How To Make Him Obsessively Desire You: 10 Top Tips

Guys are simple creatures. There’s no fuss with them. However, with these tricks, you'll learn how to make him obsessively desire you in just a few seconds!

As women, we tend to overcomplicate things at times. We often over evaluate what needs to be done in order to make a guy happy; in order to make him crazy over you.

We go out of our way and do just about anything he wants only to end up heartbroken and alone at the end of the day. Why’s that?

That’s just it. We tend to do too much and bend too far backward to please him that he ends up getting bored with you. It’s a simple case of give and take.

As far as men are concerned, the good ones don’t want someone who’s going to go above and beyond to make him happy. In fact, that’s just plain creepy in his eyes. Give a little, take a little. It’s as simple as that.

The question remains: how to make him want you? Here are 10 simple ways for you to learn how to make him obsessively desire you. Follow these and you’ll be calling the shots.

1. Speak with your eyes

how to make him obsessively desire you

Your eyes are the gateway to your sale. They can speak a thousand words without your mouth doing the work, so use it to your advantage. Besides, your eyes can’t hide the way you feel. Have you ever tried having ‘soft’ eyes when you’re furious?

What about seeming emotionless when all you want to do is ravish him? You can’t hide what you feel unless you avoid looking at him. Use it. Tease him with your eyes. You’ll have him squirming in a second.

2. Laugh at his jokes (to some extent)

Guys love feeling as if you find them irresistible and important; most of all funny. Since most women want a funny guy, what better way to do that than by laughing at his jokes?

They may not always be funny to you, but to him they’re hilarious and he’s most likely only trying to flatter or flirt with you. One of the simplest ways to make him obsessed with you is by laughing at his jokes. So go ahead. Work your charm and flatter him.

3. Ask him to do things for you

Make him feel useful; especially when it comes to using his muscles. As much as you can open a jar or carry all 10 grocery bags into the house, it helps to ask him to do those things for you.

Pretend to be helpless. It’ll make him feel important to you; which in turn will make him obsessed with you in the best possible ways. So pack your pride away if you want him to be all over you and let him do things for you that you can do yourself.

4. Reveal yourself little bits at a time

how to make him obsessively desire you

Never show all of you simultaneously. Hold yourself in, woman! When it comes to finding simple ways to make him obsessed with you, one of the most effective ways is to show a little bit of skin a little bit at a time.

If not, you’ll give him everything he wants without having to work for it a little bit. Make him drool a little bit and keep your precious bits to yourself until you’re ready; that’s if you want to make him obsessed with you…

5. Hold off on the big event

As with keeping your precious bits to yourself, you also need to hold off on having sex with him. Not only does it make you vulnerable to hurt, you’re also giving away a little piece of you to someone you’re not sure will stick around after the fact.

The main objectives are to find simple ways to make him obsessed with you as well as to keep your dignity. Hold off on the big event for as long as you can; make him sweat a little bit.

6. Act like his mother (again, to some extent)

Become a little bit motherly; only to some extent. This doesn’t mean you need to cater to his every need. It simply means you need to make him feel somewhat taken care of.

Cook his favorite meal. Take care of him when he’s sick. Implement a little bit of nurturing; again, to some extent. Men will stick around for a short while with women who offer short term benefits, but if he sees you adding the nurturing touch (like his mother would) he’s going to do a double take.

7. Give him compliments

how to make him obsessively desire you

Flatter him a little bit. Tell him how handsome he looks in a certain shirt. Compliment his eyes or smile. Let him know that he’s a good kisser.

Men enjoy compliments as much as women do. Just because he’s a man, doesn’t mean he isn’t looking for that extra little boost of confidence.

Besides, compliments make him feel better about himself. When he feels better about himself because of you, he’s going to notice and seek more of it. Give it a try.

8. Make an effort with your beauty routine

Doll up every once in a while. Wear a sexy dress when going out on dates. Choose high heels. Shave. Make a little bit more effort with your make-up. Take extra time to perfect your hair. Smell good. Men like it when a woman makes an effort for him. Besides, no man can resist a woman in a sexy dress wearing high heels. He’ll be drooling faster than you know.

9. Always have plans of your own

Never come across as if you’re waiting especially for him to go do things with. Even if you don’t have plans, it’s always best to make him think that he needs to make plans with you in order to take you out.

It’s more about him having to do a little bit of chasing instead of handing the meal on a silver platter. Guys enjoy the chase. It’s a challenge to them.

So take advantage of it make it clear (without being too obvious) that your life isn’t on hold just for him; at least until you make it official as a couple.

10. Caress him at times

how to make him obsessively desire you

Gently caress his neck or arms; in a subtle way. Show him some affection when you spend time together. Be careful not to overdo it; especially if he’s not used to being touched.

However, he’s going to enjoy whatever feels good. So if you feel him getting goosebumps, it’s a good sign that you’re doing it right. He may even fall asleep with you doing that.

He’s going to want to come back for more. He’s going to become obsessed with you simply by caressing him gently.

Men like feeling cared for. Heck, we all do! It’s no surprise that if you pay a little bit of attention to him, that’s he’s going to notice it. The key here is to pay enough attention, but not too much.

If you do, you may end up scaring him away. You have to pretend, to some extent, that you don’t care too much about whether or not he likes you (at least until you make it official).

He remains the hunter and implementing a little bit of cat and mouse action will definitely spice things up a little bit.

But, there is one more thing that we haven’t mentioned, this one trick that can make him obsessively desire you. With it, you can make him and any man you want to fall for you like crazy! I highly recommend you to watch it!

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