6 Silly Reasons to Start Dating

The only thing that can take the whole point of dating away is when we date for all the wrong reasons. Keep reading to find out 6 Silly Reasons to Start Dating.

#1 All My Friends are Dating

Just because all of your friends are in a relationship or married, that doesn’t mean you are less worthy and should “hit the market” immediately. You should start dating because the time is right, not because other people’s happiness makes you feel lonely. There is no guarantee they are happier than you are. When you reach for your phonebook, frightened that you’ll be alone forever … Cool it missy, you won’t!

#2 Solitude

Ok, so you’re not the type of person who can stand being alone for a long time. If you know this about yourself, it’s absolutely essential that you don’t start dating just to have someone keep you company. The truth is – most of us can’t be on our own, but only the brave can avoid the temptation of dating when lonely.

It’s a straight way to a bad relationship and you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself. Instead of rushing into a relationship, devote time to understanding which physiological mechanism stands behind this excessive need for companionship.

#3 Well, He Asked Me Out

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It’s really flattering to be asked out on a date but you don’t owe this guy anything. The romantic part of your life will flourish once you realize you make the rules. He can make the call, but you decide when and whether you want to invest time and energy into someone else. It’s all about the right timing and though we can’t see into the future, I can tell you that: “He asked me out” is not a promising beginning of a beautiful whatever.

#4 No Longer a Rosebud

So what? How many times have you heard someone say: “Men are like wine, the older the better.” It’s just not fair, and even though magazines and TV make women feel underappreciated after they hit 40, ageing is no excuse to go out with someone you don’t even remotely like.

Social pressure is hitting stronger than ever, society demands perfection and there is no time for romance – or at least, that’s what they want you to think. Regardless of age, we all need a stable, reliable partner who can give us what we need. You are no exception. So don’t rush into dating, instead – use your wisdom to scan the right one and break the rules.

#5 System Administrator

So you live a hectic life and need someone to clean your mess, remind you to pay the bills and make sure the cat’s not hungry? Hmm…not the best reason to date someone, is it? Come to think of It, with that lifestyle, you are better off alone than with someone who will only consume your precious time, and not give anything in return or, at least, not what you truly need.

#6 Career Boost

Try not to mix business and pleasure or you’ll end up without both. Dating your superior is a two-end blade and I seriously don’t recommend it as a way to move up the corporate ladder. Be honest about your professional goals. If you’re obsessed with success and want to get all the way to the top, maybe it’s best to put your love life on hold. Just for the time being, until you get there.

The whole point of dating is to have someone to share your life with – either a part of it or whole nine yards – it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy and fulfilled.

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