What If He Says That He’s Not Ready for a Relationship

Nothing is more frustrating than a man who likes you but won’t commit to you. Not only does his behavior contradict his words, but you’re not clear on what he means when he says he is not ready for a relationship

It’s no secret that men and women speak two different languages. To most women’s frustration, when a guy says one thing he often does another making it even harder to translate his words.

No behavior is more common than a guy who dates you for a few weeks but insists he’s not ready for a relationship. This statement might sound straightforward, but it actually means a few different things. If the guy you’re dating tells you that he isn’t ready for commitment, there is a missing phrase and its because…

1. You’re not the One

What If He Says That He’s Not Ready for a Relationship

It might be a blow to the ego… Nevertheless it is important to understand that men know, even faster than women, when the person they’re seeing is “The One”. Maybe not exactly the one, but studies have shown that men develop feelings of love faster than women.

While it might take a woman a few weeks, it can literally take men just a few dates to build a deep infatuation. This is so common. If a guy hasn’t built a strong attachment to you within a few weeks he’s unlikely to commit to a relationship.

When the man you’ve been dating for longer than a month says that he’s not ready for a relationship, he means with you. He hasn’t developed those deep bonding feelings he’s used to. So, he assumes that you’re just not the one for him. He likes you as much as he shows you he does, but not enough to commit.

2. He Wants to be With Someone Else

Unlike women, men don’t stop dating other people just because a new relationship begins to develop. There are situations in which a man is pursuing a woman who isn’t that into him. While he would rather be in a relationship with her, he finds himself meeting you.

You can blame the ego again for making this man believe that he has a chance with the elusive woman he’s been chasing. So, he bides time with you by saying he isn’t ready for a relationship. If it turns out that this woman will never give in, at least this man has found a suitable back up, you, who he enjoys spending time with.

3. Scared of commitment

He might really like you but genuinely have concerns about committing to you. Maybe he’s never been in a serious relationship before so is scared of being hurt or it not working out.

You should try talking to him and seeing if it is just a fear of being in a relationship or if there’s something else he’s hiding and not telling you.

One of the most common reasons behind a guy saying that he is not ready for a relationship   is because he wants to keep his options open.  It’s possible he enjoys being single, seeing other women and hanging out with you at the same time.

Your time is precious and you should not have to invest it in a man who is playing games with you. Read on and find out is he really not ready for a relationship or just a liar….

4. It’s not the Right Time

He’s Not Ready for a Relationship

Finding love has a lot to do with timing. When a man says that it’s not the right time for him to be in a relationship, believe him. When a man is ready to settle down, he usually does—which is why a sworn bachelor can find himself single one day and married the next.

You might be afraid that with time in the way your relationship is over, but it’s not. A man who isn’t ready because of timing is the most honest of them all. He knows himself and he understands where he wants to be in life. If a man forces himself to be with a woman when he knows the timing isn’t right they could both end up miserable, even when they love each other.

When trying to identify possible signs he is over you, never let the following 10 hints pass you by.

The secret to winning a man over who just isn’t “ready” for a relationship is to rely on the following.

Don’t be afraid to move on

Our egos tell us that a man we can’t have is the one we should want, but it’s not true. There is a partner for everyone, a lid for every pot.

Don’t waste a moment of your time trying to convince a man of your value. Not only will that behavior lower your value in his eyes, but it doesn’t work.

Next, keep dating other people. It’s great when you have chemistry with a guy but if he isn’t ready for a relationship, forcing him into one just seems needy. If a man is hung up on another woman, the thought of losing you is just enough to make him realize what’s right in front of him.

The man who is meant for you will be yours

Last, be patient but wait apart. The man who is meant for you will be yours but, in the meantime, live your life. It might be hard to leave a relationship when you know in your heart you’re with the right person but it’s smart.

Give the man you care about space to accomplish his goals and be the man he wants to be. If you can support him as a friend do so. Eventually he’ll find his way and he’ll appreciate you giving him the space to follow his dreams.

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  • It’s hurting and not easy to let men doesn’t give me straight answers when I questing him..what does he mean when he sys his not ready for commitment.. we’ve been dating for 10 months now…

  • whe have msgd each other for months.he calls me honey say I am his girlfriend..we tried to ge together at least 3 times..but he does not have a car..We have not met at all yet. I finally decided I would pic him up..before this happened, I asked him why we didn’t move forward to meeting each other.He said ” I know you like me and are frustrated as I am..
    but I am not ready…I am hurt and don’t know if I should wait for his text or text him after this..please help me..I am a widow and am crazy over this person..thank you Bobbie