How to Be Every Man’s Fantasy

It’s easy to be every man’s fantasy without trying very hard. Here’re 9 tips to ensure that you get into your man’s head and stay there.

I’ve heard a few definitions of the ideal woman, but the one that seems to sum it up best says that, for most modern men, the perfect woman has to be just the right balance of sweet, hot and laidback, with a love of sex and a stiff drink. However, to make it right for you, make sure that you do it all on your terms!

It’s interesting too that when it gets right down to it, my surveys uncovered that it’s time to start being who you really are, because that is what he really wants. But here are a few tips to make double sure that his fantasy is all about you.

He likes you natural.


Sure we all look good when we are made up and ready to go out—waxed, smoothed, hair styled, face full of foundation and blusher and that red lipstick, but it’s time to go a bit easy on the slapstick because most men, it seems, prefer the natural look. Not hairy or unwashed natural, just not too much falseness.

Look hot as only you can—clean, smooth skin that smells good with shiny hair and makeup with a light touch, although lipstick always gets him looking twice.

Surprise him with your sweetness – he will want to please you too.

No arguments, no bad feelings or complaints—tell him you want things to be easy. Let him know that you will understand if he can’t make it one night or you won’t mind if he’s late; you understand that he works hard and sometimes work just gets in the way. Force yourself if you have to, but be sweet and understanding; it will reap its own benefits.

It’s good to hang out with the boys.

Show an interest in his friends. Allow yourself to be chatted to and join in with the banter, making sure of course that you always behave like the lady you are to ensure that you are treated properly in return.

Lots of sports can be great to watch and get involved with, so find something that you enjoy and both your man and his friends are sure to have some common ground.

It’s fun to be a flirt.


It’s great to flirt with his friends, but don’t take it too far. It’s not about making anyone jealous or causing problems among friends, but rather letting people know that you know what you are doing, you are good at it and it’s reserved for the man that you arrived with. Appreciation will probably go through the roof.

Have an opinion and share it.

Don’t take any crap verbally. If you have an opinion about something, don’t be afraid to share it. Having said that, there is no need to be a know-it-all. Give your opinion by all means but be sure to listen to the opinion of others, particularly the opinion of your man, and if you don’t agree about something… well, just agree to differ.

Enjoy yourself.

If he takes you out for dinner, why not make sure that you enjoy yourself; most men appreciate a woman who enjoys her food. The same applies to alcohol—it can be fun to get a little tipsy with someone, although speaking personally, I find it’s best not to lose control. After all, you want to remember how good it was the next day.

Let’s talk about sex.


Talking about sex can be almost as good as the act itself. Don’t be shy about showing that you love sex, know what you want and don’t be afraid to tell him. Remember to tell him how much you want him, or tell him just what you were thinking about in your shower this morning. Surprise him with a text about what you want to do next time you meet.

Remember to take control sometimes.

Confidence can be an aphrodisiac, so when a woman takes the lead in bed it can be a dream come true for your man. Really get his juices flowing by telling him over dinner how you plan to take control later when you get him alone. A little bit of dirty talk can really push him over the edge.

He appreciates laidback and easy-going.

Remember to make sure that it’s always on your terms; don’t ever be a doormat. If you are not getting the attention that you crave or believe that you deserve, show your distaste quietly. Hold back a little on making contact or take your time to respond. Perhaps it’s time to play at least a little hard to get. If you must be high maintenance, just do it quietly; be a little mysterious—that can be a good way to make the point.

Finally, the epitome of being the ideal woman seems to be the cultivation of the right mix of demand and surrender. To simplify it, just fine-tune your natural qualities and instincts—brains, passion and the desire to have fun.

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