20 Things Guys Absolutely Hate

Have you ever wondered what it is about women that guys simply can’t stand? Is it our shopping habits, our love for shoes or total lack of punctuality? There’s all that and much, much more...

When it comes to guys, it’s easy to list out the things we hate about them. There’s excessive boys’ nights out, the fact that they never listen, their mountain like ego and how football trumps everything.

What if we were to reverse the situation and ask men what they hate about us. “Hate? Aren’t we perfect as we are?!” I wish!

Oh well, here goes nothing:

1. Smothering Sandy

Yes, there is something as too much love. He knows how you feel about him. You don’t have to keep repeating it over and over and over, through texts, email and in person. Give the poor guy some space and a chance to miss you.

2. Too much makeup

girl with makeup tools

Surprising as it is, too much makeup can actually turn a guy off. You don’t have to skip it altogether, but keep it minimal and natural. That’s so much more better than layers of gunk on your face!

3. Nagging Nancy

You’re not his mother (thank goodness), so stop nagging him all the time and telling him what to do and when. I know some of us feel like nagging is the only way to get things done but trust me, you’re just driving him away.

4. Can you take a joke?

Men want someone with a sense of humor, someone who they can laugh with and who has no qualms about laughing at herself once in a while. So loosen up, and stop being so serious all the time!

5. Comparing him to your ex

Your ex is your ex for a reason and you’re with your present partner for a reason. So stop comparing the two. He doesn’t want to hear about what a great shopping partner your ex was or what a fantastic job he had. Men and their mountain like egos remember?

6. Snoopy Sarah

Stop going through his texts, his calls, his mail, his facebook account…A relationship is built on trust and unless you have a legitimate reason to doubt him, you have no business snooping through his stuff.

7. Cry baby

crying girl

Do you have the magical ability to start crying at the drop of a hat? Stop it! Every man hates a cry baby and trust me, your tears will eventually have zero effect on him.

8. Obsessed with weight

Most men don’t care about appearance as much as we think they do. Yes, it’s healthy to exercise and eat right but there is a line beyond which you’re just annoying him.

If you constantly talk calories, give him the “look” when he’s enjoying his bacon, refuse to go out partying because you fear you may overeat or drink too much, it’s time to loosen up.

9. Jealous Jenny

Are you jealous of his female friends? His female co-workers? The coffee lady at Starbucks? Newsflash: Jealousy is never an attractive quality and men hate it! Of course, if he’s excessively flirtatious and it bothers you, bring it up with him but pointless jealousy is a no-no.

10. Saying “I’m fine”…

…when you’re clearly not. Communicate with him. Don’t expect him to be a mind reader. if you’ve got something in your mind, spell it out for him.

11. Trying to change him

You fell in love with him for a reason so why is it that his habits bother you so much suddenly? I agree, relationships do involve a certain amount of changing but it has to come from him. You can’t force it and you certainly can’t nag him into it.

The more you do try to take control, the further he’ll run.

12. Late Leona

young woman showing what time it is

I know women aren’t particularly known for their punctuality but do you know just how much men hate waiting for us?! Make an effort ladies. If you need over an hour to get ready, start earlier!

Surprise him by making it on time and watch his eyes light up!

13. Girly Television

Okay, he really, really doesn’t want to watch the new season of Project runway or Jersey Shore or Gossip Girls with you. Save that for your alone time or when you’re with your girlfriends. He’ll appreciate it very much!

14. Using sex as a weapon

There’s nothing attractive about a woman who uses sex to get what she wants. Nothing! You’re in a romantic relationship afterall and sex should be an expression of your love, so stop being petty.

15. Shopping Obsession

Men will never understand our need to shop, just as we’ll never understand their love for beer and football. I often get asked “Why do you love shoes so much?”. Well, I could try to explain it but it’s impossible.

So, the husband and I have reached a compromise where I shop whenever I want but leave him out of it. He’s happy, I’m happy and the only one suffering is my wallet.

16. Gold digger Gina

Do you love him for him or his wallet? If it’s the latter, just be warned that a man will catch on to it sooner or later.

17. Can you keep a secret?

friends having fun outdoors

Or do your friends know every little detail about your relationship including your sex life? Men can’t understand why we absolutely have to discuss these things with our girls and boy, do they hate it!

18. Never ending phone calls

All men pretend to be okay with long phone conversations in the beginning but the truth is there are few things they hate more.

19. Snooty Sarah

Men hate women who think they’re high and mighty. They want a friend who is easy to be with not some woman with a princess syndrome. So get off your high horse and act normal!

20. Insecure Ida

Last but not least, men absolutely hate insecure women.

We all have our moments of self doubt but to constantly look to him for affirmation, whether it’s about your looks (they really hate the “Do I look fat in this” question), your job or your relationship is a huge turn off. If you don’t have faith in yourself, who will?

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  • Well… I would truly enjoy it if someone would say what exactly a man LOVES in a woman. Something that would make them love you forever and never leave. No matter the circumstances.