5 Ways to Initiate a First Kiss

Learn how to make the guy you like finally kiss you the first time.

When he comes near you, your heart always skips a beat. You think about him on the street, in the gym, at work… You can’t even read a magazine, because your mind is elsewhere. You’re starting to feel like a teenage girl , and you know he feels the same way. But there’s one weird thing – you didn’t even kiss yet, and you’re dying to try his lips! You really, really want to kiss him. The mere thought of his kiss keeps you up at night. You want to make him kiss you – well, this is how.

#1 Make Sure You’re Alone

Maybe he didn’t kiss you yet because you are always surrounded by people. Make sure that this time, you guys are all on your own. That there are no eyes on you. Text him and start a conversation about movies and then when he says he didn’t see that film you were talking about, suggest you see it together. At home. Make some pop corn and hang out on the couch. Good luck seeing how the movie ends!

#2 Late Night Texting

He sends you those cute, flirtatious texts, likes all of your profile pictures, he tells you he loves your freckles… But when he sees you, he gets really shy. Well, he’s just shy then! And that’s just the way you like him. If that’s the case, send him something like a reminder that he should kiss you while your text-flirting. Example:

You: What’s on your to-do list on Saturday?

Him: Laundry.

You: Is that too busy? Do you have time for another assignment?

Him: Like?

You: Kissing me.

When you directly show him you’re interested in this way, there’s no chance he’ll forget his “to-do list” because this might be his best one yet! Oh, we wish all of the things on our list were half as sweet!

#3 Wear Something Sexy

guy and girl kissing

Maybe he just thinks you’re really not interested. Maybe you’re acting in such a shy manner that it mislead him to think you’re indifferent.  If this is the case, show him you’re into him. Don’t exaggerate: you’re just supposed to push it up a notch. Maybe wear a dress, or show some cleavage. Again, don’t exaggerate – be sexy, not slutty. Then show him you like him. He’ll take the hint – we wish you an explosive first kiss.

#4 Things That Might Make Him not Want to Kiss You

There are a few things men perceive as kissing-obstacles. Lip gloss – because it’s sticky for instance. Red lipstick. Smoking cigarettes. Alcohol. Spicy food. Bad breath. Think about it – did you use any of these things when you were seeing him? Try not to the next time you see him.

#5 Maybe It’s Time You Kiss him

Well, it’s not the middle ages. If the guy is too shy, maybe he thinks you’re way out of his league. Show him you want him in your team. Grab a moment of privacy with him and lean towards him. Give him a nice, little peck on the lips. If he doesn’t take it from there, he’s not interested. Move one – there are lots of frogs out there waiting for your kiss to finally turn into princes.

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