From Business Woman to Dancing Diva: 5 Hairstyles for After Work Socializing

All you busy bees who find it hard to deck up for a party post work, here is your ultimate guide to fabulous hairstyles that are easy, stunning, and surely not run-of-the-mill!

Aren’t we women all born multitaskers? You could tell us to cook up a meal while watching TV and gossiping with our BFFs about who wore what at last night’s party, and we’ll do it all without any hassle whatsoever.

If you ask us to give you advice on relationships while we’re doing our manicure, we’ll still manage to give you the best possible tips than anyone ever gave you.

But probably an area where we fall a tad short is getting dressed up for a party after a terribly long and tiring day at work! Worse still, when our friends break the news about the “most happening” party in town only an hour before the party starts.

We don’t know where to look for help – up at the skies or the hair salon down the street that has a three day waiting policy.

Well girls, we understand your pain and are all set out to rescue you during times like these. Here are five gorgeous and super easy hairdos that you can totally pull off at a party after work:

1. The sleek n’ chic bun


If you’ve been keeping up with the world of fashion, you must surely know how hot the wet hair trend is right now! Taking the runway inspiration a tad-bit further, you can create this gorgeous yet powerful evening updo in less than five minutes! This wet bun works best for a formal evening out.

1. Wet your hair a little and comb it tightly towards the back.
2. Spray it with high shine hair lacquer and roll your hair into a low-slung bun.
3. Secure it with bobby pins.

2. The side-swept romantic chignon


Date night on a weekday? We know how nerve-racking that can be! Looking like a million bucks after trading a million dollars on the stock exchange can be pretty hard. Before you call up your date to cancel because you think your hair is just not behaving itself, try this stunning hairstyle.

It’s sure to make you look like a dream and make your date look at you with a dreamy gaze!

1. Untie your hair and ruffle it with your fingers.
2. Make a side parting and tease your hair at the crown.
3. Make a low ponytail and twirl it around on one side under your ear.
4. Make a tight knot and secure your hair with pins.
5. You can let a few strands loose to give your look a slightly more delicate touch.

3. The rainbow braid


If you are someone who doesn’t think twice before sporting a look that’s edgy and fun, this hairstyle’s just what you need! Made popular by the Marco de Vincenzo Spring/Summer 2015 show, this rainbow braid adds the perfect amount of quirk and drama to a classic braided hairstyle. Whether you’re heading to a karaoke event or a rock show, everyone’s sure to dance only to your tunes.

1. Start off by pinning different colored hair extensions to the mid-section of your hair.
2. Now, braid your hair in a French braid or a fishtail braid.
3. Secure it with a band.
4. You can also use hair chalk to color some sections of your hair before braiding it.

4. Top knot(ch)


A knotted updo is one of the most versatile and fuss-free hairstyles of all time. This functional bun looks as beautiful on a sexy saree clad woman as it does on a spunky girl dressed in a shimmery skirt. No wonder why it’s so popular among the leading ladies across the international trend circuit.

1. Pull your hair on the top making sure the back is tight and free of creases.
2. Tie it up with a band.
3. Twist your hair around the elastic and secure with bobby pins.
4. You can also use a hairspray to add that touch of perfection.

5. Inside-out pony


Ponytails have been a woman’s go-to hairdo for as long as can be. Try this style to make your ponytail look more glamorous and party-appropriate. While the others wonder how long you took to do your hair, you be the party starter!

1. Make a loose ponytail and secure it with a band.
2. Now, make a small hole in your pony, where the band rests.
3. Flip your ponytail and pull it down through that hole.
4. Smoothen out the bumps and the rough edges.
5. You can dab some hairspray on to set your hair.

The next time you have a beauty emergency, these hairstyles are sure to act as ultimate saviors! It’s time to go strike a pose at that glamorous affair!

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