Author - Jessica

Jessica is a translator who has lived for many years in Asia and South America. She now lives and works in Europe, while preparing her new journeys. She enjoys traveling, meeting new people, exploring different cultures and foods, and being in love.


Color Therapy – The Power of Blue

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Color Therapy – The Power of Orange

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Color Therapy – The Power of Green

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Color Therapy – The Power of Violet

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Color Therapy – The Power of Red

Red lipstick, red shoes, red dress, red coat, and even red hair perhaps? Are you also terribly attracted to this color? Well, red is the color of fire, love...


How to Style Your Hair Like Selena Gomez

Who wouldn’t want to have Selena’s long, smooth and perfectly glossy hair? Her sleek, straight strands, as well as her luscious waves are what millions of...