5 Interesting Second Date Conversation Topics

The first date obviously went well ‘cause you’re getting ready for the second one, right? So, your stress levels should be way down. Making conversation the second time around shouldn’t pose much of a problem. Still, for all the nervous nail-biters and finger-snappers out there, here are 5 interesting conversation topics, just in case!

It’s the second date, so, things should run pretty smooth in comparison to the first time you’ve sat down together. I mean, obviously, you clicked the first time around. Now, it’s all about keeping the chemistry going and the conversation flowing.

It’s all about the conversation when it comes to the first few dates. You’re still probably not in that phase where it’s okay to get too physical, so it is the only tool you’re using to form a closer connection. It’s the one thing that’s going to make you decide whether your first impression was right, are you clicking and is this someone who gets you.

Am I getting you nervous now? Just don’t worry! It’s easier to hold a conversation with someone when you’re not all up in your head. It should come naturally and with a flow. These are just some general second date conversation topics to make you a little more confident when chatting him up!

#1 Catching up

Following up on what you talked about during the first date (or over the phone prior to the second date) is a great way to start things off. Plus, it can lead the conversation in many different directions depending on what the actual conversation topic is. This way you’re just relaxed and talking is all natural. You will feel very comfortable if the conversation just kind of starts flowing.

For example, if you’ve been talking on the phone and he mentioned he was having a hectic day, ask him how it all turned out. Or, if the last time you saw each other he mentioned his plans to go somewhere/see a movie/read a book/do something specific or something like that, ask how it was. Besides it being a casual and easy conversation it also shows you’ve been paying attention, which is good.

#2 Common Interests

second date conversation topics

During one of your previous conversations, you must have found out if you had any common interests and what they are. So, use that to your advantage and mention something along those lines. Like, if you’ve discovered you have a shared passion for reading books tell him about this great book you’re reading or something. Or if you’re both into sports share your thought on the last night’s game. If you know he’s interested in that stuff too it’ll definitely be enough for a nice conversation.

#3 Touchy Subjects

This is an okay time to bring some of these subjects up, although I wouldn’t recommend doing so unless his opinion can be a deal breaker for you. If that is the case maybe it’d even be better to get it out of the way sooner rather than later. You don’t want to get in too deep if finding out that his opinions (on politics, religion and similar stuff) don’t match yours is going to be an issue.

Of course, the most important thing when going about this stuff is to stay polite and respectful. All in all, even if you don’t get the response you expect and hope for, it’d be the best to stay positive and keep your cool face on. I mean, at least for the duration of the date.

#4 Fun Stories

second date conversation topics

Share some fun stories about stuff that recently happened to you or one of your friends. Anything positive goes! It’ll be great if you guys share a laugh and have some fun on the date. A positive atmosphere brings people closer, and positive people are considered to be a great company.

Also, seeing if he finds the topics that make you smile interesting too is a good pointer to whether you’re compatible. Of course, this is not the time to tell him about that time you got wasted and thrown out of the club or something.

#5 Current Events

But keep it light. Don’t talk about wars and poverty in Africa. Talk about something that you can’t really disagree on, and even if you do it’s not of much importance. For example – the Olympics.

Whatever you do, the most important thing to remember is that this still isn’t the point in your ‘relationship’ where it’s okay to start whining about your jerk boss, your boring job, miserable pay, family issues, personal problems or anything like that. It’s only the second date. These are all topics you ease him into with time. Like, when you realize he is actually going to be a part of your life.

Until then – keep it light, fun and flowing. And if you need more inspiration, check out these good questions to ask a guy. Oh, and let us know how it went!

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  • Nice topic… ^^ These conversations will surely make the date run soft and smooth. Don’t ever talk about your ex! ^^