Best Ways to Get a Guy to Chase You

How do you know if a guy is really into you? Use these ways to get a guy to chase you and if he responds you’ll know!

Sometimes figuring out whether or not a guy even knows you exist can seem impossible. There are times when it feels like you are no one special at all. Also, that he hasn’t even noticed you’re there. But then, there are those other times when his smile has something in it that lets you know you’re on his mind in a way that makes you grin from ear to ear!

How Do You Know if a Guy has Noticed You?

Best Ways to Get a Guy to Chase You

Is it all in your imagination, though? The probability is that if you feel a connection, no matter how slight or insignificant it may look on the outside, then there is a strong chance he likes you or possesses a curiosity about you. He may just not want to show it.

Guys can be weird. They can ignore you. They can sometimes even tease you and make you feel small when really they are just struggling to express how they really feel about you. Everybody has a different way of showing affection, and it can be mind-boggling. He may even be confused about how he feels. My rule of thumb is that any attention is good attention. If he didn’t give a toss, or if he had his eyes on someone else, then there would be nothing between you at all. You would know because you wouldn’t be able to feel anything. Trust your instincts.

How to Take Back the Control

Whether a guy has shown an interest in you or not, you can still test the waters. Guys tend to want to chase things that are a little bit out of reach because they like the challenge. If you can tell he has a soft spot for you, or even if you feel he treats you like you don’t exist, it may be because you are way too accessible. He thinks if he could have you so easily then you can’t be that special, and that any guy could have you just as easily!

Every guy wants something unique with the woman they choose. They want something special that no other man has been able to attain. Why? Who knows, it’s a macho thing. Perhaps it makes them feel manlier to be the winner who has successfully hunted, chased down and caught the object of his affection.

If you’re head over heels in love with a boy and he knows it, it is time to take back the control. Get a guy to chase you by showing him two things…

  1. That he has competition
  2. That you might not be as easy to get as he thought!

How to Play Hard to Get – To Get Your Guy!

Ways to Get a Guy to Chase You

Don’t worry about sending off mixed-signals or messing about with a guy’s feelings here. Trust me, as soon as you both enter the game, you will both begin to have some fun! Everything adds to experience and the romance, so don’t be afraid to play hard to get. These are the times he will remember most. When he was fulfilling his natural instincts and allowing himself to feel desire and competitiveness. It’s all healthy stuff.

Here is a foolproof, step-by-step method to play hard to get, so that your drawn your guy into the game and you both end up winning!

Stop being attentive, doting and gooey-eyed

I don’t mean that you have to go cold mind you. Certainly don’t start to ignore the poor guy or give him dirty looks. He will wonder what he did to upset you! What I mean is to focus your attention on yourself. Put yourself at the center of the universe instead of him. He may not notice at first because he may not be used to paying much attention to you, but you will notice the difference in yourself. You will gain a better perspective, which is an essential foundation to getting what you want.

Become more and more unavailable

Before, you would drop everything just to be around him, or have a texting conversation for ages just because it’s convenient for him? Despite the fact that you’re in the middle of shampooing the dog or doing your weekly supermarket shop? Well, now it is time to start cutting things short. Again, you don’t have to be rude or abrupt, but simply illustrate that you have a life of your own. Don’t stay on the phone long, tell him you’ve got to go out. Say you will call him back because you’re busy at the moment. If he wants to hang out because he’s bored tell him you can’t. Tell him that you’ll let him know when you are free. He will begin to notice that suddenly you have a lot going on and this is the point when HE will realize that he is not the center of your universe!

Be Mysterious

Get a guy to chase you by being mysterious! The more obscure you can be about how you spend your own time, the more curious he will be about you because suddenly you will be a mystery! Unpredictability is exciting, and mysteries exist to be solved. If he is curious about you, then he will begin to go out of his way to find out more about you. This will mean, out of his own free will, he is paying you attention – finally! This is how you get a guy to chase you!

Show that other men find you attractive

A sure way to put any guy who is interested in you on their toes is to present them with the competition. He will smell them sniffing around you a mile off – even if in reality they aren’t! All you have to do is drop a name here and there. If he hears the same name more than once he will start to wonder who this guy he’s never met is, and who he is to you! It will encourage him to start expressing his own feelings and showing you that he wants you, in case he misses out on the opportunity and this stranger gets in first! A great way of showing a guy that other men find you attractive is to organize a night out with your girlfriends and some guys (not just his mates), doll yourself up a bit and let your hair down. Seeing you in action – on the playing field so to speak will definitely wake him up!

Keep Him Wanting More

When he does start to chase you and you’re happy with the way things are going, don’t give in and go back to doting on him. Maintain everything you have achieved. Keep him guessing. Don’t give him everything he wants all at once. Focus on remaining independent! This is very important if you want to learn how to get a guy to chase you. You should be able to stay in control and have him chase you as far you want, for as long as you want!

Make Him Want You Over Text

Apart from the obvious “I want you” messages, it is important to know how to make a guy want you over text without coming off as a bit desperate or clingy. Whatever you do, avoid writing extremely long sentences when you’re chatting with him. He’ll lose interest quite quickly and feel overwhelmed. Answer with simple, short texts. Whatever you do, avoid making the first move. Never ask him out first. Never come across as being that interested that you’re willing to skip the normal way of doing things by removing the need for him to chase you a little bit.

Here are more advice Read on for more advice on how to make a guy want you over text.

Who Has Love Stories to Share?

My best friend went from being depressed because a guy she liked completely ignored her in school corridors, all the way to walking down the aisle together in black and white! The one thing that really helped her (besides patience) is this amazing book that you must read! After applying what she learned from the book, he became so obsessed with her that in the short amount of time he put a ring on her finger. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Believe me, you can get a guy to chase you if you apply what you’ve just red.

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Scarlett Robinson

I am inspired by the ways people interact. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. This is why I explore intimate relationships in my writing. (I’m also ever so slightly kinky.)


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  • ignoring him will definitely make him crazy about u because of his ego and he will try hard to get u

  • I advise women not to ‘be mysterious’. I’m telling you, for a lot of men that doesn’t work. Unfortunately I am ‘mysterious’ not because I want to be, but because I have that kind of personality where I don’t like disclosing things. Once things are set in place, men really don’t want a mysterious woman. They want a woman they can rely on, a woman that will tell her feelings because he wants to know the woman trusts him. Being mysterious is a bad idea. Possibly, it is only good at the very first stage: meeting the person for the very first time. After you become a relationship, then it’s no good.

  • What a horrible article . Just be sweet and up front . Why play games ? If a guy starts playing games with you just let him know you don’t appreciate that. If it continues , move on. Don’t settle !

  • I met this guy last year and we hit it off right away he and i both are attracted to each other but i noticed that hes been playing hard to get. He has told me he does have feelings for me but has been very hard to get a hold of. So im making him chase me

  • Well I’m in a relationship again with the same guy, 2 months before from now I broke up with him due to cheating on me twice, Lying to me and hit me in end for talking back to him the very moment I found out the truth. I was devastated for weeks and couldn’t eat and sleep properly, I loved him a lot. Later I tried this no contact strategy to get him chasing me and it happened he was I didn’t reply to any of his messages for weeks. Later on i started to reply to him and he explained everything why he was at fault and wanted me to be only his. He didn’t even want me to be with other guys. I believed him and now we are together but the only thing is I don’t feel him chasing me! I still want him to chase me always.. And by reading this article well it is kind of helpful but honestly I don’t know what to do? How do I get my bf to chase me?

  • I tried that ignoring thing and he lost interest in me as well as found himself a new girlfriend. Now I feel like a stupid ugly duckling??

  • May work for the guys chasing tail. This attitude will definitely chase the serious ones far away. What a real man is looking for is someone that is on their level, straight up and out front, not some little girl that is being manipulative, the real men see through it and it just pisses them off. Want to kill a good thing, do what this article reads. What to find out if he serious? Be serious with him, then that stupid mind game drama veil drops, and the relationship can begin. Keep up the mind games and tow your puppy dog men behind you. I want a women that is willing to stand up and fight shoulder to shoulder with me, one that’s emotionally strong enough to tell me what she wants and expects the same in return. Grow up girls, then maybe you can call yourself women and sit at the adults table.

    • You can say the same thing to the guys that are the ones mostly playing with women’s heads right now. This is for defense after a dumb ass plays games first. I wish the little boys would stop trying to be PUA’s.

  • This article has some good points. It is 100% true that when you show a guy too much they do feel overwhelmed and even refer to a woman as clingy or “too nice”. Men play games as well. It is ridiculous on how things became.
    How about everyone is honest, straight up, live your life but know that if I am interested don’t kill it by playing games (both women and men).
    I agree with Tod’s comment to some degree, start playing games and you leave the door open to games. I personally can’t spot games as I am transparent and stay true to myself, but once I find out there are no second chances BS.
    Games is for insecure childish people. Not adults!

  • I have a huge crush on my friend and he was blatantly hitting on me. I would start flirting but then hit him w the just kidding thing. Every time we see each other we just have great vibes. he’s a busy guy and he is also a manwhore. i dont want a relationship but i just want him to be crazy about me but don’t know how to go about it bc here it is very different esp when college guys want to just sex everyone lol any input?

  • Im dating this guy,all he does is ignores me all the time or end the conversation wth hmm…he seems to be least interestd to talk…its always me who takes initative

  • This is not good advice.

    I tell girls I like them, then see how they react. If they play these games as a result, I next them. The guys who will persist with this are likely desperate or know the game and will play you.

    If you really connect, don’t play games. You’ll miss the good ones.

  • I think those who are saying this is a bad article for women don’t realise something….it’s about selection, balance and ultimately self-respect. You cannot do these things as an act, you actually have to believe in them and develop them as part of your character (I am speaking from experience). A man who is worth his salt will make the investment as long as the woman gives signs of encouragement along the way.

    So instead of pretending to be busy, actually BE busy (i.e. have hobbies, have friends, explore new interests). A person with a varied life is often well rounded and intriguing! They will also know that whatever time you do sacrifice for them is precious and hence it is valued more.

    Instead of pretending to be mysterious, actually practice focusing any attention on the other person whenever you are with them (asking questions, exploring their interests, etc) and learning to reel back on giving too much information about yourself. A person who is an open book takes away the excitement of getting to know them. It also leaves people questioning that if you are so open with everyone, there is nothing special that you are reserving just for them.

    Instead of throwing other guys/girls in a potential love interest’s face to show him you are in demand, actually BE in demand. That means socialising and accepting dates from other men/women and keeping your options open until you meet that one person who wants to be with you in a monogomous relationship. You do not have to even name-drop or have sex with these other people. People value things that they know other people want.

    This is not game-playing, this is COURTSHIP. It’s about getting the PRIZE partner. A man who expects you to roll over just because he SAYS they like you (note: they haven’t SHOWN it), is a lazy person looking for an easy conquest and a quick lay. We value what we invest in. Make him sweat and invest a bit so he appreciates you when he gets you!

  • I’ve actually done something similar to this (not too drastic) and guys seemed to be more interested in me. I know guys don’t like playing these “games” and I don’t either. But if I don’t, not a single guy takes interest. I befriend them and if they show interest, flirt a little but pull back when their responses seem to lack. Then when they start responding better, I gap my text times and that’s when they chase me. I’ve done this multiple times and always got a date. Problem is, I”M the one who ends it because they get over obsessive. Maybe that “GAME” isn’t very healthy for future partners so be careful.

  • I dumped two beautiful ladies who played mind games a couple of years ago. I know they really liked me but chose to play mind games….. why??? For control?
    Since I consider myself an Alpha, I do the alpha thing – dump them. Period.
    Mind games are so disrespectful. How can you play mind games and expect an HONEST relationship as the outcome????
    Let that sink for moment..