Quiz: Is It Just A Fling, Or Will Your Love Last?

So, you've met a perfect guy, but you're still unsure if it's just a fling or something deeper. Will your love last? Take our quiz and find out the truth!

Is he with you just as long as everything is fun and new or is this something more? Will your relationship survive first arguments and transition into a deeper commitment? That is a question that many women ask themselves and do ponder.

As much as you might think this won’t happen to you, the problem is, it can technically happen to anyone and most times it is a shock when it happens.  After all, when something you think that was more, ends earlier, more abruptly, and for the fact that he was leading you on, it really hurts.

This tends to leave women feeling used, mistreated, led on, hurt, angry and mistrusting. Take our quiz to see if he is with you just for a short fling, or if he will stay for a longer time, so you won’t be blind-sided.

In order to take this quiz, you must remember to answer honestly and to think deeply and reflect on the question before you do answer. Once you have found the right answer to the question, just mark down the point number that is beside it.

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1.) Does he talk about a future with you?

– Yes all the time (0 points)
– We do talk about it quite often (1 point)
– Sometimes, but not often (3 points)
– We all most never talk about it (4 points)
– Never (5 points)

2.) When you bring up the future how does he react?

– He changes the topic immediately (5 points)
– He smiles and fluffs it off (4 points)
– He will say “yeah sure”, and seem interested but also like he’s fluffing me off (3 points)
– He acknowledges and talks about it (1 point)
– He is fully interested (0 points)

3.) Does he keep his options open for other girls?

– He still has tinder on his phone (5points)
– He messages lots of girls on Facebook and Instagram and he never lets me know what it’s about (5 points)
– He flirts with other ladies (4 points)
– He hasn’t told anyone about me (3 points)
– No, he has discounted all other women (0 points)

4.) How invested in you and the relationship is he?

– He is fully invested (0 points)
– He is mainly invested (1 point)
– He seems invested sometimes, but he mainly acts like he isn’t (3 points)
– I think he’s invested, but most times he proves me wrong and I doubt him now (4 points)
– He isn’t invested (5 points)

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5.) How committed is he?

– He is fully committed (0 points)
– He is mainly committed(1 point)
– He seems committed sometimes, but he mainly acts like he isn’t (3 points)
– I think he’s committed, but most times he proves me wrong and I doubt him now (4 points)
– He isn’t committed (5 points)

6.) How often does he blow you off?

– All the time (5 points)
– A lot of the time (4 points)
– 50/50 (3 points)
– He occasionally blows me off (2 points)
– When he does blow me off it is for a good reason (1 point)
– He never blows me off (0 points)

7.) Is he in it only for sex, or also the emotional connection?

– He only wants to be intimate (5 points)
– He will be emotional only when it means we get intimate (4 points)
– We are more intimate than emotional, but not by too much (3 points)
– We are more emotional than physical, but sometimes it seems like sex is the only reason we have emotional moments (2 points)
– He isn’t only in it for sex (0 points)

8.) Does it feel like he keeps you around for convenience?

– Yes, he keeps me around just because of the benefits I provide, not because he likes me (5 points)
– I’m not sure, but I feel like he does only keep me around sometimes for other reasons other than him liking me (4 points)
– Occasionally, he does ask me to do things that make me feel like that’s why he has kept me around (3 points)
– No, I am not a convenience (0 points)

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9.) Does he try to get to know you?

– Yes, he knows so much already and wants to continue to know me (0 points)
– He shows an interest in me most times (1 point)
– He shows interest in knowing me when it suits him (2 points)
– He kind of knows me, but he doesn’t seem like he wants to know me more (3 points)
– He doesn’t know much other than what I tell him, but he also doesn’t ask me anything (4 points)
– He doesn’t know me (5 points)

10.) Does he try to be there for you?

– No, he doesn’t try to be there for me (5 points)
– He has only been there for me once (4 points)
– He hasn’t been there for me unless I tell them I need him, or he thinks he will get something out of it…(3 points)
– He is there for me all most always (1 point)
– He is always there for me (0 points)

11.) Is the relationship a one-way relationship (as in it is all about him and for him)?

– Yes, because we always do what he wants and only talk about his things (5 points)
– I think he only wants us to revolve around him so he gets the most out of the relationship (4 points)
– Most times it is all about him, but very rarely it is about me (3 points)
– It’s sometimes only about him, but most times its equal (1 point)
– It isn’t a one-way relationship (0 points)

12.) Does he talk about going to classic romantic dates?

– He keeps planning out date ideas for us to do(0 points)
– He mentions it quite a bit, and for the most part seems invested in them (2 points)
– I make the date plans, he brushes most off (3 points)
– We talk about them but there doesn’t seem to be any follow through (4 points)
– We haven’t talked about anything related to it (5 points)

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If you got a score of 0-11, it means that you are not in a relationship that’s gonna last just for a few weeks. Congratulations, the man you thought that might have been only your fling, wants to be with you for a longer period of time.

If you got a score of 12-35, it means that it may not be just a fling, especially if it is closer to the 12 side of this range. We can’t for sure say that he isn’t trying to just have a fling, but there also isn’t the highest of all probabilities that it is not gonna become something more serious. The best way to be sure of this is for you to observe his signs more and to see if he starts to put some emphasis on the two of you and if he starts making some plans with you.

If you got a 36-55, it means that he is only with you for as long as the passion lasts. Sorry to break it to you, but he only wants a short fling and he doesn’t want this to go any further. That is why he isn’t dedicated to you and the relationship. This is why he hasn’t put any work into the relationship, or into getting to know you and be with you.  He already knows it is a short-term relationship, and that’s why he is doing that.

Hopefully, you and your love will last longer, and enjoy yourselves. If your fling ends, realize the good times you had, and remember to love yourself and grow as a person.


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