Simple Steps to Luscious Legs

Summer is here, and who doesn’t want to flaunt those bikinis and short shorts! No, it’s no secret that we all consider the appearance of our legs. I mean, they are inevitably an important part of our appearance! So it’s definitely worth nurturing them to perfection, and here’s how.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep your body hydrated. Water is one of the most important things for us. Your legs are exposed to so many things during the day that can cause a drying effect, reverse this simply by moisturizing regularly. Keeping your legs moisturized you’ll get the healthy glowing skin you always wanted.

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Skin is constantly being regenerated. This means that new skin is being formed and the old skin falls off. To ensure smooth and sleek legs this summer try exfoliating on a weekly basis. It will keep your skin fresh and glowing. You can buy or make your own exfoliating cream.

For an at home exfoliating scrub try mixing sugar/salt and an oil. Sugar is better for sensitive skin, make sure the granules are small (table salt/sugar works just fine) and mix it with any of the following oils: baby oil, vegetable, almond, virgin olive oil. Mix 1 part oil to 2 parts sugar/salt, rub it on your skin before showering to rejuvenate your skin!

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Legs Waxing

Even though this method consists of a pain factor, sometimes beauty comes with pain. Getting your legs waxed will leave them looking and feeling smooth and as it eliminates the hairs from the roots.

This means the re-growth of hair will take longer and therefore you wont have to worry about it for a while. Methods include both professionally done waxes as well as simple at home products. The choices are endless, but make sure you are well aware of how to apply and use the wax to avoid possibly hurting yourself!

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Shaving Legs

A probably more common choice, shaving can get the job done, but the results aren’t as lasting. If you’re looking for a pain free option to obtaining those smooth limbs, this is the choice for you. Keep in mind that to get better results use warm water rather than hot whilst showering, as it will irritate the skin and cause dryness if you don’t do so.

Exfoliating before shaving will also allow for a smoother finish. Make sure to shave in the opposite direction to that of your hair growth for maximum results. If needed, shave in both directions as leg hairs tend to grow in different directions depending on the area.

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Now you’re ready to flaunt those smooth and glossy pair of legs in any summer outfit! Enjoy this trait cautiously, they’ll be hard to resist in the summer heat!

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