Guys Decoded: 10 Telltale Signs He’s Interested in You

Is he really into you, or does it just seems like it? If you feel like he's all about sending you mixed signals, it can get frustrating trying to figure out where you stand. Some things do give him away though and here are the subtle but definite signs he's interested in you.

Sometimes sparks are so obvious between you two that you’re sure he’s going to ask you out, or that he is going to just kiss you right then and there. Other times you’re sure he looks at you as a friend, but then he goes and compliments your hair. Then he casually mentions that girl that’s been texting him. Confused? Yeah, guys can be SO tough to figure out.

He can be a player, clueless, crushing, shy, and you can never be a 100% sure which is it, if he doesn’t just come out and say it openly. Until that happens, unless you’re up for just asking him out yourself, you can try and scan his behavior for some of the following signs that will show you if he’s interested in you or not.

#1 Body Language

Did you know that 90% of what we want to tell to others, we reveal through body language? So, basically, 90% of all communication is body language, and there’s this thing about body language – it’s not easy to control and manipulate like words.

It’s much easier for him not to say how he feels, and that’s where body language analysis comes into play – all those things he doesn’t want to say or share, for whatever reason, become quite obvious if you just pay attention to his body language.

Is he standing just a tad too close to you? Does he sometimes look at your lips when you’re talking to him? Does he unexpectedly hug you, or maybe touch your arm when he’s laughing? Those are all signs that he’s interested in you.

#2 Teasing

If you think that courtship through teasing is something only kindergarteners do, you’re way off. Lots of guys show their affection this way, and it’s one of the almost definite signs that he’s into you.

This kind of boyish behavior may not seem at all suitable coming from grown men, but guys can be dazed and confused too – and teasing is the perfect way to express their interest without feeling like they’re putting themselves out there too much.

If he has special names he tends to call you, if he’s acting kind of playful, teasing you, and just being a goofball, it’s probably because he likes you.

#3 Compliments

Maybe ‘compliments’ isn’t the right word here, but just comments. Sometimes even those fall under the category of teasing. If he comments on the things you say, wear or do, it’s pretty obvious that he’s noticing all this stuff about you.

So be aware of what he’s saying! Does he notice when you do something different with your hair? When you dress up? Or get a new outfit? Guys don’t really pay much attention to that stuff, but if he’s commenting on it, or even better, giving you compliments it means that he’s been paying attention, and that he likes you.

#4 His Friends

friends having a lunch

Take notice of how his friends act around you, or when he’s talking to you. They might know something you don’t and might even try and give him a hard time and tease him about it like guys usually do.

So try and catch some comments, exchanging eyes, smirks, or nudging that may be going on when you’re around. That’s exactly why this is one of the best ways to figure out whether he’s into you – guys are anything but compassionate about their buddy having a crush, and they will torture him when you’re around.

#5 You vs. Other Girls

Pay attention to how he’s acting around other girls. It can tell you a lot about where you stand with him. If he’s being nicer to you, or maybe even if he’s only being playful with you, or if he’s concentrating on you alone when there are other girls around you – take a hint – it’s obvious that he’s singling you out. Generally – if his behavior with you is different, there must be a reason, and that reason may very well be that you’re that special one.

#6 Little Things

The guy who likes you is always going to be a little extra careful, respectful, helpful, when it comes to you. Even if he doesn’t want to show it, it’s almost like an involuntary reflex to him – he wants to put a smile on your face. After all we all want the one we like to think the best of us. Anyway, this is one of those hints for sure.

#7 Facebook, Twitter, Texting

smiling guy texting

Even though we might not like it – that’s just the age we live in – non-verbal communication through texting and Facebook chat has taken over. And lots of guys, and girls, feel more comfortable when they are in front of a screen then when in front of an actual person.

I guess there’s just something comforting about the fact that you have time to think through what you’re going to reply and you don’t have to worry about what your body language is saying, and we’ve already established that’s crucial.

So, if he likes to strike up a conversation online, even more often than he does in real life, it can definitely mean he’s interested in you and is just one of those guys who think messaging a girl is way less intimidating than actually coming up to her in person.

#8 Improved Listening Skills

The guy who likes you is most definitely going to pay close attention to whatever you’re saying. We all know that us girls tend to ramble a bit, and most guys kind of shut us off as white noise, and tend to tune in and out of the conversation, just so they can get the gist without all the unnecessary details.

But, on the other hand, if he’s interested in you, he’s going to be interested in what you’re saying, even if you’re talking about the most random things. Also, if he remembers all those random facts about you that you might have shared at some point, he is SO interested, believe me.

#9 He Gets Protective

Again, he won’t be able to control himself in any situation where he might feel like you need protection, even if he doesn’t want to show his interest. Men have a natural instinct to protect their women. I know, I know, we aren’t cave men, and the fact is that you don’t really even know if he thinks of you in that way (that’s why you’re reading this article) but that’s still how it is.

If he likes you, he’s going to act extra protective of you, no matter what. So if the next time you get in some sort of a sticky situation and you see that he’s looking out for you, you know what that probably means!

#10 He’s Always Around

male and female coworkers

Obviously the guy who is interested in you is going to want to be around as much as he can. Even if he really doesn’t want you to know that he likes you, and he manages to hide his feelings and mask all of the signs I listed above, he will not be able to resist popping up wherever you are.

Of course he may not make it obvious he’s there especially for you, but he will be nearby quite often. You may even be able to catch him glancing at you when he thinks you’re not looking, and really, it can’t be any clearer than that – he’s interested.

So, try and catch him doing any of these things if you need a little confirmation of his feelings, but do keep in mind that if he’s not openly showing anything you really can’t be a 100% sure.

Also, if he’s still just hinting his interest, it probably means he’s not ready to take it to another level, so don’t push it, even if you recognized all of the “signs he’s interested”. Just subtly let him know you’re interested too (if you are), by returning the look, smiling etc. and let things flow, you’re on the right track.

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  • I am soooo confused right now! Theres a guy I really like in college and I thought he liked me but now I’m not so sure. He is still really friendly and flirty around me and always makes me laugh however he always looks at other girls too. The other day he couldn’t keep his eyes off me but today he was looking at this other girl more than me…we are both 24, and he is single. What’s going on with him?

  • I began a new job in July, these all occurred from day 1 with a co-worker, I mean the moment my boss asked me if we had met. I said no so she went back to his office to ask to meet me. I put my hand out to shake his hand…he shook my hand in a very slow manner as he gazed down at me with this mischievous facial expression. After he left I started to laugh but only because I could tell he knew what he was doing. I could tell he was a really playful type. So, 5 months later…we still had worked together and all of the above pretty much occurred daily. So many very awkward moments lol but he was positively harmless and attractive to me. He is 26 y/o attorney (grad top of class), tall and geeky w/glasses, in a suit every day, really attractive overall. One day he stood behind a client I had met with until she left 10 minutes later he was still standing in my office staring at me. I would go up to the front of the firm to cover the front desk everyday for lunch for the receptionist. Thankfully there was a desk and taller counter separating him from me because I think if there hadn’t been he would just likely stare at my entire body with his over the top sexual gaze it would have made me uncomfortable lol. But he would take at least half his lunch break to chat, it made my day most of the time since the firm was very stressful. And, he is the type of person who keeps calm no matter the situation which helped too. On my last day I stepped into his office during my break, which I had never done because I didn’t want to lead him on, and asked him how his day was going. He had this large van gogh art piece on his floor propped against the wall. I said where did you get this, he replied Amsterdam. He just didn’t seem happy on this day so I wanted to cheer him up. So I told him how funny he had been, that he really helped the general negative mood of the office, and that I would never forget him. He looked up at me and said thank you. He looked much happier. But it was my last day and he didn’t know it. So I told him the news and his demeanor became very serious. He asked why and where was I going. I told him. I am no longer with the firm, study law, but I will never forget him. He is so awkward but intriguing and I miss him.

  • #1 Isn’t entirely true. I can look at a girl in the eyes and not communicate anything other than that I’m paying attention. I can shift around while talking just to be comfortable rather than showing how interested I am.

    #2 I would say is my way of showing a girl that I’m at least kind of interested in someone, but I do tend to tease even people I’m not interested in, just to be playful.

    #3 For me, compliments are few and far between, so they are always well thought-out and deliberate. You can usually count on comments like these to be good indicators, but aren’t proof.

    #4 My friends are so cruel if I’m around someone I like. Even my family can be pretty harsh on me too. They say that if you can’t observe something directly, you can figure things out about it by its environment (the people around him).

    #5 I think it’s important here to figure out if he’s an outgoing type or more reserved. I believe the more reserved type tend to pay more attention to the girl they like. I am this type of person, so when there are other girls around I tend to think, “Oh no! What if she reads too much into me talking to this girl? Then she’ll think I like someone else!” More outgoing people would want to show that they’re pretty chill and have good social skills to show off to you, in a way.

    #6 This is again an indicator, but not proof. I worked with this old lady who reminded me of my grandma, so I would always treat her very well, and made sure to remember little things to make her smile. It shows that you’re in their thoughts, which is a good thing!

    #7 Is a tough one, because it’s near impossible to figure out who will initiate a conversation, so for the love of humanity, please reciprocate with starting conversations if you’re interested in someone.

    #8 Is really true. I still remember facts about girls I used to like, because they were important to know for future conversations. If you find that a guy is going this, it is some evidence you can count on. However, don’t be hurt if he fails to remember a small fact. We’re only human. However, make sure to tease him about it!

    #9 Isn’t really something I’ve noticed much.

    #10 Is mostly true. If he’s truly interested, he’ll try to be there as much as he can get away with. Reasons he wouldn’t be there would be: He truly can’t make it, he’s testing you to see if you notice his absence, he feels like he’s smothering you.

    For now, I don’t think I’ll be dating anytime soon, even though I’ve met quite a few women who seemed to have a mutual spark with me.

  • thx for helpping me that really did help it was all the things that thus guy is doing and i do like him

  • Ok typical story with typical doubts;
    we’re both in college we have two classes together, we’re kind of friends but we don’t really hang out together. He teases me constantly. I’ve seen him hanging with this other girl, he laughs and waits for her and such, which drives me to think that I’m wrong and he likes HER. But when we’re together it feels like he’s hitting on me… What the heck is going on?!

  • A guy friend of mine alwys replies to comments on ma photos. There was a time, he told me he hates a guy who also commented on my photo.Then he also told ma brother that he thinks about me but when i asked him,he said its not true.Does he like me?

  • This is great what does it mean when a boy stares at you for a long time,takes your stuff,when you say something he laughs and looks at you,when you give him something he touchs you,grabs your butt and looks at you up and down alot last but not least,what does it mean when he wants to have a staring contest with you out of nowhere thank you so much for answering hope it helps

  • Most of what is listed above us true in my own case and when he hugs me he never wants to stop. he always wants to see me happy,and he also involves me in virtually everything he does,in fact,he recently got me a job

  • There’s a guy from the youth group I go to that I kind of like, and we all are in a Whatsapp chat together. He basically started ‘complimenting’ me on Whatsapp and on Instagram, like oh dawn is actually pretty cool. I’m not sure whether he likes me or he’s just playing around, its really confusing. Please help!