The Single Vs Married Life : Which One Suits You?

It’s 2017 and women have options which leaves open the debate of the single vs married life, and what suits their lifestyle best. Which one suits YOU best?

It is 2017, gone are the days where people would be married by the time where they were 20 and would start making a family. Instead, women have more of a choice.

We as women do not have to get married so young, and then instantly feel pressured to have kids. Instead, we can date around, have hookups, flings, experiment, and also focus on ourselves or our careers.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still get married young, find the right partner early in life, and have kids whenever you are ready. After all, it is 2017 and there are more options and choices available.

However, the more common trend that is occurring today is that women are getting married later. While doing this they are focusing on themselves regarding their career, aspirations, dreams, education, and their choice to have kids if they please.

Meaning, there is a debate that tends to be an ongoing conversation between many women. In the end, every woman is different, and every woman has her options and choices in life. However, when arguing the single vs married life debate, many women feel unsure, pressured, or afraid of the effects of the side they chose to be on (for the time being).

You see, the answer to this debate is fluid. It can change at any moment in time based on what happens in your life, who you meet, what you see, and how you feel. Basically, any other influences and experiences which help to mold and shape you can sway the side you are on.

Regardless of that fact, the fear, curiosity, and sometimes stressful pondering of what you could be missing out on, or benefiting from on either side, still remains.

Read on to learn the pros and cons to each side of the single vs married life. Hopefully, this will help you decide what is best for your life and will help ease any stress or worries about you choosing the wrong side.

Pros To The Single Life

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Although many say the single life is not for them, there are also plenty of other women who say that it is exactly the lifestyle that works for them. After all, everyone is different. However, after looking at what the people who love and oppose the single life say, it is easy to see the pros and cons to this.

More Freedom

More freedom is considered to be one of the biggest perks to being single. Many women find that since they don’t have a boyfriend they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

There is no one texting you asking when you can see each other, hang out, where you are, what you’re doing, or when you are coming home.

Additionally, you also will be your own support system, and the last and final (and only) deciding factor in what you do. Meaning, there is no one to second guess you or to sway your opinion or decisions.

Experiencing more people

When single, you have the ability to date, break up, and then date again. You can also have plenty of one night stands, or just test the waters by flirting or going on one time dates with people. No matter what you do, you have options about who you are with intimately.

More You Time

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Since you are single you have lots more time for yourself, You have the opportunities to go to spas, on hikes, road trips, weekend getaways, do Netflix binges, or just sleep when you want. Essentially everything you do alone, or on your own time outside of work is all for you and is all about you.

No Money Issues

There is no fighting over money, spending, or big expenses because you are single. Meaning you have complete control over your money and ownership over all of your things. You are able to save and spend money however you want.

You Can Work On Your Career

Since you are single, you don’t have to make a plan involving someone else in your life. Instead, you can just make a plan about you and what you want to do regarding work, how you want to evolve and improve your work, and in essence any other aspirations you want to accomplish. There is no one else to consider, it is just you and your life.

Cons To The Single Life

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Pressure To Settle Down

Sine you are single, partying, dating an array of people, or just so focused on your career and life, you have no time for someone else. However, many people do not understand this. Meaning, other people in your life will pressure you, try to shame you, and even change you in hopes of getting you to settle down, find someone to spend your life with, and to then have kids. Sadly, this pressure is one that many women face constantly.


There will be no one there to hold you at night, to cuddle with, to laugh at things with, or to go through life with you. As much as you may love your independence, you will also be missing out on sharing your life with someone who will add to your life and won’t be there for all those amazing and horrible moments.

Your World Will Change

When you do meet Mr. Right, you will have an array of internal conflicts due to you being unsure of what to do because you are so used to the life you have. You will either have to say bye to someone who is possibly the love of your life or start thinking of yourself and that person and change your life plans and mentality.

Of course, the pros and cons of being single vary from person to person, and to every pro, there are many other cons and vice versa. However, in the end, it is up to you to decide

Pros To The Married Life

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Being married is something that many women also dream about and love. However, it is also something that many women don’t like the idea of, or can’t stand. Regardless, from looking at bother perspectives it also comes down to the person you are, to see if the married life is for you.

They Are All Yours

When being married, that special someone is all yours. You both share your lives together and cherish every moment, or work through every issue together. They are both your lover and best friend who are by your side. There should be no worry of them cheating or finding someone else, instead, it is just the two of you spending the rest of your lives together.


Marriage means there is support emotionally, physically, and even monetarily. When you’re married you share everything, including money and objects. There is nothing wrong with this as you have a combined income between the two of you, which will provide the two of you with more options and abilities.


Whether you are sick, in pain, busy, stressed, or doing chores, you will have someone to be your teammate. They will talk things out with you help you fix things up, and will support you at all times. They love you for you and will embrace who you are. Meaning if you need to rant, vent, or even just move furniture, you know they will be there to hold you, listen to you, and chill or work with you.

Cons To The Married Life

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When getting married, there also is a greater risk that if it ends, it will be a lot messier than ending a relationship while being single. There will be lawyers, difficult money issues, and also issues of property and ownership over items.

Pressure To Have Kids

Once you are married you will notice that friends and family will both start putting some pressure on you and your partner to get busy in the sheets just so you can start having kids. This is an issue as it will cause stress for you and your partner, and will become a bigger pressure as time goes on.

In reality, there are countless of other pros and cons which vary for every person. For example, some people may want a piece of paper to say that they love a person, whereas others do not need a marriage certificate to show they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Additionally, some people are not ready to share and combine things or to even live in the same space.

In the end, it all comes down you what you chose. Remember, you are a strong, independent, brave, and amazing woman. Also remember that it is your life, and you are allowed to choose what you want to choose and to then change your mind and chose something else. Don’t be afraid to take risks, especially if it is for love.

Good luck, and if you can think of any more pros to the ongoing debate of the single vs married life, feel free to share!

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  • Well if you love being single which that would be the way to go. But on the other hand if you really prefer to be married with a family which that would really be the way to go as well. The hardest part is finding that special one to be with since it does take two to tango nowadays.