What’s a sure way to tell if a guy likes you or not? You definitely like him, but figuring out whether this guy likes you or not is just driving you insane. You want to be 100% sure that this guy likes you, before you “make a move” so that you don’t make a fool out of yourself. That’s natural. Guys do that too.

I’ll tell you what most guys do when they like a girl, even if they want to hide that they like you or want to appear “cool” so that they don’t blow their cover – you can still look for certain signals that will give them away.

There are many subconscious things guys do that are almost impossible to hide; it’s a natural thing they do, when they feel attraction for a woman.

Apart from some obvious signs that definitely mean he likes you, in the super-long list below, you’ll also find some less obvious signs that will reveal his real desires that he’s trying to hide, not just from you, but maybe from himself as well!

1. He Says It

Okay, it can’t be more obvious than that. A guy that tells you “I like you” probably isn’t lying. The next question is, in what way does he “like you” – he wants to hook up and be together, or just have sex, or he just likes you in a “I feel sorry for you” way, and he thinks you’re cool, but he’d never be with you.

Try to tune into the tone of his voice when he says this, you’ll know which type of “I like you” it was immediately, just look at him!

2. Questions, Questions, Questions

friends hanging out and drinking wine

He’s obviously trying to keep the conversation going with you. He’s trying to get somewhere. So he keeps asking, and asking, some seemingly irrelevant questions, just to keep things going.

Maybe you’re at a club, or at some house party, or you just ran into him in the street. Some questions are just asked out of politeness, but as soon as you notice that it’s not something that he’s asking just out of a necessity, it’s probably because he likes you. Now, just because he asked you “where are you from?” it doesn’t mean he likes you. Use common sense.

It also depends where he asks you and what, but the point is – if he’s trying to have a conversation with you, and you just met, he probably likes you.

3. He Leans in

When you talk to him, he leans in. Even if he can hear you perfectly well. You might be at a bar or a club with music, so he has to lean to hear you, but still – a guy that doesn’t like you won’t break his neck just to talk to you. Look at the amount of effort he puts into having a conversation with you. That’s an easy way to tell if a guy likes you.

4. He Comes up to You

stylish couple with sunglasses

Okay, again, an obvious one. If he’s hitting on you, he obviously likes you. Or he likes your girlfriend! He’s just using you as a strategy to get closer to her and break the ice. Who knows? Either way, a guy that comes up to you in a bar, club, cafe, bookshop etc. obviously finds you cute.

5. He Acts Slightly Different

Hang out with him when he’s with friends. Then look at him from a slight distance when he’s just with his friends. Does he behave a bit different when you are around, or is he 100% the same when you’re not?

Sure, guys and girls are different when they’re just among close friends, or just guys or just girls, but still – he might be quieter when you’re around, or more talkative, nervous, shy, or he’ll try to act cooler, or be funnier to impress you.

Either way – if he’s not 100% natural, he might like you, and that’s why he’s trying to impress you with something.

This is usually the case with younger, less experienced guys, but in general, it’s normal “mating” behavior. Observe him and you’ll figure him out.

6. He Ignores You Completely

Some guys use the “act like you don’t give a damn” strategy.

They know all the other guys around you are hitting on you, and you’re just turning them away, so “why be another chimp?” is their way of thinking.

He’ll talk to you later, when you’re alone. He probably likes you, but doesn’t have the courage to come up to you, when you’re surrounded by a bunch of bodyguards (read: girlfriends) or guys hitting on you.

He needs you to give him a sign (just look!) that you’re open to talking to him. Hint it! He can’t read your mind.

Anyway, often, when a guy is kind of ignoring you, it’s because he’s either not interested, or he’s really interested, but he knows that when he acts cool and cold, you’ll be wondering how come he’s the only guy around, that didn’t notice you. It’s a trick as old as fire. Look at at this way, if this guy is giving his best to ignore you – he likes you.

7. His Body is Turning Towards You

He wants to have a good view of you. He doesn’t want to make it obvious that he likes you, but his body is giving him away.

You can tell if a guy likes you or not, by looking at his body language when he’s around you. Does he push his chest out a bit, does he try to look more macho, are his feet pointing toward you? Some guys try to hide interest; others openly look you up and down and lick their lips. Pick up these signs.

8. He Gets You a Drink

elegant couple drinking cocktails

In some cultures, it’s normal that guys get you a drink and it’s not a big deal. If you’re with a group of friends and he buys a round, no big deal – he doesn’t expect you to have sex with him because of it, obviously. But then again, if it’s just the two of you and he insists on paying, either he’s just a gentleman in general, or he likes you.

Look at it like this – does he buy his friends a drink?

If he does, then he might just consider you a friend too, it doesn’t mean he likes you or wants to be with you, he’s just a generous guy in general. But if he’s stingy around his friends and only pays for his own stuff, and then he buys You a drink, then he definitely likes you. Plus he’s stingy. Maybe not the kind of guy you want to be with.

9. He Asks You for Your Number

Okay, one more obvious sign that he likes you.

A guy asks you for your number = he likes you. Period. The only time a guy asks you for your number, and doesn’t like you, is if he needs your info for some really obvious reason like… you can get him in touch with some other important person, or you can help him out with something, you know what I mean. Use logic.

If he makes up some relatively dumb reason to ask for your number, you know he just wants to have a way to keep in touch with you, ask you out on a date etc.

10. He Adds You on Facebook

Guys don’t send Friend requests to chicks they don’t like. It’s that simple. Maybe, in some cases, you got to know each other via mutual friends, and it’s cool to stay in touch in some way, it doesn’t necessarily mean he “likes-likes” you, he just thinks you’re cool and that’s it.

Now, if he sends you a message, pokes you, or likes your pictures, these are more obvious signs that a guy likes you. Look for more clues. Dig deeper.

11. He Goes for the Kiss

Okay, no point in explaining anything here. Even if he was really, really, drunk – he still tried to kiss you. No matter how much alcohol he drinks, a guy rarely goes for the kiss if he doesn’t like you when he’s sober too.

12. Hey, My Eyes are up Here!

He knows where your eyes are. But your boobs are like a magnet and he just has a hard time to control himself.

Just look at his eyes and where they’re going. No matter how hard he’s trying to look uninterested, his eyes will reveal everything. When you walk in front of him, he’ll look you up and down.

When you talk, he looks at your lips, and does it often. He likes what he sees! The easiest way to tell if a guy likes you, is by looking into his eyes. Where does he look when you talk? Try to position yourself in a way that draws your “features” out, and see whether he looks at you more.

13. He Smiles

young man and woman in night club

Let’s say you guys are talking about something, and you see him smiling. You’re having a drink at a bar with a group of friends, he says “Cheers!” your glasses touch and he smiles and laughs.

If a guy’s smiling this doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you, but, if you guys seem to smile whenever you look at each other, for no real-reason (nobody said anything funny), it’s highly likely this guy likes you. When you like something (or someone) – you smile.

14. Do You Have a Boyfriend?

Okay, guys rarely ask this if they don’t like you. Rarely. I mean, if he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t give a damn whether you’re single or not. This is a simple way for him to find out whether you’re available or not. Just asking.

If he doesn’t ask you directly, he might hint the question in some indirect way. “Who are you with?” or “Do you live alone or you’ve got a roommate?” or some other question he asks so that you mention whether you’re seeing someone or not.

15. He Agrees

… with everything you say. Maybe he doesn’t have his own opinion, which is lame, but still, when you notice that a guy agrees with everything you say and does his best to make you feel like you have “so much in common” it might be too good to be true.

Now, it’s totally possible that the guy is really cool, and you actually have a ton of things in common, but it’s normal that you don’t have identical opinions about EVERYTHING. Disagreeing and talking about something in a challenging way can be fun! If he agrees to every word you say – he’s sucking up, and he probably likes you.

16. He’s Protective

You just met him, through friends of friends for example, talked a bit and now you’re part of the same crew.

Then, you notice that when people are pushing you around, trying to pass by in a crowded bar, he positions himself in a way so that they don’t push you; he tries to protect you in some way.

If you’re walking through the club, he’ll give you his hand and go in front of you to push away the crowd. That’s another way you can tell if a guy likes you – he’ll be protective of you.

17. He Gets Pissed

man punches another man in face

… when you talk to other guys, and laugh. Somehow you can see the jealousy on his face. Just give him a look. He’ll try to look like he’s having fun, but with one eye he’ll be checking up on you and the other guy, trying to figure out whether that guy (jerk) is making progress or not, whether you’re interested in that “moron” or not.

He might sigh, or make a cranky face. Try to pick up on these little clues.

18. He Remembers Your Name

Let’s say you met him at some party and didn’t really talk that much the first time.

When you meet again, you figure that he remembered your name.

Now, either he’s a smart guy with a good memory; or he likes you (plus he’s smart).

Most guys are horrible with names, especially at a party, where they’re more focused on checking out your butt and drinking beer, than knowing whether you’re Michele or Monica.

If he likes you, and wants to hook up with you, he WILL remember your name.

He might act like he has no idea who the hell you are the next time he sees you, and that’s probably just a trick. Yeah, right, he didn’t remember YOUR name? Just kidding. Seriously, if he remembered your name, that’s a pretty good sign that he likes you.

Maybe he’s not super-interested in you, but at least he thinks you’re cute – which is still a good start.

19. He is Trying to Impress You

Okay, again – I’m wondering why you like a guy like this in the first place – but anyway, a guy that is bragging about his job, car, money, clothes, possessions, status, achievements, or whatever – isn’t just full of crap (because cool guys KNOW they’re cool, they don’t need to BROADCAST it), but he also likes you and wants to impress you.

Maybe it works for him. Either way, there are many different trying-to-impress-you out there… if it’s subtle and cool – he isn’t pushing his achievements into your face, but he’s just natural and cool about things, but still, you notice he’s kind of trying to present himself in a good light, it’s possible that he likes you.

Let’s say he’s showing off by buying drinks, and more drinks, and more drinks, for the whole crew. Either he’s loaded, or he’s in debt, trying to impress you with his money. Read into these subtle signs that even he is NOT aware of.

20. He Initiates the Conversation

elegant man and woman drinking champagne

Let’s say you’re at some house party, with a bunch of people. He randomly starts talking to you, asks you something, or gives you a look and a smile.

This doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you; maybe he’s just being polite – on the other hand – did he do that to other women around? Always look at how he treats other women around you, is he slightly different towards you? Yes? This guy might like you.

21. Making Fun of You

One more definite way to tell if a guy likes you is if he’s constantly making fun of you and busting your balls. If he’s making jokes with you, trying to make you laugh, joke around and he’s being a bit sarcastic, you know he probably likes you.

This is like when you where kids and he fought for your attention, or picked on you, pulled your hair etc. Guys do the same as grown ups too, they just change the method of getting your attention.

22. Just One Second Longer

You know, when you run into him on the street, at work, school, at a party, club, in the bus, wherever – you start talking to him and then… there’s this awkward moment where he’s about to leave and then… there’s this one, tiny-little second that he stays – one second longer than he should or had to stay. Then he leaves.

Look for this moment.

It’s the moment of indecisiveness. He’s thinking. “Should I ask for her number?” “Naah, she’ll think I’m too forward” or “Should I try to kiss her, does she like me?” “Crap, who knows when I’ll run into her again” and stuff like that may cross his mind.

Either way, there’s this one extra second that was not necessary, but it was there. It’s a sign that he probably likes you, and if you like him too – don’t hesitate – don’t let him leave, give him a hint that it’s OK if he asks you for your number, or suggests you should hang out sometime.

23. Compliments

Let’s face it – a compliment always feels nice. Even if you don’t like a guy, but he compliments your looks, clothes, personality, or anything else about you – he probably likes you.

Guys rarely compliment women they’re not interested in. He might give you a subtle, not so obvious, compliment and then keep making jokes on your account and keep fooling around.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether he compliments you directly or indirectly, getting a compliment from him definitely tells that this guy likes you.

24. He Touches You

romantic couple on dinner

Even when he doesn’t really have to – he touches you. Accidentally, or just subconsciously, he makes some kind of physical contact with you.

Let’s say you guys are chatting and when he’s trying to make a point he touches you to stress a word. There you go… the more physical contact you guys make, the more obvious it is that you like each other.

25. He’s a Bit Closer than He Should Be

You can tell if a guy likes you or not by the distance between the two of you and how his body is facing you. If he gets pretty close to you to hear you better; he’s facing you and kind of leaning in, you are just 1 feet away from each other, there’s obviously something going on there.

This really depends on the environment, if you’re somewhere with loud music, you’ll have to be closer to be able to hear each other, but if you’re at some house party, chilling at a friends place, then see what’s the average distance between other people. Is he closer to you than that average?

He might like you.

26. He Suggest You Change Venue

If you’re in a loud place, let’s say at a club, he might suggest that you go out, if you both smoke for example. This is his chance of having some private, alone-time with you, and that’s often a sign that a guy likes you.

27. He Calls You on a Date

young couple drinking coffee

Okay, maybe he won’t say “let’s go on a date,” but still, if he has your number and he invites you to dinner/lunch/coffee, or even just to go out with some mutual friends, that’s another surefire way to tell if a guy likes you. Whenever you see that a guy wants to spend some time just with you, he’s obviously interested.

28. He Chats You up on Facebook

As soon as he sees you online, there he is, sending you messages. He likes you for sure.

29. He Helps You out

Let’s say this is a guy you work with. At work, just look at how he treats other people compared to you, and you’ll immediately be able to tell if he likes you.

If he helps you out with whatever you need, he’s on your side during meetings, he tries to make you like him, then you know he likes you. Maybe not in a “I want a relationship” kind of way, maybe he’s just attracted to you, or thinks you’re cute.

30. He Invests into You

Another way to tell if a guy likes you is by looking at how much time, energy, money and general effort he has invested in your relationship. Did he go out of his way to help you with something that took him hours, did he do you any favors, did he do anything more than what was expected of him? If yes, he probably likes you.

31. He Wants to Dance

two young people dancing

If you’re at a party and you talk for a couple of minutes, or more, then he suggests you hit the dance floor – there you go, the chances are that he likes you.

32. He Remembers the Details

Let’s say you’ve met this guy once before, talked a bit, and now you run into him again. Does he remember some tiny, little detail from your previous conversation? Something that’s trivial, irrelevant, even pointless? Guys have a selective memory.

When a guy likes you, he pays more attention to what you’ve said, he delves deeper into your words and tries to figure out their hidden meaning. So, if he brings up something that you’ve talked about before, and you figure he remembers things you say – it’s possible that it’s because he likes you.

This is often a sure sign that tells that a guy likes you, because guys tend to forget everything that chicks they are NOT interested in, say. Their name, job, where they’re from, what they do, hobbies, opinions, and whatever they’ve said when they first met, just evaporate.

If we don’t like a girl, often what she says isn’t “worth remembering” so our brain just filters it. Goes in on one ear, goes out on the other one.

33. He’s Asking Around about You

friends chatting in coffee shop

Talk to mutual friends. It can happen that they give him away. Friends of friends are a pretty easy way to tell if a guy likes you.

For example, they might talk excessively about everything that is good, about this guy when you’re not there, trying to make him seem better than he is in your eyes, or they might mention he’s been asking around about you or something like that.

Keep an eye out for stuff like this, because friends can give him away easily.

34. He Hangs out in a Group Only Because You are There too

Let’s say you guys have mutual friends. He wants to get closer to you, but he can’t get to you directly. He knows you have mutual friends, or you hang out in the same group, so he’ll try to set things up, so you “accidentally” meet again.

Try to figure this out… next time maybe he doesn’t care about these friends as much as he cares about you, and the only reason he’s with them is so that he can run into you.

35. He Doesn’t Mention Other Women

Here’s another way to tell if a guy likes you. When you are together, he doesn’t mention other women. Maybe he even has a girlfriend, or a wife, but he doesn’t mention it simply because he wants to seem available in case you like him.

If you know that he has a girlfriend, or something going on with some another woman, but he doesn’t mention her in front of you – there you go. He probably likes you!

36. He Opens the Door for You

man and woman shopping portrait

Okay, he may just be a gentleman and he’d open the door for anyone, but look at it from another perspective. If he’s being nice to you and he’s trying to please you or appear as a gentleman in your eyes – that’s definitely a sign that he likes you.

Especially if he’s more attentive towards you, than other folks around if you’re in a group.

37. He is more groomed than usual

Most men don’t groom too much. We are lazy, and, unless our work requires us to, most of wouldn’t shave as often, or shower. Or iron our clothes. Guys mostly care about their appearance when they have a goal in mind. “Okay, I’m going to this meeting, I should look sharp, not like a bum…” he’ll want to look presentable, he might shave, fix his hair, put on perfume and dress much nicer. This is what you should look for – when he meets with you, does he seem as if he worked on how he looks a bit more than usual? If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t care about your opinion of his looks, he’d regard you as “one of the guys”… but if you notice he’s making sure he looks a bit better when you are with him, that’s a great sign that he might be into you and trying to “sell” himself to you.

And here’s the 38th sign…

38. He Doesn’t Look at the Clock

He’s hanging out with you and he isn’t in a hurry, he doesn’t say he has to go – so he’s obviously enjoying his time with you. He makes the time to be with you – that’s another easy way to tell if a guy likes you – if he’s checking the clock all the time, his phone etc. then you’re not a priority of any kind for him, or someone he might be interested in.

These were some more or less obvious signs that can help you tell if a guy likes you.

Now, let’s say he’s a master at camouflaging his interest in you. How do you get him out of his shell? There are some ways to trick him into being more open about his feelings. For some guys, you just have to give them this little push so that they open up.

The thing is that many guys are afraid to make the first move because they don’t want to get rejected.

This guy might also be wondering weather you like him or not – if he sees that he might have a chance – he’ll probably give it a try and show his interest more openly.

Here’s what you should do to get him to reveal whether he likes you or not:

Look at Him

Yep. Give him a longer look, and then a warm smile. That’s often enough for a guy to know that he’s invited to come up to you, and start talking.

Touch Him

As you’re talking to him, initiate some physical contact. Stop him in the middle of a sentence – grab his shoulder or wrist firmly, hold on to it and say something out of a sudden like “hey! Listen to this, bla bla bla” then let go of his wrist as you continue talking, this might give him the impression that you like him, so the doors are a bit more open.


Laugh at his (even stupid) jokes. He’ll notice that you like him and that will make him a bit more open towards you.


Give him a compliment about something, say, “that’s so cool” for something he says, does, thinks, wears.

A Short Summary

The easiest ways to tell if a guy likes you is to look at his body language and general behavior when he’s around you. Follow his eyes; if he’s looking at your breasts, legs and lips when talking to you, he definitely likes what he sees.

If you see he’s trying to get to know you better, he’s asking questions, and treating you better than other women around, it’s possible that he likes you. These are the more obvious signs that he wants more than just being friends or acquaintances.

That’s how you tell if a guy likes you or not – look for any of the 37 signs above, and if you can find at least 10, then you know that this guy likes you.

The question is – what will you do about it?

Maybe you are STILL not sure whether this guy likes you or not, or maybe he’s too shy to make a move, or, maybe… he DOES NOT LIKE YOU after all.

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