that all my friends know about. So I couldn’t dare to confront him about it. But when we are not together, he doesn’t really contact me very often. So it feels like we are all friends again when we are not around each other. And when we meet he acts like as if I am his girlfriend. I don’t know what this means and I know he is nice enough guy but still, I want to know if he just wants to sleep with me or not. Thanks for your article. I will use it wisely.

  • i think he likes me but when our class is watching a movie the whole hour my crush that i like stares right at me and he thinks i don’t notice him doing that so he keeps on going and then i look over at him and then we just stare at each other for like 3 seconds. remember i liked him since 3rd grade and i’m in 8th grade-that is 6th years!!!!! but he has a girlfriend and i think he likes me and my friend.

  • i recently meet my fren who we know each other last time but he moved then we stop contact then recently we meet in shopping mall he always smile at me when i walk pass at first i did not remember who he is then recently i remember who he is and i go talk to him at first we were fine and we laugh alot when we talking but recently i text him he no reply but when he saw me outside he will call my name and smile at me and talk to me but he no reply my text sometime he will ignore me when i doing something he keep looking at me sometimes he walk pass me but he will not talk to me and smile when he walk away sometimes he will talk to me sometimes will ignore me and he promise will give me something i ask when he say dont worry he will give but until now havent give does he like me or dont like me?

  • Ok, first of all, I came to this website cause I am really confused about my feelings towards this guy. Let me tell you guys a little bit about how I meat him. I’m recently in high school , so we have this English 2 class together . At first , I didn’t like him at all , he was sitting next to my friend (but my friend had a crush on me and I didn’t know, two months later on valentines day he proposed to me , but I said no , because I had a boyfriend already. We stayed as friends , and he was ok wit it , today he is one of my buds.) Now , the kid I was taking about , that is not my friend of course , found out my friend had a crush on me and came up to me and asked me If I like my friend. It seemed really awkward because I don’t know this kid , right? So I got really mad and asked him why did he wanted to know?he said that he was just curious .Everyone in school knew my friend had a crush on me and I guess this kid found out.
    Well, I have this kid in lunch and he started to sit with my friends , cause one of my girlfriends has biology with him .
    After that we started to hang out in lunch and I joined the group.
    But not only that , I have him in physical education , and one time we were playing soccer and the ball went over a fence. I decided to jump onto the fence , I hot the ball and was climbing the fence when I my short got stuck and he wanted to help me jump of . One of his friends was telling me to let go and be rescued by my prince, (which was this kid ) but I didn’t . It was really weird cause I never taught they will tell me such a thing, I think they were playing.
    Anyway , since that day , we have a close relationship , but I think he likes me . I guess he try’s to deny it , but one of my friends that has classes with him asked me if I like him, of course I said no, and she had the ovary a to ask him if he likes me , she told me afterwards that he said: “no wtf” but then she told me another day that he does like me.
    I do think he is jealous with my friend , the one that proposed to me . Because every time I mention him he has a face .
    Finally , yesterday in school , we were at lunch and there was no space. So he sat next to me , we were so tight that I didn’t have space to eat. We’ll my point is that he started to play around.
    There is a security guy that is always poking me , so he made my day.
    He saw that I was sitting next to the kid I have a crush on and he started teasing me and saying that we should be a couple . My friends that were on the table , told me that I got red , anyways , this security guy that is my friend , for no reason came up to me and offered me his glasses so that I could look like my crush , because my crush uses glasses but I use contact lenses .
    I got so mad and was so embarrasses that I had to go to the bathroom , I talked to the security guy and asked him to please not to bother me anymore . But I made it worse. Then he started asking my crush if he likes me , we’ll I guess he was feeling embarrass too so he said no , or maybe I’m the one that likes him but he doesn’t . I don’t know .
    But in the next class , he was like if nothing happened .
    What is really strange to me is that he stares and looks at me and his eyes shine. Of course if I’m really close to him to see it.
    Someone please tell me what do you think.
    If I’m too dramatic , if likes me or not, and please if you are a guy be honest if I’m being to cheese ?

  • There’s this guy from my old school who recently changed schools to go to my previous school. And believe me when I say this. Literally Every girl was drooling over him. And all I wanted out of him was a friendship and as time passed me and a group of friends started teasing my friend that he likes her I mean for goodness sake we asked him if he wanted to dance with her at the Valentine’s ball and he did. And this is the same guy who is doing awkward he barely talk to anybody. So this year march came and was became closer as. We were doing a school play and we would hang out 24/7 then people everywhere kept asking if we were dating and it was kinda awkward cause I only saw him as a friend then I got a bf .. and o was OK. Then I noticed that he would want me to approach him a lot. And whenever we talked he would lean in closer to me and so on.. then I heard from a lot of people that he would constantly ask where I was. Then a month later. It was my last day.. (he never Hugs anybody else except me, and those were short hugs. I didn’t take it as anything except for he was comfortable with me because we were friends now. ) then on my last day he was with his sister and they had to go and his sister kept rushing him and he just stayed there and waited until I said goodbye to him and he gave me the longest hug ever and when we were done he stood there waiting ignoring just sister shouting at him then he looked like he was about to say something. Then he just left. So ever since. I’ve only seen him once And rhat was to go ice skating which waa fun. We would skate together and eveyrime I’d say something he would lean on to listen. I know it was loud but Hey.. my Friends keep telling me that he likes and they don’t have hard proof because in any case he would say no if they asked him because hes like a shut book
    . And I’m still with my boyfriend so what if I fall for this guy then I find out that he doesnt actually like me?. Oh Yeah I forgot to add. I’m black he’s white and while.were were Ice skating we passed a black withman and whit women and he’s like -“Look at that.. that is not right”.. Yeah. When he found out I had a nd he was like whaaat?!

  • I hope someone here could help me. I went on a date with a guy..well, it was a date as he said let’s meet up however neither of us used the word “date”. I have a bit of crush on this guy and we used to text a lot – from that I also started to like him as a person and really interested in getting to know him better. I really thought he was interested as he did ask to go out for dinner in the evening while walking me home from our date. But as I had been so stressed with nerves already and felt like I wanted to take things a bit slow plus also not hungry at all due to all the nerves I said something like no thank you as I am not hungry…His offer to have dinner seemed to me as he was interested. Anyway, when it was time to separate it was kind of abrupt/rushed as I just said a quick bye and nearly ran away from him. I am a very shy person and anything like kissing on the first date is a bit too much for me – hence why I ran away. I did text him though same eve to tell him thanks for the great time and that it was good to meet up with him ect to which he didn’t really comment. He didn’t write to me after that at all… He then told both my friend and to myself that he did like talking to me and would like to meet me again in the future but only as a friend. He asked several times if I was interested in meeting him as a friend. I am of course happy to remain in touch with him but have to admit why he wasn’t interested in any more dates by clearly telling he only wants to be friends. I am really confused as he did come across really interested, especially offering the dinner at the end of our date while walking home..He comes across like a very shy guy too e.g. he is chatty in the text messages but whenever we speak on the phone he goes very quiet. I will be the one asking questions to keep the conversation going. Also during the date, he did talk but he seemed shy/nervous. There was lot of eye contact from his side. To be honest, it was me who was too shy to maintain the eye-contact and kept looking away. Please advice/help. Thanks in advance :)

  • Ok I do not know if this guy likes me but here are some things he dose at school only with me:
    * he talks about my clothing cowardly,
    * when he looks sad he will shut everyone out but me
    * if I give him a pitted hug he will try to lean in as close as possible
    * and ……. wow I think he dose like me!!!

  • I met a guy a few years ago through work. We’ve since become good friends. In fact I’d go so far as to say he is one of the best friends I’ve ever had, male or female. When he greets me he hugs me tightly and picks me up and swings me around. He sometimes caresses my arm albeit briefly and strokes my hair in passing. He sometimes approaches me from behind and wraps his arms around my shoulders. Although i try to go dutch when we are out he insists on always paying. He sends me texts saying ‘love ya’ in a very bro kind of way. He also sends me emocon high fives (friend) but also hearts and kisses (?). I try not to read too much into it but I can’t help but wonder sometimes. I think the way he behaves is just the kind of guy he is. I’m just not sure, though. I don’t know guys the same way as I know girls. I am in a relationship with a woman and we have been together for 7 years. Our relationship has been rocky for the last two years. She left me briefly because she went through a phase of wanting to be single again. She moved out and went and lived in a student house with her single friends and partied for a few months or so. We are back together again but its not been easy since we broke up. However, I’d never leave her or cheat on her. I think the world of my guy friend. I’d hate to have ‘lose’ him because he likes me more than a friend. It would tear me up, which is why I need to figure this out. I’m so confused.

  • my problem is that i study in a school and a guy works at the school canteen he is cute i like him but i cant talk to him so how would i know he likes me because when i pass by him if he is talking he starts looking at me :(

  • So there is this guy and I hanged out with him on this church trip I had and he kept starring at me and stuff and I really did not like him at first but then I started to and I told him and he just nodded and I walked away and then he created us a handshake and we were friends like close friends and then one day he just started ignoring me so I did too now we are talking and smiling but I don’t know Id he likes me Back he shows off when I’m around and I always catch him starring at me but I don’t know help me please…..!

  • WOW….Great Write-Up…now,I will be able to tell if DJ really likes me,cos I wasn’t so sure. LOL.

  • Umm, this crush of mine have many crusheS. But he told my friend that he is in LOVE with someone. But I don’t care who that person is. He also told my friend that the one he loves is isn’t in the list of his crushes. XD Well, I don’t really expect if he like me. I’m just an average normal girl with a not-so-good nor not-so-bad face and my classmates tend to say that I have a good personality. They say that I am a nice person. XD My classmates also found the way I laugh cute, I doesn’t have sounds. XD
    Now, we don’t often talk… I’m a shy type. XD He tends to look at me (sometimes I guess, I don’t really look at him often. I’m busy listening to the discussion) but when I caught him, he smiles, I smile or he’ll just look at me for a few seconds. He also teases the way I write, the way I laugh, the way I smile. (He’s crazy) He compliments me like, “You’re pretty.” when no one is near us. And when I gave my friends letters, he asked me why he doesn’t have a letter but I also have a letter for him, I gave it. And when it went missing, he already asked everybody if they’ve seen the letter I gave him. XD And also, when he sat next to me, I thought he’s gonna talk to me…he just sat beside me, no talking with me for real. When we talk, even though there’s nothing funny, we always tend to laugh. When we met each others gaze, we laugh. Umm, so..? Does he like me?

  • I really like this guy. Have the biggest crush on him. So far we’ve met 3 times (i wont call it a date because we don’t know anybody else in common so can’t really do stuff with more people). He shows alot of the above signs when we’r together. but i get the impression he’s just a ‘kind’ guy? Haven’t been around him with friends/other girls to really know more. But have no clue what to do? He compliments alot, and is constantly shocked i haven’t got someone! All the time we met we talk about how come i haven’t got a date and how am so pretty and he makes alot of questions about me as well as including me in plans coming ahead (maybe we could do this and that together in the next i don’t know how manye months/years…). But then again says he’ll get a nice guy to take me on a date…. Or surely i’ll find the guy for me bla bla bla… Also, He never contacts/start a conversation with me when we not together! How do i know? Could it just be he’s being kind when we’r together? Do i tell him? How? Don’t want to ruin the chance of any potential friendship :(

  • Thanks guys, I appreciate the support your giving me. I hope most of this was accurate enough to help your relationships. -Jason

  • I only see this guy like once a year which is really sad because I really like him and I just can’t tell if he likes me. I’m really shy easpiecially around boys and I don’t talk much when I’m around him. But we had this family friend meet up and he was high fiving everyone but with me it was like a high five hold hand sorta thing and he held it much longer than everyone else’s. Then at dinner everyone was swapping seats so the little kids could see the TV and I had the seat next to me swapped for his Brother and when he found out his brother was sitting next to me it looked like he was disappointed or upset. Then when some people went to watch a movie in the living I went out to get some fruit salad for myself and I stopped by the stairs because one of the baby’s was crawling up and I was just saying like hello and be careful and I turned around and he was staring at me so I’m not sure if he likes me or not?

  • I need some opinions. I recently bought a car from a local dealership and the guy that sold me the car is super cute, adorable, and pretty much what I want in a guy.
    Before I even bought a car he had offered to give me driving lessons on a 6 speed vehicle. I bought it before the car was even available. But he knew my mother could teach me how to drive but he taught me either way over a c 4 day period. He’s joked with me and held conversations both personal and basic with me. I really like him but he’s had a traumatic life experience that I think may have made him a shy guy. He had a scar on his face (I think it’s adorable) but I’ve noticed in his pictures he always takes a picture of his good side. We text mostly about common thinks and he’s not one for words but I compleliment a lot and I don’t really very any in return. He’s incited me once to hang with him and his work buddy at the mall. I helped them pick out clothes and even helped the guy I like pick it underwear. We ate after that, he sat next to me and even took a picture of the both of us. He invited me to his best friends house afterwards and I stayed until 2am. He didn’t sit next to me but he did give me a hug at the end of the night and told me to text him when I got home. I’m thinking 8 out of 10 this guy likes me and so does my family and friends. Any ideas on why he’s talking a while to ask me out or hang again?

  • I have a really complicated situation. I have known this guy for about 3 years and I have liked him since we have met. About a year ago he told me he liked me but it was recently after he broke up with his girlfriend. That ex girlfriend almost 2 years ago he is still in contact with and really likes her. He has dated other girls since then but it hasn’t been very public. Anyways he hides his feelings well. We have danced together many times since we do ballroom dancing and east coast swing dancing, I have hung out with him many times but he is very quiet and naturally I am too. Some times he is on his phone and other times he isn’t. I have drank with him many times in mostly small to big group settings. He has made the comment to me and my friend (my friend usually hangs out with us) that he wishes we were his actual sisters cause his real sisters suck :/ yet yesterday we were on the topic of yoga pants and he was saying he doesn’t like them and ‘bigger girls’ can’t pull them off well which I responded by saying I love my yoga pants and don’t really care what you think. Then he made the comment/compliment that I could pull yoga pants off (I am on the smaller size thanks to genes, and healthy eating).
    So I really don’t know. Every time one of us is single the other one is in a relationship. And he is the type of guy that does what he wants and doesn’t care what people think. I on the other hand to some degree do care what people think :/ so he is a tough one to figure out.

  • My crush once (or three times) checked me out. He also went up behind me so I could literally feel his body on my body (not face to face but his face to my back). He also talked to me in math once.. Like I kept trying to hint that I didn’t really wanna talk at the time; he didn’t catch that and kept asking me random questions of a project we did in a class as a whole class together. My friend also says he blushes when talking to me and won’t stop talking to me. It’s true he won’t stop. And once (or again three times) I had to sit with him and his friends (some my friends) and he kept staring at me because I never eat at school. He knows my sister used to tell me to kill myself and once I writing a piece for suicidal people not to be suicidal and the title was Suicide Notes…. I guess he thought I was suicidal (I was but I only cut once) and whenever I talk to my friends about something in my life that upsets me he’s usually around and his ear is turning to where I am( I get my suspicion he’s easdropping). He also signed my yearbook in sixth grade ( we are in EIGTH grade now wow) and he signed it saying “(his name) you rock! HAGS see you next year!” And yeah he also stares at me in ELA and he usually is near me when he could be all the way across the room during break.

  • I had a friend of mine who I was almost 100% certain that he liked me, he used to lay his arm over my shoulders all the time, almost missed a class once because he was talking to me, almost missed the subway home to give me a hug before he left and and so on. Then we went to this party at our school and he tried to kiss me. I rejected him for it because I wasn’t sure what he wanted, or what I wanted. Then, he stopped talking to me. We see each other almost every day but we almost never talk anymore, which makes me sad because I really, really like him. Is it possible that he likes me? What should I do?

  • I have a situation and I don’t know if I’m assuming or he actually has something toward me, but I just don’t believe it.

    He first came to talk to me summer 2010 with a girl during the event at church. The odd thing is that she left right after he and I talked a bit. We had a small meeting after and as the person in charge compliment our help, I applauded and turned my head to him. I felt that he’s blushed. I added him later on FB since before I saw him in my friend’s profile. We talked sometimes, but short because he said he’s busy at the time. At church, I rarely paid attention at him, but always sensed that he kept have an eye on something.
    1. When he had to turn to the Bishop, his eyes continued to stare and his friend had to poke him. He seemed to hesitate to focus in serving at Church.
    2. One time he poked me and I turned around to see his big smile. He walked with me, but did not say anything. He kept smiling and glanced at the ground. It was a windy day, so I said “it’s windy” he said “yeah” I was nervous for some reason and ran off because the wind blew my hair hard and I felt embarrassed.
    We rarely had a chance to talk anymore after that and when a friend suddenly wanted to ask if he likes me, she texted me back saying that he does not. I messaged him to ask like I noticed he behaved oddly and such. He did not reply and blocked me. I thought our friendship ended and we did not say anything after that. When I acted mad walking by him after Mass, he ran out after a bit, but seeing that I was mad and told my mom to go, he’s back off.
    4. 2 months later, I still noticed his behaviors. He seemed moody like sad one week, and then smile the next. I often ignored it because it probably did not involve me, but he still acts weird.
    5. Recently, I saw that he would hurry to the spot where he could sit directly facing me (like in the middle) as Mass started.
    6. He suddenly acted mad when walking up after serving for Mass (this was after I was back to my seat, praying, and sensed that he looked right at me, but I did not pay attention) Most of the time, it was from a far distance and many people at church though.
    7. Last Sun, I looked at him often and noticed that he glanced at my direction as well. Every time I looked, a bit later, saw he glanced at me. During the gift session at Mass, I looked at him and when he walked back up with the Bishop, he was happy like in such a good mood. He could not serve on my line, but where he stood was diagonal to my seat. I looked over at him and when he had to walk back, he looked down and was sad. Yet, when he got to his seat, he was smiling, sat down and glanced at bit at me again.
    8. I even noticed his friends seem to glance at my direction as well.
    9. After Mass, when I stood against the wall looking at the door, he walked toward and we had like eye contact with each other into the eyes. His eyes either seem to feel surprised that i was there or he actually looked into my eyes. I turned away and he just walked by smiling.
    10. When I walked up to stand next to him, he was smiling and quickly walked toward his friend, a girl. He could say hi to other girls, but just never to me.

    His friend, the girl, was not there when he acted mad or sad and last Sun, her seat was above mine. It’s been a while, but we hardly have a chance to talk and when he’s busy lately, it’s even rare to see how he acts. I am confused…

  • *sigh* I need help, theres this guy. We are work colleagues and actually friends on Facebook tho I was the one who added him a few months back. But lately there maybe signs, like we both have an interest in the same sport and this weekend is a big event and we both have that same interest in it. Today I was fixing up a table with my head down (knew he was coming and was coming my way) he asked if I was excited about it and had a small convo about it and from what I can remember he may have walked up a bit closer away from his trolley and I think facing towards me but can’t 100% remember but we had a lot of eye contact. And I would tease him about his footy team too a few weeks back but has payed me back about my team also so exchanging teases with the footy. As for social media he only likes couple of posts not all too frequent but I posted about an opportunity I may have and although he didn’t like or comment on it he did ask me at work what it was about.

  • The only crappy part is he has a girlfriend of couple of years. So I just talk to him and what not, but I’m not a girl that would break up a relationship, I’m just not that type of person. But all I wanted to see is what people thought if he was attracted or interested in me even tho he is seeing someone.

  • I went out with a guy in middle school but then i moved to a different city. Now 3 years later im in high school and i see him at a party, he saw me and got really happy, was smiling alot and grabbed my hand and kissed it. He then asked me for my number he said so we can hangout. But then he texted me telling me all different types of sexual things he wanted me to do….he told me if you want to be my gf you have to have sex with me…. idk does he like me or what do you peoples suggest?

  • Oh HELP ME! I am crushing on my best friend, we’ve been best friends, for what, 8 years now?And I have been crushing on him for what 6? I just recently told him I like him, with the help of my other best friend, but he never actually told me if he liked me back…He teases me ALL the time, like when I don’t tell him something, he’ll lean on my shoulder and push on my shoulder a bit, not like a shove, more friendly. In school, he will put up his answers toward me and I will casually glance his way, and he’ll be all “OH MAI GOSH STOP CHEATING OFF ME!” In the the friendly way. He does the exact same thing when we are walking to lunch. He walks somewhat in front of me and stops, and I run into him and says STOP RUNNING INTO ME. Same thing when he puts his foot right ahead of my backpack(it rolls{IM LAZY}) If I asked for something from someone, one would go to him,and the other friend hand it to me but my other other friend snatches it away, my crush would give me his and refuse to take it back. Sometimes he will completely ignore me too. Once I was doing some homework at lunch while my friends were playing football (Including the crush) and the football was coming right at my head when my crush swooped in and swatted it out of the way. He was all “I saved your life. You owe me” then he laughed. He was VERY eager to figure out who I like. PLus my other friend teases us around each other, walking with us only to run away to get us alone. He acts way nervous around me and also awkward. One time I caught in staring at me and he was like “OH MAI LORDE” (that one face) and he looked away really fast, but once he noticed I looked away, he did it again! It happened like 3 times till he finally just picked up his backpack and ran away. Ran. PLus he is always have conversations in private with my other friend…Secretly…whispering or in Tagalo, which I cannot understand… WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?!? HALLLLPPPPP

  • Loved the article , thanks a lot !
    Yet my guy confuses me a LOOOOT, at times he sends those positive signs of care and interest, we laugh a lot together and he even proposed ! But at other times, he’s rather cold and distant and that’s really nerve-racking, and makes me doubt a lot about his intentions especially that we haven’t met yet in reality (we’ve known each other on Facebook) :((((

  • I’m a freshman in high school. I really like this guy. I’m a little on the bigger side and he is medium sized. I told my friend to tell him that somebody liked him but not who. He guessed that I liked him and didn’t seem excited. I was texting him over my friend’s phone acting like I was her. I told him over text that it was me that liked him. He said oh……okay. He didn’t seem excited about it. I told him sorry it wasn’t a pretty, popular, and skinny girl. He didn’t respond. I asked him what he didn’t like in her (me). He said that I wasn’t active and my personality wasn’t good. (We don’t really talk so how would he know my personality isn’t good?) (I play club volleyball and school volleyball. I’m also in a lot of clubs. I’m very active, but I don’t lose weight easily. I also don’t stuff my face with food constantly.) He ignores me now and when I talk to my friend that he is friends with, he walks away and it is very awkward. I still like him. WHAT SHOULD I DO????????????????????????????????????????????

    • You can try to get on his friend side for a bit and then lose weight if you want, and up your personality a bit, and also be more active. Change yourself a bit, but not completely. See if this helps. If it doesn’t, I’m sorry.

  • I have had a crush since September 4th or 5th of this year when 9th grade started. His name is Josh and I asked him to homecoming. He accepted and he paid for me for it and picked me up to take me there and took me home. We hugged twice. I really like him but I’m not sure if he likes me. We e-mail once in a while and I ask him to walk to lunch with me sometimes. I really want to find out if he likes me because I like him too much to give up on seeing if he does. Yesterday I saw him at Pick N Save with his friends, and my heart started beating really fast and I avoided him, but his swim buddies (he swims) saw me. I told my Mom that I was going to the bathroom, but instead I walked past him and his friends while they were checking out. After that, I stopped in the liquor department to talk to my aunt about it, (she works there) she said just talk to him. That’s the thing. I couldn’t I was too afraid. Then we started walking out. We got outside, me my mom, my neighbor and my sister, and I turn to the left to see Josh and his friends sitting there and talking. Then my sister screams that I said hi. Josh said hi back and one of his friends stare at me while I get into the van. I sit there with the door open and I put my head on the seat and slowly close the door. Him and his friends are still staring. I don’t know what to do. I want to hang out with him more, but I don’t know what to do about it… He’s busy going to his friends house for Halloween, so…. If anyone could help me with this, PLEASE reply.

  • I have two guy friends, that I have been recently hanging out with. Were like three stooges! We are all foreign. Russian and German. Lol
    But my thing is that, I like them boyh. But they give me mixed signals! I can catch both of them looking at me when I laugh and smile. One of them when I see him gives me a hug when I see him and when I leave him too! I am so confused on what to do!

  • Okay, so I’ve only known this guy for a few months and I’ve only seen him, like a couple days every month, and I’m thinking I like him. Should I just wait a while until I know if I like him more than a friend or should I be straight-forward?

  • hi,i like your all advice and message for a women like me that needs a sign if a guy likes you or not..well in my case i met a guy through an online dating site,we talked for like six months everyday already and he decided he wants to come to our country and he meet me in real,before that we always talked,swapping messages,and how concerned we were to each other and we know each other everyday and even share our feelings everyday,so i fell in love with him,i also think he feels the same way special to when the day finally comes that we meet in real we spend 1 week together on a vacation,on that moment my feelings for him grows more each day,that i always realized i wanna be with him always and i am so much attached to him,and he opened to me that he meet another girl on his first week of his vacation to our country,and i was hurt knowing that i love him i feel betrayed but still i understand him,and we still continue our vacation together even though i knew already he seeing that girl before me….i saw some signs of him shows that he loves me even if he doesn’t told me directly,but i can feel it..the way he touched me and kissed me..and also the day we need to say goodbye to each other of our last day of being together and he’s back to his country..the things is,,when he said sorry to me while he’s crying does it shows that he loves me back or just to calm me and does not love me back,because he said he cant promise me everything like marriage,but he feels so happy and emotional while we are together and also he said that i deserve better than him but i told we both deserved each other. ..what should i do,,,because right now,i felt like dying to understand the situation….if i need to wait for him to tell me that he’s ready for us…or rather forget him and we stayed friends…hope i could hear from you soon..thanks..

  • ok peeps I’ve read the article and all of your comments- All fantastic advice but I’m still confused and need help. So there’s a bloke I really really like- he lives in the South- I live in the North east. We met 7/8 years ago via dating site and hit if off-if thats the right term. Had a few dates- daily texts etc. then he decided he couldnt do long distance. So anyway we stayed in touch facebook etc. sometimes we’ve gone periods where we havn;t spoken for ages- sometimes he has rang me out of the blue for a chat after endless fb convo. So anyway over the last few years he has suggested a number of meet ups, even holidays- then nothing happened- he would disappear. not address it again- hence how confused I would get with the whole- does he like me-does he not- oh god I’ve sent the last message again thing- he’ll think I’m a stalker. he has been in the back of my mind for years as he’s my mister perfect. But anyway sometimes I get annoyed with myself if I contact him such as liking a post or commenting-if he doesnt respond so kind of punish him by not responding to his efforts. It really is a pain in the arse. Anyway a few weeks ago after I hadn’t spoken to him for months and refused to speak to him ( not sure if he knew this) he sent me amessage out the blue saying he was coming up North in a few days and he would like to take me to dinner. This made my day but really confused me as all these years I thought he musn’t like me how I like him, so arghhh I had to do the whole play it cool thing and say maybe id be free ( while running around getting hair done etc). So he sent me a pic of the angel of north when he was up here- we went out- we had loads of fun- lots of dancing- hugging-kissing etc. End of the night ( early hours) I went home- he went back to hotel and he text to make sure I was ok and said he had so much fun, enjoyed being with me and that we had to do it again soon, not to leave it so long. Can you imagine how much I gushed and was thinking god all my dreams have come true. So next day he text- before he headed South- spoke to him againm on the eve & he repeated the whole got to do it again soon as had loads of fun. We’ve had a few short fb chats since them which have been initaed by me- so I’m in a panic now thionking god is this too much- will he feel suffocated- but same time I’m annoyed coz I sent the last message and this was saturday- but now I haven’t heard anything from him since saturday and I’m thinking- I really want to not let him know how much I like him so play it cool and ignore him- , but question is will he know I’m ignoring him- has he forgotten about me or not- what are the rules about timescales for message sending- Whats really funny is that on our night out he commented that sometimes I don’t speak to him for months lol and brought up stuff which let me know he had remembered past converstaions from ages ago. So what do I do- Is it ok for the girl to send messages or is it better to ignore and let the boy remember to contact us??? help

  • One of my old best friends recently moved to my school and he has been giving me subtle signs. The only class I have with him is math though….but my friends keep telling me that he is always asking about me and looking at me. I like him but I have a boyfriend already, what should I do?

  • So I’ve been talking to this guy on tinder for 2 weeks and he finally gave me his number!! I texted him and we kept hitting it off until we met for the first time. I ended up hanging with him all night because we lost track of time. He kissed me and we made out and cuddled but that’s it. When I left he told me to text him. Later that night he texts me and we converse for a bit and I fall asleep. I wake up the next morning to a bunch of funny pics and texts(like 6 lol) bc he was drunk with his brother the night before. We text a bit about it but then he just stops responding early in the day. It’s now been an entire 24 hours and he still hasn’t responded :/. I posted a pic on tinder an hour ago and he immediately liked it though. I’m so confused. What does this mean?! I’m really interested in him but I don’t want to bother him or seem clingy! Should I wait for the text back?! I wanna hang with him again.

  • I’m really confused there is this guy and he’s always acting like a d*ck to me or just being normal and I had this boyfriend and he told me to dump him but he wouldn’t give me a reason, everyone says he likes me but I really don’t think so????

  • i think that if a guy likes you they should open up and tell you so that you dont waste your time. i feel that if you like a man you should come right out and tell them how you really feel about him

  • So I’m a freshman and this guy is a senior. I’ve been noticing lately that he looks at me all the time! In the hallways or at a dance or whenever. So this one time he was talking to someone and me and my friend were standing near him and she noticed that he kept looking at me even though he wasn’t even talking to me. She is determined he likes me but he hasn’t even talked to me! We are friends on Facebook but I think he is because him and my brother are pretty good friends. I don’t think he likes me but its crazy how much he looks at me!!!

  • Hi, I’ve seen a lot of people post about their situation and getting opinion, so I though I might do the same!

    So I recently started (re-)developing a crush on this guy at school (whom I’ve once crushed on during sixth grade, we’re now in eleventh grade). We’re both in the orchestra, so we see each other quite often. When we see each other around we just say hi, or he lifts an eyebrow as acknowledgement and I smile back. Recently, we’ve interacted more. He once offered me his jacket, cuz I was complaining about the cold. He’s always cracking jokes and starting silly banters with me. Once, he touched my cheek out of nowhere, saying that his hand was cold (since he doesn’t usually feel cold, even when its freezing). But, I always see him conversing with other girls, so I’m not sure if it’s just me being delusional.

    I’m really confused, and I don’t think I’ve ever liked a guy that much, so I really need the opinion of others. Thank you so much!

  • there’s this guy…we’re in the same lecture…i really cant figure out if he’s actually into me or not but my friends keep telling me of the signs like he tries to get seats closer to mine and he paces around near me. he once even flexed his arms in front of me.. i see it as mere coincidence. and another sign is he is always behind me when we exit the lecture hall and he tries to make small talk but he shyly runs off when my friends approach…there was this one time when i said i liked romantic movies that he even said he liked them too…like seriously? hahaha…so what do you think i should do?

  • So I went to this party, and met a really amazing guy. We were at one venue, and he bought me a beer, but then he suggested we go someplace quieter. So we went to another place in a cab-where, by the way, we cuddled up :). When we got there he got me a drink and stood behind me with his body pressed to me. We sat on a couch and we kept touching through the night-and kissing. We walked back to his apartment and kissed a little more and then I got his number. He asked me to text him when I got home. But he texted me before I even got home. We texted into the night, and then he asked me out. Now, I’ve never been on a date. We went ice skating and he’s an ice hockey player. So he was showing off a bit, literally skating circles around me. He helped me when fell, and there were sometimes were he would skate around the rink before I even made it halfway around. When we were talking he would look into my eyes…but I’m awkward. Anyway, towards the end he said he needed to talk to his mom because they were having dinner together. He slightly made fun of me when I couldn’t keep my balance, but it was all in good fun. At the end of the night I was going to kiss him on the cheek, but then he kissed me. When I got home I told him we should do something sometime soon, and he said that he was busy on Saturday-because he said he would let me know if we could do something- and that “we’ll see” about doing something sometime soon. Am I paranoid? is this bad?

  • There’s this guy and I don’t know if he likes me and I’m freaking out. Usually I would go for it, but we don’t know each other all that well, and he’s a senior. I’m a freshman. (In high school) I don’t really look or act like a freshman, but we’re doing this competition together that he asked me to do with him. He friended me on Facebook, asked for my number, texts me all the time and he always smiles and looks me right in the eye. He’s pretty shy around me though and agrees with whatever I say. I don’t know if he’s just being nice because I’m a freshman or if he likes me or what. Aghh! He’s a senior. I just don’t know.

  • Well, i guess he does like me lol i thought it might of just been coincidence or him just being nice lol. The problem is I’m married into a relationship that’s going down hill :/ been married for 4 years with 2 kids. Every time i bump into this guy he plays with my kids first then he’ll start a conversation. Before I’d bump into him allot more but it stopped for a little while. He knows I’m married so he makes it a little harder for me to tell. But just the other day he was complimenting me on little things and asking how I’ve been. When we just randomly bumped into each other he was already having a conversation with someone else and he told the person to wait a minute he smiled a little then he put like this sexy masculine look on his face he does it every time he talk lol its cute but HOT! Anyway idk if he’ll ever open up though cuz he knows I’m married.

  • I like this guy SO much but I don’t know if he likes me back! We have been friends since 3 and I really don’t want to ruin that! I don’t wanna make a move because he might not like me back.. He teases me in a playful way a lot and he tris to make me laugh.. He also touches me in playful ways such as shoving, playful hits, etc. I honestly don’t want to date yet because I’m only 12 and I am not into the makeup thing. PLEASE HELP!!

  • I follow (kinda stalk, really) this guy on instagram. I’ve never had a crush before so I’m not really sure, but I think I really like him. I have never met him and he lives in America and I don’t really know what to do. I think he finds me annoying. Should I just leave it?

  • Omg I realized that the guy I have a crush on does alot of these things like softly stroking my back, putting his arm around me for an extended amount of time, he was my DD on my birthday, he always has eye contact with me when I talk to him. ..I feel like I can talk to him about anything, and gave me a compliment on my shirt…but he did mention his good friend Rebecca when I asked him to see the show I might have gotten into. …

  • There is this guy I met recently and I think he likes me because I met him like the week prior and he already asked for my number and we mainly interact online in a game but I feel the same way about him but I am not for sure just yet and he is taking me out this weekend just me and him, so I would love to see where this goes.

  • Thx now I am 99.9% sure that the boy I like likes me now I just gotta ask him if he does.Again thx!!

  • Okay so I’ll try make this short but there is a a lot to say. Basically there’s this guy that I’ve known my whole life,but it wasn’t until I was around 13 I started getting “crushy” feelings about him…and then around the ages 13-15 I had so many crushes as I went through what I call my “crush phase”(man do I cringe) anyway among those crushes he was still there but I never told anyone…for reasons I will touch on further down. Anyway so by the end of 15 years old-16 my feelings intensified in a way I never thought possible. I should touch on a few things before I continue. One I have never have a bf (whether that is good or bad i don’t know) ..we are close friends and the reason why this is so hard is because I never acted on my feelings so I have no idea how anyone feels…the biggest factor,for me at least is the age difference of 6 years(bear with)I know its a lot but when I thought about it, its the same as my parents.(I’m 17 ) at first this age gap scared me as I wondered if it was normal to have these feelings. I told two of my closet friends one who found it slightly weird but got it and the other completely understood…since I told them a lot had happened..( one doesn’t realise I still like them but since I’m busy sorting it out for myself I don’t want to say I don’t like or do. Although I totally do. Oh man I do. ) the next thing is that obviously due to the age gap he is further along in education than me and start of 2014 he went to Aussie and it was hard…I found myself in this situation where I thought that him gone for so long would make me move on…if anything a whole year did the opposite….he came back for Xmas and left before the start of this yr and something tells me my feelings won’t change…obviously I still go ..hey that guys cute etc..but its nothing compared to how I feel about him..whenever I think about him I still get butterflies in my chest. Anyway basically… Nobody knew..except my two friends and I have a feeling its always going to be unrequited love. But I’ve never felt so strongly and for so long about someone crushes were like a term or two long… This has been years…Ive had days where I wonder if I am crazy and then days when I’m so 100% sure…more of those of course…he’s always been a part of my life whether it was him messing up my hair to him piggy backing me when I felt faint…or him helping me make the right career choices ..seeing him everyweek 3 times a week . for years…for music prac . youth group ..camps and church.. I just… I’ve tried getting over him and it does not work. I guess I’m just letting this all out….I’m just gonna wait ..for Xmas when I’ll hopefully see him again..above all I just want him to he happy but yeah..sometimes it hurts so bad and the memories ..ah…OK but I’m stopping now before I make a novel..unless that’s too late. I apologize for spelling errors I am on my phone. …and just to all those people out there…no matter what your scenario… Go for it like I never did. And don’t be so fast to let go..sometimes its too late when u realise what you need was right in front of you….also if anyone is in the same situation as me please reply! I’d love to know I’m not alone..and any advice or comments are very much welcome…otherwise have a nice day. Enjoy reading this and bye

  • Thanks this really helped me There’s this boy he says he likes me but flirts with others girls nonstop and its s*cks but now I know he was telling the truth I can come to this article a lot more thank you so much for your help

  • this article is so true I found 12 signs that matched and he have feelings for me but he has a girlfriend and a year ago he liked me and told me but I wasn’t sure back then if I wanted to be in a relationship and we started talking few times and stopped talking but we talk now and I realized he have feelings for me but I don’t want to interfere in his relationship.

  • OH MY GOSH I really like this guy but I can’t tell because he’s really shy and doesn’t speak alot but he’s the most popular guy input year. One of his mates said he possibly likes me but I have no idea??? I need help!!!

  • Thank you so much! Now I think my crush likes me. AND IM 10.

  • This article was really helpful!!! I can finally tell for certain that a certain crush of mine likes me. Thank you!

  • I need help asap. there’s this guy in my school named Logan. He came up to me one day and remained me that we went to elementary school together. that’s when everything changed. As soon as I told him I recognized him, everyday since then he has either teased me, he has a nickname for me that is not the best and he’s just plain rude. he knows I like him but im so confused about him. HELP ME

  • There is this guy I like and I can’t figure out if he likes me back. One day it looked like he completely diverted his route to his next class to walk by where I was standing, and in the lunch line he seemed quiet, but for a day or two after that he seemed completely disinterested. Then a day after that he kinda seemed awkward in line, and i have seen him brush back his hair and glance over. He then opened a door for me and seemed to half smile, but every time I smile at him he never does anything and sometimes it seems like he is trying to completely avoid me. Help?!?!?

  • This sounds so helpful!! Judging by these I think I was on the right track in thinking he does like me. Given I’ve only really known him for a few months, gotten to know him over a weekend and spent a few hours alone with him, he’s done so much for me and spent too much on me as well… BUT… when I offered to pay him back for something that was a little too much for having JUST gotten to know someone, he replied saying I didn’t need to do anything but “be a good mate and wingman for him one day”
    I AM THOROUGHLY CONFUSED!!! For him to have done so much for me – more than even some of my longest and closest friends – then have him call me mate and ask to WING-MAN!! It doesn’t make sense to me… PLEASE HELP!!

  • So I met this guy on the first day of college back in February. He’s really cute but I don’t think that that’s important. Well he was the one who started talking to me and everything and our conversations were never dull although I would feel a little overwhelmed when talking to him because I felt like he’s too hot to be talking to a girl like me. We have spoken about many things even private things. The thing is, I don’t know whether he likes me or not. I have found myself falling for him but I’m getting mixed signals. On all occassions that we have spoken, he was the one that approached me and I have even analyzed the way he is with his other female friends- when we’re together, there’s always a part of our body that’s touching (eg. our legs or shoulders) but with his other female friends there’s always a gap. He started ignoring me and being mean to me recently and I noticed him flirting with my friend so then I just concluded that he didnt like me and everything that I was seeing was in my head, but about a week ago he asked me whether girls like it when guys ignore them and I told him “I don’t know, I guess it depends on the girl. Some girls like to do the chasing and other girls like to be chased” then he asked me,”What about you? How do you feel when I ignore you?” and I said I don’t know then he asked if I like to do the chasing or if I like to be chased then I said I like to be chased then he said “Well I’m not gonna chase you” now ever since that conversation I’ve been left confused. To me I feel like he has dropped a few hints because, he was always the one that approached me, he teased me sometimes, we spoke about many private things, when we spoke to each other he always looked into my eyes and once when I was with my friend that he has been flirting with he pinched my arm and said “hey beautiful” to me but then he was like “Oh I wasn’t talking to you”
    We’re facebook friends and I followed him on instagram but he didnt follow me back and he follow-backs everyone
    And this might sound weird but he has tried to headbutt me(playfully) multiple times but I always pull away cuz there would be this awkward pause and our faces would be really close to each other (literally noses touching) and he would be looking straight into my eyes
    I just dont know whats going on with this guy, some days he’s nice, other days he’s mean and most recently he has been ignoring me

  • the guy i like dont ignore me what dose that mean he dont like me?? he dose almost everything but that.

  • there’s this guy I like and while I was on vacation for 8 days everyday he would text me first and say “Heyyy” or “Hello!” or even “Heyy :)” then about half way through our convo he would ask when I was coming home, (even though the day before I told him, heehee). Just recently I got home (haven’t seen him face to face yet) and I told him I was home he said “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!” I said me either, but then he said “are you going downtown after school tomorrow? Jw” (btw ‘Jw’ means Just wondering, I just found that out) I then said “what does Jw mean? lol :)” he answered “Just wondering ;)”. I was like OMFG HE JUST DID A WINKY FACE!!!!! What does this mean? Does it mean he likes me? Is it just a friendly thing? Oh god boys are confusing!!!!
    -So I was wondering if u guys could tell me? :) what this means

  • This guy is constantly pushing me laughing and blaming it on gravity. I don’t like him but I started to return the favor. Recently, a other guy started jokingly insulting me. Now I know how these guys may feel. I love this and it’s really helpful!:)

  • I met this guy a month ago in a conference- he introduce himself to me and asking me personal question about my likes. He ignore my girl friends and he keep the conversation with me. I do like him but I don’t show it… I treat him like one of my mere friends. After a month, we meet again… he walk to me while i’m taking pic with other girls he is at our back. He come to me closely and said take a picture of him together with 4-6 girls. I get annoyed but I still play it call.

  • Well there’s this guy at the gym that followed me around a lot last week …I thought maybe he must of been thinking just In case I didn’t notice him … I will have for sure with his actions , it was so crazy to the point I could count down till when he would be in view from machine to machine .
    . Typically I’m all over the gym. However this week he has pulled back … He still makes it a point to make eye contact or make an appearance and be around me but nothing like he was . Obviously I am interested now that he made himself completely noticeable lol…. I guess I’m feeling annoyed that he’s not saying a thing and if I look at him he looks away quickly. We both workout alone … Completely in our zones .. now he has made things awkward! #Men

  • I currently have a bit of a crush on a cop who questioned me during a minor altercation on a city bus a few months ago. Some hours after that incident, when he saw me at the transit center where he’d responded to another incident, he approached me to ask if my day had gone any better. We chatted for a few minutes before he was off again. A month or so later, I ran into him again and managed to ask his name. Instead of replying with “Officer —,” he just said, “I’m James.” Not exactly the reply I’d expect from an officer of the law trying to be professional. Then, a few days ago, I caught a glimpse of him at the transit center, apparently chatting with a couple of other officers. He actually waved at me as I stared in his direction.

    My frustration comes from not knowing whether he’s just being nice to me or whether he may be genuinely attracted. We haven’t had more than a couple of brief exchanges, but I can say that he seems to be able to talk to me about more than just the incident I was involved in. I want to be able to tell him I think he’s hot and maybe engage in more of a conversation, but that’s especially sticky with someone in his line of work. I also don’t have much experience with that kind of mutual attraction, so I haven’t the slightest idea about how to gauge if a guy’s attracted to me or not. I usually get hit on by creeps or guys who just say dumb things to try to talk to me, but that attention is never flattering. But when I interacted with this guy, each time I felt as if every nerve ending had been electrified. I don’t feel like that with just any guy.

  • I have a friend who is convinced that the guy I like really likes me. I can see how she can tell. I read everything and now I know that she is right!!!

  • So baisclly I learned to do the opposite of this other guys do the same ignore every one that’s how I roll.

  • that was really helpful!!! I tried looking for those signs with on my boss coz I like him so bad & I think he likes me but I’m still not sure!! But the day he interviewed me it was like this electricity that went through the air between us! Then tonight coz I have been off work for the last 2 weeks and had to talk to him so I sent him a msg then he called me while he was driving and said to me that he has really missed having me there with him! So I’m still not sure coz I’m hopeless at everything

  • I don’t think gaining weight is going to stop someone’s attraction to you unless you’re a very shallow person, because any mature, intelligent individual looks for what’s inside the person and chemistry, not the physical parts.
    Also, jealousy is nothing to hope for from a potential partner. Jealousy is an ugly emotion and one should steer clear of someone who shows this emotion…..

  • I don’t know what to do I can’t stop thinking about this guy that I like its gard for me to tell uf he likes me it not because I never had a boyfriend. Is it a sign If he forgets your name and if he shows off at the pool. When we were at the pool he would dive off the diveing board and try to do exactly what I was doing and he was worried about me. I just don’t known what all this means. Please help

  • So in Marching Band, I’ve noticed that this one guy is constantly looking at me. I want to assume that he likes me but I’m not 100% sure (obviously). I just want to hear what other people think of the situation. but I was walking to my car a couple days ago afterwards, and I saw him sitting on one of the benches and he looked up and we made eye contact. then opened the door to the car and I could see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. after I got in the car I looked out the window, out of curiosity, to see if he was looking at me and we made eye contact and he didn’t look down until I had drove away. and somtimes I’ll be standing on one side of the field alone for whatever reason and he’s always looking in my direction and there won’t be anyone around me.

  • The guy I like I think he likes me because one time he said I love you really fast and I said what?! He started laughing and that was sorta my hint maybe he likes me.

  • So the guy that I like has always teased me and bothered me ever since we met. He sometimes calls me bae but I feel he does it because he is playing around with me. But the thing is that one day I got a random text message from someone saying to go to a certain place where they were. I found out it was the guy and I started asking him where he got my phone number from and he just kept saying he was not going to tell me. Then I asked him why he wanted it and he just said “it’s for me to know and for you to not find out” and he just smiled at me and kept working on his work. It was extremely weird and even after a year he won’t tell me how and why he got my number. But I’m not sure if he likes me so… I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they think

  • Hi everyone I came here to seriously let you know that I think this guy likes me in my high school class. He is like 2 or 3 years older than me. A cousin of his or shall I say a girl who claims to be his cousin says that her cousin likes me and he wants me to get up during class and sit on his lap. Then later he came over and admitted it and said he liked me. At the time he was showing off and trying to impress me. Better yet, show off his macho side and manly masculinity. Anyway, I personally am gonna trust my gut instinct on this way cause he came closer to me and said he liked me. I believe him cause you can’t go wrong in trusting people and believing what they say. Jason your blog has gave me confidence to know he could be the one and he really does like me. For that, I could never be more happier.

  • I’m pretty sure this guy likes me. We aren’t exactly super close and DEFINITELY not close enough for him to touch me freely during a conversation. Although when we were looking at another girl’s project and we were sitting back down, he rubbed up against me a bit even though he could easily squeeze between me. Thanks so much!

  • Gooosssh! Almost all the signs I’ve experience were here! But, the thing is I saw his so called story on wattpad that if he didn’t join the acquaintance pageant, he can’t hold her hand and will not fall for her.he likes my friend in his story. Wtf.

  • I wish I had read this a month back so I could have figured it out sooner, now he’s on the other side of the planet… and I’m not. :'(

  • If a guy held u it was more then likely that u were going to get hurt does it mean he likes

  • I dont know if a guy I know likes me he goes to the all boys school next to the all girls school I go to. He is a grade below me. We are in scouts together and when we were camping I was about to fall into the lake and he was right behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and there were other scouts there. We both looked really nervous. I quickly moved away and over to my friends. I need your help to tell me if he likes me. I really like him and need to know if he likes me back. I am 14 and so is he. I am only a few months older.
    Please help me. I’m desperate.

  • There is this guy. He’s in four of my classes in college. I really like him and he’s 22, a business major. I’m 18 and also a business major. I was wondering if he likes me? My friends say he does. He asked me if he could help me carry my books out to the computers because I had so much to carry…he asked me to meet up after school so we could work on our project together and when I couldn’t we stayed an hour after school to do our project and he told me he was single. I got to know him a lot during that. He’s perfect for me. And I’m not saying this because he’s so cute but I believe that I really like him and have so much connection. He stares at me every time in class and when I catch him I see him smile and talk to his friend and they look at my direction. He even sat down with me to chat and tell me I did a really great job on our presentations and that he was very happy I was in his group. When working on his laptop, instead of putting on his desk, he places it on his lap and faces towards me and listens to everything I say even if I’m talking to my friend and he tries to listen to what I say. I always text him that he did a really great job on his presentations and he texts me right away saying thanks and I did too. We talk somewhat and he always greets me hi and how was my weekend. Does he like me or is he trying to be friends? And should I tell him he’s cute?

  • I think that this article was ok I already knew some of it but most of it I had no idea about.

  • Thanks so much! There is a guy at school who is showing a lot of these signs toward me and I wasn’t sure if he liked me or not. But now, I am pretty certain that he does… And I like him too

  • The guy I like lives in a different state that me and it’s very far away. We met on instagram and have talked alot. He’s a great guy and I really like him. Every night, I send him this emoji: ☺, a heart, and say good night. No matter what, he responds the same way. He says night and sends me a heart. Does he like me, or is he just being nice?

  • I was in line for a next class and I overheard someone said I knew it knew you like her my first guess I didn’t here the name. So 10 minutes later the boy told me he likes you! I just gave a thumbs up.a another girl asked him why do you like him. Then he said I don’t ,now I’m having second thougths who is telling the truth

  • It’s scary you know, when you’re a girl and all you have is this gut feeling that he does like you because he constantly looks at you but never has the guts to go up and talk to you. And when he does get the the courage to come up to you he simply sits there and says nothing.

  • i really like this guy and his name is AJ Varty and i think he likes me back but 2 years ago he liked me before according to his sister and i’ve not seen him since what do i do.

  • You are so help full hevalways touches on the leg with his leg and lens on me then he is playful he hits me pushes me jokes stands up for me so thank u for telling if he likes me or not

  • As you said, if he does at least 10 of these things then he is probably into me. I counted around 10 to 12 maybe, maybe one or two more. I have a feeling he likes me, or maybe he is just being overly friendly? I sometime think maybe I’m just overthinking it. But he hugs me every time we see each other, always holds the door open for me, we had to work together last week on a project, but he invited me for coffee before we started work and then asked if I wanted to go back after we finished. We both play guitar and drums and he said once or twice that we should get together and play, he seems pretty excited about it, I am too. He also touches me a lot, like he will say something like I will be back now and he will just touch me on my arm. He also looks at me a lot, like when we went for coffee. I’ve seen him around varsity quite a bit before, but we’ve never spoken until a couple weeks ago when we started working together. He also said (texting me) I sound like a nice person and he wants to get to know me more. I returned the compliment. He also said he wished he knew me earlier.
    I’m really not sure if he likes me. Does this sound like he might?

  • Thank you sooo much Jason, you are a practical lifesaver :) i am still a young teenager, but this will help sooo much. Wonderful job

  • I have some problems with this and i am only in the fifth grade and the two boys that i like say stuff like this to me such as do you have a boyfriend and sometimes i do sometimes i don’t they would tell me that both of them like me but i didnt know what to do but this helped alot thanks Jason

  • See there is a Guy in my class and I tink he likes me every one say he does but I don’t think he does an I really like him. He stares at me and when I look at him he smiles, he teases me, and he tries to show of which is really cute but what if that’s how he really acts?

  • What if I’m the one that’s smiling and everything when I’m usually the one that likes to smile and randomly laugh at everything?

  • There is a boy called Callum that I think likes me and this has given me some more clues to finding out if he does or not

  • Well my friend told the guy that I like him and he said he doesn’t like me back, but he teased me a lot , made a cute nickname for me, also he looks at me . But I’m not sure if he looked at me before he found out I liked him. The other thing that is confusing is that my friend told me that one of his friends told her that the guy I like told him that he likes me. I’m just so confused, he doesn’t try to talk to me but does look at me or occasionally bumps into me. I’m not really sure if he likes me . He did say that he doesnt like me. I’m so confused.

  • His eyes will reveal everything. If you catch him looking at you and he looks away quickly and acts as if he’s busy about something – that’s a great sign. Anything that reveals he is slightly nervous around you or is trying to hide his interest is a good sign in general. This is usually the case when you still don’t really know each other that well. In case you know each other and have light conversations, he probably won’t look away… in this case, see if he keeps eye contact, smiles, or asks you something to start a conversation, just so you don’t think he’s stalking.


  • The guy I like hinted that he likes me and were both shy and I’m in middle school and I’m awkward weird ugly and funny. Help?

  • I like this guy who is a year older than me in school (he’s a senior, I’m a junior) and lately I’ve noticed him acting wierdly and so have my friends, him and his friend the last day stopped to let me and my friend pass through a wide doorway (even though there was enough space for all of us) his friend whistled while he just stared with a pen in is mouth and a slightly red face, then afterward our two classes happened to be in the same room and I turned around to look at the time and there he was head on hand staring. Also when ever I’m around his friends start to tease him, almost always causing him to go red, does he like me?

  • Could someone please help me? I am so confused, so there is this guy, and we really liked each other, it was almost perfect, and he was perfect to me, and liked me a lot. But somehow I just couldn’t do it, I was scared because everything happened so fast and I was afraid I might end up hurting him like I did with my ex. So, I called it off, rejected him. That had hurt him A LOT. He cried so much it was devastating. So, then holidays happened and he got a new girlfriend that was a long distance relationship. He seemed really in love with her, but meanwhile, I couldn’t forget the attraction between us. We kind of flirted like we did back then, and I ended up falling for him hard again. So, I told him, hoping he still had the same thing for me, but he rejected me and told me he loved his gf.

    Now recently, he broke up with his gf (even though I thought they were so in love) because the distance was too much and his feelings of love for her had faded. Meanwhile my feelings for him are still there but I can’t get ahold of him. Sometimes he’s exactly like all of the things mentioned in the article, protective, stares at me, touches me, teases me (A LOT like too much actually) but I have noticed he hasn’t really forgiven me for that rejection in the beginning. So sometimes he’s really cold, and his teases become so excessive to the point it hurts. I’m always aware of him and even though I’ve tried to get him out of my mind I’m just too much in love with him. I’ve loved him for a year and I’d like to know how he thinks of me now but I can’t ever tell him again because that would be just too desperate after he got out of a relationship.
    So, what do you guys think? Does he like me? Or should I give up?

  • But I’m not pretty. Some of the signs are ther, but I’m not pretty, I’m kinda overweight actually. :'(

  • Ok so what if he does things differently like : looks at you when you laugh. This is like a constant thing. Look away when I stop laughing and looks at me again when I laugh and keeps looking at me when I look at him for more than 5 seconds. But I love this.

  • This was really a great article! But I do have a question- there’s this guy friend whom I used to work with- and we’re really close. Almost all of those signs mentioned, are used toward me. (If that makes sense). He’ll constantly tease me (and just me, not all of his other friends- but in a good way), talk, stare, touch, hug, etc. And I do the same things back, we constantly flirt with each other. And now that we don’t work together anymore, we still keep in contact. He offers to buy me drinks and everything. For each sign that I read, I could think of at least one memory with him involving that ‘sign’. Could it be possible?

  • In my case, he’s nice to everyone… Like, I went out alone with him to the movies and when I was freezing he lent me his jacket; and I THOUGHT that was a pretty tell-tale sign, until the next day when we went for an event together, he lent his jacket to anyone who needs it, including me, yes, but its confusing. Apart from that, he is super mean to me, and I thought maybe that’s what shows that he likes me but its just so weird.. I don’t really know how explain, he is making me so confused and I am not sure if I like him, or not. FUDGE emotions ==

  • Hi, i need some help. There is this guy who i met him while i’m doing my weekly volunteering in my religious classes. He keep giving me mix signal and i’m confuse by that. While i’m talking to him, he keep on staring into my eyes for the whole conversation and his eye didn’t really blink or looking else where. When he is standing beside me or infornt of me he tends to puff his chest up. He would stare at me from far, when i notice him he didn’t really look away and he continue to stare at me. Before he leave, he tends to look at me for a moment before he walks away. There is one time i didn’t knew that he was at the lift there, so when i came out from the washroom he saw me and he got shock by that at that moment i was shock too neither. There is one time both of my guy cousin was standing beside me while i’m talking to somebody, he tends to be interest in the conversation so he walk towards us. At that point in time, his face changes. When he reaches us and then he walk away , after a while he walk towards us again. This time he was piss off and walk away and pack his things into his bag. When he is packing his bag, he makes alot of banging noise, at that point in time i knew i need to stop the conversation and walk far away from him. I felt so confuse by all those signal that he has given it to me. Can some kind soul help me to solve these signal.

  • I’m not understanding. I like this guy and he gave me his phone number and told me to text him. So I did that night and he answered around 9:00 he asked what I was up to and I answered and asked what he was doing and he said he was watching a game. I answered lol. And then I said “I guess I’d leave you to his game” and he said I didn’t have to go.
    Then he next day we literally texted almost all day. He would answer literally a second later after I texted him. We were laughing and stuff. He asked why I had a bad day and when I said it was just drama and he dug deeper and said “like?” And I told him a stuck up bitch called me a slut and laughed at my siblings for have talking issues and he said he would have slapped her good or something like that. He was really curious at the things at what I was going to say.
    The next day he never answers my texts and ignores me. I accidentally sent to selfie pics of my face of course to him that was supposed to go to my best friend for contact photos and I I said omg I miss him! A
    And he still his ignoring me after two months.????????????? idk what to do.

  • Ok so I’m 13 and I like this guy. He stares at me and sometimes I stare back at him then he turns away. Also if I talk with a friend he buts in then I tell him what we r talking about then he doesn’t say anything except chuckle and sit there. He also opened the door for me a couple times. And when we talk then there is an awkward silence he still stays there. All of this doesn’t happen all the time so does he like me?

  • Boys are so confusing! So, the guy I like does most of what the article says, and he’s always with me. He’s even told my bestfriend and closest friends that he likes me not so long ago, but a few days ago, he asked me, “you know we’re just friends, right?” Of course I got defensive and asked, “why would I think we were more than friends?” After that, he immediately contacted my best friend and asked her since when I don’t like him. He clearly wants to be friends, but he’s still worried if I like him or not?! And now, my friends started telling him that I’m talking to someone, and he’s all jealous and trying to flirt harder with me. I really like this boy but the situation is so hectic and stressful!

  • I am so confused, i am sure he does 40 of these things but he has a girlfriend, he constantly stares at me, and when he walks past me , when he sit next to me his thighs are touching mine, he always tries to make people laugh, very often he make fun of what i am saying, like he is saying the same thing i said, just with a weird voice.he walks into me, he is teasing me but sometimes he is really mean, idk what to do, help?!?! Keep in mind that i have known this guy for like 4 years

  • Ok, so in my case, there’s this guy who showed some of the signs listed above, and who actually told me he was into me, at a party, then told it again while being sober (by text message). But for me, he’s not the kind of guy to “like” someone, especially a girl like me, because he’s kind of a flirt. What should I do to find out if it’s true ???

  • It’s a nice article but i want to ask that there is someone, he is my classmate and he’s my crush too. i sometimes dream abt him being with me having fun … and in reality when he sees me he becomes shy and laugh also happy does this mean he likes me

  • There is this guy who i used to talk to a lot…but now its not so much…but when ever i say stuff like i wanted to watch a movie cuz the actor is hot or talking to another guy beside him he gets quiet or looks a bit upset…and when i mention my bff (he’s a guy), he either gets quiet or upset..but he also has a girlfriend…what does that mean? I oy meet him a few times a week, but everytime he’s around, he gets weird sometimes..and he sometimes ignore me the whole time!
    And there was this one time we were talking about playing wii,a friend of his said like i should play with the guy, but i jokingly said ‘u mean in bed?’ And the friend was like staring at him and said ‘in ur dreams boy’…then a few minutes later the guy told me to ‘start training’…and then i was like what does that mean?

  • hey guys help me plz
    few months go there was game at my school and there was guy that had to propose to someone as dare. he came to me and got to his knees then propose to me. it was reallllly embarrassing. however after that i got really interested in the guy but he acts as if nothing happen. i see him sometime looking at me but he wont talk to me. we have never talked to each other.

  • Hi :)
    So I am homeschooled and I like this 15 Year old boy He is homeschooled too
    Anyways, I like him ALOT, I thin he likes me back, He always makes me laugh, and once he offered his coat to me, well actually twice .. He invited me to his youth group. We play baseball and he showed me bat properly.. So please let me know for sure.. :) Thanks :DD

  • i think my crush likes me, but he gives me mix-signals. he stares at me constantly but then he also teases me and mocks me all the time. we fight like all the time, but lately his been sticking up for me when i’m in arguments w/ his friends and in the halls he always bumps into me. so, i have no idea if he likes me or not.

  • I don’t know if this guy likes me. We used to talk a lot but he doesn’t really anymore. I mean, he’s still nice, he’s not mean or anything. He likes a lot of the stuff I like (seriously he does) and he used to talk on Instagram, too. What should I do ? :(

  • I really need some help, I have a massive crush on someone I used to be super close to but now we’re not so close has he had to retake a year of college and has a whole new set of friends, I see him round college quite regularly and talk to him every now and again, but we do go out drinking every now and again with another couple who we’re both really good friends with and whenever he gets drunk he shows a lot of these signs around me, he ignores everyone else and he tells me how pretty he thinks I am and that he loves me, he pushes people away when I try and dance with them so that he can dance with me instead, we’ve even got to the point where we have kissed but as soon as he sobered up he regretted it and ignored me for a week but that was the first time we went out and he did that after saying several times that he’s gonna kiss me and he doesn’t want to ruin our friendship. Whenever I see him around college he usually initiates the conversation and tries to get close to me (even sitting on the same seat as me or on my lap) but he completely denies everything that he says to me whilst we’re drunk and I’m so confused about the whole situation, help!!

  • So, I like this 15 year old boy, and I think he may like me back. He stare at me sometimes, he taught me how to bat in baseball, he invited me to his youth group. His younger brother is in my baseball league and he said “Emma, (Not saying my crushes name) said he was sad that he’s not on your baseball team anymore, so he can’t torment you on your batting.” I laughed, and now I don’t know what that means. He offered me his coat twice, he encourages me a lot. (I get nervous fast) Lemme know..

  • These really helped me find out if this boy likes me and he does alot of things like he stares at me alot he teases me and he admitted that he teases me but he’s just kidding ? and one time he just came up to me out of nowhere and just started to talk to me when he could of talked to his friends (in school this happened)and we were just talking on our phones and he saw a picture of me and I asked him if he saw anything and he said all he saw was a pretty face but we where alone and he just quickly got on his phone and it was awkward .?

  • theirs this boy i go to school with and almost every day i give him a pencil but usually the very next day the pencil i gave him is gone or he doesn’t have it but i think that the reason that he never has the pencil i gave him is so that he can always get at least a small glimpse of my face before i turn away after giving him the pencil

  • Hi, I’m 17, and there is this one boy in my class that I’m not sure if he likes me or not. We only have one class together, and don’t see each other other then that. He sits in front of me and to the left, but since seating don’t matter half the time, if I see him I’ll ask him to sit next to me and he automatically does. He also contained the conversation and didn’t know how to respond when we were talking about how I like to wear booty shorts. He also seems to remember some things that come up again. And finally, when I was talking about this one guy ” stalking ” me, he seemed a little uneasy. Does he like me or is he just friendly?? Any help would be appreciated

  • Well. Im 17 and i have a big crush on 19 year old guy. Were not friends. But he is a friend of my friend. He calls me ‘Baby” even were not on a relationship. He always tease me. And compliment me. We accidentally look at each other (about 4 seconds) and we both look away. (Sametime) i dont know.

  • I really need some help, please. I really like this boy (we’re both 14). He’s so sweet, handsome, adorable, funny, smart, and just everything in between. We have drama (theater) together after school, and the school play just finished. Before each play I would give him one of my last green tea mints (they sound weird but they’re amazing) and he’s asked me if I wanted to split one (and they’re really tiny). Also, today was our last play. After the play, a few friends of ours decided to go to a park near our school and him and I aslo went. When we were there, I chased him when he stole our friend’s shoe, and he chased me, pretending that he had a spider in his hands, and I am deathly afraid of bugs. He also sat next to me on the bench and teased me when I gave him some candy. And I also shared my tea with him (we both share an obsession with tea). He most likely doesn’t like me, but I really hope he does. But, the main predicament is that my friend also likes him, and I don’t want to hurt her. She’s the sweetest person ever, and she always hugs him. Whenever she hugs him, though, I can always feel something in my heart crack. I feel like she has a better chance at dating him and he likes her more. Please help! Thank you :)

  • So this guy likes me like a lot (or at least I think),I’m pretty sure he asks about me all the time because everyday he knows this weird fact about me that I’ll only know.

    He also has this weird thing, with turtles. He called me turtle and that my hair reminds him of a wave. He always smiles and tells other guys to basically “f**k off”.

    Is a tad bit overprotective toward me, even though we aren’t even dating. I’ve seen him looking at me during school (we’re in college). He smiles at me all the time and cracks jokes.

    He makes me feel like the only girl in the world. I love him, though he, a player, doesn’t seem to like me. He makes me confused.

    You have any advice?

  • what do u think??? i like this boy … he always look at me … tryin’ to look cool… doin’ somthing to cover his macho … and trying to go near me … when i look at him he pretend to not notice it but when i notice he is looking at me … he look away fastly … and he is not really his self when he is around me …. the thing is he is not too often but avoiding me … not even tryin’ to talk to me although we were pretty close in the past …. he is acting COLD to me!!! he ignores me sometimes …. i just don’t get it .. somtimes when he is alone.. he tries to go near me .. but when im with my fren or he is with his fren … he abandon me completely….. he laugh a lot infront of my frens .. but when im around he is not even tryin’ to smile …. he distant himself when it’s about me … he even distant himself from my fren !!!! i dont understand him …. is he has a crush on me or not ???/

  • I’m really confused. There is a boy I really like. He is the most amazing person in the world and I just feel like we were meant to be. I can’t tell what he’s feeling though. I used to hug him a lot and he would hug back. My friend told me that he didn’t usually do that so I felt kind of special. Also, a while back, I had gotten some bad news at school and I was so upset I started crying. He immediately asked me what was wrong when he saw me and wanted to know if he could help. I just don’t understand, I really like him but he’s also dating another girl right now as well. I’ve never felt this way before, and I don’t know what to do. Please help.

  • Ugh… This is probably a terrible question but i need I know. There’s this guy in my middle school( I’m 14). We don’t really have any of the same friends. Over the past week, he has been sitting closer and closer to me during lunch. He’s always still with his friends though. Today, when I was leaving school, he walked past me. He was walking with his friend at the time and as he came past me he tried pushing the guy into me. Luckily, his friend didn’t bump into me but as they walked away, they started talking again. Idk what I should do and I need help!!

  • Ugh, half of these had more to do with a guy lusting after you than actually liking you. I know this wasn’t written for middle schoolers, but who do you think is looking for “how to tell if a guy likes you “???

  • Me and this guy was texting and I said good night he say you suppose to say I’ll miss you and sleep tight so I said it and he like you don’t mean it tho so I said yes I do I don’t tell people things o don’t mean I’m not type of girl and he says I was joking about all of it but I will act like you didn’t say it goodnight. Idk what you think

  • So there is this guy named Luke. And he plays baseball with my brother,I really like him but I don’t know if he likes me. My friends are always telling me just to ask him, but we don’t talk much and we have a lot in common. I just need some help ????!!!!!!!

  • Jason is a cutie but probably to young for me. I doubt he’s looking for a 51 y.o. woman..He’s successful, athletic and probably has a great bod. Good luck Jason, you will have no problems finding a woman I’m sure.

  • I like this boy, a lot. And I’m a little confused what’s his feelings towards me. He always hold my hand and tease me about something. Sometimes, he even said that, “I’LL KISS YOU.” He’s always looking at me, patting my head, etc. We even fight about a chocolate that was given by our classmate during her birthday. I had a huge crush on him, but I don’t know if he really cares about me. My bestfriend even says that we really are sweet. Urgh! I want to know if he likes me or not….please, help me.

    (PS: I’m not that good with English language. Sorry, hope you don’t mind. Thank you.)

  • I need help! I have a crush on this guy. And he’s my senior. But i dont know whether he likes me or see me just as a friend. But, he called me nickname (and he even gives me one and always called me with that nickname). He didnt compliments me. More like he said “oh why are you so ugly today?”. He knows something about me that i never tell him. He makes fun of me and teases me a lot, like every single minute. But sometimes he is on his phone when i am talking to my friends. He used to have long bangs (not too long. Just covered his eyebrows) before and suddenly i noticed that he just cut his hair and all tidy. (I dont know whether this can be count as a sign or hes just bored just his long bangs). He noticed that i was wearing lipstick when i have presentation to do since he looked on my lips but he didnt compliments me though. He was like “why are you so ugly today?” So im debating with myself whether he actually interested in me or probably its just his nature.

  • So there is this guy, he is a year older than I am, last summer I went to a wedding. He was there working at the reception, I had seen him before at school, plus we were on the track team together. We had never really talked, before the wedding or even when we were at track. Once while I was doing a track workout with my long distance Buddy he called out to her holding the long jump pit rack in his hand “Hey (my running buddy) how much of this can fit up there.” gross I know, after that I never wanted to talk to him ever again. Then this wedding came around and he was working there. Yay right… Not! So anyway during the wedding I was continually trying to avoid him, then I was talking to my dad and another guy my dad’s age, he is standing behind me far away stareing at me. Yeah I know weird! Then throughout the whole rest of the night he was stareing at me. It was now the next year of school had to see him there too! All through out the school year he would stare at me and try to walk next to me in the hall. Next it was the end of school, finally no more seeing this dude… Wrong! I go on a music trip he joins last minute going on the trip as well. On the trip he would stare at me and once did the hey sup head thing to me, who I am, I ignored it, getting back I go to a training program at school for sports and stuff (I go at night, but you can also go in the morning, most people do it then. He did it then last summer.) he does it too, same time I do it! Finally towards the end of summer we start to talk a little. He’s really nice to me, and we can hold a conversation, he’s pretty funny, plus he stares at me…still. Then one night me were doing core as a group, once we are done I go to stretch, having both my legs out touching my toes, touching my feet together in front of me and having my knees bent to the side bending down the middle. Then one of this guy’s friends says(sitting right next to me by the way) “man she can really stretch” to him. The only reason I knew it was directed towards me was because once I was done one of the instructors was staring right at me after he said it. So what do you think? Does he like me or not, I really don’t know? When I told my friends they all think he likes me, but idk if I’m overreacting or not. Plus I really don’t know if I like him or not. It’s like half my body says that I don’t but then the other half is like go for the gold girl, go for it. What do you think I should do and do you think that he likes me??

  • I NEED HELP!!! So today was the first day of school and my crush is in my math class, so Everytime I looked at him I caught him looking at me, but for this one moment we didn’t leave eachothers eye contact so I just smiled and mouthed what are you doing and shook my head, he just sat there and went along with it. But it’s really confuzzling me, so I really need your help!!!! Thx get back to me soon pretty please!!!!!!?

  • i liked this boy and he rode my bus and then on the last day of school he asked me out and over summer i was freaking out and then like 2 weeks after we started back at school he broke up with me and never told me why. was he ever intrested

  • The guy i know has about 11 out if 52 and is the only one out of the guys i know who has ever touched me

  • Need help! I have this huge crush on a guy. The only problem is that he acts as if he likes me and this acts like he doesn’t. He’s one of the “cooler kids” in school and im more towards the shy part. Then my other “friend” also likes him. Its just like this guy will be more “nicer” I guess towards me and towards the other girl he will just be like _______ stop, your so annoying. I just have no idea what to do because what if I tell him I like him, but then he honestly doesn’t like me, I would loose him as a friend and things would be SUPER awkward, considering I have to sit next to him. SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE!!

  • So, there is this guy and we are in marching band together and I like him a lot, but I’m not sure if he likes me. I catch him looking at me during class all the time, but I just don’t know:(

  • This guy asked to be my boy big ( we are both in greek life at our college). After that he was always in contact with me and spending his drunken nights with me where we would often go back to his apartment or my dorm and talk about life and do stuff. One night when he was drunk he told me he loved me and that im the love of his life. The next morning i told him he said that even though i didn’t want to, he got it out of me. And he laughed kinda and said something like ” Oh god I speak too much”. Howver, even in the morning sober, he continued to kiss me and cuddle me. We have gone out to dinner and text or snapchat a lot however i am unsure if he likes me because he is my big which technically means we are greek family. I am not sure if actually wants to get to know me on a spiritual level and be my good friend or if he actually likes me. I just feel like there is a boundary he isn’t crossing strictly because we are “family”…..Lastly, he says kind things like that he appreciates me and that i am the greatest ever… Does he like me? Someone PLEASE HELP!

    1) If offers to help you with your books or loan you a couple of bucks for lunch etc…
    2) If he messes with you a lot, as in teasing or joking
    3) If he tries to include you in guy and girl group stuff (he will do that to try to get closer to you)
    4) If he tries to sit by you at lunch
    5) If he is talking about you to someone else (probably one of your closer friends or his friends)
    6) If he wants your number to “get the homework assignments while he is absent”)
    7) If he adds you or DM’s you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc…
    8) If he looks at your lips or your eyes when you talk and takes a bit longer than usual to respond.
    9) If he constantly is trying to make small talk
    10) If he tries to look like he doesn’t care.

    These are just a few things that I believe may be signs that a guy likes you. The paragraph above said a lot about adults but i thought these might help for any high schoolers.

  • ok so I had a crush on a boy, and he was always teasing and talking to me, and then my friend, (behind my back!) asked him out for me and he said we were just friends, and the next day he doesn’t even talk to me! And I say hello and he looks away, and then I caught him glancing at me and I looked back and he looked down, frowning!!! I don’t get guys!!!!!!! Ps, I’m in Middle School

  • What does it mean if at graduation i picked my crush to dance with and he smiled but when i got chosen by another boy he kept on looking at me and doesn’t pay any attention to his partner?

  • I’m in a marching band and there is this guy in the band who always tease me. He is a year younger than me. We meet only during practise and competition. He has a nickname for me, he constantly jokes with me and he always dm and whatsapping me. In band practise, I always noticed that he will stare at me. Today, I think I saw him snapping photos of me! We were having our annual dinner and he was the photographer. I swear to god that he would point his dslr at me when I wasn’t looking. When I looked at him, he would stareback, smile and look away. I think he likes me but there’s this one problem. He has a crush on a junior who is in the band too :( and that junior is way prettier than i’ll ever be. But when our band members revealed his crush, I noticed that he looked uncomfortable (who wouldnt lol) and he kept looking at me. Im so confused rn.

  • Aghhhhh!!!! I like a guy, but I see him once a week for 1 hour and a half, and I like him (a lot), but im not 100% sure if he likes me back. Sure he’s funny, nice, smiles a lot, stares then looks away, and act a bit different when he’s not with his friends, but that doesn’t mean he likes me. Right?

  • Haha funny story I thought this guy like totally liked me. I mean, we talked (a lot) and all my girl friends were like “yeah he totally likes you like he always blushes when he talks to you” etc. etc. He even gave me his number saying it was only for homework, but two days in he ended up “mistaking” me for his truck driver friend. Don’t ask. I don’t know. But like how was ALWAYS touching me and like my pencils and stuff. And a lot of the time we checked homework on the bus together, but he would always sit in the seat in front of me (more like I sat in the seat behind him because I had a major crush on him), and he would always get a little closer than necessary because “he needed to see the homework.” But then he ended up finding out I liked him, and now we’re not even friends anymore. Like once in math I was staring at him, half because I zoned out, and I caught him looking straight at me. And even this year, I catch him looking at me a lot, but I’m not really sure if it’s at me or just in my general direction. But I thought we really had something. I guess not. :,(

  • I really like this guy okay and we dated for a little while last summer but we broke up and he didnt say why and he got back together with his ex….which btw she doesn’t even like him….and then they broke up and he was fune with it…then this year my friend (another guy) and i were passing notes in class and i asked him who he likes well u told me and then I too him who I liked which was the guy I we talking about and then the note got taken by some other person and then everyone knew that i liked( let’s call my crush Weirdo) weirdo …well he saw the note….and he said he didn’t like me back to his friend…but the thing is Weirdo is always showing off and looking to see if I’m watching him and he smiles and shows off …..and he is always way more hyper around me and I gets closer to me when u is talking and he is always teasing me about liking him and ugh I’m just so confused bc he sayed he didnt like me to his friend then he is all show off and teasing and looking at me and ugh I’m just confused bc my friends say he likes me and I just don’t know…and he is way more loud and hyper and more bubbly around me which Is adorable but yea anyway i just dont know what to do….

  • Well last yeari asked him if he liked me and he said he does not knoknow and this year he is staring at means being a gentleman to me too. I’m so confused!!?!?????????

  • Hey, there’s this guy in my class and he’s very popular among girls in the whole school. I’m not really smitten by him and he has a girlfriend.

    But then sometimes our eyes would meet. Then he’d suddenly make stupid faces at me that makes me laugh. He always smiles at me. Talks to me. Teases me. Ruffles my hair and pinches my arm and touching the back of my neck. And now we’re so close. BUT HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. What should I do? Coz now…..I’ve grown to like him ?

  • When I like a girl I ignore her completely. I won’t even look at her. It’s not a strategy, it’s more that I don’t think I have a chance.

  • A guy in my class likes me. So one day my friend over heard him say “I want to better friends with her and then I will ask her out.” The problem is that I don’t know if I like him or not. I mean most school relationships won’t last that long. The reason I don’t know that I like him is because he reminds me of well me.

  • I know this cute guy but I don’t know if he likes me. He is funny when I am around him he tries to give me a high five. This morning I was playing around with him ( he was trying t give me a high five ) and he kept trying until I hit his palm. Is that just playing or does he like me?

  • I need help there’s a guy in my weight training class and he stares at me often with a blank stare and when I look back at him he usually stares for a second more then looks away is that a good sign?