Imperfect Female Body Parts Men Love: You Can Stop Worrying

Some of the unexpected female body parts men love can be the ones you are most conscious about. You may not understand it, but they're enticing his gaze.

Natural beauty is the secret desire of men and we all have it ladies. What I hear the most is that men like less makeup, less of the fake and more of the real. If you look at a them, they don’t go to any of the lengths we feel like we have to to primp (at least most of them don’t). The images we have been sold by marketing companies are not really what men truly desire.

Men love curves. They love curves more than the emaciated look. They love women who glow and look healthy. If you are starving yourself trying to lose ten pounds, you are focusing on the wrong things my dear. You just need to love your body and rock what you’ve got. Men are drawn to women that are comfortable in their own skin and they can smell insecurity from a mile away.

You will be surprised to know that most of the female body parts men love are not the ones you would think, there’s much more to their perception of women.

The body parts aren’t what you think

girl posing in jeans and white shirt

Men love wide hips and aren’t overly attracted to washboard abs. Remember, if you lose too much weight, you’ll also lose the 2nd most attractive female body part, your derriere.

The old saying still holds water; if you’ve got it, flaunt it. But you shouldn’t do it too obviously because we have to give men some credit for ignoring women that are just throwing themselves out there, begging for attention. They can smell that too, keep most of your treasures for his eyes only and he will value them as special.

I’m not saying to wear baggy pants and turtlenecks, wear what you love and feel comfortable in. Men think in terms of functionality, and they may not give your outfit as much thought as you believe.

Simpler is better. The less you draw attention to your overall image, the better. Think t-shirt and jeans. Accessories, lip liners, eye brow lining, bright lipsticks are all like barriers to the true you that he is really after. You will notice that if you create a superficial outer look, the quality of men you attract will be in equal proportions. The more you present yourself as an object, the more he will see you as one.

Go for the healthy look

Men love a healthy woman that has great skin. How do you take care of your skin? Get soap that is paraben free and natural. Stop eating refined sugar and processed foods. Essentially the more plant based your diet, the better your skin will be, the more you will glow and feel better, so you can smile sincerely. That leads us to the next body part.

Men love your smile ladies. Let’s say that again, all you have to do is enjoy your life and you will attract a man. Don’t wait for one to show up to be happy because that frown might be scaring him off!

Let’s talk hair. Hair, hair, hair! It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which means the bohemian style is now deeply rooted, right in the subconscious. Well at least it should be. No, seriously, men enjoy a woman who shows a little freedom of spirit with her hair choices. It gets the mind going.

The most unexpected body parts men like

seesaw with heart and brain

I’m going to be frank with you. Here is the unexpected part of this article. There are two body parts that men like more than anything else whether it is conscious or not: The brain and the heart. That’s right ladies; little did you know that a man is staring directly at your…medulla oblongata. He’s looking at the size of your…intellect and not your brazier.

Smart is sexy no matter which way you cut it. I think fondly of the classic American movie Good Will Hunting where intellect and decency win over everything. So ladies, how do you like them apples?

You can’t argue with science. In an article published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, it was shown that the body types that men are actually attracted to are heavier than what most women think men are attracted to.

Women are obsessing over losing weight unnecessarily! The report is appropriately titled, ‘Sex Differences in Perceptions of Desirable Body Shape.’ Ladies, think about your perceptions of what men are looking for and see if they need revamping.

How we started misinterpreting men

Where does this misconception stem from? It helps to break it down and look at the source of these beliefs. It’s all those darn magazines preaching that women need to look like celebrities who surgically removed ribs from their waist line or women who are naturally built tall and thin.

Nature doesn’t work according to marketing that is man-made and luckily neither do men’s attractions. Men are attracted by primal instincts that have been around in their genetic history much longer than any fashion marketing company.

Naturally, women can have one of about three different body types. This was traced throughout Indian history in the study of nutritional science called Ayurveda, which has been around for 4000 years. The three body types are tall and skinny, muscular and medium built and bigger boned with a naturally slower metabolism.

That means some women that naturally carry more weight are torturing themselves trying to look like Giselle or Posh Spice. A skinny girl, on the other hand, is going to have a really tough time putting on weight to get that curvy woman appeal.

We as women need to realize that our self-image has been twisted by modern fashion and the nature of men’s affection has not been altered at its core. You can appeal to men’s primal senses by embracing your true self, not the self you think you’re supposed to look like. The more in touch you can get with your natural body type and start to love what you are, the more attractive your energy will be to the potential suitors.

Take your personal power back

When we become more secure, we start to attract men that are more secure. Our perceptions of our bodies can greatly alter the outcome of our lives. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. If we are focused constantly on altering our exterior appearance in the hopes to attract the proper suitor, we are surely mistaken.

Wizen up and don’t let the businesses that are trying to sell products make you believe you have to change your image to get a man to like you. Your identity, your true natural beauty, has always been there and always will. You are beautiful and if you focus on being a really good person and a healthy one too, Mr. Right will show up before you even know it!

Historically, Egyptians focused on the eyes as the windows to the soul. If you look into what other, more ancient cultures focus on for women’s body parts, it is quite different than American culture right? How arrogant are we thinking our mini skirt culture (which is still a baby culture) knows what men want in a woman?

Many other cultures value women that are strong, that are matriarchal (community leaders), and need I say smart and portray decent respectable behavior.

Accentuate your natural beauty


How can you accentuate your natural beauty and celebrate yourself? Show off your wide hips, don’t cover your freckles with makeup, let your natural hair color grow back, let your collar bones show with a draped boho shirt.

Get excited about wearing clothes that you love and feel your best in. This doesn’t mean wearing clothes that are way too tight and constrict your blood flow, or which you have to adjust or find custom bras for. Use comfortable clothing, and get a better connection with who you are.

I love the movie ‘Meet the Fockers’ where Barbara Streisand’s character helps the other mom in the story get in touch with her inner female beauty. When we wear what we love and feel confident in, it gives us a boost of charisma. I’m guilty of not remembering to always appreciate being a woman.

Do you find yourself pulling your hair back all the time, wearing the same grungy sweatshirt, and not giving a thought to your wardrobe? While I’m not one to encourage name brand fashion, I do believe we are inspired by the style and color of the things we wear. Women are emotional creatures and when we are having a rough day, dressing up helps.

Men love women who embrace their unique body features. Do you have big hair, long legs, strong legs or arms? Men just love a woman who breaks the fashion rules to feel her best and love what she is wearing. If you stop asking for other people’s opinions and approvals when choosing what you are going to wear, you will break your habit of dressing for other people instead of doing it for yourself.

Find colors that make your natural hair color pop and your natural eye color come alive. Our clothes are just as much our identity as our words. If we are scantily clad, it shows we crave men’s attention, if we are all buttoned up and covered up, it shows we aren’t emotionally open.

You can feel attractive without going overboard and you can dress decently without being boring and really highlight your natural beauty.

Be kind to your body

Here’s the part of the article where I’ll sound like a feminist. Just joking, but let’s talk about something that’s close to my heart. Women often shape their perspective of themselves through men’s comments about how they look. That can be dangerous. That leaves women vulnerable to being convinced to alter their physical appearance instead of rocking what they’ve got.

You should never have to alter your body with surgery to appease a man. If you feel like you have to, you have got the wrong man. Nature has provided all of the things you need to attract the person that’s right for you. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and fake beauty attracts fake relationships.

There are many toxic chemicals in the beauty products that are marketed for women. Think about it ladies, we have been brainwashed into thinking we need hairspray, nail polish, lotion, perfume, cover up, lipstick, waxes, dyes, shaving creams and basically a ton of petroleum based products.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is my personal belief that when we clog the pores of the skin with petroleum based products, it hampers our ability to think clearly. Those chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream and digestive tract (that is a scientific fact).

I’ve recently replaced my personal beauty products to paraben free DIY products. Even my toothpaste is homemade. I feel more connected to my natural body and more secure.

I’ve stopped doing my nails, dying my hair and putting lotion on. My skin cleared up when I switched to paraben free soap, my hair became healthier with natural shampoo. The body gets addicted to petroleum and it stops producing its natural oils.

There is a detox phase when you get off your petroleum addiction and your skin may break out and your hair may dry out temporarily. In the long-term, you’re reducing your exposure to cancer causing chemicals that women are daily lathering their entire bodies in.

Be a role model for other women

I’m talking about women’s empowerment in the small decisions and the cultural perspectives we hold about ourselves. We can’t teach our children to be confident if we don’t tackle our own self esteem at the base. We are moving away from the patriarchal system to a more balanced and equal society.

Be a part of the group of strong, confident women that don’t need anyone’s approval for how they dress, how they look or what they like. Men love smart and confident women and the men that will be intimidated by this new breed of women don’t deserve your attention anyway.

We need new role models; women that promote natural beauty and a healthier self-image. If we break down the word beautiful it means full of beauty. Notice that it refers to what is on the inside! Focus on being healthy in mind and body and don’t be cruel to it.

Share your new perspective with your friends and family. Get some art that shows women with real bodies to remind yourself to love your own. When we heal our relationship with our own body, we can begin a healthy relationship with another person. If you like this article and think it’s an important issue, as I do, please share it with your friends and leave your thoughts below.

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Shannon Y.

Shannon is a contortionist and yoga teacher that loves to inspire people to lead empowered and healthy lives. She writes practical advice for health and gives real world insights to empower women emotionally.

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  • what we men love is…. REAL women. Not fake women.
    No fake skin, fake boobs, fake smiles.
    Yes laughing is important, but you can be just as attractive in a grumpy mood! What makes you attractive is being real. The thing that turns men (well, me, at least) off most is those fake laughs, acting as if they are having a GREAT time. Just be yourself…. you beautiful you.

    Big chance that what you like about yourself, really makes you indeed likeable.

    I am not talking about that slim wasteline. Do you really love that, or are you just really proud to have achieved conformation to the marketed norm?
    I am not saying that a slime wasteline is -not- sexy. It is, imho, sexy as long as you FEEL sexy about it.

    Re looks: one thing that men generally detest is women that look as slim as the models … I think this is because most men in the fashion industry are gay, and make the women look like men… just a theory, with all due respect to everybody! :)

    love yourselves, you are beautiful who you are… there is only one YOU and this is truly the amazing part of life.