Is He Really Not Ready For A Relationship Or Just A Liar?

A lot of men nowadays use the excuse that they are not ready for a relationship. Are they lying or just really can't commit right now? Read on to find out.

Nothing is more frustrating or heartbreaking than dealing with a man who keeps insisting that he isn’t ready for a relationship. Or  that he keeps stringing you along while he pursues a relationship with someone else.

In this day and age, more men opt for smoke and mirrors than turning to honesty to deal with relationships…That is, they hide behind the façade of a man who’s averse to commitment.

While there are men out there who truly don’t want to pursue relationships, most prefer just to use that line on someone they aren’t 110% interested in. Often times, this behavior is exhibited when a man has another girl on the side.

So, how can we, as a whole, tell when the man we are seeing truly doesn’t want a relationship? Also, is he truly single or does he have a significant other that he isn’t telling you about?

The only way to explore this topic thoroughly is to look at the signs a man exhibits when he truly isn’t ready to commit:

1. He Doesn’t Share Himself With You

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A man is truly not ready for a relationship when he doesn’t let you get to know him beyond the surface. He won’t tell you his likes/dislikes, favorite films, hurts or successes.

By being cautious about what he tells you, he is giving off the message that you aren’t of significance to him. If you come across a man who barely tells you anything about himself, it’s a definite signal for you to move on and focus your energies elsewhere.

2. He Doesn’t Let You Meet His Family

If he shies away from bringing you home to meet his parents or children from past relationships, then he is definitely not in it for the long haul. To a man, taking this step means he truly is committed to his mate and believes she will be a part of his life forever.

3. He is Secretive About His Life

A man not ready to commit will always be cagey about what he’s doing when he’s not with you. Does he have to lie about where he is going?

That’s a sure-fire sign that he’s not ready for commitment. It’s a message to you that your relationship with him is of no significance. That he doesn’t want to be tied down.

4. He Doesn’t Take You Out on Public Dates

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When a man is interested in making a commitment, he will want to take his potential mate anywhere and everywhere. If you find that he doesn’t take you out and insists you and he dine at his place, he’s telling you he doesn’t want to be seen with you.

In other words, he “likes” you but doesn’t “love” you.

Now, if he is a liar and is doing what he can to string you along, he would not be doing all the aforementioned things and will do the following:

1. He Always Makes a Point of Telling You He’s Not Ready For a Relationship

No matter the situation, this is a bad sign. Not only does it tell you that you’re not good enough for him, but he’s also not showing you enough respect to be honest about what he does want.

Nothing is more frustrating than a man who likes you but won’t commit to you. Not only does his behavior contradict his words, but you’re not clear on what he means when he says he is not ready for a relationship. What does it mean if he says that he is not ready for a relationship?

2. He Always Encourages You to Date Other Men

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If he keeps encouraging you to date other men, you have a right to be suspicious. While he may maintain that he doesn’t want a relationship, this encouragement may be a sign that he is pursuing a relationship with someone else and doesn’t want you to get your hopes up.

3. His Communication With You is Abnormal

If he is super attentive for a couple of days and then ignores you for another few days, then he isn’t being honest with you about his readiness for a relationship. More than likely, he is lying low to avoid the suspicion with another girl he may be seeing.

If a guy truly isn’t ready for a relationship, his communication with you will be straightforward and very sporadic.

4. He’s Lied About Other Things

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If he’s lied to you about anything else, such as his age, his height, or anything else, then it’s very likely that he’s lying about not being ready for a relationship. A man who is truly doesn’t want a relationship will not jerk you around like that.

Playing games is not the prerogative of a man who truly doesn’t want to pursue a relationship. It’s the prerogative of a jerk who enjoys playing the field.

When it comes to deciphering whether or not a man is truly not ready for a relationship, the most important thing to do is listen to your inner voice. When you have that nagging suspicion that something is amiss, usually it’s spot on.

Your intuition is your best friend when it comes to navigating the sea of players. It will help you figure things out before it’s too late.

So if a guy says he isn’t ready for a relationship and your intuition is telling you that he’s lying, trust your instincts and walk away. It will save you from heart break much later on.

Your time is precious and you should not have to invest it in a man who is playing games with you. Let your intuition be your guide and go with the flow.

Is he a player?

Eventually, you will find that special man who is meant for you and you alone. Until then, focus on yourself and leave the liars in the dust. You are worth it!

The art of recognizing a player is a complex one. Especially since the better the player the harder it is to spot him. Is he being real or is he playing you? Here are some signs you need to look out for!

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