Can You Change A Man?

Many women say that you can’t change a man and that no matter what you do, they will always stay the same. Yes, many men say that they will change, and they only do it to make you forget and forgive them. But, if your man really cares he can and he will change, and sometimes he won’t even notice it. How? Easily, you just have to do it the smart way.  Here are 6 tips on how to change your man without him even noticing it.

1) Don’t yell at him or pressure him

Women usually make this same mistake over and over again. When they are unsatisfied with their man’s behavior, they automatically put up a fight. And when you start pressuring a man to do something and change something in his behavior, he will put up a wall between you two and start doing the exact opposite. Men love to do things to spite their women because they get all mad and cocky. They don’t love to be told what to do, but they do think about what you said afterward because, above all, they are aware of their flaws and your opinion matters to them (even if you feel like it doesn’t)

So, in the future, never start a fight when you talk about things you’d like him to change in his behavior. Try to explain to him when both of you are in a good mood or you can even set the time to talk about your relationship every week. You can tell him how hurtful some things he does are or that you think that it would be better for him that he stops doing some things. Constructive criticism is always better than arguments.

2) Give him what he wants

When your man is happy and satisfied, you will be too. If he likes to go out with his friends, don’t nag him about it. Also, f he wants to go to the gym every day, find something to do on your own and enjoy your alone time. If he is all turned on, go with the flow and enjoy the night of passion, don’t immediately say no because you have to get up early for work.

If you two respect each other and trust each other, then you have to stop nagging and start living the life. When you let your man have the time to decompress from you, he will want to do it less and you will be more satisfied with your life with him as well. And don’t forget to enjoy your alone time as well!

3) Act all cuddly and cute

Men are suckers for this type of behavior. When women act all cute and girly, they would do anything for them. So, instead of being a b*tch, try to change your attitude. Be his biggest cheerleader, show him that you care and understand him.

Take care of him and nurture him. But, don’t do it all the time, just do it when you want to show him how much you appreciate that he did something nice for you. Praise him for his good behavior by being even better to him and he will notice it, so next time he’ll do it more often because he’ll want you to act all nice and cuddly more often.

4) Give him an example by changing something about yourself

Let’s be honest here. There are many things you should change about yourself, you are not perfect, and you should know that. But, pay attention to things he’d like you to change. Men don’t like to nag, but you can notice from his reactions that something bothers him when you do or say certain things.

So, if he, for example, hates that you always leave your shoes in the middle of the room, stop doing that. If he hates that you leave the dishes to be washed later, wash them immediately after your meal. There are many small and big things you should change as well in order to stop provoking his negative comments and reactions. Do things that you find least complicated to change and you’ll see, he will be thrilled.

5) Be patient

Every change takes time. If you want this to work and if you want to really change your man’s behavior, you have to know that it takes around 21 days for a brain to change habits it learned from previous experiences. So, try to learn to be more patient and don’t immediately write him off and break up with him if he can’t change some things. Good things come to those who wait, so be a smart woman and learn to wait. Your man loves you and cares about you but he is only a human. We all make mistakes and we are not perfect, so you should learn to accept that.

Patience is not only vital for a loving relationship but equally important, in the long run, it helps you to be more in control of your life and with that comes a healthier state of mind.

Patience is vital for a loving relationship because of the long term benefits.

Here is how to learn patience in a relationship.

6) Communicate your needs

In a relationship where you feel like you don’t get what you want and need it’s hard to stop yourself from being a nag. Nagging is an age-old problem most women struggle with.

However, you have to break out of this vicious cycle before it hurts your relationship. Here are nine tips to get help you get started.

Approach him nicely. Use a non-accusatory and calm tone, but emphasize your message. Tell him what you want and need,  when his attention is already on you and not on what he is doing.

Good communication skills are key in any kind of a relationship – including a romantic one. If you can’t communicate, everything else just goes off. Read the following tips on how to develop good communication skills.

Bonus tip: Don’t always be so available

When you are always so available to him and when you openly show him that your life revolves only around him, then your man will stop putting an effort into making things work between you two. He will think that you will always be there for him, so why would he even bother? Show him that you have a life on your own as well, and let him have his alone time. But, when you two are together, try to make the most of it.

Find things you both enjoy doing and enjoy them together. Don’t pressure him to go shopping with you if he hates that. Also, don’t let him pressure you to watch football with him if you find it completely boring. Remember, you should always talk to him about everything that bothers you and he should be nice enough to respect that. If he just stubbornly won’t change a thing, then it might be a sign you should move on.

So, what’s your conclusion? Can you change a man?

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