How To Flirt At School – 10 Easy Steps To Make Him Yours

Between lessons and exams, flirting at school can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered. Here's how to flirt at school and make your crush finally notice you.

There’s more to flirting than you think, especially when it comes to flirting in school. What if you like someone but he’s not in any of your classes? What if you aren’t sure how to approach your crush in the corridor? What if you can’t spend time with him in your lunch hour? Well with these simple steps you’ll learn how to flirt at school like a pro and your crush is guaranteed to notice you at school in no time.

1) Eye contact in the hallway

how to flirt at school

There’s no better way to get yourself noticed than through a bit of eye contact, and luckily there’s no easier way to flirt than through your eyes. Even if you’re feeling a bit shy or too nervous to go over and make the first move, maintaining eye contact in the corridors or giving him a lingering look in a lesson shows that you’re interested and open to being approached. Even a subtle glance in his direction as you pass each other in the corridors will be enough to catch his attention and make him notice you.

2) How to flirt at school? Smile!

Now making eye contact is all well and good but only if you’re approachable, and nothing says approachable more than a smile. Guys love confidence and nothing says confidence quite like a big megawatt glimpse of your pearly whites.

Even if you’re a bit self-conscious of your smile, maybe you have braces and don’t feel super confident about showing your teeth off – just remember that when you’re smiling you’re at your happiest, and in the famous words of Audrey Hepburn, the happiest girls are always the prettiest!

3) Be confident

When flirting with a guy, it’s crucial you’re confident in your appearance before going over and talking to him. If you are quick to avoid eye contact, stutter when he speaks to you or go bright red then he might soon start to feel uncomfortable and things could get awkward.

Approach him with firm eye contact, maintain it during the conversation and be confident with what you’re saying, no matter what it is. Someone who is confident and friendly is going to flirt much better than someone who is nervous and unsure what to do.

4) Close the gap between you

how to flirt at school

If he’s in the same classes as you, make an effort to try and sit near him and make conversation. It can be about anything; introduce yourself, make small talk about the lesson you’re in and from there you can move on to discuss yourself in more detail and find out more about him at the same time. Then the next time you see him, you can approach him confidently, and you already know what kind of things you both enjoy talking about.

5) Connect online

Once he knows who you are and you’ve had a few conversations, why not send him a friend request on Facebook? This way you can build up a friendship and possibly start chatting to him online after school and on the weekends, taking things to the next level in a subtle way without being over the top. It’s one of the easiest ways to continue the flirting outside of the school gates!

6) Be approachable

how to flirt at school

If you’re always with a massive group of your friends in the corridors, it can be quite intimidating for him to come over and talk to you. But by sometimes standing or sitting alone, he will be more likely to come over and start up the conversation, which can then lead to a bit of fun flirting!

Now I’m not suggesting you stand alone in the corridors and avoid hanging out with your friends just in case he sees you and speaks to you, but when you are with your friends, it doesn’t hurt to smile or maintain eye contact if you see him to show you’re keen for a conversation just as much as he is.

7) Make jokes

Arguably the best way to see how well you get on with someone is to see if you share their sense of humor. Sometimes it can be make or break for any potential relationship with your crush.

Humour is everything, and it’s also one of the most attractive traits when it comes to finding someone. So when you’re with him make sure you joke around and show him your playful side. This shows that you’re carefree and fun, someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and is game for a laugh.

But don’t fall into the trap of just laughing at anything he says in the hope of making him feel good because eventually he will be able to tell and then things could get awkward. So keep the laughter genuine and you have one of the best ways to flirt at school because you are creating special moments between just the two of you.

8) Compliment him

When you are flirting with him, it’s always a good idea to compliment him. What is it you like most about him? Well, tell him! Giving someone a compliment is a good way to show them that you care and are interested in them, making it another great option for flirting at school.

But remember to always be sincere; making up something you don’t think is true just for the sake of it will only end badly. Instead really compliment him on things you actually like about him, which means you’re going to sound more natural and confident.

9) Create a common bond

how to flirt at school

If you both have the same interests, make sure to join in with some after school clubs or activities together. Sometimes actions speak louder than words, so there’s nothing better than doing something together that you both enjoy. It shows there’s more to your relationship than just superficial flirting; it means you have shared interests and something else connecting you and bringing you together.

10) Catch up outside of school

Why not suggest doing something outside of school? You can ask to meet him just the two of you or if you don’t want the pressure of being alone, suggest something with a group of mutual friends – you can get to know him better without the pressure of one on one alone time.

Once you start hanging out with him outside of school, your relationship should naturally progress, maybe eventually becoming boyfriend and girlfriend!


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