8 Ways How You Can Show a Guy You Like Him

Do you have a crush on a guy and want to know how to show him? Are you too shy to actually come out and tell him how you feel? Well, ladies, here are 8 ways to show a guy you like him without having to disclose your heart.

I’m in a bit of a pickle right now. You see, I actually have a crush on a guy and can’t tell him. He’s single, he’s kind, he’s smart, but he’s the kind of guy that prefers to be friends (even friends without benefits). I’ve been thinking of telling him how I feel, but I know it will send him running the other way, so I’ve devised a few simple ways to show him I like him.

This is a list I’ve used before with excellent results, and one I’m going to share with you.

#1 Listen to Him (and remember what he says)

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If your man is a physicist and just gave you his thoughts on String Theory, then you had better go and Google String Theory. Even if you have no idea what your guy is talking about, by putting in the effort to agree with him (or debate with him), you’re proving that you were paying attention.

Did he flippantly remark that he’s going to see his favorite band in concert in three weeks? Ask him how the concert was on week four. Trust me, men love to know that you heard them. It’s good for their ego.

#2 Take a Part in His Interest

Does he love Bocce Ball? Is he the biggest Baseball nut you’ve ever met? Well, lady, you’re going to have to learn the game. Asking him if he’ll teach you Bocce Ball, or getting two tickets to a baseball game and inviting him along with you are definitely an easy way to spend some time with your crush while taking part in something he likes. Besides, if you do something he’s seriously interested in, he usually loosens up and tells you a little about his childhood and that’s always a cute and fun way to spend an afternoon!

#3 Laugh at His Jokes

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One of the best ways to show a guy you like him is to laugh at his jokes. Guys like a girl with a sense of humor almost as much as they like to believe they’re jokes are funny.

Boost his ego and you have an advantage over the other girls. Let him think he’s funny by giving a genuine (but definitely lady like) laugh when he’s showing his sense of humor. As long as his humor isn’t offensive, of course.

#4 Be Genuinely Happy to See Him

I don’t care how bad of a mood I’m in, when I see my crush I get all school girl happy. You should feel that way, too! Don’t be afraid to show that to him.

Be excited when he enters the room. Smile brightly just for him (and let him know it’s just for him). If he gets excited back, then he might feel the same as you!

#5 Send Him a Text


A lot of ladies tell me they call their crush all the time, but I can tell you that calling him can be a big turn off. Let him be the first to call, but you can send him a text!

Don’t be too flirty, and don’t be too goofy when you send a text, just be casual. One of the best texts to send is a “how was your day?” text. This is perfect of you know he had a big exam, or something  important come up at work. It lets him know you’re paying attention to him and it is a great conversations starter!

#6 Offer Your Help

If you know your crush is having a hard time with something, then offer him your help. Does he need help studying for his finals? Is his missing his lab notes? If so, then offer your help.

Now, here’s the thing, don’t do anything that would show you are “going out of your way” to help him. If he’s a crush and not a boyfriend, there’s no reason he should call you in the middle of the night to come and help him change a flat tire. However, if he asks for advice on work, or needs someone to watch his dog for the afternoon while he goes to the dentist, then you should definitely offer to help him out!

#7 Body Language

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One of the oldest ways to show a guy you like him is through your body language.

More can be said without words, then they ever can be said with words. Mimic his body language when you’re sitting together. If he leans in, lean in with him. If he sits back to relax, sit back and relax as well. Also, gently touch (not punch, never be a tom boy around him!) his arm when you’re laughing at his jokes, or place your hand on his fore arm when you’re telling him something important.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis used to speak softly so that men would have to lean in close to hear her. It’s a very subtle way of getting a man’s attention without him even knowing you’re doing so.

#8 Ask Him Out

Finally, when all else fails and he’s not taking the hint (men really can be thick headed that way), just ask him out. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy, in fact, you can make it a double date with another couple. The important thing is you get his attention long enough to spend time together so you can build up from there.

It’s always a slow process when you have a crush and you’re trying to show a guy you like him. Don’t give up because of shyness. Besides, sometimes you can scare him off by being too forward.

Do you have any tricks to to show a guy you like him? 

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