What Men Really Think About Your Instagram Profile

Men really like to snoop around your Instagram and they come to many conclusions while looking at your pics. Our male contributor reveals the harsh truth!

Ever wonder what guys think about your Instagram profile? Check this out for an in-depth look at the thought process of a man as he skims through your pics.

Instagram is one of the most important social tools for dating. Along with Facebook, it serves as your image on the internet. It partly determines how people view you, so people generally do their best to manipulate their profile for the better.

But this in itself tells us something about what a person is like. Whether they’re aware of it or not, some people only show what they want others to see.

Some don’t hold much back, which makes it much easier to get a sense of who they really are, but most commonly, with Instagram, we get a look at who they want to be and who they wish they were.

As men, our job is to investigate women and find out what makes them tick. We struggle to understand women sometimes, so we always keep our eyes peeled for clues.

Some clues go right over our head, others only confuse us more. That’s why we often seek help from other people. As Jerry Seinfeld says, “Wherever women are, we have a man working on the situation right now.”

Sometimes it’s a collaborative effort among friends to size a woman up and come to a conclusion about what kind of guy they’re looking for and how to get them to meet you. Here are some common themes and what some guys think they really mean.

Selfie overload

woman taking a selfie

If a girl’s IG profile is overwhelmingly solo shots, we can tell already that she has high self-esteem about her appearance. That’s not a bad thing as long as she doesn’t have an ego problem.

She knows that she looks cute and her selfies get more likes than pictures of other things, but the question is, is she still down to earth?

That’s all that matters to us when we see that kind of profile. Is her IG a testament to her narcissism or is she just having fun posting pics when she’s bored?

How often she posts also has implications, as do the captions. If she posts three or four selfies every single day, we might take that as a sign that she really loves the compliments she’s getting and especially the attention.

Some girls respond to compliments better than others. Some girls love receiving compliments all the time, others seemingly don’t like to be told they’re beautiful outright.

So if the girl posts a lot of selfies often, a guy might assume that she’s the type who loves direct complements.

What do your captions say?

Captions are hugely important. Without even looking at the pictures, you can tell a lot about someone from the kind of captions they write.

Sometimes the girl will actually dictate exactly how she wants you to perceive the picture.

An interested guy might take a close look at the picture and compare it to the caption to see what the underlying message is.

Most posts don’t contain elaborate captions, but when they do there’s a reason for it, and we might try to figure out what the real reason is if there’s actually something more to it.

It’s become a trend of sorts to use famous quotes, movie lines, or brief book excerpts as captions for pictures. In this case, we probably won’t read much into it. Obscure motivational quotes are when the red flag comes up.

Motivational quotes

A girl who posts a lot of motivational quotes seems like they’re going through some personal issues like a break-up, a lost loved one or struggling with a challenging relationship.

As guys, we interpret any post about moving forward with your life as a strong indicator that you’re looking to meet someone new.

Any kind of motivational quote that insinuates a breakup looks like a call to guys who are interested in you to step up and initiate contact, or if they’re already in contact, ask to hang out.

Going on a date with someone who just had their heart broken isn’t exactly the ideal scenario, but we do understand that getting over an ex is all about taking steps forward, so we’re cool with it.

Any awkwardness about the situation will probably be overlooked and excused if we know you’re ready to meet for coffee or a drink.

Bikini pics

woman posing in a bikini

This is what a guy looks for first when he checks out your IG, body shots. We want to see some skin. Yup.

Obviously, we’re curious about you if we’re looking at your profile, so we will definitely skim around and if we see a bikini pic no matter how old it is, we will check it out.

And when I say check it out, I mean it. We might even turn the brightness up on our phone to get a better look.

Any kind of sexy pics, butt pics (ask a guy friend which ones are which if you aren’t sure), cleavage pics, anything that applies; we look at these first, and we look at them with the closest eye.

If we’re interested in meeting up with you, we might use the level of sexiness you show in your pics to determine how likely sex would be if we met you.

If there are a lot of butt pics and puckered seductive looks, we assume that the girl is somewhat promiscuous.

For most single guys, that will be viewed as a good thing. For guys interested in a relationship, it might not be.

Pics with guys

If there’s a guy in a photo with you, we’ll do some snooping to find out if he’s your current boyfriend, an ex, or just a buddy.

Sometimes we really can’t tell, so in that case, we’ll probably just assume he’s not your boyfriend and proceed as normal.

Pics at a bar or nightclub

women taking a selfie in a club

Pics that involve alcohol let us know that you aren’t at all ashamed of the fact that you enjoy drinking. If we see a pic of you at a club with your friends, it lets us know that you like to party.

We take these as clues to what kind of girl you are and combine them with others.

If the girl has pics of herself with her buddies doing shots and she has a lot of booty pics, we’ll assume that she’s not a shy, stay-at-home kind of girl at all.

We’ll also know that when we invite her to hang out, we can safely suggest a bar instead of a coffee shop.

No guy who drinks prefers to meet at a coffee shop over a bar if he’s interested in the girl.

Some guys will suggest it though as to not inadvertently insinuate anything by mentioning a bar.

It’s a much more comfortable environment anyway, so if we see pics of you drinking, we’ll be happy to know that we can invite you to a bar instead of a boring, sometimes awkward coffee date.

Sparsely posting

If a girl rarely posts, we might assume one of two things or both. She has a boyfriend, or she is extremely busy all the time.

Some couples tend to have arguments about social media, so if the girl isn’t insanely busy but hardly posts, there may be a reason she’s hesitant.

It could also be that the girl is not interested in Instagram, but most people who have an Instagram profile use the app regularly.

If they’re simply too busy for Instagram, they are also probably too busy for dating and will either take a very long time to eventually meet up with or never meet at all.

Either way, if a guy thinks you’re insanely busy, he might not want to bother trying to squeeze into your schedule unless you’re showing signs that you want to meet really soon.

Each guy’s interpretation of a girl’s Instagram profile is different. What men really think about your Instagram depends a lot on their experience with social media and their unique experience dating.

Nonetheless, IG is a powerful tool for getting to know more about someone, and guys scrutinize your profile as much or even more so than you think they do.


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