How to Deal With One Year Away from Your Boyfriend

Every relationship goes through different changes. Being in love with somebody makes you try harder and do your best to make it work. Leaving your partner for as long as one year is probably the hardest test two people have to pass. Separation from someone you love, even if it is for good purpose like carrier opportunity, is always hard to handle. Still, you can make the time pass quickly if you try following tips.

1. Communicate Daily

In this era of emails, social networks like Twitter and Facebook and cheap phone calls via Internet, you can continue taking active part in each other’s lives. The first few weeks after the separation are the hardest, that’s why it is particularly important to email or phone each other daily. Expressing your feelings, talking about how you’ve spent your day, will bring you closer together and make you miss each other less.

2. Spend a lot of Time With Your Friends

Once we fall in love and start spending a lot of time with our partner, most of us unintentionally neglect our friends. Now that you have more time for them, use it – go out with them regularly or plan a weekend or a holiday with your closest friend. A true friend will be supportive when you need encouragement and won’t mind offering a shoulder to cry on when you feel sad and lonely.

3. Involve Yourself Into a New Activity

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Time will pass quickly if you find a hobby to stop you from thinking about parting. Consider taking dancing classes, start learning a foreign language, develop your computer skills, etc. Pick an activity you find enjoyable so you would feel happy for taking it. Enriching your life in this manner will also give you a fresh topic to talk about with your boyfriend.

4. Throw Yourself to Work

Keeping your mind occupied will prevent you from pitting yourself because your loved one is not with you. Now is the time to throw yourself to work and maybe earn a promotion or a raise. The same goes for students. Let your goal for this year be higher than earlier, take participation in courses, workshops, training you could benefit from even if they are not in the sphere of your interest. One can never know how good such extracurricular activities can look in your future resume.

5. Be Ready When Loneliness Hits

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No matter how hard you try not to think about your boyfriend faraway, there will be difficult times. You might even start questioning your relationship, wondering if it is worth all the trouble and hardship. It often happens that people become very jealous, start questioning their partner or fall into temptation of falling in love with someone else themselves. When this happens, talk to your partner; share your thoughts, fears and doubts with him. Remind yourself (and him) why you’ve started the relationship at the first place. Think of all the happy moments spent together, the virtues the other one has. Make plans for the future, talk about the things you will do when you get back together. This will give you something to look forward to.

One year is not such a long period as it may seem to a girl who has to spend it away from her boyfriend. Keep a positive attitude, support each other and fight for your relationship. Once when the year passes, you’ll be proud that you overcame these obstacles.

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