6 Fab Fall 2014 Beauty Trends to Embrace Right Now

A brand new season demands a hot new look. Be in style with these 6 fab Fall 2014 beauty trends we just can’t get enough of!

Summer might be over, but that’s no reason to pout! There’s a lot to love about Fall from the gorgeous, gradient of crispy autumn leaves to Starbucks’ famous Pumpkin Spice Latte. Even more exciting is the chance to change up your fading summer faves for some fab new Fall beauty trends.

Not sure where to start? No problem. At YouQueen, we’ve got all the goss on Fall 2014’s biggest trends, from the hottest hairstyles to the most lusted after lip colors. Here are 6 Fab Fall Beauty Trends you can embrace right now!

#1 Braids


Take inspiration from the runway and give your hair a fantastic Fall makeover. Everyone from Dolce & Gabbana to Marc Jacobs is rocking braids this season not to mention fashion forward celebs like J-Law. Time poor? Keep it simple and casual with a super quick messy braid. Want that red carpet look? Easily add a touch of elegance to your autumn ensemble with a romantic mermaid tail braid.

#2 Bangs


If braids aren’t your thing, bangs are just as big of a Fall 2014 beauty trend. We’re not talking about that uneven mess you ended up with when your mom gave you your first haircut, either! This season, Alexander Wang and Oscar de la Renta totally wowed us with some seriously wild, innovative fringes.

Bangs are perfect for highlighting your eyes and emphasising your cheekbones. If you love Fall’s moody, sombre style, ask your hairdresser for an edgy side-bang with a dramatic slant.

#3 Vampy Lips


Vampy lips are one of those Fall beauty trends that return every year. Why? Because you can’t go wrong with a set of luscious, bold lips paired with your favourite black trench coat. This combo makes for an undeniably sexy statement style that’ll leave you looking like you just stepped off the runway (or the stage if you’re Lorde!).

As usual, plum, wine, and brick red are popular, but classic burgundy lipstick is forever leading the pack. Remember, when wearing dark lip colors, it’s important to outline your lips first with a lipliner to keep the color from feathering.

#4 Moody Nails


Just like vampy lips, Fall ushers in the return of some seriously bold and gorgeously gothic nail polishes. We’re talking deep purples, beautiful browns and mournful mauves. For something less sombre, make the most of Fall 2014’s love affair with metallics. Silver nails are a cool, sophisticated option for a night out, while a flash of gold is perfect for gals who really want to stand out.

For a quick but eye-catching Fall mani, begin by painting your nails with a sexy oxblood polish (think OPI’s Bastille My Heart). Then, use a cosmetic sponge to dab a glittery gold polish onto the tips of your nails. Smooth out the transition with a clear, glossy top-coat.

#5 Metallic Eyes


That’s right – metallic eye shadow has found its way from the ‘90’s clubbing scene back onto the catwalk! If you’ve been looking for a chance to break out your favourite shimmery silvers before nightfall, now’s your chance.

If a full lid of glittery gunmetal sounds totally overwhelming, you can also embrace this trend by dabbing a hint of silver into the inner corners of your eyes. This will brighten them up and make them appear larger.

For ladies with blue eyes, a splash of gold and copper on your lids will really make those baby blues pop!

#6 Neutral and Natural Makeup


So far, Fall 2014’s beauty trends have been pretty bold. If that’s not your thing, there’s no need to worry: neutral and natural makeup never goes out of style. Break out your favourite nude palettes (Urban Decay’s Naked 1-3, Too Faced Naked Eye, etc.) and play with some gorgeous taupes and brilliant browns to add depth to your eyes.

The classic ‘no makeup’ makeup look will give you a fashionably fresh face for Fall. The key to achieving a natural look is to highlight your favorite features while subtly minimizing any blemishes. Swap your regular foundation for BB cream to create dewy looking skin then add a soft cream blush to your cheeks to fake a flush. Keep your eye shadow minimal and neutral, while playing up your lashes to the extreme. Finish with a touch of gloss to leave your lips completely kissable.

Need more tips on going au naturale? Check out this awesome article on How to Achieve The No Makeup Look!

And there you have it, ladies. With these 6 fab Fall beauty trends, you’re all ready to rock this season in style.

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

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