Is He In Love With You? 11 Things He’ll Do If He Truly Is

Is he in love with you? Men can be quite hard to read sometimes. But, when it comes to love, there are hidden signs that are showing you've got his heart.

So you're dating this incredibly likable guy and you think you have really great chemistry. You want to start investing more of yourself in the relationship but you aren't quite sure yet if he's worth it and if he feels the same way.

Good news, ladies! Even if he doesn't go out of his way to actually tell you he loves you, the clear as day signs will be present if he truly does. We know you'd love to find out is he in love with you or not, so we've rounded them all up in this list. Read on.

1) He'd want to spend most of his time with you

is he in love with you

Noticed how we've said “most” of his time and not “all” of his time? Right. Your man truly loves you if he spends the majority of his time to give you the quality time you deserve. But it doesn't end there. He'd want some time off of the relationship so he can spend it with himself or his closest buddies.

He'd also love for you to have your well-deserved me-time. So if you have regular quality time together and some nights apart, that means he's truly in love with you and your relationship is on the right track. Keep it up!

2) He will give you his undivided attention

When you go out on cozy dates outside or spend the night indoors in front of the TV, observe where his attention is at. If it's on you and on everything that you have to say, then you can be sure you've got him hooked. On the flip side, if he's on his phone, appears distracted, or is physically present but mentally absent, then you know he's not that into you.

A man who's truly in love with you will have his eyes only for you regardless of the circumstances. So if his eyes aren't on you 99% of the time, it's time to think about whether you should continue going out with him.

3) He will shoot you a good morning text

Does your man make you feel special by letting you know you're the first person he has in mind the moment he wakes up from bed? If he does, you've got a boyfriend who's truly in love with you.

He wants you to feel that you come first before he starts his day and even if you're not together, he can only start it knowing he had made you feel that his day will be incomplete without you. How sweet, right?

4) He will check up on you from time to time

is he in love with you

Men may be egotistical but even the most stoic man's defenses will break down when he's in love. He'll surely go out of his way to make sure you're safe.

So if he calls to say “I love you” or shoots you a text or a private message just to make sure you're doing okay, and he does it in a way that won't make you feel annoyed or interrupted, then he's truly in love with you. Keep him.

5) He will attempt to protect you

Does your boyfriend rush to your side like he's Superman when you're in need? Does he makes sure you're safe and cares for you when you're not feeling well? Is he there by your side when you need him to be? Do you feel like he's some strong tower you can take refuge on when the fiercest storms of life hit? If your answer to all these is a “Yes”, then celebrate. Your man is truly in love with you so don't think twice of investing more of you in your relationship.

6) He will never leave you in the dark

Open, honest, and constant communication is one of the most important ingredients of a successful relationship. So if he's making sure that you know about his schedule, weekend plans, and other stuff that a girlfriend has the right to know about, that means he's not just you.

That's a glaring sign that he's truly in love with you for what man who's in love will hide something crucial or trivial to his girlfriend, right?

7) He will remember every important detail about you

is he in love with you

This is not just about your whereabouts. This also includes knowing the important dates concerning your relationship by heart. Examples would be your birthday, anniversary, and other dates that you know by heart, too because they're that important.

On top of that, he plans something special on these remarkable dates to make you feel more loved because he knows they're a huge deal to you. Does this sound like your significant other? If so, he's truly in love you. Be sure to appreciate his efforts and do your part in making him feel special, too.

8) Is he in love with you? His support says it all

As a strong and independent woman, you have a life outside of your relationship. You have dreams, goals, hobbies, etc. Do you see your man cheering for you and giving you his full support when it comes to things that you're passionate about?

If he does, that's another sign that he's truly in love with you. It means he values the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled as an individual and would want to celebrate them with you.

9) He will listen patiently

We, ladies, have the tendency to talk too much and sometimes that's kind of annoying. But if the one you're talking to is a guy who's head over heels in love with you, you can be sure he'll listen intently and patiently, taking mental notes of every important thing that you say.

He's going to look at you like you're the only woman in the world. If he does that, you've got him bound under your spell.

10) He will respect you

is he in love with you

Although he might have a thing or two to say about your choice of clothes, haircut, political inclinations, etc., he will still make sure he doesn't offend you with his opinion in any way. He will respect your choices in life and challenge some of them, too when he thinks you're not being realistic.

More importantly, he'd make you feel that you're heard, that your emotions are validated, and that you are valued as a person despite the differences you may have in beliefs. He will not think twice of making little sacrifices here and there if it would mean making you feel respected and loved. This sounds like too good to be true but a man who's truly in love with you will never fail in this department.

11) He will be a best friend to you

He'll be someone who'll offer you company, an ear, and a hand when you need it. He'll tease you because he's that comfortable with you and he wants to make you annoyed from time to time (because you're cute when you are).

He'll be there through thick or thin and you know you can always count on him. If he treats you this way, you can be sure he's truly in love with you. Never let him go.

On top of all these signs, you'd know that your man is truly in love with you if he is consistent both in his words and actions. So if he is, go give him hugs and kisses.

He's definitely a keeper and you should never ever have to shed a tear anymore (except happy tears) because he's going to make your fairy tale dreams come true.

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