Convince Your Partner to Get a Puppy

There’s nothing cuter than a puppy running around the house, and you’ve decided that you desperately want to have it. But there’s an obstacle: your partner. He really doesn’t want that puppy. Well, there is no established and certain method to make him change his mind, but there are a few tactics that you can try, in order to improve your chances of getting a pet. Check out the tips below, use them, and perhaps you will finally manage to convince your partner to get a puppy!

Start Slowly and Don’t Be Annoying

Always initiate the puppy conversation slowly and don’t ever sound excessively demanding or pushy. Be delicately persuasive and listen patiently to all of your partner’s concerns, showing that you absolutely understand them.

  • Start by subtly bringing up the subject once in a while and putting hints here and there. Observe his reactions and act tactfully. If he says no the first time, don’t give up, but don’t continue annoyinghim over and over again, every day. Use tactics to convince him.
  • If you are passing by a pet shop, stop and show him the cutest possible puppy in the shop window, and ask him if he likes it. He won’t be able to say no! Finish your conversation there and don’t ask more. Rate his reaction and use it for further purposes.
  • Talk about puppies and dogs in a positive way, mention how helpful they may be and say that they have always been man’s best friends. If you have children, tell your husband that a puppy could be great company for them.  But don’t ever exaggerate! Be gentle and go slowly.
  • If your partner thinks that you don’t have enough space to keep a puppy, start by getting the house reorganized. Clean up the clutter, throw away unnecessary things and organize rooms in a more comfortable way. Show him that you have space!
  • Always listen to his arguments, show your understanding and never contradict him. It’s a good idea to make him think that you even share some of his concerns.
  • And above all, give him time to think.

Reassure Him That You, and Only You, Will Take up all the Responsibility

girl with her dog on beach

Let your partner know that YOU will take care of the puppy, and that he won’t have to take on any kind of responsibility – this will probably soften him and make your convincing tactic a lot easier.

But don’t worry! Once you get the puppy, he will fall in love with it and everything will change!

  • Tell him that you will regularly walk the puppy, even during the night if necessary, and that you will always take him to the vet by yourself.
  • You will buy him food, feed him, clean him and bathe him.
  • Reassure your partner that you will do whatever it takes to train the puppy in the best possible way, and that he doesn’t need to worry about anything. He will have a perfect dog.
  • If your husband is concerned about what you will do with the puppy when you go on vacation, act in advance and have your answer ready! Find the closest kennel, and let your partner know that you have already started putting some money aside to pay for it.
  • Be prepared for short-term trips out of town. Talk to your friends and find someone who is willing to take care of your puppy once in a while, and inform yourself about dog walkers.

Make Him Understand Why You Want a Puppy so Badly

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Have a plan and a list of good reasons why you want a puppy, and tell your partner about all the benefits of having a dog. Use these arguments to your advantage, even if you have to make up some of them. Try to be as convincing as you can in explaining your side of the story.

  • Opt to adopt a shelter dog. One of the best tactics to convince your partner to get a puppy is to tell him that by adopting a dog, you are actually saving its life. Taking a shelter dog is always a good and respectful deed.
  • Tell him how dogs can be therapeutic and keep you good company during times when he is away for work.
  • Don’t forget to mention health and exercise! Having a puppy will give both of you the possibility to spend more time in the fresh air, take regular healthy walks and stay in good shape.
  • Focus on the fact that dogs are very smart and that they can be trained to safeguard the house, warn about robbers and intruders, and perform many other useful tasks. Explain also all the benefits of having a guard dog, especially when your partner travels for work, leaving you all alone at home!

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